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Lucinda Secrest McDowell is a storyteller and seasoned mentor, who delights in helping you choose a life of serenity and strength. The award-winning author of thirteen books, including Ordinary Graces and Dwelling Places. She also co-directs the reNEW writing retreat. Known for sharing deep truth in winsome ways, she blogs...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Lucinda, I know that I will not forget your example. My goodness, option 3 was courageous and counter-cultural–and completely outside my wheel house, but I see that degree of self-forgetfulness as something to be grown into, so THANK YOU for sharing your story here today.

  2. What a beautiful story of HOPE! It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of despair when something doesn’t go our way (and I’d say a broken tooth right before speaking certainly qualifies!) But when we are obedient, when we bring our broken selves we get to see so much more of God!

    Sometimes I wonder why I don’t see Him more in my daily life, I wonder why He’s not showing up. Maybe it’s because I’m so busy “taking care of things” I take away opportunities to see Him. And the reality is that my broken self + a grace-filled God is so much better than the me that thinks I’ve got it all figured out.

    Thanks for sharing your heart today (and always!)

    • Becky, I think you and I understand similar struggles and that’s why we can encourage and challenge each other. Thanks so much for processing this vulnerable message (which, of course, was learned the hard way). Looking forward to seeing you later this Fall. under the mercy, Lucinda

  3. My prayer is that when you show up with nothing much but pure obedience, the world will listen.

    Lucinda, I’m receiving that prayer today and taking to heart this beautiful message. What great things God can accomplish by the power of His Spirit when we’re willing to show up and make it about Him (not us!). Such a joy to see your words here on (in)courage today.

    • Oh Becky, I’m so honored that you read my post today and received the core of the message! It’s so very true, isn’t it — what God requires of us is to show up and be obedient, trusting Him for the empowering and the fruit. Praying all over you today and So Very Grateful I met you in California and was encouraged to submit this blog. under the mercy, Lucinda

  4. Showing up with nothing much but pure obedience…..that does indeed take tremendous courage. A fairly new widow walking in a season of blank pages in an entirely new landscape, obedience is indeed the only thing I have to offer but I am taking Him at His Word and I’m taking His arm and letting Jesus escort me to new places even as I walk feeling very vulnerable. Thank you for your encouraging words.

    • Oh Beverly, my heart goes out to you in your recent loss. Yes indeed, you need great courage and strength to just put one foot in front of the other these days. But our Faithful God has never left your side and He will show you a new path. Prayers with you… under the mercy, Lucinda

  5. Thank you for sharing that real story, Lucinda! It is so difficult to move on without thinking about what everyone else will say. I take comfort in the fact that the Lord is our defender. I appreciate that your story demonstrates the Lord’s faithfulness even in our brokenness.

    • Elisabeth, this is so true! When we fail, when we stumble and are less-than, He steps in and covers it all with His power, presence and purpose. May you know Him as your delight and your defender today. under the mercy, Lucinda

  6. Cindy, I had a day at work today where I felt completely inadequate. I stumbled when I was put on the spot. I came home defeated but then read your blog. Thank you for helping me see the bigger picture! Nan

    • Nan, it is the enemy of your soul that hisses in your ear “defeat” and I know that God’s Voice is louder in your life. But hey, sometimes we are just plain tired. So, in those times (like today at work) may you know the strength of God and see yourself as He sees you — whole and winsome. under the mercy, Lucinda

  7. Such a great example of how God calls us to serve in our brokenness. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring all of us with the visual.

    • Oh Dorina, Getting over ourselves is the hardest ever, right? But I am discovering (and honey, it’s about time) that it’s not me folks need to see, but Christ IN ME. That brings all sorts of huge relief and release. Thank you for reading and commenting. Blessings all over you today. under the mercy, Lucinda

  8. Lucinda,

    Thank you for allowing God to work in and through you that day. We are vessels God uses to shine His light in this dark world. Patsy Clairmont has a book titled “God Uses Cracked Pots.” We are all flawed humans stumbling around this earth. God doesn’t call the qualified–He qualifies the called. Chipped tooth, bad hair, nerves & all we need to go out there & spread His word. Not worrying about how we look so much as telling His story.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, yes, thankfully God does use cracked pots and I would agree with Patsy that there are a lot of us around! Don’t you just love the upside-down world of Jesus — in our weakness He is our strength, we gain from first losing, and the last shall be first? May you embrace these truths in a brand new way today. under the mercy, Lucinda