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Lucretia is a wife, mom of three, and a TEDx and Q Ideas speaker (Charlotte, NC, 2017). As a former college professor, she designed the popular ‘beginners’ course and study guide, What LIES Between Us: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing. She is the creator and director of the Brownicity.com...

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  1. So easily, we slip into what comes naturally. Thanks, Lucretia, for this anthem to the SUPERnatural. May we be conduits of the light and life that make the hard work possible!

  2. Lucretia,
    The whole time I was reading your post, I kept thinking of the verse, 18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. (1 John 4:18). It is SO easy to let fear creep in. When something or someone is unknown to us, fear gets a foothold. The enemy would like nothing more than for us to be fearful of each other because then he can isolate and destroy. But, if we CHOOSE to let God’s perfect love cast out that fear, then we can be open to someone who is different than we are. We can open our hearts to their story, their hurts, their pain, their victories. In short we need to choose to get over ourselves and get the order right: Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last. Ironically the first initials spell JOY. When I have chosen to not let fear get the best of me and open myself up to someone new – be it a different race, nationality, political view, to “those” people, I generally find my life enriched for the better. I love your ministry and the benediction you close your meetings with. May that be a prayer over all of us.
    Bev xx

    • Bev, as I was writing, I kept hearing ‘perfect love casts out fear’ echoing in my heart. I have come to understand that love being perfected in me is a process, is constant, and never-ending. Thank you for reading!

    • Bev,
      Your comments are so insightful and I always look forward to reading them. I would love to meet you sometime and chat over coffee and chocolate.

  3. Thank you, Lucretia, for this wonderful word. Today, I am not just thankful that love starts new friendships but also that love rekindles old friendships!

  4. I was so intrigued to go to your website and read about your work, amazing. You are forging a light to diminish stereotypes and open peoples eyes that we are all the same, we may look different, speak differently but we are all connected in our humanness. Racism occurs world over in my home country of Australia and where I live in New Zealand. Education and change is needed more in the world we currently live in. You are guiding people with your works grounded in Christ, being the hands and feet. God is love and we are to be more and more like Him in our actions of compassion and love for one another. I hope to be involved in that change bringing about peace when I finish my Masters, I’m not sure how God will use me but I’m excited with anticipation to see where God leads me. Fear touches all of us but with God in our corner and to turn to, amazing things are possible! I love your benediction ‘May we be the people of peace, the voice of hope and may God give us the strength to do the hard act of Love’ I pray the Lord will continue to bless your work.

    • Jas, thank you for reading! Thank you for your words of encouragement. And thank you for perusing Brownicity.com. I am excited to know that you are looking forward to being involved in change and being a person of peace doing the hard work of love! Many hands make light work.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lucretia! You spoke to my soul this morning. Thank you so very much for sharing YOUR soul with us and reminding us how powerful fear is but how much more powerful is the love of the Lord. Love the blessing and will incorporate it into my women’s gatherings. Also love the JOY acronym. What a blessing you are, Lucretia; please keep sharing your heart.

  6. Thank you Lucretia for the reminder that it’s so easy to fall in the trap of fear if we don’t guard against Satan’s lies. Isn’t it really great to know that God will give us all we need to overcome fear and let His love shine through.

  7. It is a lifetime process, isn’t it, Lucretia? Cyclical waves in constant motion: fear, love, hope, fear, love, hope… I love your poetic wording of “…situated in hope.” Situated has a grounded feel to it, an intentional stance. — Lovely words this morning, thank you. 🙂

    • Yes! I love that YOUR words: “Cyclical waves in constant motion: fear, love, hope, fear, love, hope” When we see it that way, FEAR is not so powerful and intimidating! Thank you for reading!

  8. THIS: Compassion and hope are the way to create a safe space for what may feel like a dangerous conversation. Yes! You do this so well, my friend. Thank you for helping us walk in the hard, beautiful work of love.

  9. Lucretia,

    This country has once again become racially divided. Maybe we just hear of it more often. Seems like people have a preconceived notion of race & ethnicity. A lot think blacks are only good for menial work-slavery. Heaven for bid a black be of prominence. We are also scared of middle eastern people. Thinking they must all be Muslims out to kill us. Not so. I worked at a university & saw quite a few Muslims. They were friendly & just trying to get an education to better themselves. We should not judge people based on ethnicity or skin color. We need to look deeper than that. Into the heart of the person. They may be just like us only born in a different country. We as a nation need to stop this diversity & start loving as Jesus did. Talk to everyone. Get to know them first. It will be hard to break the prejudice barriers. Do it we must. We need to drown out fear & let love shine through us. We need to practice phillia & agape love. The love of friendship based on shared goodwill. This love is associated with companionship & mutual trust. To be truly like God we need to practice agape love. This is a universal love for all people not based on anything. It is being like God & loving people unconditionally. May we be people of PEACE with voices of HOPE doing the hard work of LOVE.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, Yes! Allowing God’s unconditional love to have its way grows our capacity to engage in healing our wounds — personal, social and national. LOVE is hard work, but in Christ, nothing is impossible! Thank you for reading and sharing.

  10. I found this blog interesting, insightful, and full of hope.

    They had a story On 60 minutes several weeks ago. They had a group of people that had the opposite political views. These people wanted to overcome the bitterness and hate. If I remember correctly, they have met for 9 years. It was a pretty moving story… They ended up really liking each other and became good friends. I mean they went to each others weddings, and graduations. They did various activities together.

    In other words they went past those barriers to figure out what they liked and respected about” those others group” They even got to understand the others opinions, even if theirs stayed the same.

    It was an amazing story. Of course with having faith, we have other levels of emotional and spiritual healing, because the Spirit of Christ in us goes real change. Not just making better choices, and pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps. What we possess of our Lord, can make us actually new, not improved.

    • Sue, I love your words: “What we possess of our Lord, can make us actually new, not improved.” Yes, all can me made NEW — people, communities, systems — ALL! Thank you!

  11. What a powerful and encouraging message! Thank you so much for being vulnerable!

  12. Beautifully spoken Lucretia, thank-you for sharing.
    The service I attended last night was a mix of religion, and culture, but the one common ground, was the Love for a lady who was generous and kind. And one of those who spoke, eloquently reminded us that it was because of our Heavenly Father above.
    Have a blessed day all,

  13. Lucretia I am blown away by your ability to be vulnerable and share what’s hard about love in this post. It spoke to me on the deepest of levels. I’m so grateful you followed the prompt on your heart to write it then share it with us here. And this – “…breaking through the hardened ground of my heart to dig wells in search of compassion…” – this breaks my (hardened) heart in the most beautiful way.

    • Cynthia, it warms my hear to know that you connect with my vulnerability. I wrote this hoping that someone who could in some way relate would be encouraged. Thank you for reading and sharing how it touched you.

  14. I having been reading about love casting out fear just last night, it does creep up on you when you are busy or sometimes not expecting it. It’s a lesson we have to learn and relearn. I ‘m not sure loving is hard just loving certain people who have unlovely ways and never reciprocate. I enjoyed your post, and I just read one by Patricia Raybon, she writes about race too if you want to check her out , or perhaps you know her.

    • “It’s a lesson we have to learn and relearn.” I agree! We have to keep checking in with our hearts and searching our souls for places where fear may be trying to take root. And yes, I agree that loving the lovable is easy. Love becomes hard work when we must walk in it when we absolutely don’t feel like it. Ironically, the hard work of love is so good for us! Thanks Rebecca!

  15. I love your ability to communicate hope and love- in a genuine and vulnerable way. Thanks for sharing God’s grace to all of us with a gentle reminder that even if it is the best – it isn’t always the easiest route- showing Love takes hard work.