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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. What a gorgeous image of the compassion of God: completely undeserved and an absolute game changer! Thank you for sharing your family’s journey toward hope.

  2. Jennifer,
    So true that REAL compassion is more than just feeling sorry for someone, it is DOING something! To leave your own cares and worries behind and simultaneously reach out to help someone else is true compassion. I think of where those corneas came from and the angst that must have accompanied the giving. That is truly giving like how Christ gave. In this compassionless world, we need real life stories like the one you shared to remind us that God is very much alive and living through the compassionate hearts of His people. May we all open ourselves to let His compassion flow through us. I pray that your dad is doing well and that sight is being restored. He sounds like a wonderful man and I pray God’s blessings and healing upon Him and your family.
    Bev xx

    • Oh thank you so much, Bev. Your prayers are so greatly appreciated. I couldn’t agree more in hoping we can all open ourselves to let His compassion flow through us!

  3. Jennifer!
    What a journey your dad, family and you have been through, praying the Lord will restore your fathers sight and may He bless your father with full healing and sight! Thank you for sharing this story, a true example of compassion in action! It speaks to me and to where I’m at in a different way…waiting for the Lord to open up a practicum of his choice and direction in my Masters in the humanitarian field which I feel he has called this nearly middle aged wife and mother of 3! Crazy I know! But to show and act in compassion is key to this for me, following His path, the right path, the waiting is daunting and scary but in a different way your post has renewed my hope and faith again (not that I’ve lost faith, I’m just continually learning patience) to Trust in the process, His timing and well it’s a sign or affirming the importance of to be a vessel of compassion x Thank you for this post, praying for your father, you and your family tonight!
    Jas x

    • Not crazy at all, Jas! Sounds wonderful and exciting! I am so happy these words could renew your hope and faith in your waiting and trusting. Thank you so much for your prayers. They are most appreciated. Praying for you as well in this journey ahead!

  4. Sweet Jennifer ~
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful example of selfless giving ~ Christlike giving. My prayer for your precious dad is certainly complete healing and restoration of his eyesight, and also that he might feel God’s loving arms around him as he walks the farm that he loves so much, that he leans into the Lord for comfort and peace. Grant was an organ donor, and we received a touching letter from the young mother who was the recipient of his corneas, telling us about how both her life and her family’s life had been changed by this gift of sight. My prayers continue for your dad, his healing and peace, for your family, and for your mom, my dear friend, who walks this road daily with him.
    Love and hugs to you,

    • Oh Jo, your beautiful words bring tears to my eyes. What a precious gift Grant gave that young mother and her family. Your heartfelt prayers and love mean the world to us. I love you for loving my parents the way you do. Thank you.

  5. Jennifer,
    Reading the story of your dad and then of how he was blessed by compassion and the beauty of such a remarkable gift was deeply touching, thank-you for sharing. I hope and pray that all will be well……
    Have a blessed day all,

  6. I pray for complete healing for your father. His grace is sufficient for us. Our family were blessed to have been blessed years ago, my little niece was born with multiple problems. She would have been twins, however, she was one little girl with organs on the inside and out. She lived for 5 months and taught us all the amazing things our Lord will do if we open our hearts! Ashes to beauty! When she passed, my sister was asked if she would donate her eyes, they were the most beautiful blue eyes, always alert and seemed to know everything in her short season of life, my sister never hesitated and a month later, she was blessed with meeting the parents and the darling little boy who could now see. God makes no mistakes, we just need to be ready to listen to Him. All things are to His glory! I pray that your family are as blessed by His amazing grace as ours was those many years ago. I have never forgotten that sweet ( even though it was also sad) time in our lives. Thank you and prayers for your dad and all your family!

    • Linda, thank you so much for your prayers. And thank you so very much for sharing this incredibly touching story. My heart goes out to your family. All things are to His glory! Yes and amen to that!

  7. What an amazing story!! Thank you for sharing. Compassion has been one of my strongest virtues to show my children, students and those around me. Your words were perfectly stated. I love how you said compassion is not just about feeling sorry but should include taking action as Christ did for others. Prayers for your father’s continued recovery.

    • Thank you so much for your prayers, Amanda! We appreciate them so much. And God’s blessings to you for instilling the great virtue of compassion to children around you. They will be forever changed for the better knowing that virtue… and hopefully using it!

  8. Your post today brought tears to my eyes and a comforting blessing to my heart. It was comforting to hear your joy over the gift of the corneas. Our middle daughter passed away on the operating table in 2011 at the age of 37. She had signed up to be a donor. The only thing they could use was her corneas. Just hearing that her gift was probably life changing to those who received them gave me so much comfort my journey today without her. Thank you

    • Oh, MVan, my heart just goes out to you. I am so sorry for your tragic loss. Please always hold on to the comfort of knowing your daughter’s great compassion for someone she never knew was life changing. They will be forever grateful for such an incredible gift. Praying for peace and comfort in your heart.

    • MVan,

      Sweet sister- so sorry for the tragic loss of your daughter. I pray you & your family can feel the loving arms of Jesus comforting you with His peace & hope. Know that your daughter exemplified Christ like compassion & probably saved someone’s eye sight. She was able to give another family hope.


  9. “Compassion is emotional, involved, and active.” I like that distinction, Jennifer. — Compassion is hard on a heart, isn’t it? I’m a compassionate person by nature, and I admit to sometimes feeling helpless rather than hopeful. I see struggles and want to help, and sometimes my best help is via prayer. And, of course that’s the best ‘active involvement’ ever, but humanly we like to be fixers. — Thanks for the reminder to have eyes to see each of these three parts of compassion. — Hope your dad is doing well. ♥

    • I am just like you, Brenda! I see struggles and want to help. It can be hard on the heart! So grateful that we can always turn to Him in prayer when we can’t “fix”. Thank you!

  10. Jennifer, what a beautiful testimony of God’s grace in your dad’s life poured out through the active compassion of a stranger. I will continue to pray for your dad’s healing and restoration of his sight and health. xx

  11. Jennifer,

    Praying for continued healing of your dad’s eyesight. Thanks for sharing the great testimony of active compassion flowed through someone else. This world is so much about me, myself & I that most don’t think about anyone else. We need more active compassion. Not the kind that says I’ll pray for you or so sorry, but the kind that does things. I try to live out that compassion often. My FIL was having health issues beginning last November. He was in & out of hospital. I started in December getting or cooking food for them each month. Wanted to make sure they had plenty of quick meals to zap. I also called or saw them (MIL & FIL) in the hospital. This helped both them & my hubby. Recently I found out that my neighbor’s family & a church member are having health issues. I made banana nut bread, took it to them & spent some time with them. I wish more people would display this kind of compassion towards others.

    Blessings 🙂

    • That is just so wonderful, Beth! That active compassion is such a beautiful gift of His great love. I am sure it means so much to those receiving your time and your delicious food! God bless you for the special work you are doing. I hope people take your example and do something!

  12. Your words and story touch deep. Thank you for sharing about your dad. I imagine it has been a roller coaster ride for you and your family ever since he began to have difficulties with his sight. I am praying for all of you. I am also rejoicing that because of one compassionate decision on the part of a stranger your dad’s life changed. Blessings and hugs, Jennifer!

  13. Healing prays for dad, I know it is hard to no be able to see, just stumbling for the bathroom light, we often take way to much for granted, things can change so fast but He is still the healer, God bless.

  14. David and I were just talking about compassion. More for each other. History and experience sometimes brings a familiarity and we take each other for granted. Thank you for reminding us of compassion and being part of watering the seed God has planted in us for growing compassion.