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Denise is a lover of words and the Word. She's the author of #DeeperWaters and the Bible study series #WordWriters.

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  1. So wonderful that God sees possibility where all we see is loss. I love that He invites us to be part of the “shade and water” system for others as well, setting up the canopy and hauling the hose over to their world.
    (By the way, flowers are challenge for me, too. I can raise bushels of tomatoes and other veggies, but have all I can do to coax a row of marigolds and sunflowers to stay alive through their season of bloom! And inside plants? Forget it!)

  2. Denise,
    I love getting plants off the “last chance” dead and dying shelf at the local home improvement or garden store. It’s amazing how, with a little TLC, the right pot or planting location, those lost souls can not only come back to life but flourish. I’m so thankful that God doesn’t give up on me when I am weary, worn, and do nothing more than take up space. Like John 15 so beautifully speaks about the vine and the branches, when I rest, remain, and abide in Christ, I am grafted back onto the life-giving vine. The blood of Christ begins flowing through my veins and I come back to life. So thankful that God sees in us, life, where we see failure and the desire to give up. May we all take a lesson from your beautiful post, Denise, and not give up on others as well.
    Sunday Blessings,
    Bev xx

    • I was lying in bed this morning resigning myself to the reality that I’m going to be exhausted every day for the rest of my life. Then I grabbed my phone and your post was the first thing that GOD wanted me to see. 🙂
      At first I thought, what if it’s me that’s all dried up?
      And as I read through God really spoke to my heart, and He told me He is far from finished with me, and that I need to seek a little more of His healing word, His rain of presence, His shelter.
      Thank you for your words! And for being His word to me this morning!

      • Amen to that Renee!
        Agree, great word today before I head to church for HIS GREAT WORDS AND WORKING POWER \0/
        Blessings gals

      • Renae,
        If it helps….I am absolutely exhausted from a week of anxious anticipation of hurricane Florence (I live in NC). I’ve had panic attacks and everyone frantically darting around hoarding water, gas, batteries, etc. hasn’t helped. Then after going through a dreadfully slow moving storm that’s still dumping water, I feel like a train hit me. Ironically, I am all dried up. I really can’t even pick up His Word to read. Sometimes first we need to rest….resting is not a sin. After that, then we can remain and abide in Him…in His Word, in Prayer, in His presence, under the refuge of His wings. I find I keep having to go back to the source to get filled up with life. NO, He is not done with you. He wants to refresh, renew, and restore you. First, be easy on yourself and simply ASK Him to do the work in you. He is faithful. After I rest, that’s what I’ll be asking as I am plum out of gas…..praying for you!

      • Renae, thank you for sharing your heart here in this space. I believe you speak truth when you say… God is not finished with you yet. Far from it! You have so much to offer. I believe it!



    • so YOU are the face of a sweet sister I’ve been praying for this weekend… Blessings Bev… You’re on my heart and continue to be in my prayers.

    • Bev, I love the image you reminded us of…being grafted to the Vine. Indeed!

      I’m so sorry for all you’ve endured through this hurricane! I think you’re right, too, that sometimes it’s wisest to rest. May you heart find peace amidst this wild storm, and may your body find deep rest — the kind that can only come from Him.

      I’m grateful for you, Bev.


      • Thanks Denise,
        I’m definitely doing better. I’ve been busy cleaning up debris in our yard, but I feel so badly for those just to the east and west of us – the flooding is terrible and people have lost everything. I feel blessed to have come out of this with barely a scratch. It’s been a forced rest out of exhaustion, but I know God will bring beauty from these ashes. I’m tapping back into the life-giving vine in order to find refreshment and rejuvenation. Your prayers and those of others are a blessing.
        I’m so grateful for you too 🙂
        Bev xo

  3. A very kind hotel front desk attendant saw me gazing upon a book shelf in their lobby and said to go ahead and take the book I’m interested in it’s free. I was amazed at the generosity and selected the book The Grace Awakening by Charles Swindoll it’s a timely, very good read thank you for your message this morning. Amen

  4. Thank you Denise for this beautiful reminder that love, care, and time can bring beauty back.
    So many of my husband’s family live in the Wilmington, NC area. We are in central NC. There’s so much devastation along our coast and across this area as the storm stalled and rain continues to come in wave after wave. We are good but so many are not.
    Please pray for all affected by Hurricane Florence. Please pray that God will give them peace, comfort and beauty in all the days ahead.

    • Oh, Donna, that is so hard. I wrote and submitted this blog post a couple of weeks ago — before I knew about Hurricane Florence coming. I’m so sorry for what you’re enduring through this storm. May the Lord of heaven and earth comfort you in this hour, and may His face shine upon you in ways that only He can do.

      • Thank you Denise. We have been so blessed in that all we lost was power and a few food items. Many have lost so much.

  5. My advice is perennials and containers!

    I’ve reached that weird spot when my kids aren’t really kids. I need to rediscover who I am in God and where my path is now. It’s hard…..and scary.

    • Kimmie, that’s great advice about perennials and containers!

      And about that season of life where your kids aren’t really kids anymore…yeah, I totally get that. It’s a different kind of hard, in a very real way. I pray the Lord opens up the right path for you — one that brings you deep joy.


  6. “When you’re ready to quit, God is just getting started.” Thank you for these words today, Denise! I’ve been feeling down and discouraged about my work lately and your story about flowers coming back to life was just what I needed. Thank you!

  7. Nobody else seemed to mention that it was your wonderful husband who realized that God would help to bring your flowers back to life, with his help. I say God Bless him.

  8. Denise,

    I’m just like you-not a green thumb at all. Plants given to me die quickly. Everyone needs a little TLC to nurture themselves. We all get down, frustrated & feel like quitting sometimes. It’s at that time we need to reconnect to the vine. Take a break from life & rest your weary soul then get back in the word. There have been times in my life where I saw impossibility & no way out. God saw things differently. He was just getting started & turned things around. I’ve stalled many a times & God was there graciously waiting to give me the refreshing water I needed
    to flourish once again.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Cue Lauren Daigle’s Power to Redeem. As I read your words the song began playing in my head and is now on my headset here at working beginning my day. I am going through a rough spell with my daughter and mom & I needed to hear this today. Thank you for a wonderful analogy.

    • Lord, I pray You strengthen Jeannie with a new fervor and vitality. Strengthen her in heart, mind, soul, and body. Thank You for being the Giver of life. May we all look to You as the Source of our strength, for You alone are worthy of our praise. Amen.

  9. That’s a great way to save plants less direct sun, kind of wandering in the desert. I have seen the demonstrations of not enough water, overwatering and now sun. You can have too much sun and not enough Son at times. The Ga. heat has dried up everything these past years, only a few hearties outside and a couple of houseplants.

  10. “We serve a God who specializes in bringing dead things back to life.” I got chill bumps when I read that line. Yes! So often we make our assessment of a dream or circumstance or relationship based on its surface appearance. But God sees deeper, down into the roots that are still ready to come alive with the right nourishment. Thanks so much for this, Denise. xx