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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. Good morning ladies,
    Lot’s of beautiful goodies. I’m finding I already need a 2019 planner. Since life is always in fast forward mode, 2019 dates are starting to pop up. I’m with you, Anna, I love paper and a pencil in this digital age. I enjoy all different types of coffee mugs. (I have quite the DaySpring collection). Since coffee is the first thing I grab in the morning (for the protection of everyone around me), I like it to come with a scriptural reminder. Necklace, journal, Illustrated faith kit….all great reminders of God’s goodness. Thanks for sharing….and writing!!
    Bev xx

    • I’d love the necklace. Sometimes us old retired people do not live the busy life you write about but enjoy reading about it and would love some articles on getting old and life not being so exciting.

      • Hi Phyllis! We’re really glad that you’re here, and thank you for the suggestion. Recently we’ve added ten new writers to our monthly contributor team, and more than ever all ages and life stages are represented here. We sure hope you’ll be able to find yourself among friends here at (in)courage!

    • (I know I’m too late to enter, but I wanted to respond anyway. 🙂 )

      I’m with you, Bev @ Walking Well With God! I like them ALL, but I need the planner the most!

  2. What a great collection – of things, women, stories, hope – all of it! And I’m with Becky, on needing the constant reminder that It is well, especially when it’s combined with coffee and the reminder to slow down, focus on Jesus and allow Him to live thru me in the glorious chaos of the moment 🙂 Thanks ladies!!!

    • Love the collection. My choice would be the illustrated faith. I love Bible journaling. Thanks for daily uplifting messages!

    • I would choose the illustrated faith as I love Bible journaling thanks for your uplifting messages!!

    • I love the illustrated faith as I enjoy Bible journaling. Thanks for your uplifting messages!

    • I think I would really love the Illustrated Faith as I love to Bible journal. Thanks so much for your uplifting messages each day!!

  3. I’m encouraged that Anna the digital diva uses a paper planner for organizing her life, because I do, too! There’s something so satisfying about checking things off one by one–and I even keep my Christmas shopping list for the year in mine.

    • Michele, from now onward I will be referring to myself as ‘Anna the digital diva’. Haha!! I love it! And honestly, there’s nothing better than checking off an actual list with an actual checkmark made by an actual pen, is there?

      • I’m with you ladies, my nickname is “Google Debbie” but I sometimes (especially if I’m hosting an event) grab a notepad and a pen! I’m a homeschooling mama and since my oldest is turning 5,things are getting serious this year and I’ll NEED a paper planner! I love that it comes with cute stickers and has scriptures tucked in. I have found that stumbling on a scripture can be exactly the encouragement my heart needs in that moment, and I expect to have a lot of those now that we’re getting formal but still have a toddler to manage. ;-D
        Thank you for the opportunity, and the AWESOME (IN)courage-ment <3

  4. Good Morning!

    It’s my favorite part of my morning seeing what devotion I’ve received from you guys. I love all of these items but since I’m a big coffee drinker the mug would have to be placed at the top. Need this constant reminder that yes it IS well with my soul.


  5. Technology is wonderful, but I’m with Anna in that I still love to have a paper planner to keep track of meetings, appointments, etc. I’m slowly learning to carve out some margin each week to allow time for rest and recharging and I think this would certainly help as I learn to do that!

  6. Greetings (in)courage ladies!

    Thank you all for your wonderful emails, beckoning me to read and start my day with The Lord!! <

    May I say I love all of these goodies? 🙂 But since I'm on my second cup of coffee, and "It Is Well With My Soul" is my favorite hymn, I woukd have to choose the coffee mug! 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

    Joy in Jesus,
    Lara <

  7. I would love to win the 2019 18 month daily agenda. I agree with Anna, I like using paper planners and calendars. I like that this one has so much room and the scripture verses throughout! Great giveaway!

  8. I love the all nations, all peoples illustrated faith kit! What a wonderful way to spend time in God’s Word!

  9. I really like the coffee mug! It’s such an encouraging reminder to rest in God’s goodness not only when we feel like all is well but even more so when we feel all is turmoil.

  10. I’m with Grace! Journals have been a necessary tool by my nightstand for those days when I just need to get something out of my head and on to paper. The points of light journal has perfect features for a journal with laying flat and a ribbon to mark my place.

  11. Oh my! What a lovely collection of prizes, it’s so hard to choose. The planner and the illustrated faith kit are my favorites. (I just can’t pick one) I’m new to bible journaling, and find that it’s such a lovely way to express my love of the Word.
    Good luck to all of us!

  12. I love the words “It Is Well With My Soul” as a constant reminder and drinking my early morning coffee would give me just that, that constant reminder.

  13. Good morning! What a wonderful post to read as I begin my day. Which leads me to the goodie of choice…”It is well with my soul” coffee mug! How I enjoy having my coffee and spending time with my Lord each morning

  14. The beautiful redeemed necklace. It will daily remind me of our Father.. Thanks to all of you for your faithfulness and encouragement.

  15. I love all the DaySpring products but coffee mugs are something I use every day and a great message to hear first thing in the morning! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I am always looking for a faith based planner. 2019 will be here before we know it.

  17. I would Love to win the Redeemed necklace, not for myself but for a friend. She is a Godly woman who struggles with many family issues and at times seems to think she has failed God. I keep telling her she hasn’t. So to win this and give it to her would be a true blessing, if I had the money I would order it, but I am on a fixed income with a disabled h usband, so all can do for her is listen, be a friend and pray for her. Thank you

  18. Oh how I would love the planner as I return to school in about a month! I, too, love a “writer-downer” planner as opposed to my phone!

  19. I would love to win either of the journals or the mug. All the prizes are amazing. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you.

  20. This is so fun! I am a paper planner girl for life but also love my mugs! Recently broke two of my favorites ! Grateful for the encouragement from this site!

  21. Points of Light Christian Journal… I used to keep notebooks of sermon otes, scripture notes, and prayers. But life and “busy-ness” and yes, digital has flooded my time. I like that it would fit in my purse. Thank you all for doing what you do!

  22. I would love to win The (in)courage – God Always – 18 month – daily agenda to use as a tool to better prepare and plan for writing deadlines, business, fun goals and activities and more!

  23. Beautiful items! The Redeemed necklace is my favorite. Not only is it a constant reminder, but I think it could be a great conversation starter! Thanks for sharing these things!

  24. I really like the journal and necklace! My heart’s desire in the coming month is to start journaling and doing more writing!

  25. Wow! They are all amazing but the journal would be my first pick. Thanks for the daily encouragement! I can’t start my day without y’all.

  26. Oh how I need that reminder, that all my struggles, all the bumps, even all the mountains in my path will be redeemed! I would choose the necklace. I see it also as a way to invite questions and conversation about my Redeemer! Thank you for your lives shared into mine as I read my email each morning… You are being used to stretch me and comfort me, and I love that He is using you to reach others in the same way! I have shared these emails on social media many times! Too good to keep to myself!

  27. I so enjoy and appreciate the encouragement each day. My favorite would be that “It Is Well” mug. Thank you for being you!

  28. Coffee helps me keep up with my 3 little ones and my afternoon coffee is my coffee with Jesus time. So I would love to win the It Is Well with my Soul mug!

  29. Happy Friday, they are all lovely. So I can’t really choose since I love them all. They all remind us God is writing our story and gives us hope. Y’all have a beautiful day,

  30. I’d like to win the 2019 God Always Agenda. Like Anna, I’ve been planning on the digital work, but have found I would prefer a paper planner instead. I’ve been looking for a good one and this look like it fits the bill!

  31. I absolutely love the mug! And the planner. This year I went back to a paper planner. I love being able to have the extra space to write a verse or two on my day to refer back to throughout my busy day especially when homeschool starts back up.

  32. Ladies, thank you so much for doing this and sharing with us, daily, the awesome power of God! I would love to win the journal, to have a place where I can put all of my notes and prayers. Thank you again for working so hard to create a ministry that is so biblically focused and encouraging to women! God bless.

  33. Love them all – but the journal is what i need. I have found that the written word is a powerful tool; it helps me remember, it is safe for me to express true feelings there, i can put thoughts away there and return to ponder them later. What a blessing this would be!

  34. I really like the 18 month Agenda/Planner. I’m a list maker, an organizer and a day planner! This journal would satisfy all my journaling needs (:

  35. Everything is beautiful, but the journal is something I would definitely enjoy having by my side (along with you sweet ladies!),

  36. I would love to win the beautiful “It is well with my soul mug”. Throughout my life, I have struggled with anxiety. I like to remind myself of the truths of Scripture and hymns that no matter how I feel/what my circumstances are, I am safe because I am loved by God.

  37. What a tough choice! So many pretty, little things. For this organized, writing gal, I would *love* to get my hands on the 2019 planner. Thanks for all you do to encourage our hearts, {in}courage!!!

  38. What a collection! I love it all! Funny thing is that I have been looking at that planner for days now and trying to decided if I can spend the money on it or not! It is tough for me to do things for myself when I look at all my growing teenager needs and I am doing it all alone. Well not really alone, I have God and friends with me. I love reading these stories every day!

    Thank you!

  39. I love a good journal like Grace. Over the years, I’ve refined my journaling system with sticking to one journal for everything, putting the start date inside the cover and using it for prayers, notes, thoughts, ideas. Then I go back and use colors to highlight if I’m going to use the notes for blogs and see how God has worked through prayer. I love the idea of a ribbon and how it lays flat and is small!

  40. I am in real need of a planner -paper version. May the God of Peace Bless you all!

  41. I love all the prizes but I really love the Redeemed necklace. It’s something that I would cherish and see all the time.

  42. All the gifts are wonderful, but my very favorite is the Planner and oh yes, the Coffee Mug, because It Is Well With My Soul!!!❤️
    Thank you everyone for your contributions each and every day. They are always uplifting and scriptural. Please continue the Good Work you have begun!!!

  43. Thank you for our daily reminders of God’s grace. I too look forward to my daily reading. They are always personal and deal with real life happenings or feelings. I love the mug. It is one of my favorite things that I tell myself all day long. That along with “I am a child of God”. Thank you again for my morning reading .

  44. Happy Summer 2018!!!

    I love the 2019 daily calendar and the Illustrated Faith products the most.

    Blessings of His favor, anointing, and protection today.


    • I love the journal too and the gold glitter!! Makes me happy just looking at it here. I journal daily too!! ♡

  45. I really like the mug or the journal. Everything is so pretty thought! I like the mug because I know I could use that as a reminder to myself every day. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  46. They are all so lovely! But my favorite two are the necklace as it is beautiful and offers a message my heart needs on repeat. And the journaling kit as I would like to add that to my journaling routine.

  47. The Points of Light journal stood out to me. My dad passed a week ago today and that night as I was sitting out on the back deck of my parent’s condo I looked up and saw an amazing bright orange sliver of moon. The darkened remainder of the moon could be seen in outline and a very bright light was shining above the left corner of the moon. I called my family out on the deck and we all agreed and took comfort in this sign from our dad as he made his journey to heaven. Two days later in a Father’s Day post on Facebook I thanked my dad for showing us his beautiful bright light in the sky the night he passed. More than anything, I just wanted to share this here with you all. Some of you have graciously prayed for my dad and our family during this cancer journey. He is at peace now. Thank you!

  48. I’m like Anna – I always favor paper planners! I’d love to win that because I might have already started writing to-do lists in August’s pages of the one I have right now…haha! So grateful for this space and these women!

  49. I love the mug. It has a beautiful message that makes for a great conversation starter at work. What a great tool to help spread God’s healing Word.

  50. Great giveaway! I’d love any of those that are offered, but I especially love the mug. Thanks!

  51. I would love the It Is Well With My Soul mug. That is my favorite song. When my Dad passed away, I wasn’t sure that he had accepted Jesus as his Savior. On my way home, from his house that day, the Lord kept bringing that song to my mind. I feel that was God’s way of letting me know that Dad was in heaven & that it could be Well With My Soul. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  52. The beautiful journal… there are days when writing down your thoughts and heart is all it takes to find rest and peace in Him. You can never have too many journals… a place to store random thoughts, scripture that speaks to you, quotes that speak to you… Everyone should have one.

  53. I like everything in this collection. This is a hard choice. I would probably choose the God Always 2019-18 monthly-daily agenda first. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  54. So many beautiful items. I would really like the Bible journaling kit. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  55. I purposely choose my coffee mug each morning—would truly love the beautiful reminder between my Savior and me-that it is well with my soul—because of Him!

  56. What a great collection!! Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without a planner, so that is actually my favorite pick. It seems like my planner is covered up in things to do, but it also is used as a journal. I like writing my favorite or daily verses in mine just to keep my mind focused on the one who leads, guides and directs my steps everyday. Thank you for this opportunity. Blessings

  57. It is Well With My Soul. Has been my favorite song and signature quote my whole life. It is the peace in the storm of my health struggles and depression.

  58. This is a great group of items. I would love to have the planner. Especially now that my nephews’ schedules are getting busier and I am writing more. It would definitely help me to plan and remember things better.

  59. LOVE that journal! I carry my journal with me everywhere, and I have boxes full of old journals lining my closets. SO, I’m always in need of a new one!

  60. I would really enjoy winning Mary’s choice: the 27″ gold identity necklace, Redeemed!! Each of the lady’s choices is wonderful!! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway!

  61. I love the coffee mug!!!!! Thank you for your emails. I really enjoy reading them and have been lifted at just right time by their messages! Thanks for this offer and happy summer!

  62. Wow! What treasures….and how gracious of you. Each favorite looks wonderful! The redeemed necklace is the one that captures my heart most….such a beautiful reminder! {and I love what Mary wrote}
    Just Thank You for the constant encouragement in Christ!! Means so much!!! God BLESS you each.

  63. Beautiful picks! Like them all but there is one close to my heart. I would love to get the Redeemed Necklace because Isaiah 43 really speaks to me. In fact, I am about to launch a blog anchored on this passage! It would be a treat to win this necklace! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  64. In Courage,

    Such pretty nice goodies. In this digital age I also like journals. Love being able to write down note during church sermons. Helps me stay focused. Also like pocket calendars or daily agenda journals for keeping track of dates & activities. I agree with Becky must have my Earl Grey first thing. Mugs with pretty pictures or inspirational messages are the best!! Mary is right on with the nice pretty necklace with a great message. You all do such a great job. Keep up the good work & May God bless you all!

    Blessings 🙂

  65. Wow! What treasures….and how gracious you are with these offerings. Each item looks wonderful….it is the Redeemed necklace that captures my heart {and I love what Mary wrote}.
    Just thank you so much for all of the encouragement each day…..means so much to me!
    God Bless you each!

  66. I would have to say that for me it would be the “it is well with my soul” mug. This journey in life has thrown quite a few big boulders at me in the past couple of years and I need a reminder every day that no matter what that day brings, God is in control and “it is well with my soul”. What better way to have this reminder than when starting the day with coffee and good quite moment to ponder upon that reality.

  67. I’m not picky!! I’d love to have any one of those items. They are all so nice and great reminders of where we should keep our focus.

  68. Good Morning Ladies,
    Thank you for sharing your lives, thoughts, and hearts with us each day.
    I love that mug as I’m always saying , “It is well with my soul “ . It would be great for morning lattes as I read my devotional from y’all or evening tea …

    I actually like all of the items, but the mug and planner are my top faves.
    Thank y’all again and have a great weekend ,
    Hugs ,

  69. Definitely the coffee mug! Need the constant reminder that even though I may not FEEL it every moment…..it is definitely well with my soul. Thanks be to God!

  70. Oooh! So hard to choose. I suppose I’d go with the planner (rational side talking) though I love the necklace too!

  71. It’s difficult to choose! So many good things. I think the one I like best is the redeemed necklace. I am thankful that I am redeemed in Christ, but I like the reminder that He will redeemed all things, even the trials and troubles of life. And it’s pretty!

  72. All of them look great, but I have enjoyed the Illustrated Faith items and would really like those.

  73. I think that journal is absolutely beautiful and I would LOVE to win it! Thank you for the opportunity!

  74. Good morning everyone!
    I like the necklace. It’s a reminder of who I am, a child of the most high God who has been Redeemed by Love! Praise God!
    God bless you all!

  75. I love them all…. especially the mug… to remind me “it is well with my soul” if God is for me who can be against me…

  76. Hello sweet ladies!
    As a mama of three (and two that are 50 weeks apart, at that!!), I survive on coffee and Jesus! All of my coffee cups have inspirational messages on them, because as I’m keeping these sweet, tiny humans alive, I need to keep reminding myself that God has equipped me for this! I can do this stay at home mama of three thing with Jesus, apart from Him I’m a total hot mess!

    That being said, the coffee mug would be my favorite thing!

  77. I’m a words girl so I love the “It is well with my soul” mug. You can never have too many mugs with words of affirmation on them. I loved Becky’s comment about not getting her library books back on time. I work at a library, and drinking from this mug will help me make sure that I’ve had enough coffee and time with God in the morning that I can walk out the door and give thanks to God and say, “It is well with my soul.”

  78. I’m loving the “It Is Well” coffee mug! I start every morning with a cup of coffee and quiet time with God. What a sweet reminder that no matter what is going on in the world around me, that all is well with my soul!

  79. I could not identify more with Grace’s take on the journal, “For writers, dreamers, planners, and for anyone who likes something pretty to hold your thoughts, this one’s for you.” I think best when I’m writing. Even if my name is not selected, I know it will go to someone who is hungry for more of Jesus and that fills my soul. Keep up the great and mighty work!

  80. Oh my goodness… the coffee mug would be amazing. We are moving today and that saying has been what I’ve been leaning on during this stressful time. Second move to a new town with three kids under 5. Absolutely love the daily reminder.

  81. What a wonderful collection of special gifts. Hard to choose, but I have to say I love the Points of Light Journal, just the right size to take along to all those waiting places. Thank you for this opportunity. God bless.

  82. My favorite would be a tie between the coffee cup and the planner. Both are necessities to me and both have captivating messages and positivity that would be refreshing to start the day off each morning.

  83. The God Always agenda planner! I need one place to keep all of the family’s schedules, and I love that this would always remind me to schedule God first.

  84. What a wonderful opportunity for your subscribers. It is a great selection of special gifts. Hard to choose, but I am partial to the Points of Light Journal. Just the right size to take along to all those waiting times.
    Thank you. Gods blessings to all.

  85. Well, I would love any and all of these, but if I *had* to choose, i’d choose the coffee mug. (And thanks for the giveaway)

  86. Wow what a beautiful collection of fav’s! I would have to choose the lovely planner to get me more organized! And I love the It is well with my soul mug, especially with a nice cup of Joe occupying it! Thank you!!

  87. I’m with Mary ;)) the redeemed necklace really speaks to me the loudest……. I know this to be true but think that seeing it again and again with my eyes would serve as a constant reminder to my thoughts and my mind and be a wonderful conversation opener too !
    Thanks so much !

  88. I would like to win the 2019 planner. I find my life runs more smoothly if I use a planner, and this one is so pretty and will remind me of the most important thing of all.

  89. I would love the mug that says “ well within my soul”
    I get discouraged until I read the daily “incourage” I am grateful to have found a place of serenity! Thank you and God Bless!

  90. Hello Thank you Ladies for sharing your favs☺ Grace I too Luv Luv Journals. Anything stationary really. If I see things I like I usually grab. They come in handy. When I need a New Journal. Also to give so someone may start Journaling. Blessings!!!!

  91. What a beautiful collection of special gifts. I would choose the Points of Light Journal, as it is the right size to take along to all those times when we must wait. thank you and God bless.

  92. Hello The Journal by Grace is my go too. Luv Journals! Luv introducing people to Journaling. Thank you Ladies for sharing your favs. Thank you for this website. For the Inspiration. Gods Word. Blessings

  93. All of them are lovely but the planner is speaking to me. I have just been hired as an adjunct faculty for a university as well as about to begin working toward my Masters degree. My husband favors the digital calendar we can all see but I don’t think he will want to be inundated with my school commitments! Plus, I love paper, the act of writing something with a pencil imbeds it into my memory so much better than typing a few words onto a screen.

  94. I’ve always wanted to dig into bible journaling and would love to win the set!!!

  95. Incourage has been such a blessing to me If I were to pick one item I would choose the mug saying It Is Well With My Soul. I love it! Thank you for your thoughtfulness to give items away!

  96. I LOVE the planner! I have to stay organized as a teacher and someone with many doctor appointments. The spiritual inspiration is something I look forward to and actually depend on when my depression, anxiety, and PTSD kick in, as well as being around negative coworkers and I need to breathe! Thank you for sharing this opportunity! God bless you!

  97. Definitely the mug! During an extremely long hard season, oftentimes I told my dear friend, “It is not well with my soul.” In the process of digging out of the rubble of that season, I’ve been wearing a Vintage Pearl pendant that says “He Restores My Soul”. Even though I’m still in the restoration process (aren’t we always??), I’m doing so much better, so to me, this mug completes the circle. To God Be The Glory……it IS well with my soul!

  98. Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I would really, really love to win the mug!! It is so beautiful, and the words are so comforting. God bless you dear sisters!

  99. Morning,
    I love the coffee cup! Next would be the journal or planner. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  100. I love the 18 month planner. I agree with Anna! I’m finding more and more that pen and paper planners are essential even in the digital age. I’d love to have one with a Christian theme especially when I’d use it for work and would need encouragement and reminders to keep my eyes on God.

  101. Thank you so much for the daily reminders and words of encouragement.
    All of the items are fantastic; but I think the planner and the mug are my favorites.
    Have a wonderful day!

  102. I love the “It is well with my soul” coffee mug. As a high school teacher, I love the reminder that every day-no matter what the challenges are-with my students that everything is well with my soul and God can use me to show my students inspiration and to believe in themselves. I would use this mug everyday in my classroom. The song is also one of my favorites as it reminds me of my grandmother who used to love this song.

  103. Oh my – no question. Points of light journal!
    It is always so encouraging for me to look back at the things I have written at different parts of my life. I love this journal! It’s my fave!

  104. What a great collection of items! I have a hard time deciding. I love coffee! That mug would be great! I love journaling, so that would be great too! But I think the planner would help this busy mama organize my days. Thank you.

  105. The hand thrown mug is my favorite. Waking up to the reminder that “it is well with my soul” would be awesome!

  106. As a high school teacher, I would love the mug to remind me that “It is well with my soul” when dealing with challenging students. I would use the mug everyday and have it on my desk. The words also remind me of my grandmother whose favorite song was “It is well with my soul.” I love the reminder that we can be still and that we can have peace.

  107. My favorite item would be the planner! As a teacher I love having one place I can put all the info I need on a daily basis.

  108. Love my morning coffee and that mug is so beautiful! Would love to be entered into the draw for that

  109. What a great collection!! I’d love to win any of them but my favorite is the mug. Pairing one of my favorite sayings as a daily reminder would be great

  110. I love that planner, it’s so pretty! But I think I’d like to win the coffee mug. I drink coffee every morning and this one has a sweet reminder on it.

  111. Hi, Mornings are my reflective time, to
    read my favorite Bible passages, pray, etc.
    While meditating, I usually have a cup of hot tea, or coffee! I adore the hand thrown
    mug, with “It is well with my soul.”
    Thanks much,

  112. “It is well with my soul” mug is my favorite of the five! I enjoy reading (in)courage every day and often share the devotionals on my Facebook page. Thank you for all the encouragement to love God and find joy in Jesus.

  113. I just love Summer and giveaways. ☺ I’m not trying to rush this season one bit, but I’m almost ready for a 2019 planner. I’d love to own the God Always Agenda. Winning it would be wonderful!

  114. I would love the “It is well with my soul” mug: because it IS well with my soul! I thank God every day for saving me!

  115. I want all of them! The planner, mug, and journal are my faves because of the messages they have that my soul needs.

  116. What a fun giveaway! My favs would be the necklace, the planner and the mug. Not much of a journaled but could always give it as a door prize at bible study! Thanks.

  117. Oh my goodness! Being a coffee freak, I would love the mug! I love my small collection I have right now and this would just add to it so nicely. Not too mention that it IS well with my soul! I just really enjoy Incourage! Always inspired! Keep up the “God” work 😉
    Thank you for allowing the opportunity to win any of these great gifts!

  118. I love using a paper planner as well! Just last year I started using one again, it helps me to keep our family organized, and also just settle myself when I start to worry! I even use it for prayer requests!

    I’m also loving that necklace!

  119. My brother passed suddenly in December and my family has clung to the words “It is well with my soul” and that hymn since then. We also played Bethel’s “It Is well” for the slide show at his celebration of life. And that journal!!!!!!!! Oh my! Gorgeous!

    Thanks for showing us some different products to check out!!

  120. Happy summer! All of the items are beautiful, but the one that really moves me is the Redeemed pendant. Every day I struggle to hold on to my value as a child of God. It’s so easy to believe the lie that I have no worth, and that I am beneath God’s notice because I’m less than others in every way. I’m priceless, bought with the precious blood of Jesus. I’m just as important in His eyes, and even if it were only me on this earth, He still would have sent His son to die for my sins.

  121. I would love the points of light journal or the it is well with my soul mug. I love to write and am loving the way this journal looks and how calming and beautiful it is! It would be a perfect scripture writing journal for me! The mug would be awesome as well, because I’m a mom and drink 100 cups a day and would love a cup to remind me of just how full my cup is even if I am running on empty chasing two boys around.

  122. I like the It is Well with My Soul coffee cup! Thanks for a chance to win!

  123. Such great choices of favorites! And a great way to be {in}couraged this summer =D . I am wanting to do more Bible journaling so would enjoy the stickers, tapes, etc.

  124. Love them all! I read your posts daily & receive so much encouragement! Gong through an extended hard season but thankful for all the blessings along the way.

  125. They all seem great, but if can only choose one, I would have to choose the coffee mug right now. Thanks

  126. Hi! Thank you for this sweet giveaway! I would love the beautiful mug…but if the planner made its way to my doorstep, it would be put to use right away!☺️❤️

  127. Thanks for even the chance to win these beautiful goodies… I would love to win either the Daily Agenda/Planner or the Redeemed Necklace. Both are right up my alley 🙂

  128. I was saved when I was 21. Always kept Jesus in my heart but didn’t stay in His will. For years my life felt crazy. Once again, at 54, I feel Him calling me back and I have been redeemed!

  129. Good afternoon!

    The Word of God and coffee are my morning lifelines! While I begin my day, I open a devotional email – thank you – and enjoy that first cup of java. My favorite hymn is “It is Well with My Soul.” I am a church pianist and just played a favorite arrangement at a couple of concerts that a Chamber Choir I sing with held in my local area. That mug speaks to me. I love its hand-thrown quality and began humming when I saw the photo. I’d love to add that to my morning routine.

    Thank you for keeping God’s Word and His promises front and center in my day.

    • And I just saw the back of the mug online – what a beautiful passage from Psalm 116 to go along with the front!

  130. I would appreciate receiving the “God Always ” 2019 Planner, to use specifically for growing my photography business , because it’s from HIM 🙂 thank you <3

  131. Love the points of light journal! I’m a new blogger- I love paper journals & would love to keep this by my bedside to write down ideas & God’s precious promises & evidences of His goodness.

  132. An awesome collection of goodies. I have always loved journalling but haven’t done it so much of late. Would love the journal to kick start me again

  133. Thanks for offering some incentives for the summer. Anything would be fine with me!!
    God bless you all!

  134. I love the coffee mug, journal or necklace! It would be great to win anything though.

  135. I would love to be entered to win the coffee cup. It has a great reminder on it that I love!

  136. The Points of Light journal would be a beautiful place to record my prayers and God’s faithfulness. This year has been challenging on many levels-spiritually, relationally, physically-and I recently realized I need to reflect more on God’s faithfulness instead of my circumstance. Recording my prayers in a stunning journal with such an apt name would be a delight.

  137. I would love to win the 2019 Agenda!! I love planners filled with truth along the way!

  138. Wow those are all so great! So hard to pick which one! I’m a planner who loves to journal, drink coffee, and wear jewelry! So if picked, any would be a great surprise. Thank you ladies for your encouraging word each and every day. God has really spoken to me so so SO many times through your devotions. I cannot imagine how many lives you have touched. Keep them coming! God bless!

  139. I would love the 2019 God Always planner. I am so thankful to have found incourage.me!

  140. Love all the gifts… Can’t choose one but I am not yet into journaling with stickers! Love all your encouraging messages

  141. I do love a long necklace. Of course…that journal is really great too…Oh! It IS well with my soul!

  142. Thanks for encouragement to remain Jesus focused in Summer. Longer days and a break from the rigidity of school and sports schedules leads to a beautiful opportunity to grow in our Lord like no other time of year. It also takes more self discipline to be intentional about seeking Him and fellowship with our family in Him as most studies and groups take breaks for the summer. I would love the cup as a reminder that as my heart aches since my oldest child has moved out He is my all and in Him alone I am well!

  143. I would love the have the Grace Points of Light Journal, I need something beautiful to be able to write what is on my heart to God to help me get through these trials of life.

  144. I love all of them all but the Bible journaling kit would have to be my favorite since this is something I’m trying to do in my busy mom schedule. Thank you for everything you do here!

  145. Hey there in courage.me staff! Love y’all and enjoying the variety of journalism in God’s truths going on here:) I’m still reeling from the win gifts I got in December from this beautiful spiritual blogging group!! I drink good coffee from my mugs, I wear jewelry I use the home gifts proudly.. one thing all of the above replies showed me is I need to journal again! I stopped years ago as it sometimes hurts to write my feelings down for the day but I found some old ones while I’m purging the house this summer and I was grateful to God for answering prayers I read.. I’m going to journal this summer for myself and to be intentional with God on paper and in prayer with a prayer closet in mind for this! Enjoy the summer and your winning gifts girls!! Blessings

  146. I love the mug! As if Jesus and coffee weren’t enough reason to love it, I have been praying about improving my hospitality. Whats better than Jesus and coffee shared with a friend? 😉

  147. Thank you for hosting his giveaway. All the prizes are awesome. I’d be happy with any. If I have to choose just one, I’ll choose the God Agenda 18 month planner.

  148. I would love that Bible Journaling set! I’m part of a summer bible journaling in group and lead a class in the fall. It would be a huge blessing to win some supplies to share with my girls!

  149. I love the Points of Light Christian journal. I love to always write down what God lays on my heart – both praise and prayer

  150. How fun! While summer is my least favorite season. (I don’t do heat well.) I absolutely am lost in any season without my calendar/planner and the one you described sounds great! I would love to win it.

  151. Hello. I would be interested in the necklace, please. Christian jewelry can be a great conversation starter. The lost might ask what it means, and those who already believe might speak up and bless my day with a quick fellowship connection. I move about the community doing evangelism and outreach, am a piano teacher for some unbelieving families, and am an author doing book signings in public venues. I think the necklace would be a great tool. Thanks for considering me for it.

    Thanks for your ministry!

  152. It is Well with my Soul mug for me. This song is my “go to” when trouble overwhelm me. I know that whatever my lot “it is WELL, with my soul!!!

  153. It is Well with my Soul mug for me. This song is my “go to” when trouble overwhelm me. I know that whatever my lot “it is WELL, with my soul!!!

  154. The mug! I would love to win the mug. My favorite song right now is “It is Well”. It brings me such peace because even when I feel that things aren’t well with my soul, I know that God will make them well. He never fails!

  155. Well ladies, it’s now 8:45. Celebrated my 61st wedding anniversary today I would thoroughly enjoy wearing the necklace. Not just a reminder to me, but most of all to those I meet & the questions and conversation that could happen. Thank you all for the wonderful sharing each day

  156. I would like to win the journal or planner! I’m a note-taker, analog-planner as well.

  157. I would love to win the It is well with my soul mug. My favorite reminder when I start to feel anxious. ❤️

  158. All People All Nations Illustrated Faith kit is my pick ..it is so timely right now in the media. I would love to spend time in scripture with these tools.

  159. These are all beautiful! I’d love the coffee mug, the message means so much. No matter what is happening in life, it is well…

  160. I love the “It is Well” mug most, but also the “Redeemed” necklace.

  161. Wow, amazing selections ladies. I am sure I could make good use of each and every one. My favorite has to be the necklace but the Christian Points of Light Journal would be a close second, I’m a sucker for pretty journals, a girl can never have too many.

  162. Your girls’ posts have really encouraged me in the midst of my wilderness season. God has truly used your stories and words of truth to give me words to really hold onto, so thank you!

    I would love the Points of Light journal!

  163. I apologize if I posted more than once not sure if it went through!

    But again just wanted to thank you girls for posting such timely truths. It has encouraged me in the midst of my wilderness season and God has definitely used you to give me hope when I struggled to find Him.

    I would love the points of light journal!

  164. Such wonderful favorites! I’d love to win any of these great things! If I had to choose my favorite it would be the planner, I love to try and have my ducks in a row!

  165. Everything here looks wonderful! I love all the options and picking one is really hard. I am going to go with the Christian Journal, but they all are so wonderful!! as you all are for having such an amazing giveaway.. Thanks and shared

  166. I would have to choose the “ it is well with my soul” mug. Since my husbands sudden death this has been my go to phrase. Am blessed to be loved by my Heavenly Father.

  167. These are all so beautiful! I would love to win the “It is Well” mug. That ‘theme’ has been an anthem in my life throughout the season I have been walking through. How refreshing to know that despite all we face, God is still the same and still enough, and that will never change!

  168. I love the mug!! I have an it is well with my soul banner on my wall but I would absolutely love the mug!! I drink coffee in the morning and Rooibos tea at night! It would be another reminder to rest and be content in Christ. Thanks for considering me,

  169. The Illustrated Faith Kit is my pick. I love that idea of using that kit with Bible journaling! Great idea!

  170. Those are all great choices. Your staff knows how to pick em!

    I’d love the 2019 daily planner. I use a generic planner every year but this one would take it up a notch!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  171. I’m with Becky and need the encouragement and reminder when things get bumpy and this mug fits the bill. I love a tea when I’m stressed and a good cup of coffee on the mornings after a night of restless sleep….drinking from this mug would remind me He’s got everything under control

  172. I absolutely Love Illustrated Faith! It’s so fun, giving creative beauty to God’s Word. It’s an extension of the Love and His Truth, that is planted in my heart.

  173. These are all beautiful items, but my favorites are the God Always Daily Agenda (much needed to keep this frazzled mom organized!) and the Redeemed identity necklace.

  174. How I love the hymns! I can hear generations gone by praising God – my Great Aunt’s perfect soprano, my Uncle’s joyful noise. I’d love that mug!

  175. The monthly agenda planner is my favorite, with the journal coming in a close second. I’d be grateful for any prize though, as all are beautiful and useful!

  176. I’m a total list person and a major planner, so the planner and journals are by far my faves! Thanks!

  177. I really like everything except the necklace. I usually wear simpler things. But the planner and journal is something I already use every day and cannot go without and I live bible journaling I’ve been doing it since before it became popular and prolly will continue even after the fad passes. And I am a huge tea drinker, it used to be coffee but I had to take that out of my life but more than anything it’s the words on the cup like she said that is needed throughout the day! It’s be a blessing to win my of these items… especially knowing it’s one of your all’s favorites, a little bit of incourage in our own homes!
    Thank you for doing this!

  178. I love the mug and the planner! Gentle reminders that what we go through sometimes can help others and we have to be thankful in all circumstances.

  179. “It is Well” is a goal song of mine, to be always in that frame of mind. But I also don’t have pretty handwriting and not artistic, so the Bible journaling…. Such a quandary, and then there’s a journal and jewelry??!!!!

  180. I love the “redeemed” necklace! It is beautiful and a testament to how Much God loves us.

  181. The Points of Light journal would be my pick. I am always in need of a good journal. And the one you are offering is so pretty. I really like it

  182. I love the message on the planner and the coffee mug! I would be delighted with either!!

  183. I would be blessed to have any one of those five I could find use for each one as I journal or write in my Bible or drink my coffee or where the gorgeous necklace. Thank you so much for offering these to us.

  184. So many favorites – I love the planner, the mug, and the illustrated faith supplies. Thanks!!

  185. The 2019 Planner is nice and those keep me in line for life even there’s only 3 of us now..adults. Redeemed necklace is nice too! Thanks. I enjoy (in)courage alot!

  186. I love the coffe mug! When my daddy passed away, I had a dream that he came to my bedside and was singing this song to me. Every time I hear/sing this song I cry. This mug would be like having coffee with my dad again.

  187. What a tough choice! All so pretty. I love staying organized and planners definitely assist with that. I would love to win the planner.

  188. I would love to win the God Always – 2019 18-Month Daily Agenda! What a great daily reminder that God is in control. 🙂

  189. I love the God Always Daily agenda! I love to have a written record of my day!

  190. I’ve had my eye on that journal for a while – I would love to win it! (And any of the other lovely things in this giveaway :))

  191. I’ve been on a search for the perfect daily planner, and I think this might be it! I would love to win the 2019 daily planner!

  192. I LOVE the new planner!! Like many of you, I prefer paper and pen just like I prefer a real paper book in my hands! Thank you for letting us readers know about all these goodies! Happy summer and God Bless!!

  193. All of Dayspring’s items are lovely but the redeemed necklace speaks right to my heart!

  194. A beautiful collection! But I think the journal is something my teen daughter would love, and I’d love to give it to her

  195. How sweet of you to offer these gifts. I love the “statement” necklace! Redeemed means we were bought with a price. I would wear it with gratitude.

  196. I love all these items you shared and I am always looking for gift ideas. these are great! I personally am in search of a planner, so that appeals to me. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  197. I am wanting all of these favorites! Since I can’t win them all,I would like the planner.

  198. As a teacher, mom, wife and church volunteer, a planner brings joy and excitement to me. I always am giddy with anticipation when July comes around and I get to start my back to school shopping, which often means a new planner.

  199. I love the new Agenda planners. I love they provide another way each day to remind us of the encouragement of God’s word when planning and organizing our day.

  200. I love receiving your blog everyday. It truly lives up to it’s name – incourage me. It has helped me many times and I’ve passed it on to others who I felt impressed to share with. I am soon to be a mom, two more months to go, and I know I will need to be well organized and planned with all the new changes. So I am putting my name in for the planner as my first pick and I do occasionally do art journaling so the faith kit sounds nice also. Thanks again for what you do and for your encouragement. Blessings…

  201. What a wonderful collection. I have to go with the journal though as more and more I find myself writing my God conversations and lessons I’m learning from Him. Anyone who does small group with me knows that I’m going to put in a plug for journaling and they’re probably going to receive a journal from me, because it’s been such an important part of my life! Though I usually will have a cup of coffee in my hand as I journal……
    Thanks so much for all of your uplifting and encouraging emails that I look forward to opening and sharing with others!!

  202. Wow—all of these products are amazing. I am an avid planner, even in the digital age I still have to have my paper and pen. It makes me feel accomplished as I mark things off of my to do list. I love that this has quotes that I need to see on a regular basis. And the coffee mug—who doesn’t need that!

  203. What an amazing line up of favorites! I remind myself everyday during my mini meditation sessions (between breaths LOL) that It Is Well With My Soul. Having that mug as a visual reminder would be awesome! Thank you all for your words that help me feel not so alone in my struggles and daily life. You are a blessing to me!

  204. I can’t decide whether I like the mug or the agenda better! They’re both so cute with a solid purpose. Thank you for your ministry 🙂

  205. The point is light journal would me a gentle reminder to me that I am to reflect His love to the world. I’m working on being kind,encouraging and loving in the midst of challenging situations and circumstances.

  206. I certainly like the paper planner. I can’t get used to the phone for that. I have to see and write and read what’s coming up. Looks like it’s a great one too.

  207. In Courage,

    Thank you for a wonderful blog that women can come to & express themselves. Love that you have added new contributors. We could all use fresh perspectives every now & then. I’m a journaler of sorts. Taking notes on all types of paper. Love having scriptures to refer back to & notes on sermons. The necklace would be a great conversation starter. We could tell others about -the wonderful Redeemer we have in Jesus. Show them how lost they are & how much He loves them. Keep up the good work.

    Blessings 🙂

  208. Hello,
    I am in love with the “It is well with my soul” mug, but I would have to give it to my mom, as she loves this quote. The planner would be awesome too, as I need to write down future plans.

  209. I, too, still like a paper planner & im finding that I already need one for 2019!!

  210. Oh, it’s so difficult to choose with so many amazing choices. I think my favorite it the planner. It would be such a blessing to win it.

  211. So many wonderfully encouraging gifts are highlighted here! My daughter (who is beginning high school this fall) would love using the beautiful planner to help her navigate high school while remembering God is writing her story. The necklace is also a fantastic reminder that I should live in gratitude to Him who redeemed me.