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Jenny Wheeler is a pastor’s wife, mom, singer-songwriter, and worship leader. One of her greatest passions is connecting others to God’s Word through teaching and writing. Jenny also works with Proverbs 31 Ministries, whose mission is to lead women to know the Truth and live the Truth.

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  1. Good Morning Jenny! Both of the incourage posts apply deeply to my heart this morning. There is a painful necessary healing that I am in the midst of and have been for about a year now. I know that when I come out the other side, that not only will I be stronger in Him, but the very foundation of who I am will be even more firmly attached to the Rock of Jesus Christ. The Lord speaks to me daily through all the amazing women who write for incourage. I so dearly appreciate the raw beauty with which each devotional is written. How real, tangible, and obvious the loving Hand of the Maker is upon each of you precious sister’s in Christ. Thank you for daily pouring out onto us.

    • Michelle,

      So sorry you’re walking through a mess, but what a gift to know it’s not going to stay that way when we have Jesus. We just keep leaning into grace and laying it at His feet. I’ve seen Him work miracles. He won’t stop!

      Blessings to you!
      Jenny Wheeler

    • So humbled and blessed to share my heart today. It’s not easy to admit those deep struggles we have as women of God, but we are more alike than we often think.

      Leaning into grace is a gift. Letting Him heal those broken places is, too. And He will, ladies. He will!

      Jenny Wheeler

  2. “His grace measures up when we don’t.” These words sure speak to me today. Yesterday, I saw deep into one of those ridges on my own heart and it brought up a well of tears. Insecurity— that as you say, I wish I could push down because it’s painful when it resurfaces. But God’s love broke through and met me there. And He replaces weakness with his strength. Such a metamorphosis. Thank you for your powerful words! Confirmation today, of his healing work in my life. A new day to rise. ❤️

    • Valerie,

      Yes, He never stops remaking our hearts! Keep leaning into His grace! Much love and prayers!


  3. So humbled and blessed to share my heart today. It’s not easy to admit those deep struggles we have as women of God, but we are more alike than we often think.

    Leaning into grace is a gift. Letting Him heal those broken places is, too. And He will, ladies. He will!

    Jenny Wheeler

    • Thank you, Jenny! I’m in the ‘messy middle’ of finally acknowledging and dealing with a messy childhood. Wish I’d done it years ago so I could be through this part already! But truly thankful to finally uncover where some struggles come from and asking the Lord for deep, thorough healing. And I’m shakily Trusting Him that it’s worth it and that I’m worth it. Appreciate your truth and encouragement today.

      • Andrea,

        It’s a journey for sure! Praise God you’re on your way to healing. God is faithful. Much love and prayers!

  4. Such a beautiful post! I often want to push those broken places down instead of letting his grace in. If we didn’t have those broken places why would we need Jesus? I loved the anology of the root and how it has to “die” first. I think we are all on the same journey. I often pray for Darlene to be hidden behind the cross of Jesus Christ. I must go lower that He may go higher! He uses those broken places to transform us into HIS likeness! Thank you for sharing your heart and this lovely post! I think we are all in the same boat together . If we just rest in who He created us to be and be real to share our struggles He will use us for His glory! Amen!

    • Darlene,

      Yes, I’d much rather hide the truth sometimes. But revealing brings healing.

      Praying for you as you keep trusting Him in those hard places.

  5. This touched me deeply. I, too, am broken and for years covered it up. The healing didn’t start until I found it in my heart to forgive the abusers and with God’s love and grace, I am healing. My brokenness still comes out at times but I am not ashamed of it anymore and share with others what happened to me. God has given me the strength to do this and without Him and His grace, who knows where I’d be today.

    • Yes! No shame! Just keep letting Him do the work, Heiki. So glad His love covers it all! ❤️

  6. Jenny,

    Thank you for an honest post! Christians, especially women, tend to “stuff” our feelings deep down so we appear to have it all together. That is not good for our health- physically or mentally. Often we don’t want to admit or appear broken. We want the world to see us with our fake happy masks on. Not everyone gets a “Norman Rockwell” childhood. Truth is life can be hard. Situations get thrown at us. Praise God He is there to help put the pieces back together. God loves us to much to let us stay down, depressed & believing lies of the enemy. He wants us to be overcomers. He can & will help us heal those scars. No only that but He will send His peace, grace & contentment to help us overcome our past. Like many here I have heard & believed those lies. God is there always for me & for you also. He wants you to come to Him desperately seeking His love. He is wooing you back to Himself & His safe arms.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you so much. So blessed to know our stories resonate … and I think our brokenness is nothing to hide. It reveals His power to heal!

      Blessings to you!

  7. Wonderful, powerful post. How often do we look at ourselves and feel that we could never measure up to what we’re supposed to be…that we’re too broken. I do it way too often. Thank-you Jenny for this reminder that His grace is enough. It measures up, so we don’t have to. Bless you xx

  8. Wow, that was sooo powerful! You should be a motivational speaker. Thank You, Lord, that Your grace always measures up, and that means we don’t have to.

    • 🙂 Thank you, Emily. I speak when I can and am praying for God to open more doors, if that’s His will for this season.

      So glad the words spoke to your heart and encouraged you. He has good plans for us. Let’s keep leaning into grace! Blessings!