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Leigh is a former English teacher turned mamma to three crazy boys. She loves Jesus, her incredibly smart engineer of a husband, and words. She's a chaser of holy things in the middle of ordinary days, but, only after she’s had coffee.

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  1. Grinning large this morning because this mum of four boys is still picking things up the things that fall, and now with a grandboy that visits, it sometimes takes me a day or two to find all the things that are out of place after he leaves!

    I love your distinction about mountains moving: it’s not our faith that does the work, but a God for whom nothing is impossible. And the patience He gives to you for teaching and training that pack of boys is certainly evidence of His working in your life.

  2. Leigh,

    We need to have mustard seed faith. Like the woman bleeding who knew that touching the hem of Jesus’s garment would heal her. Little David who said I will slay the giant-actually me & God. They both had faith that with God all things were possible. Life down here can get hard & messy. God wants us to have that faith that no matter the situation He is with us & helping us through that valley. This: “Our faith isn’t dependent on the circumstances that come slamming through the door but on the One who picks us up when we fall.” Yes ma’am. We must learn to trust God with everything-every aspect of our lives -easy & the hard. By that we are showing the world that our God is bigger than what you see & can handle ALL things.

    Blessings 🙂

  3. Great analogy I love it! So need to keep hanging up my faith after I fall and make mistakes! I am so fortunate that God is a forgiving God and just loves me, mistakes and all! I hope to mace the faith of a mustard seed all te time!!!

  4. Thank you Leigh for sharing this powerful reminder of our sometimes small faith but BIG GOD. Your natural, fun description of a day in the life of this faith picture made me smile – I could picture it all so well. What a reminder of faith in action – through all the episodes of hitting the deck it’s never broken! Also think of the exercise you’re getting with each bend down, pick up and rehang. May God continue to bless you as you honour Him.

  5. “Sometimes you have to close your eyes to remember who God is. Sometimes the prayers come hard and slow because the slamming never seems to stop.”
    Grateful for this validation and encouragement today, Leigh. Thank you!

  6. Yeah have faith like a mustard seed
    And though the size of the mustard seed is small, when it grows-it grows tall and other birds will have their nests and people find rest under it.
    That means, having ua faith as a mustard seed and by watering it(by reading word) will put you on a higher ground and i the place where God has called you to be.

  7. A little trick I learned somewhere along the way, put some sticky tack on the corners of the frame. I helps it stay straight on the nail!

    Or don’t and keep the faith. 🙂