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A writer of faith by day and mystery by night, Patricia Raybon is an award-winning Colorado author, essayist, and novelist who writes top-rated books and stories at the daring intersection of faith and race. More at patriciaraybon.com

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  1. Patricia,
    Yes, may we not first turn to griping, but offer a prayer of love and grace. PLEASE read the story of Asia Bibi, a Christian Pakistani who was accused of breaking the blasphemy laws and sentenced to death. It is a story of the persecution of Christians around the globe, but in particular in this country that ranks among the worst in persecuting Christians. I mourn the atrocities committed against my Jewish brothers and sisters in my hometown. I also mourn the torture inflicted upon my Christian brothers and sisters in countries around the globe. Christians are beaten and then mocked by being made to carry crosses through the streets. They are tied to public poles, doused in gasoline and set ablaze in broad daylight. Their girls are gang raped. They are burned alive in brick kilns. They are hanged, stoned to death, gunned down in cold blood and there are no repercussions. They are called “the unclean ones”. Let us be in fervent prayer for these Christians who keep the faith though they suffer. Let’s not turn a bling eye.
    Thank you for praying,
    Bev xx

    • **Blind** If you truly want to fight against persecution, human trafficking, child prostitution and child slave labor, gang rape, bagging rings, extremist militia recruitment among children in this part of the world, then be part of the solution. Visit us: http://redeemerchristianfoundation.org/ We work to provide a safe haven as well as the love of Jesus and the hope of an education. We are a small, but mighty city on a hill and light in the darkness.

      • Blessing on you, Bev, for calling us to “big” prayer — to look to God for His strong help and intervention in appallingly big problems: anti-Semitism, all religious persecution, human trafficking, child prostitution and child slave labor, gang rape, bagging rings, extremist militia recruitment among children and more. O hear our prayers, blessed Lord. Help us to help you release the sin hold on people all over the world.

        • “Watch and pray. For all people. Don’t watch and complain, gripe, put down, or suspect the worst of others.” Thank you for the reminder to watch and pray for all people as everyone is fighting a battle and we may have no idea of their circumstances. This week the Lord has been convicting me of being critical of others and jumping to conclusions. Your article has emphasized His message to me to pause and pray and see others through His eyes. Remembering I’m here for His name and renown alone, Lee
          P.S. I do not know what bagging rings are. Can you please explain? Thank you!

          • Lee,
            That was me with not enough coffee….it’s begging rings. Manipulators take advantage of children by organizing children to beg and then taking a large cut of what they receive or bring in. It’s basically taking advantage of and abusing children. Many are beaten if they don’t bring in a certain amount.
            Sorry for the typo….

          • So well said, Lee. Everyone truly is fighting a battle. May we bless the Lord by praying for everyone He has created — whether we agree with those others are not. All of us need Him now Draw us all closer to you, O Lord.

    • Bev,

      This site (In Courage) has broadened my mind to the atrocities going on around the world. They also offer ways to help the people & make their lives better. I pray for you & your school daily. May God continue to help those living endangered lives. I also pray for you & your family. May God heal you of your chronic pain & help bring family back to Him.


    • Heavenly Father, I’d like to pray in agreement with Bev regarding the persecution of believers. Father, we know that You are with us to guide, guard and protect us even in the midst of senseless, needless, traumatic, fear inducing persecution and while we know that You promise to guide, guard, protect us and not forsake us; in our finite minds we “think” we know what that means and “know” your intentions until we land in the place where we feel vulnerable, unprotected and forsaken. I pray that You will strength the heart, minds, bodies and faith of all the persecuted believers and that You would strengthen our faith as we continue to remember and pray for them. And help us to remember to pray for our enemies. Like you said in Mark, it is only prayer that’ll overcome the enemies of our soul and bodies. So Father, in accordance to your word, I pray for all the persecutors in our world. I pray for their hearts to be softened, their eyes to be opened to the gospel, for them to receive Your love and forgiveness and repent of their ways. I pray for each of us today to have softened hearts today and remembrance to pray. Thank you, Lord, for your love and mercy. We pray all of this for your glory alone Lord. Amen

    • Thank you, Bev, also for mentioning the blasphemy ruling against the Christian mother Asia Bibi in Pakistan. Yes, she was acquitted, but she’s in great danger now because Satan has sown great confusion among the population there — inciting her own neighbors and the population there to turn against Asia Bibi and other followers of Christ in that country. Her husband is pleading to other countries for asylum for his family — but, again, the Enemy has turned hearts against providing help for desperate people seeking refuge. May God help us to watch and pray in all of these matters, giving us courage to stand with Him and seek His mercy and will in His name. Amen.

      • Patricia,
        Yes, and even if Asia Bibi does get asylum outside Pakistan, a religious war may likely break out because extremists will be even more angry and hostile against western and Christian influence. Prayers and love are desperately called for. If there was ever any doubt that the forces of good and evil exist in this world….all the persecution in this world points to it. So thankful that we know how this story ends….meanwhile praying and doing what I can….
        Bev xx

        • Thank you, dear Bev. May the Lord bless and empower your commitment to keep doing what you can to co-labor with Him for His Kingdom and this world. He sees you! Blessings as you lead and shine! With peace and love, Patricia

    • Lord God I pray that you move in Bev’s life today, but not only hers. I also pray for those Christians who are facing persecution today. In Jesus name Amen.
      -Kendra I.

      • Bev,
        Thank-you for advocating for the safety, and well being of these children, along with those who remarkably stand beside them. While they may be distant, they are are close in my heart and prayers………
        May they be blessed by the comfort of the Lord.
        Be well and have a blessed day,

  2. Patricia,

    I appreciate the writings that I find on your site. They always seem very appropriate at the time and just what I need to read.

    My prayer request is for my daughter and her groom to have safe travels as they make a long drive home, returning from their honeymoon.

    I would also like to offer a prayer for strength, courage and protection for those who are persecuted, shamed and harmed because of their faith.

    Thank you and your team for spreading love and encouragement!


    • Blessings, dear Kym. I pray God’s traveling mercies for your daughter and her new husband. I also join you and others here today in praying for strength, courage and protection for those who are persecuted, shamed and harmed because of their faith. Her our humble cries, O Lord.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Pray that God will order my footsteps this day and in the days to come. Pray that my life and my decisions will honor God. It is my desire to write words that will encourage and inspire others.

    • Rena,

      Praying for you now. Asking God to give you a discerning heart to know His will & great love for you May He bless you with the wisdom you so desperately seek. May I suggest you read Lysa Terkeurst’s book “The Best Yes”. She talks about making wise decisions that honor God & your time. Don’t just say Yes all the time to every opportunity that comes. Learn to say no in a nice way that allows you to do only what God wants you to do.

      Blessings 🙂

  4. In the name of Jesus , I remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering for Jesus. I pray for peace and comfort for them and their loved ones as they are faced with hard trials and death. I also thank you God that you are an ever present help in time of trouble. That You with them, You are providing ways for them. Even if we cannot see, You are there bringing about answers far beyond our wildest imgainations. Thank you for showing Yourself strong and mighty in their lives, for delivering them, for keeping them, for being with them always. May I also be willing to lay down my life for You every day in every way, whether it be death to my body or death to my own way, wants, ideas, and opinions. Amen.

  5. Hello Bev! Praying for our Christian brothers and sister overseas. May their death be a light for those still being persecuted to continued to trust in our Lord and have faith that one day, everyone will come to know You Lord.
    Reading this makes my issue so petty. I have so much and yet think I am unfortunate. Lord thank you so much for blessing me and loving on me even when it’s clear I don’t deserve anything. Allow my mind to rid of negative thoughts that consumes my mind. Thank you Bev for all that you do!

    • Maylee,
      Thank you for your prayers. The same enemy that ignites hatred and violence is the same one who sends flaming arrows (negative thoughts) to try to discourage you and doubt yourself and God. Praying for Christ’s power in you to be able to throw out the lies that don’t stand up to His truth. You are worthy and dearly loved!! None of us deserves anything – we are ALL sinners, but thanks to the power of Jesus’ blood covering us, we are made perfect in God’s sight…praise!
      Bev xo

  6. In Courage,

    I will pray for all here. May God give you all a discerning heart to know His will & great love for you. Life gets hard, messy & complicated. May He bring healing, financial stability, peace & harmony in your lives & those around you. For those who have loved ones away from God I pray these scriptures: “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. May they hear those words & come back to Him.

    I have a friend Jeanne going through stresses at work. Half of the employees have left. Management not leading in a good way. She need wisdom to know what to do. How long does she stay there. Hard to change jobs in this area when two big companies merged into one. Not may choices. Another friend Jan is dealing with breast cancer & the side effects. She has done chemo & now doing radiation daily. She’s been hospitalized twice after chemo, can’t taste much, feels worn out, & having trouble walking. She has also dealt with other stressors in her life. Donna is trying to get a good placement for her degree. She is having trouble getting her department to communicate with her. She has worked full-time since starting this degree program. She will graduate next December. I miss being with these great women. Their lives are so busy & complicated.

    My FIL (90) who had Stage III bladder cancer surgery earlier this year is doing good for now. Thanks for the prayers for him in the past. He is able to mow his yard, get & split wood, etc. God is so good ALL the time. My MIL is doing fair. She has some kind of sinus problem & takes an inhaler daily. I pray she can stay well through the winter to care for my FIL. Also may I be the catalyst to help them get through the winter months & stay well. May God allow me to cook & run errands for them to assist in their illnesses.

    Thank you prayer warriors!!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, please let your friend that had breast cancer know she will get better. It is a nightmare journey with so many side effects. Sooner or later her taste will work right & she will have more strength.. It is a long process; but with God’s help, we can overcome.. I know as I’ve been there. GOD’S GOT IT!

  7. I was finally able to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship with my daughter’s father, but I am struggling with the idea of being forced to co parent. I only want what is best for my daughter. Please pray that I am able to discern God’s will as we move forward in making parenting decisions and that I do not allow myself to be controlled and manipulated.

    • Blessings, dear Elizabeth. So many women all over the world are trapped in abusive relationships. I thank the Lord for liberating you from that torment and ask Him to now strengthen and encourage you, granting you His wisdom, grace and guidance as you begin the co-parenting process. May you keep your eyes focused on the Lord, looking to Him for clear answers and strength as He orders your steps every day in every way. May He go before you in all things, and may you walk in His strength and with hope for bright, positive and emotionally healthy tomorrows. In His Name. Amen.

        • Blessings, wonderful Elizabet! Your kind feedback blesses me so much this morning. I pray, in turn, for you and yours today. May the Lord meet all of your needs and keep holding you close with guidance and love. Then may you follow Him. Blessings and have a beautiful, uplifting day!

    • Elizabeth,
      The problem with having lived with a verbal and emotional abuser is that after while, you begin to believe all the negative rhetoric. Having been in your shoes (and still am), I encourage you to be in God’s Word and derive your truth in how to raise your children from God’s perspective. Pray for His wisdom, guidance, and discernment and then be prepared to come up against opposition. Sometimes children become pawns in an abuser’s dealings with an ex-spouse or the co-parent of his/her children. I won’t lie, it’s not often an easy road. Often your parenting style will differ from their father’s, but immerse them in God’s word. Children aren’t stupid….eventually they begin to learn right from wrong and the difference between love and manipulation. I am praying for you and strength to go forward. You already did one of the bravest things which was to remove yourself and your daughter from an abusive relationship. You don’t want your daughter growing up thinking that is how she deserves to be treated.
      Blessings and prayers,
      Bev xo

    • Elizabeth I feel your pain on this. My son’s father can be manipulative and mentally abusive. And what I have learned over the years is that I left, I don’t need to coparent with him in the way the world sometimes asks us to. You are no longer together because he is not a safe person. I pray you would be able to parent in your home and he, separately, in his if that is what must happen. May God strengthen and protect you, may He help you to maintain boundaries to keep you and your daughter safe if necessary. I pray God protects your daughter, especially her heart, and gives her wisdom and discernment even at a young age to be able to see the truth. I pray that, even though at times it may seem many are against you, you would know God, the Father of the Universe, is with you and that His will will be done and that He will protect and cover your daughter where you can not extend your presence. I pray for God’s overarching love on you and that you would be gentle with yourself and know you have stepped out in faith and courage to do the right thing and that God will pursue you and remain with you. Keep Faith dear sister. I pray your daughter will be in God’s safe hands and that as you follow His will and focus on His purpose for your life that He would redeem all things and work them out for His good. This prayer is also a prayer for myself as I am also needing strength in a similar situation. There are many of us together in this! Take comfort in that knowledge!
      In Jesus’ name,

      • Jemima –
        I thank you for your words and encouragement. While there is comfort in numbers, there is also sadness. I pray that all those in similar situations will find strength, peace and the comfort of God’s love.

  8. My father passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago and I am heartbroken I ask for prayers to heal my heart. Love this devotion I will be praying for all.

    • Oh, dear Tammy. I’m sorry for your loss and sorrow. Losing a parent is heartbreaking, indeed. I lift your sorrow to the Lord today, asking Him to minister to your hurting heart, soul and mind. As the days go forward, may He replace your tears and pain with sweet memories of your beloved Dad and with the blessed assurance that He is now at peace. May you also rest in the peace of Christ, giving your grief to Him and trusting Him for recovery and joy in His perfect time. Sending His gracious love to you and your entire family. In friendship.

    • Tammy,
      I am deeply sorry for your unexpected loss. I would like to join Patricia in prayer for you to be comforted by the Lord as you go through the sorrow and pain.
      Blessings to you,

    • Tammy –
      My father passed away in March. It’s been way more challenging than I anticipated. May you be comforted by memories and the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father.

  9. Praying that when God answers our prayers that we are spiritually open to his answers and blessings. Create in me oh Lord a clean heart and renew in me the right spirit. All praise, honor, and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

  10. My cousin is facing lung cancer. I have been sharing Jesus with her but lately she has stopped responding. She lives in a different state than me. Her name is Kimber Alley. Pray for her, health, relationships with Jesus and her Family. Thank you and may God bless each of you today and shine his light through you. Amen.

    • Dear God, please meet Kimber Alley where she is and draw her closer to you. She is scared and facing what may be the biggest battle of her life. Cover her in your love, hope, comfort and healing. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • Reeves,
      Praying that the Holy Spirit would work upon your cousin’s heart and make it open to your sharing. Praying that God would woo her into a loving relationship with His Son. God bless you for caring!!
      Bev xx

  11. Patricia,
    Thank you for this wisdom today. I love this. It is so easy to go negative. A simple prayer for another can change our outlook so much. One way prayer is powerful is because it aligns our thinking and perspective with God’s perfect will.
    Prayers for you and yours, Heather

  12. Can you please pray for our Pastors wife ( Stella) who isn’t well and has been battling with sickness for the last week.. She is my beautiful Sister in Christ and has always been there for me always. Pray that the Lord will bring healing to her body. There is power in prayer! Thank you!

    • Beth,
      That’s remarkable news about your FIL, I’m so glad to hear it. I hope and pray that all goes well for your MIL too. You’re so sweet the way you help care for them, and my prayers are with you for being able to continue to do so.
      I also prayer for your friends’ Jeanne, Jan, and Donnas’ comfort and well being as they go through these challenges they are faced with.
      Have a blessed day,

  13. Patricia,
    Thank-you for stringing these words together so soulfully. This was a really good reminder, “Give Us this day our daily bread,” ( me), because sometimes it can be a thing to think, me first before thinking us.
    Have a blessed day,

  14. Please for one of my jobs. My boss is leaving soon. I am worried about what will happen next.

    • Blessings on you, dear Elizabeth. May the Lord go before you at all of your jobs, erasing all worry and anxiety — replacing your concerns with full confidence in Him. May all be well for you in Christ. O Lord, provide, keep and bless your servant Elizabeth. Amen!

  15. Please pray for Autumn. She is a preschool teacher of 15, 3 year old boys. She had a bad childhood herself, and issues now that I don’t know. Please pray for her in Jesus name. Amen

    • Thank you, dear Susan. Blessings on you for lifting your friend Autumn. May the Lord lift and heal all past hurts from Autumn’s childhood and allow her to shine for you with love as she teaches all the precious little ones in her preschool care. Keep them all safe and close to you, O Lord — both teacher and students. Amen!

  16. Please pray for my daughters; they are wonderful girls. Praying for them to fall in love with Jesus and His Word. Father I lift Mary Margaret’s needs and desires to You and I pray that You would encourage her where she needs to be encouraged. Bless her and her family.

    • Praying for your wonderful daughters, dear Lola! May they fall in love with Jesus — growing ever deeper in a saving knowledge of Him. Then may they walk everyday in His mercy, strength and power, also showing love and kindness to their wonderful mother Lola. Amen!

  17. Thank you for sharing. I need prayer for a job after not working for three years because I moved to this country, got married, then moved to a new location and started graduate studies. Yes, a lot. However, it is financially difficult now and I need to work. Also, pray for my husband who is in the military that he will be totally committed to Christ.

    Lord, I pray for Mary today. You love her and I know that you will reveal your will concerning her life today. You made her and you know everything about her. Remove the anxiety and help her to rest in you. In Jesus name Amen!

    • Thank you, Anne-Marie, for sharing. Lord, in your wonderful name, I lift Anne-Marie to you now, thanking you for her beautiful spirit and for the talents you have placed in her. Open up the doors of heaven as you provide for her employment. Present her to the best employer, highlighting her God-given qualities, skills and abilities — giving her confidence to present herself with confidence in the hiring process — and blessing her in more ways than she can think or imagine. Use her for your glory, O Lord — in her new job, in her home, at her church and in her community. Then bless her husband. Protect Him as he serves in the military and draw Him ever closer to you. In Jesus’ providing Name. Amen.

  18. Father God I ask you to please reveal your will to MaryMargargaret today. Allow her to hear your still, small voice with certainty & clarity & may your truths reveal peace in her mind, heart, soul, & spirit as she begins her week. In Jesus’s name this I pray

  19. I always so much appreciate your wisdom, dear Patricia, and moreover that you apply it to yourself. God is at work so humbly and beautifully in your heart. I wasn’t in church *again* today, and I am imagining all the questions and judging this brings forth. Sad, isn’t it…. that I am imagining Christian friends assuming they know the reasons. They have never said what they may think about my absence, and I haven’t asked them. But I am presuming the worst about them (likely because I have done that when I don’t see someone in church!) I have a real reason for not being there, and am struggling physically. My husband always says not to assign nefarious reasons to people’s behavior. That’s wise counsel too. Presumption is not honored by God!

    love you,

    • O dear Lynn, thank you so much for sharing. Heavenly Father, I lift your beautiful servant Lynn to you right now. May you minister to her physical struggles — providing healing, peace and restoration in Jesus’ mighty name. May your healing include your blessed assurance that others in her church aren’t judging her about being absent from their fellowship and, instead, may they reach out to her with love, understanding and concern, bringing them all closer together through You. You are our Peace, O blessed Lord. Plant your powerful light in the hearts of all in Lynn’s church circle. Then may they all shine for You — yes, together! In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!

      • Oh sweetest, Patricia… just tears. I cannot thank you enough for this heartfelt prayer. Surely God hears. I can’t tell you how deeply this touches you, or how much I appreciate you (as I type w/ my red robe still on). 🙂 May the Lord continue to bless you, who bless others so well w/ His comfort and love. You are one special lady.

        • Hear wonderful Lynn — in your “red robe”! Keep wearing it by faith in grace — letting the gracious Holy Spirit wrap you in His love, power and healing. I pray you feel His enabling strength today in every way that you need Him. Blessings, as well, on your spirit of kindness and love for all. YOU are one special lady, indeed. I’m so blessed and honored to know you. Red robe and all! With His peace and love, Patricia

    • Lynn,
      Praying that you would only be concerned about what God thinks and He, more than anyone, understands your situation. He knows your heart. I struggle with what others think, but keep trying to live life to an audience of One. You don’t owe anyone any explanations. Like you, I am trying, as well to assume the best in others until I know otherwise. Our imaginations can lead us to all sorts of false conclusions. I am not their judge and jury, nor are they mine. Be gentle on yourself dear one and know you are loved by an awesome God.
      Bev xo

  20. Father God, we come to you in the precious name of Jesus. There are so many hurting people with health issues or jobs or other things with many friends & loved ones on their hearts. Please comfort each one with Your peace that passes all understand. My heart is broken today because yesterday a missionary in West Africa was killed & he was the father of seven small children. I praise you for your hedge of protection that was over my son & his wife the 15 years they were missionaries in West Africa. There is so much hatred in the world..please forgive us for not showing Your love to others at all times. Thank you Jesus.

    • O Lord, please her Frances’ heartfelt prayer. The world needs your peace. Bring it today, as we share Christ, so others may know Him. We may your comfort on the missionary family in West Africa who are grieving the loss of their father — your precious servant. Hold them close in safety and love, O blessed Lord. Wipe away their tears and fears as you minister to their sorrow. May we honor the father’s memory by sharing Your love with our own families, neighbors, friends and communities today. Finally,we pray for a mighty move of your hand of peace, integrity and compassion across the nations of West Africa — and across our own land. Everywhere, people need You. Thank you for being our God and bless and encourage us to follow. Blessings on Frances for guiding us into this prayer. For your glory, O Lord. Amen.

  21. Great article, Patricia! Yours is the second time I have heard this message in a week. I actually got quite a lesson in applying it just yesterday. You have shared truth. We all need prayer. Let us pray. And let us have hearts of compassion for others. May our hearts look like Jesus’s heart.

    And dear Lynn, I am praying for you today while I am home from church *again,* too. I have great health struggles that people cannot even begin to grasp. I,too,have commented to my pastor husband on what people must think of me –and think of him, too, because of me. I hear your heart and I am praying for your healing.


    Francee Strain

    • Frances, what a kind and loving reply to Lynn. Praying for restored good health and supportive “church fellowship” for both of you. Peace and blessings, Patricia

  22. Dear God, please guide my son Noah to the right graphic design co op for him for the upcoming winter semester. Lead him to a co op where he can learn and grow and where he is motivated to continue in his studies. Give Noah favor in the eyes of those doing the hiring for this co op. And fill Noah with hope and confidence as he waits for the right co op to open up to him. In Jesus, name. Amen.

    • Thank you so much for your prayers and support, Patricia. I am really struggling. I am in my 40’s and often housebound, and have steadily been for 10 years now, and to some degree for 18. This limitation is difficult to reconcile with life as I am a travelling piano teacher, an author with a book that has been out for just a year, have multiple ministries, and am a wife and mom. I appreciate your prayers for healing! 🙂 I am praying YOU.

    • Prayers Kimberly for your son, Noah and the right graphic design co-op for him. Prayers also that God places him exactly where he wants him.

      I’m asking for prayers of peace & comfort for my husband’s grandmother as she nears the end of her life. Prayers also for strength & peace for her entire family. Praying, too for my husband & his job situation that your will be done. Trusting God in his faithfulness & guidance.


  23. Dear God, please heal my fiancée‘s heart and provide a job for him – I know he could have done more to find one, but show your mercy. Prepare our hearts and minds for your will and way. Guide us. We need more of you.

    • Lord, please hold on to all of us, but especially this couple, Fabie and her fiancee. Keep them safe in you during this time of uncertainty, and help them to remember how much You love them. Amen.