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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Karina,
    First, thank you and bless you for being brave. As women read your words they are going to say, “Me too!” God never wastes our trials and struggles. He will bring blessing to us through them and to others. I think, along with feeling unseen, I have felt very alone at points in my life. An all time low was when I went with my ex-husband and my children to see a U2 concert. This was right before he left and I had felt alone for quite some time. But, as we sat in a stadium, and I was surrounded by 60,000 people in the dark, with only the flashlights on their phones waving, singing “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” tears rolled down my cheeks because I never felt so alone and unseen as in that moment. I wondered if anyone, including God, knew the pain I had been feeling. I wish I could say that there was an all of a sudden moment, but it was more of a gradual experience of God saying, “It’s just you and me, Bev, together. You WILL make it through and I will always be with you.” Many times I have felt unseen by the world, but knowing that I have a God who sees me, gets me through those lonely patches and I find I am even more thankful for the people who do step in to say, “I love you….you matter.” I think you’re awesome Karina, and I know God sees you with loving, proud eyes!!
    Bev xo

    • Bev! Thank you so much!

      Your testimony is incredible! Let’s be those women who know we are seen and who see others! It is an important and good work!!!


  2. I see you! Your writing here touches us, teaches and reassures us. You have been blessed by writing God inspired words that give to so many. That is special, you are special. God sees you, I see you and this community sees you and we are grateful for you!

    • Jas, well now that I am crying! Thank you! i think we all need to hear those words as a reminder of the truth we know.

      You to are seen and known and loved!

      Walk in that freedom and confidence today!

  3. Madeleine L’Engle actually wrote about this very thing in one of her memoir-ish style books, pondering the connection between feeling “successful” and the generosity of spirit that comes as a result.

    This sentence sent me back for a couple of re-reads: “They simply live knowing they are seen, so when God speaks to them, He knows they will listen and obey.” This is stunning truth about the way God made us to be seen and known. Karina, what you have written about today really affects everything we do, so thank you for taking the risk.

  4. Bless you for saying exactly what I am feeling~I do know
    that many women, maybe all of us share these emotions.
    Grateful for you,my Sister in Christ.

    • Darlean, that you for sharing!

      I think that this feeling is far too common for us. But, it is able to be combated when we let others remind us, we remind ourselves and we remind others of the truth. God then builds our faith and strengthens our hearts.

      Blessings to you today!

  5. Every dayFeeling unseen is something I’m very aware of and I’m an includer, so I’m trying to always include people who feel unseen. I’m finding it’s really hard to be on the other side.

    I’m currently in a job where I’m seen only for what I don’t do right in the eyes of the administration and faculty members (at a Christian college nonetheless), in a rural area where dating is not an option/my value as a woman and wife is unseen, and the majority of my friends have moved away and I am unseen/they don’t reach out like I do for them. Right now I feel very, very, very unseen by God, or if he sees me he’s closing every door and window – without providing anything to hold over in meantime. It’s not a healthy situation (I am 32) and I know with certainty that I need to get out of this area, but after 25 applications no one sees me for the value I have and bring.

    • Hi Shelly,
      I just read your comment. It doesn’t sound like an easy place to be. I’ve had times when I felt God wasn’t opening the doors like I wanted them opened, and it could get me frustrated, or I could choose to try and trust Him in the situation. Agreeing with God about where (the location) He’s put me can be really stretching, but I’ve also seen that when I do that, there’s more of a peace. Having said that, I really hope you get a turnaround for the best on your job or as you apply for another one. (have you considered having your resume looked at by someone pro who could give you some feedback ?).

    • Shelly,

      Does your college have a “Career Placement” office? If so then I would have my resume looked over & see if they have any good job leads there. It couldn’t hurt to ask & see what they could do for you. Mean while I’m praying for you sweet sister! I understand your job frustrations. it can be so hard to send out many resumes & not get a reply. God does have plans for you. Plans to prosper you & not harm you to give you a hope & a future. Trust God for the entire future-job & marriage. He may be molding you into the woman He wants you to be. I didn’t marry till I was 39. God’s timing is always perfect. I also understand the frustration in waiting & being patient. God does see you & your pain. He knows & loves you more than you could ever comprehend. Karina said it best: When we focus on serving, loving, and encouraging others, He will meet our every need. I pray you feel seen, known & loved by the women here at In Courage!!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Shelly, that sounds incredibly hard! I’m the one who always takes the initiative too. It can be tiring, but eventually He will put those people who reach in your life.

      I’m in a few areas of my life where I am not valued, but that’s when I cling to the communities where I am valued.

      I speak truth your your heart and emotions. You are seen by the One who sees. You are loved deeply by Him. I speak peace to your soul. May you tune out every other voice so you can hear His whisper. I speak a release in your life! I speak breakthrough! He is faithful to make a way when there is no way. He has not forgotten you. He only sets us up for success. He only does good. Trust Him. Even when you can’t see it, He’s moving.

      Walk in His freedom today!

    • Oh, girl, I get you! I am also in a ministry setting for my vocation, but it has really aided in my healing. I so wish that for you!!! I am divorced and have little to no community here after moving from Ohio to Tennessee six years ago. Yes, not too many to date either. Hahahaha. I’m not really interested in that. Still healing. Yes, healing is taking that long for me. But I do not say this to make light of your situation. I am praying for you now. I was in a very dark place before I found this “position” over a year ago now. I was actually in journalism. My dream job! But it ended very poorly. Now I have multiple messages waiting for me from people and I cannot look at them or answer them, so I’m not. I am choosing to be quiet and work on what needs done at the moment. Praying for you, sweet woman! I hear your heart and have been there and am in a variation of your situation now. Oh, and by the way, God can totally handle your questioning. He knows you and knows what is ahead of you, but the waiting is oh so hard.

  6. Thank you for writing this. Life has felt so heavy lately and really, really loud. I’m surrounded by all types of people who are loud and awesome. But that’s not me. I’m not loud. I am still finding my place in what I do. I really appreciate you writing this. Facebook messages wait for me and I don’t have the energy to deal with them. If I’m honest, I don’t have the energy to deal with much these days. This really, really spoke to me. Thank you.

    • I see you! I have experienced this as well. The Lord has revealed to me that being vulnerable in relationships is healthy and is the path to growth,so I should not shrink back. Thank you for being vulnerable.

    • Heidi, thank you for sharing! I am not a loud person either. It can be a lot to process.

      Remember His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He delights in this trade. Maybe the Lord is wanting to have some alone time with you so He can establish intimacy and trust. He wants to build your faith. That happens best in the secret place where there are no other voices or distractions.

      I speak joy and ease to your soul. I speak a renewed energy and hope to you. He has a a bright future awaiting you!

  7. Karina, thank you for sharing your heart!

    It was like I was reading about my own struggles… feeling so unseen and unheard… feeling forgotten. I love your courage to share openly in order to help others, like myself, who struggle with the same feelings. You are so brave!

    And Jesus is so good. He has been using this same story in the Bible to speak to me, and now I believe He wants me to brave and share it with others at a women’s event I will be speaking at coming up. Thanks for modeling authenticity and strength in your story! I pray I’ll do the same when it’s my turn. 🙂

    Blessings to you, SEEN Sister!


    • Becky, I love it when the Lord confirms and affirms what He is doing across the Body! He is too good!!!!

      I pray for His glory and hope to be released at your upcoming event. May He speak a Rhema word to you and through you. May His love transform every heart. May each woman walk away feeling incredibly loved and seen by the One who sees. May He do a work that only He can do. May He show up and show off!!!!

      It is an honor to play a small part in His great story. May you steward the privilege well sister! I speak boldness and confidence to your soul!!!

      Blessings to you as well, SEEN sister!

  8. Your story spoke to me. I too am going through this at this season of my life. The feeling of not being seen even when surrounded by so many. For me it is loss, grief is such a terrible thing, it leaves you feeling so many different emotions and just when you think you see a light at the end of the tunnel, something else obscures the way and darkness falls back onto the path. I am a work in progress and baby step one day at time even if it means standing alone during this time. Karina, Thank You for being brave and sharing this needed message. And most of all, Thank You Lord for loving on all of us who are wandering through the dark valleys of feeling unheard, unseen. I know You see us.

    • Maylee, thank you for sharing! You may feel alone, but you’re not. The Lord is always with you and there are people who want to come alongside of you. Ask. Ask for help. Ask for support and prayers and community.

      He is faithful in our process. He never tires of us. He sees you and loves you and is with you as you walk THROUGH the valley. There is victory and hope and healing and freedom on the other side!

      Hang on and press in!

  9. This message touched my soul with such truth! I say, ” Me Too!” Thanks for beautifully sharing what many of us feel and are afraid to verbalize or acknowledge. Peace and Blessings to you!

  10. This really touched me this morning! Thank you, Karina! I too have often felt invisible. It is good to be reminded that when others don’t see me, God does. I will try to remember that. And I will watch out for other people who might feel unseen and I will reach out to them.

  11. Karina,

    You are a brave & wise woman to share this story. I know it will help many women who feel the same way! There have been times I felt alone-especially in large crowds. The worst can be church. I used to attend a large church. I was single so it was hard to have friends. Holidays everyone was getting together with family & me well I had my parents & that’s it. You feel left out & like God doesn’t care. This world has a way of making you feel insignificant & unloved. It calls for people to be in the limelight on center stage. God sometimes pulls us away from all that to woo us back to Himself. Like you said He wants us to focus not on ourselves but on the needs of others. For me I have found that when I turn my focus off myself, my problems & focus on helping others then God does see me & i don’t feel so alone anymore.

    Blessings 🙂

  12. Katrina,
    Your words always touch me thank-you for them and for touching me yet again. When we feel unseen, (and yes at times I do too), maybe it’s about the Believing. We can believe we can do God’s work, even when we feel unseen, because as you said, “God sees us.”
    Have a blessed day all,

  13. I wanted so much to reach out to you and let you know you are seen! I hear your words and I am familiar with your struggles! El Roi the God who sees me sees you and your every need! I recently was having some personal problems that were upsetting me…..and “out of the blue” my lovely daughter came to visit! She hadn’t known I was having difficulty and she showed up right when I needed a stabilizing force! I know God must have seen my need and was providing for me! And that same God will see and provide for you!! I just want you to know that I truly care and hope everything works out for good for you! God Bless and thank you for your honesty!!! You are a blessing! Love in Him! Lauren

  14. I’ve been struggling a lot in the past couple of months with understanding why God has me where He has me. As I’ve cried out to Him in prayer and through journaling lately, asking Him to show up and show me where He’s working, He’s answered, reminding me that He sees me and hears me and is working in my life. Not through anything major, but in little ways – a podcast that connects with exactly what I’m struggling with or a note from a friend. It’s so easy to miss if we’re not specifically looking for it in our loud world, but God is showing up for us and meeting us where we need Him to. Thank you for this reminder, Karina.

    • It was my pleasure Christina!

      He is beyond faithful in ALL the ways! May you continue to be still and listen for the whisper! He will show up and speak truth and peace to your heart.

      Blessings Sister!

  15. Sweet Karina, I love you, friend. I love that we can lean into the God who sees us. I love that He put women in your life, on your path, to remind you of how seen you are. Just beautiful. This is the body of Christ. xx

  16. I like this statement of yours, Karina: “When I am feeling unseen, I tend to be focused on myself and how I am feeling and being treated.”
    This is the reason for so much depression – when we take our eyes of Jesus and put them on ourselves. In Anne of Green Gables, Marilla Cuthbert says, “To be depressed is to deny the existence of God.” How can we get depressed with Jesus filling our lives???!!!!! God knows just how much we can bear and will send encouragement/rebuke to help us maintain our focus on HIM!!!! So glad you received encouragement to lift your eyes back to Him. We all need this in our lives. His love for us is overwhelming.

  17. This post is awesome! While I currently do not feel unseen or alone (thank you God!), I have been there before and know the feeling. I love the scripture reference and will go back to it again and again.

    Thanks so much (in)courage!

  18. “El Roi” is one of the names of God in the Hebrew Bible – it’s translation is “the God who sees me”. I know it and yet I feel as you do – often unseen/invisible by God and others. Why is it I know the truth (head) but still feel the way I do? (heart) Thank you for a great post I will read again – it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

    • Liz, you are definitely NOT alone! Sorry, I’m just seeing your comment.

      Our minds and hearts are so often not on the same page. May God align us to His heart and mind!


  19. This spoke to me so much. Feeling unseen and unheard is a major sensitive spot for me from a young age. Even now at 50, it’s still a wound that can be opened. Your post encouraged me to look outside myself to the Lord and in service, that He wants to heal.

  20. Hi there,
    My name is Christel and I’m from little ol’ New Zealand, a world away from the US…today my counsellor encouraged me to reach out and find an online community of Christian women for this season in my life, so here I am.

    Karina, thank you for being real and sharing your heart with us. My ‘take-away’ from your post is the line “When a woman knows that she is seen by the One who sees, she in turn can live in such a way that readily sees others.” Thank you for sharing that gem…when we don’t feel seen, it’s often because we are looking inwardly, isn’t it? (not outwardly or upwardly). But if we look up, we know we are seen. I love that. Thank-you.

    That was probably a ramble, but I’m glad to be here. I hope to connect with some of you. Blessings xx

  21. Dear beautiful Karina, you are seen AND heard. We’ve never met in person, but your writing always blesses me in deep places — always pointing me to Christ while giving me a longing to also know more of you. Thank you so much for sharing with such honesty today. Meantime, keep pressing forward. The Lord is already using you in a mighty and unique way that I find so very exciting. Clearly, you love Him more than all or anything. Please keep sharing your love for Him as He keeps using your stories to bless more than you know. Onward for Him! With sincere appreciation for you, Patricia

  22. I think everyone has a few ‘seen’ moments which they will treasure forever. When I was in 6th grade, the new girl came up to me and told me I was beautiful and that she hadn’t noticed anyone telling me. Then at the start of this year, a boy I don’t really know called me by name and told me to have a great day as he was leaving, and I was really struggling that day. And again, just last week, I was really struggling and two popular girls said goodbye to me (I’m a nerd, in case you couldn’t tell). God is so Good! So glad to see He’s working in your life as well. Repeat after me: I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Now, go have a great day!

    • Amen Emily! Sorry, I’m just now seeing your comment!

      Those are such sweet experiences! I love His kindness!

      Yes! We are fearfully and wonderfully made!