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Tasha is a Korean American melancholy dreamer, wife to Matt, mom to three wild and wonderful humans. She writes about everyday life and cultural and ethnic identity, and writing has always been the way God has led her towards the hope of shalom. Her first book, Tell Me The Dream...

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  1. Tasha,
    My most honest and vulnerable prayer is, “Jesus help me!” Sometimes the harder things are, the simpler my prayers become. I just want to be in His presence. I need to be wrapped in His loving arms. My prayer request is for healing. Thurs, Fri, and part of yesterday I was flat on my back with terrible muscle spasms in my back due to an injury. My husband and I were supposed to go to the mountains which I was so looking forward to, but we had to cancel. I am at least upright, but sitting is painful. I’ve had so many surgeries and injuries….it would just be nice to have “uneventful” for awhile….thank you.
    Bev xx

    • Lord please bring healing to Bev. She has had many challenges physically lately, God our loving Father you have created this earth and watch over us which we are so grateful for. You that created the sea and all that is in it have the power to heal Bev, please Lord please heal her and give her rest. I love you Lord and I ask these things for my friend, In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Oh, Lord, meet Bev in all this pain and disappointment, and help her to know that you are close and you hear her heart. We continue in our prayer for complete healing, in your way and in your perfect time.

    • Father, Be close to Bev in this very moment… help her to know Your peace. Heal her, Father… we trust You as our Great Physician. Give her patience as she needs to rest, calm her mind about the many other things she’d rather be doing… thank you for those who have come alongside her to offer help… guide the physicians who are caring for her… thank You, Father, for Your precious love, and for the promise that You are in control… and all we have to do it trust… in Jesus’ name…

    • Bev,
      I am sorry that you are suffering and pray that you feel better soon.
      Have a blessed day,

    • Bev,

      Sweet Sister- Praying for God to bring complete healing to your body.

      Lord Jesus help Bev to feel you near her. Send a healing balm to her body & give her rest from all the surgeries. Give her patience to endure these pain attacks. Send rest & calm to her sore body. Ease her mind also. Show her that you are in control of the situation. Direct the doctors & surgeons to know how to deal with her pains.



    • Bev, I am so sorry to hear about your back and the disappointment of cancelled plans. How are you feeling today? I just prayed for your back, and for your heart. I asked God to give you rest and relief from, and strength for what sounds like an on-going battle of pain. I also asked him to mend the disappointment and give you hope for new plans.

  2. Can I ask for healing and strength. That God will heal my body and mind and take this anxiety and kick it to the curb. I ask for his strength to go to Cambodia where he has called me to go and that God will keep me close and safe. That He will provide safe travel and keep my husband and children safe and well cared for while I am away. Thank you!!! I so need your prayers right now!!

    • Heavenly Father, I thank you that Jas has come before you with all she has and all she is. As she offers herself into you I would ask for your Divine healiby, Father. Not only in body and spirit but also in her mind and heart. Place a hedge of protection around her and strengthen her to take up the shield of faith whenever the enemy whispers lies of shame, guilt or worry into her. Enable her each and every time to cast her burden of anxiety, desire to control the uncontrollable at the foot of Your cross and pick up Your words of promise and hope, choosing to live in Your rest and peace through Christ Jesus. What a blessing Lord, that Jas will embark on Your opportunity to Cambodia! We give you thanks for such a Kingdom trip. As you open doors abroad for availability we would ask for Your very real presence to guard and sustain her husband and children till she returnsback to them. May you receive all the glory and honor during these times of stepping out, vulnerability and great moves of faith and trust for Jas and her family. We love you, Abba

    • Jas you already have the strength that you need, just know that God has given it to you already. Lay your anxieties at Jesus’ feet. He will heal your body and mind. All will be well for you, your husband and children. God loves you. You are an amazing woman doing God’s work.

      • Irene, I echo your prayer for God’s healing. I ask him to bless you in your life. Thank you for praying for me!

    • Praying for your prayer requests today Jas and also for the Lord’s will in all of it.
      I am asking prayer for my daughter and husband to get out of lies from the enemy they are following in their lives and certainly for those they are believing for their precious children and the harm that is happening to these children from these lies; and the Lord would bring them to His Truth. And we need wisdom for what to do in this trauma.
      Thank you all so much for praying especially for the sake of these precious children.

      • Lord, I lift HC up in prayer to you may you hear her prayers and deliver her daughter and husband from any harm. Protect them and help them in this situation whatever that may be, let them see the right correct path, your path for them and we pray that they follow this path. In Jesus name I ask these things, Amen.

    • I ask for prayers for my son David who doesn’t call the Lords name. “Yet.” He is in the Navy which means he goes away from time to time. Women just don’t want a relationship like that. Please pray to God that he will send forth the one that is ok with it. I know he gets lonely and feels alone. My heart is so heavy for him. Many thanks.

      • Jesus, I join with Irene in lifting her sin, David, up before you today. I ask, please, that David may feel to the depths of his.soul, that you’re calling out for him to come forward and recognize his need of you. Especially protect him during this lonely time so that he doesn’t settle for someone not of your will.
        Also bless and comfort Irene’s momma’s heart as she keeps David lifted up before you. I ask this in the most precious name of Jesus, Amen.

      • Irene lifting your son up in prayer.
        Dear God, I ask in prayer that you will provide a companion, a wife for Irene’s son David. I pray that David will come to know you, to know Jesus as his saviour and walk with you both through life. Be with your son and take away his loneliness. Please also bring comfort to Irene and let her heart be lighter. I ask these things in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Loving God, thank you for all you have blessed Jas with in this life. In this new chapter, please calm her heart and comfort her. Take away her anxieties, pains and fears. Watch over her family and keep them safe in her absence. Ensure safe passage to your instrument, Jas. Use her life Lord as a beacon to those she will encounter and remind those waiting at home of who she is in you, they they may continue as she wishes until her return. Grant her JOY and PEACE on this journey, O Father. I thank you for all this and for the answers to those unspoken petitions in Jas’ heart even before we see the outcome in the precious Nam of our saviour, Jesus Christ. AMEN.

      For myself, please pray for a solution to the financing of my daughter’s university tuition.

      • Father God, thank you for your sweet daughter, Thalia. Please hold her heart and give her courage to stand and see what you will do to provide for her needs and those of her daughter. Lord, you already have the solution to her daughter’s tuition needs. Thank you for showing Thalia that you are already moving to supply all they need. You are the holy and mighty God, our Father and the One who loves without end. Thank you for your love and care.

      • My God I ask for you to bless your daughter Thalia! Please provide financial provision for her daughters University schooling. You are the creator of the world and your power is more than we can comprehend. I know your plans for each of our lives are beyond what we can fathom, please provide this finance so that Thalia’s daughter gets the opportunity for a good grounding and basis to then equip her with the skills to do your work. You are amazing and I pray that your path and plan for Thalia’s daughter and Thalia will come to fruition to the glory of your name. I lovingly ask these things in my saviours name, Jesus. Amen

    • Jas, I am praying for God to reveal his nearness to you and that you would feel his presence and rest in His gaze. I will pray for your worry and anxiety to lessen and subside and that you would feel God pave the way for Cambodia and provide for you and your family as you follow His lead.

    • Jas,
      Lifting you up in prayer right now. What you are doing is a major life change and with that comes natural anxiety and maybe even fear of what’s this going to be like. I know God has sent His angels ahead of you and has prepared a place for you. Remember He always goes before you, is with you, and hems you in from behind. Praying His peace upon you sweet sister.
      Bev xo

  3. Has.. I’m praying for you and that you’re anxiety’s junk.. May it be burned as the dross off of finest gold and you’re shining for Jesus to go and be His hands and feet in sharing Agape Love to the poor in spirit who don’t know Jesus and the life power He gives us , gives you!! You’re family was a gift to you from Him.. they will be safe as will you in His arms and as the psalmist said..When my heart is overwhelmed;lead me to the ROCK that is higher than I. for you have been a SHELTER for me ..Psalm 61:2-3. You go girl \0/

  4. Sorry on auto correct! Jas! Love in Jesus name xo my prayers are still in waiting.. reconciliation for our adult children and salvation for those who aren’t also, blessings

  5. Just lost my best friend more than 8,000 miles away in South Africa. The pain is unbearable and am shattered. She loved God and served Him every day of her life. Not sure how to go on without her in my life

    • Oh, Cheryl…I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is never easy, but I imagine that the distance makes it so much more challenging. May God comfort you with the memories of all the wonderful times you had together.

    • Cheryl, I am so very sorry for your loss. There aren’t words for things like this, but I am lifting you up to the Only One who knows and understand the depths of your loss. Praying for peace and comfort.

  6. My daughter’s father is emotionally, mentally and verbally abusive. I have done everything possible to get him out of our apartment. The lawyers are no help; the courts are no help, and I don’t have the money to move out on my own. I feel like there aren’t a lot of legal options for women like me. Please pray that we find a way out. I’m desperately trying to protect my daughter and me.

    • Lord, you are sovereign over all. Your justice is perfect, and your law is love, and so we pray for Elizabeth and her daughter. Please bring rescue to this situation, and protect and preserve them as they wait for you to move. Help Elizabeth to connect with resources that will furnish the means for a safe exit, and grant mercy and compassion to those who are in a position to help her make this much needed change.

  7. Dear Lord, I ask that you keep Jan in your constant vision. Keep her out of harms way while she is away from home. Keep her heart open and let her spread her love for you while she is traveling. Please keep her family safe and supporting her while she is gone.

    I ask for prayers for my daughter who is expecting her second child. I pray that he is a healthy strong baby like his sister. I ask that everything go smoothly with this pregnancy and that she has the patience to deal with two children. She has a huge heart and they are blessed to have her. I am just anxious for her. Thank you Lord for letting us share our prayers with one another on this site. Amen.

  8. Oh Father you know the needs and requests of each of these women here. I thank you Father that you are all knowing of our deepest and greatest needs. I bring each request before you and ask you to hear our cries. You are able to do far above what we could could ever ask or think. You are the Almighty God In control of all things. May those difficult places cause us to run to you continually and look to you as our strength. We have the best friend ever in you. So thankful for your presence with us always. May we want you Jesus more than anything!

  9. I need physical healing from head to toe. My family needs emotional and physical healing. I’ve been praying for us so very long. Thank you.

    • Scn, receive the healing that came to his children and beloved through the blood that oozed from his back, in the name of Jesus. Since by his stripes we are healed (Is.53:5), receive your total healing in the name of jesus, amen. Remain blessed!

  10. Please pray for our eldest son; after years on drugs he returned to the Lord and married a girl who was saved shortly before their wedding nearly three years ago. A few months after their marriage, he had to go back into prison for an outstanding conviction; two days in, and he was stabbed and nearly died, and still had to complete the rest of the 18 month sentence. He came out a different person; he and his wife have recently parted and he is on a self destruct path away from God. It is breaking our hearts.

    • Joy: …and so I pray — that your eldest son will, “in all his ways acknowledge God (our great Shepherd), and so our omnipresent Lord will direct his paths” May the peace that comes with Christ fill everybody’s hearts…

      Well, what about me? The three “P’s”: Patience, Perseverance, Prayer. (all ‘verbs’.) Our Father knows all of the circumstances — thanks!

    • Oh Joy,
      My heart grieves for you. The Holy Spirit is still within your son. Praying God’s truth that greater is He who is within your son, than he who is in the world. I know the Lord is pursuing your son and I pray his heart will be softened by the great love of his Savior! Peace to you dear momma. I know these things tug and tear at a mother’s heart.
      ((Hugs)) and prayers,
      Bev xo

  11. Many thanks for this beautiful post. Father, I thank you for your grace, all our successes and challenges in life. Please, God, grant all your children here answers to their requests because your Word says “we overcome the enemy with the blood of Jesus and our testimonies”. Give these your children their testimonies by answering their requests in the name of Jesus. We release your holy gghost fire to remove every heartache, bring back those going astray, give inner peace, protection, healing, and safe birthing (like the women of Israel) to all your children who have asked in the name of jesus.

    Please also kindly pray with me as I look forward to receiving a positive answer to my application. Kindly pray with me for this breakthrough that I know only God Almighty can bring. Thank you.

  12. My daughter’s marriage needs prayers and I need to know how to talk to her and her husband about it. Her husband is trying to fight his alcoholism on his own and though I admire him for that, he really needs help, but he won’t get it. He has expressed when he is drunk, that he wants to kill himself. He doesn’t remember anything the next day and denies that he wants to die. They so desperately need Jesus and prayer. Thank you for your prayers.

    • My dearest Jeani,
      I pray that your daughter and “son in love” realize that God is in the midst of their struggles and that all they have to do is turn to Him. I pray for your strength as you continue to “pray without ceasing” on their behalf. God is so awesome in the fact that he gives us free will, but in that we ofen get in the way of ourselves. I pray that God Will’s fills and overwhelms your family during this time.

  13. Please pray for my physical healing. I had a severe undiagnosed urinary tract infection in late July. It has healed but left me with complications. I have a urethral infection that mimics a UTI but is not a uti. It gives me pain and discomfort most of the time. The doctors also found I have several kidney stones. I passed one yesterday but there are more. These passing agrivate the infection. We do not have traditional insurance. We have a Christian Healthcare Ministries and it takes a long time to get reimbursement for our expenses. We are self employed and had a two hard years finacialy. My husband is overwhelmed and depressed. I struggle because I can’t help! God has deepened and transformed my relationship with him through all I’m going theiugh. Please pray I can continue to trust God’s plan for my life and peace and healing.

  14. Anita, I am praying for you and your family. Illness takes a toll but I ask that He give you strength and assurance that He is in control. May your healing be a testimony to His love.

    I ask for prayer for my granddaughter, Alexus. Over the past 3 years I have watched and prayed as she became involved with a a very abusive young man who deals drugs for a living. This relationship has cost her a home, the custody of her newborn, her family and soon her freedom as she faces felony drug charges. In my heart I mourn the loss of who she was but continue to pray that the prodigal will return. I also ask that the evil that has invaded her live would be cast out.

    • Sandy, I pray for your granddaughter Alexus that she will hear God’s voice calling her back home and I pray that the evil that has entered her life will be cast out of it. Dear God, please touch Alexus’ heart and life and help her feel your love for her. Help her to turn back to you and walk away from the things that are hurting her and toward You and toward those who love her. Thank you Jesus.

      I ask for a prayer for the anxiety I am feeling about my new job and about my life in general. I am also very lonely and need to find good friends. I have been hurt by friends in the past and have a hard time trusting people. I am so tired of feeling afraid, alone, and worried. Thank you.

      • Thank you for your prayers. I will also lift you up as you start a new journey in your life. I had a pastor who explained to me that there were 2 kinds of people in our lives – balcony people and basement people. One lifts you up and the other drags you down. I am so sorry you have been hurt but please don’t feel that you are alone – you have the biggest family on Earth. Reach out to them despite your fear or because of them. It only takes one balcony person to make a difference – you may be that person for someone else who is alone.

        Father, I ask you to bring balcony people into Patti’s life to lift her up and assure her that You are with her every step. I ask that You give her peace when she’s anxious and direction when she feels lost. Amen

        PS. It also helps to sing praises really loud 🙂

  15. Prayers for continued healing of my heart. This year had been rough and I know this grief is a process and time will soften the pain. My heart just refuses to let go. I miss you immensely my friend Zer Cha. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Maylee,
      I’m sorry for your loss and pray that within time your sorrow will ease.
      Have a wonderful blessed day,

  16. Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask that You will look down at my family. I thank You that You have taken care of us through this time. I ask that You allow the funds to come through so that we will be able to live, Jesus I pray that my waiting did not disappoint You. I ask these things In the name above all Names, Jesus Christ….Amen

  17. Tasha,

    I have been in similar situations. A few years ago my aging dad’s dementia got worse & he was hospitalized. All I could do was cry out to Jesus. Prayers were usually “Help me” or “Just take his life”. I even asked God what I’m supposed to learn from all this. It was a tough time for me. I shed my share of tears-usually in the lobby of the hospital after seeing my dad. Some days were really bad. That time in my life is over now. My loving dad is in Heaven with Jesus. Praise God.

    My prayers are for my elderly neighbor. She recently lost her last living son. The only relatives left is her granddaughter, grandson -in-law & a sister in nursing home. She can no longer drive & is getting dementia. Pray for good days for her. Help her to have good memories of her children.

    My FIL has Stage III bladder cancer. He survived surgery to remove 3/4 of his bladder. Now they found another mass in his bladder. Could be scar tissue – not sure. He has a CT Scan 10/10/18 to determine what it is. He is slowing down immensely. His wife has her medical issues also. Pray for strength for them & for me to help them out as best I can.

    Praying for all here. May God help you with any problems. I pray you all sense God near you. He can & will bring healing to you in His perfect timing. Just trust Him to do what’s best for each of you.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing, Beth.

      I will pray for your elderly neighbor and for your FIL, and for you to have wisdom as you support and love on these two important people in your life. I am so sorry to hear about your FIL and I pray now for strength and a covering of mercy over him and his wife as they walk through the days ahead.

      I am glad you are here.

  18. Father, I bring to you the needs of Beth’s neighbor, FIL, and all her dear ones. Thank you for Beth’s generous heart as she asks for prayers outside herself and please give her the reassurance of your unique love for her, Amen.
    Could I ask prayers for my 20-year old son? Still rebuilding from a disastrous toxic relationship that broke his life to pieces. That he might attend to his studies and work as he gets stronger, that God give him light and the wisdom to choose it, that he experience mercy, grace, and strength in Jesus and find the life God is calling him to live. And peace for our hearts, Amen.

  19. Praying that God will supply all the needs of people here. Just hold them close Lord in your loving arms. Please pray for me. Im dealing with depression. I have a bad back and am taking care of my husband who was injured in a work related accident. May God bless everyone.

  20. There are many heart felt requests until I just want to say “God hears”. Please read & claim Ephesians 3:20. I wrote it down from several translations of God’s Word & claim it every day. Blessings to each of you. God cares.

  21. Simply, I’d like to be a wife to a godly Christian man. I don’t know how to find the said man. I don’t want to do internet dating which just seems not the right way.

  22. A 26 yr old mom from my church is having surgery this morning, Oct. 8, 2018 for a Brain Aneurysm. Where this is located is right behind the left eye on the main artery to the brain. The doctors don’t give much hope for her and made her sign organ donation papers, power of attorney, living will, and asked her who she wanted to pull the life support if she came out a vegetable. Her mom and grandmother are at the hospital with her 2 little kids. Her husband is non supportive. Her first name is Bonita. The surgery is a the University of Wisconsin Hospital.

    • Oh, Jesus, we need you. Please hold up Bonita and her family. Remind them that even now you are in control.
      Teach them through this to trust you completely, and we ask that you do work a miracle and keep Bonita for us so she can keep shining her light. We know that even if you take her, she will be safe and happy in your arms. Please encourage her mom and grandma and her kids. Comfort them, and let them feel your presence right there with them, holding them up. May you be glorified in all of this, to the doctors and to her family and to everyone else involved. Thank you that you care about our prayers and concerns, and you love Bonita sooo much. Please show us how you will bring beauty from ashes in this. Amen.

  23. Thank you so much, Tasha, for these real and raw words! I needed to hear them today. I love how you point us back to our Emmanuel… our God who is always with us and brings His total self. Sooo good and true, especially on the hard days…

    Thank you, Sister!


  24. So this is a late prayer request but I am going to send it anyway. If I were to pour out my heart to Jesus I would ask him to please help my son. He is almost 30 years old and still is not capable of taking care of his finances, his car, etc. My husband and I struggle with wanting to help him and trying to cut the apron strings and let him manage on his own. How do you know when you should help or not help? We don’t allow him to live with us anymore but we want him to work to support himself so we help him fix his car but inevitably something else always goes wrong. We struggle with feelings of wanting HIM to want SO much more for his life but he can’t seem to get it together. Where do you draw the line? We need wisdom, guidance…

  25. Hi Christine,
    I believe it’s a ‘God thing’ that 4 days after your (unanswered) post, I felt to scroll to the last post on this page (without reading the other posts!) There are too many similarities with my situation to ignore..
    My ‘child’ (in their early 30’s) also couldn’t manage their finances, arrived home with an official 3 year debt repayment programme. Although I was shocked, angry, upset & disappointed, I let them stay. MY conditions (I have single- parented for the last 27 years) were that I would not help with paying the DEBTS, that was their responsibility, but I would provide ‘bed & board’. They have successfully negotiated the last 2 years of the debts repayment, with one year to go. On the occasion there is an ‘unexpected’ cost – which they are now learning to anticipate & SAVE for – I will help -but only on the understanding it is repaid to me on their next pay cheque. Hard lessons are being learned, especially as with no car available to them (I need it for my work) they have to walk a mile each way, often in pouring rain, to get an unreliable bus service, which then takes an hour to get them to their shift work!! – (15 minutes in a car!)
    I noticed you said in your post “If I were to pour out my heart to Jesus….” Well, I would suggest you do just that! God’s desire is to hear your prayers AND give you & your husband wisdom, to do what is right in YOUR circumstances. (It may be very different from what I have done..)
    I pray right now Christine, that you & your husband and son are given wisdom from God, to do HIS will in this situation. I pray for a successful resolution & blessing in all your lives, in Jesus name. Amen. x Ros