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Kelly Wilson Mize is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, writer, and educator–with a personal mission to encourage. She has authored hundreds of articles, stories, and devotions for both children and adults. Published credits include LifeWay, Focus on the Family, Group Publishing, Adams Media, BroadStreet Publishing, and Bethany House.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
& you will too!
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
& you will too!
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  1. I’m well into autumn if we’re looking at years of life, but you’ve planted the thought today that, in Christ, we are able to live close to those carefree summer days because of His forgiveness and continual restoration. Thanks, Kelly!

  2. “I’ll make time to find an ice cream cone, not concerning myself with calories or carbs or the effect of dairy on my aging digestive system. In a scenic spot in the sunshine (not forgetting the SPF 45, of course!), I’ll sit and swing my legs back and forth with passion and breathe deeply, in a state of complete, blissful peace.” This is an EXCELLENT idea. In fact, I think I will do this today 🙂 Thanks for the comfort and inspiration!

  3. Kelly,

    No matter your past, it’s never too late to become a child of God. That has more meaning to me than you know. (my family grew up Methodist/Presbyterian-they sprinkle children & call it baptism). My parents went to church in the early years of their marriage. Life happened & they quit going & doing the things of God. Fast forward many years to their 80s. Mom was bedridden with dementia & dad spent his time reading the Bible. Long story short he asked my pastor questions & got baptized. No it is never ever to late to become a child of God & have your sins forgiven!

    For me it was about the same. I went to church but wasn’t really a “Christian”. Later in life I heard messages from my pastor-same one who baptized my dad. I realized I had never been “baptized”. Now I feel like a child of God. One who can cast all my cares on God & trust Him fully with my life.

    Blessings 🙂

  4. Kelly, your words are candy today. It’s a rainy day, but I am sportin my bright orangey red rain boots, feelin a little chic and trendy and loved. My sweetheart bought them for me….for no reason other than he knew I wanted a pair. I have wanted some ever since I bought my daughter the “real” very pricey ….Hunter kind ~ Yep!!
    Today, I get to own the puddles!!! Drink my coffee with an extra splash of French Vanilla Creamer and I will absolutely track down a cupcake.
    Going to Love My Sweet Life and Rest In the Security of My Attentive Savior.
    Thanks for Writing!!!

  5. Kelly, thanks for reminding me of how carefree being a child of God is! The sweet picture you painted with your words makes me smile today! Thanks and blessing to you, friend!