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A three-time tongue cancer survivor and mama of children from “hard places," Michele Cushatt is a (reluctant) expert on pain, trauma and the deep human need for connection. Her most recent book, "Relentless: The Unshakeable Presence of a God Who Never Leaves", wrestles with the dogged presence and affection of...

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  1. Michele,
    Loved your devotion and am enjoying illustrating my new (in)courage Bible. It’s like a new blank slate ready for new insights and revelations as I continue to read God’s Word anew. I have learned, when called to face trials, struggles, or scary new situations to remember all the times in the past that God has been faithful, and the Ebenezers I have raised to His faithfulness. Also, I know that God does not give us grace before we need it….He gives it in our exact moment of need. Just like He gave the disciples the Holy Spirit just when they needed it and not a moment before, He does the same for us. Anticipatory anxiety gets to me, but I am learning that in the clutch situations, God will show up with His grace and mercy. This gives me confidence for the next time around. Thank you for a concrete example as a reminder this am.
    Bev xx

  2. Thank you for thinking out loud here today–I often find myself trying to process the same difficult equation, measuring my own inadequacies and inability to enter fully into the suffering of others against the weight of a calling that requires handling the Words of Jesus with integrity and compassion. Thanks be to God that He is sufficient and His Good News is the most important offering I can share.

  3. this is just what I needed this morning . I had suffered a head concussion that has affected me in different ways
    taking my employer to small claims court. However they have lawyers the very best. and that is out of my financial ability . After reading this devotion this morning . I know I have to stop fretting and leave it at the feet of the Lord and he will direct my path. how encouraging this devotion has been to me. I feel so blessed. knowing that my Lord is in control. and he will direct me in the right direction. I should have known that but believe I was caught up in anger and now I will leave it at the feet of the LOrd. I have been blessed so many times. I had spend many years in a wheelchair but I always knew I would walk in Gods time and I have praise be to our LORD.
    Thanks for this message this morning.

    • Your courage and TRUST inspire me, Martha. He will direct you and, even better, He will be WITH YOU. Every step. I’m learning the emotions I experience are real and valid. I can feel them, honor them, and still put myself at His feet over and over again and again. That’s the secret to peace, I believe … choosing His feet, His presence and validation, over everyone else’s. With you, my friend.

  4. Thank you, Michele!

    This was so good! There are many times in ministry or motherhood or marriage that I feel “less than”, like I don’t have as much to offer as the next amazing woman. But Jesus continues to show me HE has picked me to do exactly what He’s called me to do, just as I am… So when I ask, “why me, Lord?!”, He answers “Well, why NOT if I am with you.”

    Such beautiful words that I don’t think I could ever hear enough. Thanks you, again! 🙂

    All of God’s best to you,

  5. Thank you for sharing. So often I disqualify myself even though I know that I know the Lord has said “Go.”
    At the end of the day, who am I to argue?
    He has told me to go, given me everything I need along the way, and sent His Spirit to guide and strengthen me.
    Knowing I’m not the only one who feels inadequate as I take my steps of obedience is so comforting.

  6. Thank you, Michele. This is exactly what I needed right now. Feeling my humanness and needing a reminder of God’s power and His people. So grateful for both! Thank you.

  7. Praying for you and the words of encouragement you will bring upon the people in Africa. God’s plans are always better than what we could ever plan for. May you be the fire for them and the light, bringing them the word of truth. Safe travels and thanking God for women like you, women of courage. Thank you for sharing..

  8. Michele,

    Wonderful devotion! God has shown up in more ways than I can count. Just when I think I’ve hit a snag-trial I can’t handle-I remember David & Goliath. In his own strength David couldn’t defeat Goliath, but with God ALL things are possible. I simply call out to Him & He gives me the strength I need to handle each and every situation. There was a time I felt quite inadequate for the “job”. My aging dad’s dementia was so bad he had to be hospitalized. Wasn’t sure how to handle it or what to do. I simply cried out to God, had friends pray with & for me. God healed him & showed me I can handle anything in His strength! Now my faith is stronger & mature than ever. I know in Christ I can do ALL things!! Whatever He asks of me I know He will equip me to do!!

    Blessings 🙂