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Jen is a writer, wife, and introvert mama of four. She believes the world changes in the ordinary days — one small, simple step at a time. Her writing includes her stories of faith and simple living (sprinkled with the mess of motherhood) while staying rooted in what matters most.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Amen. After even witnessing the miracle of Gods handy work last week in his plans for me, once I arrived back home I have got caught up in being a mum and the crazy busy life that entails. My eyes have not drifted from God but I’ve been busy as it’s so easy to do with 3 children and being a wife and mother. Thank you for this reminder to slow down and refocus on my loving Father as I really can’t do anything without him!! 150%!!! What a timely post and I’m glad it’s only one week in!!! Thank you x

    • I’m so happy these words blessed you!! It’s so easy to get caught in the busyness of this motherhood season, but I always feel better when I slow down and refocus on the quiet times with the Lord. I’ll be rereading this post myself from time to time!

  2. Dearest Jen:

    Thank you for your gentle, committed, quiet courage in reflecting on the provision that comes with slowing down …and for fragrantly sharing it. I could almost smell your words baking deep in my heart! It actually helped me immediately to HALT in my recent strong temptation to GO full-speed-ahead with “what are you gonna be when you grow up” world mentality.

    Major personal life upheaval and huge life transitions in life arenas (marriage/teen children/moving) were propelling me into “igniting the transmission” on joining the RUSH to become – – as the life transitions were pulling me into frenzied anxiousness.

    Now, instead of being pulled into the world performance arena, I will choose to be pulled closer into the Lord’s embrace and private whispering – in my significant small steps he will lead me in – if I allow Him.

    Your personal sharing helped me hear the Spirit and see myself in the lineup of life in the world.

    The temptation to perform, prove or improve.

    The RUSH to become something that needs applause or approval.

    Thank you for your sharing that helped me to hear the silent loud word “HUSH” (be still) over …RUSH!!

    HUSH…Peace, be still.

    Thanks for the reminder that we are enough when we REST in His Everything. He is the One who whispers we are everything when the world may perceive that what we do or are doing is nothing.

    Just like each one of Ruth’s gatherings brought sustenance for her, it mainly led her to the Priceless Provision that God had led her to.

    As I write this, I hear the Spirit tapdancing through my thumbs. And my heart dances to His sweet song!

    It is amazing what the written and read word can do to our hearts – even the Spirit uses other stories to tell us to “Peace, be still and know I AM.”

    Trusting God’s voice and His leading takes us in different directions the world cannot fathom. It takes us on a journey into ourselves and allows us to journey inward and onward in strength, one step at a time.”

    Many thanks for blessing me with your sharing – bless your family and especially, your personal journey with the Sweetest friend ever, our Living and Loving Lord.

    • Thank you Janine for your kind words!! This is so true, “Trusting God’s voice and His leading takes us in different directions the world cannot fathom. It takes us on a journey into ourselves and allows us to journey inward and onward in strength, one step at a time.” Be blessed!

  3. So easy to be overwhelmed as a parent -especially of small children! Thank you for the encouragement to focus on God’s daily work and blessing. The truth is there is always more to do- we have been blessed to have many options- but we still have to choose what we give our energy to. -a SAHM who often feels like others expect more

  4. Thank you! God spoke to me through your words today! I am a type A/rushing/list person and feel guilty when I sit and rest or listen because I’m not “doing.” I need to change my expectations of success to meet God’s, not the world’s. I need to give myself permission to rest and listen to Him! Praise be to God!❤️

  5. Jen, the beauty and depth and lived-out honesty of words are a blessing to read. “I want my life to move forward, living slow enough to be centered on the gift of the Holy Spirit and His nudging in my soul.” Yes! Me too! Thank you for giving voice to the beauty of ordinary and gift of slow and assurance of God’s presence with us through it all. It’s a joy to have your words at the (in)courage table today.

  6. Ordinary life with an extra-ordinary God is a life with much to savor and find delight in. That is why I like to slow down because I don’t want to miss it! Most of us live in the every day flow, but that doesn’t mean it is ordinary, it is where God shows up every day!

  7. Thanks for writing, and thanks for adopting your precious son! I recently published a book where I spend a few chapters talking about resting and the extraordinary (No Ordinary Invitation: Called to Live a Life of Eternal Purpose). I utilized a different theme passage than you have in your article, so I enjoyed seeing the concept from a different perspective. It was also great to be reminded to rest because I am prone to busyness. Once again, thanks for sharing. How exciting to see Psalm 139 unfolding not just in your son, but in each one in your family. He is knitting you into something extraordinary to bless the world and glorify Him.

    • How exciting that you published a book!! I’m going to have to look that up. So glad you enjoyed my perspective and thanks for your kind words!