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Mindy is a writer and blogger who writes to encourage others with words that point towards Jesus. She loves donuts, the power of Scripture to combat anxiety, and cuddling on the couch with her husband, Chris, and their cat, Finn.

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  1. “Or maybe it’s a coffee date you allotted an hour for but is pushing three because your friend hasn’t been out of the house in months.” -> This sure caught the attention of this clock watching, day-planning friend who measures out her life in careful teaspoons by the ticking of the clock. Thank you for this encouragement for the hospitality of graciously being inconvenienced and still putting out the welcome mat.

    • Hi Michele! You’re not alone in that struggle – it’s not easy to loosen our grip on our plans. Thank you for the encouragement in your response.

  2. Mindy, I love this devotional!  “I’m discovering that it can simply look like a sweet little sign on the guest bedroom door welcoming unexpected guests.” is a beautiful illustration of Jesus’ unconditional love for us and a great reminder to be open to God’s unexpected invitations to extend His hospitality to everyone.

    Joy in Jesus,
    Lara <

    • Hi Lara! Thank you for your kind words. You’re right – it’s not always easy embracing unexpected invitations but it is so worth the opportunity to represent Jesus’ unconditional love.

  3. Mindy,

    Jesus’s type of hospitality didn’t care how the house looked or what food was available. He didn’t expect perfection, just time with others. He wants us to show love to others. “Hospitality is having open hearts and an open home…even if it means we’re inconvenienced.” We need to get out of our comfort zone, slow done & enjoy people. This world is so full of rushing around, me first and constant connection through social media. We are missing out on face to face contact with others. This world is craving for more of that. I have opened my house to my sisters several times when they came to visit dad. I may have wanted to snuggle on couch with hubby, but knew they only had this bit of time to see dad before he passed on. I try to spend time with others-even if for a cup of tea & some conversation for a time. I try to let them air their problems & be there for them. That to me is true hospitality.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Hi Beth!

      I really appreciate how you said, “we need to get out of our comfort zone, slow down & enjoy people.” It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the fast pace of our schedules and neglect giving ourselves the time and space to love on others by simply being present. What a praise that you opened your home to your sisters before your dad passed on – that must’ve been an incredible blessing to both your sisters and your father, and also for you to be able to spend that time with them. Thank you for sharing your example of taking simple time out of your day to love on your people through connection and conversation.

  4. Mindy, thank you for sharing your true feelings. I have found it is in those times when we are least prepared for guests that God blesses both us and our guests. I had a friend stay with me from out of town, then her plans changed and she asked to stay again a few days later, I had a really busy week planning a women’s conference, I tried to explain this to her. In the process she started crying and shared that she needed to be with me and hear the words of encouragement that she said I always had for her, it was then that I realized God wanted me to make room in my week to spend time with her. She came and stayed again and we had a wonderful time together. I felt so blessed as did she. She even said she wanted to come live in my home where it was so peaceful and cozy and homey. I then felt that I did what God wanted for me and showed her the true gift of hospitatility. And God amazingly allowed me to complete all the things I needed to get done that week.

    • Hi Terese,

      Thank you so much for sharing that sweet story of opening your home to your friend. I LOVE when that happens- when at first it might seem inconvenient, but then God shows so clearly that this is where He is calling you. Knowing that you were obedient to where the Spirit was calling you is amazing, but then feeling blessed through the experience on top of that – such an awesome way to experience the Lord’s love. Bravo, friend for answering His call in this beautiful way.

  5. How wonderfully God has used you to be love as described in Corinthians! You are God vessel, holy & lovely & precious in His sight! May you continue to be used as the hands & feet of God to whomever, whenever & however He would enable you through Holy Spirit’s infilling.
    Thank you for caring & sharing from your heart of love!

    • Anne,

      Thank you so much for those strong words of encouragement and affirmation – and for your prayer that I might be the Lord’s hands and feet wherever He calls me. I so appreciate that prayer, and pray that you also feel encouraged in this very way.

  6. Mindy,
    I appreciate your honesty, and how you turned your feeling of being overwhelmed into one of acceptance.Sometimes that all it takes for us to open (ourselves) and doors to others.
    Have a blessed day all,

    • Hi Penny,
      Thank you for this encouragement! That’s a great way to describe it – learning to accept wherever the Lord is calling us. Thank you for sharing your kind words.

  7. Mindy, thank you. Just thank you. I’m not sure any kind of hospitality comes naturally to me – I almost prefer the spontaneous kind, because then my perfectionist self is forced to acknowledge whatever I have to offer will have to be good enough. We had guests on Mother’s Day. Afterward, my husband asked if I had the Mother’s Day I wanted. I had felt exhausted before the guests ever arrived and still felt exhausted when they left, but was glad we could bless them. I honestly answered his question: Sometimes what I want and what I need are not the same. God gives us what we need when we’re doing what He asks, and He makes sure the “party favors” include joy!

    • Hi Pearl,

      I so appreciate your honesty here! And I LOVE your last line – “God gives us what we need when we’re doing what He asks, and He makes sure the ‘party favors’ include joy!” That is SO good, and so true. It doesn’t always feel like what we want at first, but when it’s clear that this is where He is calling us and we step into acceptance of that, then we are able to recognize the overwhelm of His blessing. Joy “party favors”? Sign me up! 🙂
      Such a sweet illustration. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Mindy, what a good reminder. So often Kingdom living doesn’t look like convenience or comfort at all, does it? And, it didn’t for Him, either, but He did the hard thing anyway. Love how He set the example, and gives us the strength. All we need is to be available, He does the rest. (And, I’m sure it’s no accident that, after it’s all said and done, we look back to find that these are some of the most rewarding moments.) 🙂 ♥

    • Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for the encouragement. I agree – it is a huge blessing that when we look back the seemingly inconvenient moment was absolutely worth it. You described the simplicity so well in saying “All we need is to be available, He does the rest.” Amen!!