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Lucretia is a wife, mom of three, and a TEDx and Q Ideas speaker (Charlotte, NC, 2017). As a former college professor, she designed the popular ‘beginners’ course and study guide, What LIES Between Us: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing. She is the creator and director of the Brownicity.com...

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  1. Lucretia,
    What a beautiful gift to have someone – an objective set of eyes and ears – listen and then map our our life that we have lived. We/I often can’t connect the dots ourselves, but others can. They see themes, and how we’ve walked through trials, how we’ve persevered, and how we’ve come to be where we are for “such a time as this.” I think we ALL could use a Karin with an “i”!! I know God has used what I’ve been through to equip me to lead Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc. – starting a Christian school for orphans in the Middle East. Others tell me I need to write a book (don’t we all)? I’m trying to make heads or tales of all the idea marbles rolling around in my brain….I think what hinders us is we think we’re not “enough”. We think we’re not capable. Thank you for a beautiful reminder that we are significant and if He calls us to it, He will equip us.
    Bev xx

  2. Thank you, Lucretia, for this celebration of Romans 12 truth: We have indeed been given gifts “according to the grace given to us,” and there is no assignment from God that He has not equipped us to perform. What a mercy it is when He orchestrates circumstances to actually remind us of that glorious truth when we have forgotten and have begun to sink into the Deep Overwhelm!

    • “and there is no assignment from God that He has not equipped us to perform”
      Sometimes, I want to ask God, “Are You sure about me because I am clueless!” haha! But as you stated, we need to live in the truth so that we are not overtaken by the ‘deep overwhelm.’
      Thank you Michele.

  3. What an amazing experience Karin gave you! Often we need the objectivity of a loving and truthful person to be able to help us see the patterns and experiences that God has used to shape us! Thank you for sharing!

    • You’re welcome. I agree! We need GOD’s-EYE-VIEW to help us truly see.
      Thanx Melissa.

  4. Oh, I would love to see this. What an incredible gift of God in action through all of your life moments! I often think we are completely unaware of the masterpiece God is weaving because all we can see is the seemingly unconnected pieces, and yet to others, it is often so visible.

    • Yes to everything you wrote! While we are unaware, God is weaving! And I was so amazed at how she showed me truths that I had not been able to see.
      Thank you Crystal!

  5. Thank you so much, Lucretia and blessings in your work! …A couple of years ago, I had an “Ah-Ha” moment when God showed me that my 30 years of teaching had prepared me for standing in front of any size audience to speak His Truths into others’ lives, as well as fulfill other roles for which He had been preparing me through childhood trauma and other specific life experiences…He laid out my former path and I was able to understand…So, today, as God is either training you, or is already using you, be patient and courageous, precious sisters; His timing is perfect and His Word will not return void! ~ ~ Isaiah 55:11

  6. Lucretia,
    This was wonderful, thank-you for sharing. Just yesterday after the smoke filled sky cleared and the sun finally shone through I received an unexpected call from a wonderful lady. She’d been trying to track me down in regards to my Uncle who’d been unreachable for some time. I am grateful and the way in which she found me was nothing short of a miracle and now this could be shared with the rest of the family too. Now after all of these months in the hospital my Uncle he wouldn’t of realized his significance to others, but thanks to the kindness of this stranger he now hopefully will.
    Have a blessed day all,

    • WOW! That is powerful. All that occurred so he can know his significance.
      Thank you for sharing, Penny.

  7. Abundant blessings to you Lucretia for sharing. Thank you for the encouragement. Here I sit at the age of seventy-two saying to myself I was created for my servant hood. I am thinking how divinely connected the paths in my life are. Most paths seemed so small to me as I walked them but they were really big in my significanance as part of God’s plan. All of my paths are uniquely connected to my significant fit into the body of Christ.

    • Yes! Pieces and paths that seem small are actually major components in the mechanism shaping us for our “this.”
      Thank you!

  8. WOW!! This really spoke to me, Lucretia! Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m sure there are many of us who are searching for the clarity of what purpose God has for us in the particular circumstance where we currently reside. I spent over 30 years serving as a professional therapist, and I understood God had prepared me for that through the trials and early life experiences with which I had struggled. Now in retirement, I still feel God has purpose for me, but I haven’t a clue what it is. In spite of all my past training and experience, and many, many prayers, I have no clear view of what I can contribute and how God wants me to serve Him in these twilight years on Earth. I need a Karin, too, with or without an “I”! I’m continuing to pray, read the Scriptures, and try to patiently wait upon the Lord for His direction. God bless you in your work and organization.

    • haha! I wish Karin could do this for everyone!
      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.
      I believe that you will know His direction in the right time.

  9. Love this so much!! What a sweet encouragement it is to be reminded in the middle of our journeys that God is orchestrating our lives to culminate in His good and perfect plan. Thank you for sharing, Lucretia!

    • “orchestrating our lives to culminate in His good and perfect plan.”
      And when we KNOW this, we live in the agency of significance.
      Thank you!

    • Teresa.
      I agree that Karin offered me an invaluable gift!
      I’ll let her know that you are looking for her. 😉
      Thank you for reading.

  10. Ooh, I want a Karin in my life! What an incredible gift! I love that she wasn’t inserting her own opinions or analysis about your life, she was simply recording and reflecting what you were saying — helping you see the life you’re already living! What if we all could retrain our vision to focus not on the chaos we feel but God’s beautiful, intentional purposes in and through us. I just love this, Lucretia! Thanks for much for inviting us into this experience. xx

    • You’re welcome.
      Yes, what if….?
      Karin needs to take her show on the road!
      Thank you for reading.

  11. Lucretia, what an awesome experience for you! Thank you for sharing. I’ve had such strong feelings of insignificance after so much rejection. Of course it’s hard to feel or think you’re good enough for anything after that. Never have I thought all that I’ve been through connected or was purposeful BUT maybe one day it will all make sense. Until then, all that’s left is to wait on The Lord, for His direction. I know He loves me like no one else ever could, and for that I’m grateful!

    • Yes. GOD loves you. You are significant!
      I can recall how all of the rejections that I experienced distanced me from certain places, spaces, and faces, and helped position me where I needed to be move forward in purpose. Rejection played a major role in shaping significance in me. It all came together. It all worked together. I am praying that you feel the sensation of ‘good rejection.’

  12. I’m glad for your experience Lucretia. Thank you for sharing and what a gift Karin has! Truly a blessing! I’ve had feelings of insignificance for some time now after betrayal and rejection. It’s not easy feeling like you’re worth anything after that. It’s hard to see how any of life’s experiences connect or are purposeful. There’s nothing left to do but wait on The Lord for His direction. I know He loves me like no one else ever could or would, and for that I’m grateful.

    • Shayla,
      I am glad to know that you found some encouragement here. You are loved! Every millisecond of your life and every aspect of you is significant! I am thinking that this blog post was written for you! You are significant! And I am grateful for your posture of gratitude.

  13. Please let me know how to get in touch with Karin! My life is a mess and I’ve lived the troubles of 3 ppl in my 50+ years and my daughter is also struggling to find her way! Please provide contact information if Karin is willing

    • Hi MaryAnn.
      I feel your pain and desperation. I am praying SHALOM — oneness, wholeness, divine alignment, order, surrender, and clarity regarding your path — over your life, you and your daughter.
      I’ll ask Karin if she is available or if she can knows other people who do what she does.
      Thank you for sharing.

  14. Lucretia, thanks for writing such a heart-felt piece. Every words beautifully penned here spoke to my heart. I would love to have someone like you or Karin to journey with me in this season of life. Thanks, Chris from TX.

    • Thank you Chris. Because you are open to it, I am confident that you will connect with a “Karin” in your life at the right time. When we ask for the sake of serving the world, we receive in abundance.

    • I thought you might! Thank you for sharing your small group’s message with me about ‘living out your significance!’
      I’m so grateful to have that message confirmed!!

  15. Miss Lucretia,

    I am speechless as God’s goodness… thank you so much for letting Him use you. Your words have encouraged me immensely. What a true blessing. I pray you have a blessed day.

    This side of Heaven,

    • Summer, I am humbled and honored to be a reflection of God’s love and grace.
      I truly appreciate your reply.


  16. I needed to read every word of this! So beautifully real and transparent with truth and revalation woven into it. Stunning, dear friend, you ARE made for this.

  17. I’m late in reading this devotional but needed this reminder and encouragement today – that I am significant, I have a purpose and I am loved. I won’t lie – my first reaction was “who is this Karin and how do I meet her” but the words and the Lord spoke deeper into my heart. He’s still working out some things in my life, still healing many years or trauma and sin that have plagued my life but I believe He does have a plan and purpose for me. Right now I need to sit still, be patient and continue leaning hard into Him. Thank you for sharing this story and amazing blessing. May the Lord continue to guide your steps and bless and light your path uniting us together.

    Much love,

    • Rebecca,
      YES, continue to lean in! Every aspect of your life is shaping you for the ‘this’ that you were created for. In the mean time, I have encouraged Karin to post her contact information on this post. Hopefully, she will soon. In the mean time, lean in!

  18. Lucretia, I love this! Nothing is more exciting than seeing how God is working in our lives, weaving it all together and pointing us toward something incredible. What a blessing to find a friend who could reveal all that to you!

    • Mary,
      I agree! Our lives are evidence of the reality and grace of God. I am honored and astounded.
      Shalom to you.

  19. Thank you! What a great reminder in this season where I constantly question my capabilities and worth at my job. Whose to say God isn’t using “such a time as this” for the growth of others through me. Whose to say even if I may not be the best at my job that I’m not the girl for the job. I will count it all as Joy!

    My ego is shattered at this point. God help me to have a heart of servanthood. God help me to know that while my role may seem small that it IS significant and so am I!


    • Hi Cass!
      Shattered ego! What a painful and great place to be. Free from all the accolades, and pomp and circumstance, you are FREE to clearly hear the sounds of your significance. Your significance may not be attached to your role. That which you are experiencing in your role may be helping to shape your significance. You ARE significant!