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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. Hi Becky, By luck, or probably by God, I found your Blog. I was looking for Christian Blogs that accept Guest Post Writers. But, I found much, much more. Your Story made me think. God gave me so much to be thankful for, blessings that I didn’t even ask for.
    Thank you for showing me that God is always looking out for us by sending us the help we need when we need it most.
    That was a beautiful story, I only hope that my writing will help someone as much as yours helped me,
    Sincerely, Donna Harvey

    • Donna, I’m so happy you found your way here! It’s just like God to give us a gift we didn’t even know to look for. Blessings on your writing. We hope you’ll come back to (in)courage often. xx

  2. Thank you, Lord, for my husband and kids–the gifts I did not have the good sense or the optimism to pray for, and now here they are, with grandchildren thrown in just because You are amazing!

  3. Becky,
    So true that we look to be thankful for what we asked for, but there’s so many more blessings that a Good Father pours out. In a string of ongoing doctor appointments, I am thankful for one that went really well. No more problems. Nothing critical that needs to be done. A Nice conversation with a physician that has been so caring. I’m thankful for the blessing of a husband who takes time out of his day to call me from work just to check in and say, “Hi.” Thankful for the blessing of the sensitive and loyal beagle that came along with the blessing of my husband. Thankful for seeing another day and the friendships I have here. Shall I go on? So many gifts I never asked for…but that’s just God 🙂 Awesome reminder to take note of the gifts I never asked for, but am oh so blessed with.
    Bev xx

    • Bev…PRAISING our great God for your good report… Yes ..He is busy working ahead of us always… It is exciting to anticipate what is around the corner as His gracious surprise!! Usually we are thinking instead of ” what can go wrong next” . Celebrate your wonderful news ..do deserve His blessings!

  4. First day of School here in Ft Bend County TX and I am overwhelmed by Father’s countless blessings with 3 kids able to walk, talk and live happily! Mrs Becky- you are a phenomenal writer and I am getting more & more excited every morning that I see your face on the banner! Thank you for sharing!

    • First day of school here, too, Jessica, and I’m joining you in those praises! Thanks so much for your kind words. It’s a joy to share space here at (in)courage. xx

  5. Becky my friend,
    What a beautiful reminder God knows us so well, loves us more than imagine, and walks with us wherever we go.
    If we assume every good gift from God is an answered prayer isn’t that ultimately and presumptuously giving us the glory??
    God gives us so so much more than we could ever ask for!

    • Niki! So glad to see you here in the comments today. There is no better giver than the Father. Asking Him to train my eyes to see His goodness every day. xx

  6. Yes Becky as you encourage Donna and the women who wrote this morning… I am in love.. with the God who pulled me from the mire and muck! Here this cool sunny morning as I feed the yard cats the birds and the hummingbirds each sing their own song to me.. although I know it’s God’s voice through His beautiful creation.. isn’t it beautiful how He’s dresssed up our world for us?!
    Mountains, beaches, grassy yards
    I am grateful for my family and family in Christ.. praising Him with y’all \0/.. …. Happy Wednesday

    • He dressed up the world just for us — Yes! Love that. Scripture says that all creation declares His name. What a simple, profound gift that is. Thanks for sharing a slice of your morning with us.

  7. This is so great. And as I sit behind my husband as he drives his Harley and we speed through the countryside in an activity I never dreamed I’d become passionate for, I thank God for that gift that I didn’t know I even wanted!! Ride on!

  8. Thank you for this reminder to praise God for the gifts we didn’t ask for….looking for intentional little displays of only His Grace in our lives….the rain and coolness today and time to ponder these gifts, fresh blueberries in the Amazon….who would have thot these would grow in Peru……our daughter moving next door, being self supported thru farming and still making money to contribute to national ministries and pastors, the list goes on in my mind….thank you once again.

    • Janette, wow, I feel like I was transported for a moment all the way from California to Puru. I loved reading your list of gifts! Eat some fresh blueberries for me. xx

  9. i love this! thank you for reminding me that there is beauty and appreciation to be had in things you hadn’t expected to find it in. there is an unexpected “thank you” around every corner!

  10. I didn’t ask for God to break my heart in Vancouver at the sight of all the homeless people, but I’m ready for Him to use that to change my life. I didn’t ask for my dog to be the sweetest ever created, or for my piano teacher to be one of the most caring people on earth, because I didn’t know I needed that. Other people notice I’m becoming more loving before I do, and God is introducing me to just the right people at just the right time. There are more — too many to count! Thank you, Becky, for this wonderful reminder to look for our daily blessings and that God knows what we need before we even think to ask Him!

  11. Becky,
    Thank you for an awesome start to my morning ! As I read , I could feel like I was there in the beautiful mountains. ( been as I’m on the Texas Gulf Coast )

    I thank God for all the many blessings he has given me , that I haven’t asked for. A great group of women as I read my morning devotional search day with y’all at InCourage, for a supportive, caring, loving, and hard working hubby. I also, thank God for the past weekend as it was Wedding Dress stand Bridal Brunch for our Daughter and it was all amazing, and I made it through both days . ( even after having s small Pneumonia last week and my other illnesses I have already ). I never asked for the energy to get through those two days,but somehow ( God’s Grace) , I made it !

    Have a great day ladies !

  12. ♥ Amen, Becky. So many reasons to be thankful. He’s so worthy of the praise of our hearts. There was one time, years ago, when God showed me that He answered a prayer I hadn’t even dared to ask, and even today, all these years later, I’m still so grateful. Hard to fathom that He’s mindful of me, but oh how thankful I am for His attentiveness to the details of my small life. ♥

  13. Becky, no sooner was I about to start typing, than my dog, Faith (yes, that’s her name…HA!), ran into my office to play. I asked her, “Should I be thanking God for this interruption I didn’t ask for?” So I got up, stretched my legs, gave her a treat, made another cup of coffee, and now I’m back at my desk. Turns out I needed it! What an opening of eyes and a broadening of perspective. What I was GOING to write (before I was so blessedly interrupted) was that I have been praying so much for full-time work this summer. My youngest child just graduated from HS, and I’ve been looking forward to getting back into the workforce. I have been applying all over the place and all summer to either no response or negative responses. It has been discouraging and I was fighting depression. But then I was having coffee with a girlfriend of mine who runs a nonprofit, BRAVE Global, an organization doing great work with foster girls at risk for human trafficking. She mentioned she had a grant writer on-board who suddenly dropped off the face. We looked at each other…paused…she said, “I think God might have sent you to do this. It just dawned on me. Should we pray about it?” We did…and I am! But beyond the work aspect, I cannot believe how drawn I am to this cause…how much I have enjoyed research…and how it is marrying a great passion (writing) with an incredible purpose. Talk about gifts I didn’t ask for! So today, with your beautiful reminder, I will be praising God and saying a profound THANK YOU for the gift of this work. Have the greatest day Becky!

  14. Thank you Becky for writing and sharing this…

    God, help me to see the gifts I didn’t ask for. Thank YOU Lord for the job I have. Thank you for giving me an extra room when I asked and prayed for just a room. Thank you for your divine provisions. Thank you for making my Mum leave her phone with me which has become useful since loosing my phone. Thank you for the food items you provided through my colleague yesterday. Thank you for colleagues that get on my nerves yet have become the family I have practically. Thank you for the gift of singlehood which is teaching me the virtue of patience and waiting. Thank you LORD for life. Thank you for the experience of living with depression and surviving multiple suicide attempts that enables me now to support those in dark places like I have been…Thank YOU for life and for every gift and blessing I didnt ask for yet you have blessed me with LORD…Thank you Father

  15. Oh how I love this Becky!! Sometimes…we’ll all the time, God knows better than we do all the things and gift and people we will need in our life. Beautifully written my friend! ❤️

  16. Becky,
    I accept your post this morning as an unexpected gift. Thank-you for sharing another of God’s miraculous ways. Sometimes it’s something sutle such as an unexpected call or like today as I remember my Mother on the eighth anniversary since she passed I can think of her as an incredible unexpected gift. I am also grateful for all of my family, dear friends, my son’s amazing team of Dr.s and nurses, and for all of you that contribute here, amongst all else I didn’t ask for but have received.
    Have a blessed day all,

  17. God I thank you for helping me get and stay sober, for the years previous that prepared me for today, though not always easy, the gifts given me in my new life today outweigh the hardship and I am forever grateful ❤️

  18. Becky, thank you for sharing such an important message. I was talking with my husband several months ago about this very thing: how the Lord has opened (and closed) some doors for us and blessed us with things for which we never even thought to pray. It’s awesome when we stop to think about His wonderful attention to detail and how He makes provisions for us that we don’t realize we need. He’s so faithful!

  19. Becky, thank you for sharing such an important message. I was talking with my husband several months ago about this very thing — how the Lord has opened (and closed) some doors for us and blessed us with things for which we never even thought to pray. Wonderful “bonuses” and we are so thankful!! It’s awesome when we can stop to think about His attention to detail and how He makes provisions for us that we don’t realize we need at the time. He’s so faithful!

  20. I can appreciate that, thanking Him for gifts i don’t see and also for things that have not happened to me.

  21. Thank you Becky for your beautiful words that filled my heart. God truly had a hand with positioning us right next to you. It was the boys favorite trip thus far and they (all of us) hope we can meet up again next year. Or, come visit us!
    Thanks for the heartwarming, uplifting article. The timing was impeccable. ❤️

    • Carol, I’m so grateful God crossed our paths. Yes, we’ll have to make a time to connect again before next summer. The boys would love that!

  22. I didn’t ask for a semi driver hubby and life on the road. It was NOT the mobile home I had in mind. But God allows me this life with a wonderful man and gives us protection and grace on bad days. I didn’t plan to go out to Colorado when he hints, but I get to. Ya gifts come in unexpected ways. Praise God

  23. Becky,

    Our God gives us so many good gifts. Our lives get so busy that we often don’t realize what He’s given us. Lately I’ve gotten some in the form of no car accidents when driving. My gracious Father gave me a wonderful hubby who loves me for who I am. With that gift came a great small church-(Blue Springs Christian), terrific friends including his ex-mother-in-law. He nicely moved me from hot humid Florida to the mountains of upper E. TN. I’m thankful for my health & the nice part-time (sometimes full-time) job I have close to home. He has also allowed me to witness two miracles. My father was healed from severe dementia & once again allowed to go outside & take rides. My 90 yr. old father-in-law survived Stage III bladder cancer surgery & is doing quite well now. The list of gifts/blessings could go on and on. Each time something good happens that I didn’t pray about I know it is a God thing. His ways are higher & much better than mine.

    Blessings 🙂

  24. Becky, sweet friend, I didn’t read this until tonight, and I simply loved it–thank you! Being mindful of God’s blessings must bless him, don’t you think? Just like when our children notice something unexpected we’ve done for them, just because we love them.

    I’ve had some un-fun days this week fighting a sudden infestation of mice in my home, which is a challenge to deal with alone. Also had ants show up and a plumbing issue, but God helped me to praise him that I have a home at all. Ever since the wildfire last summer that threatened my home, I have a new appreciation for that gift.

    I try to live noticing the sweet wonders God gives us, but I needed this fresh reminder tonight–so beautifully expressed from that beautiful heart of yours. Bless you!

  25. Oh, Judy! Mice and ants and plumbing issues are the pits. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that. But love how even in the ick and inconveniences of life we can still praise God for what is and who He is! Thanks for reading and sharing from your beautiful heart too. xx