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Anna is the author of A Moment of Christmas and Pumpkin Spice for Your Soul. She's worked at (in)courage since 2012, and lives in Minnesota with her husband and their four kids. Anna encourages others to look for and embrace the extraordinary moments found in their ordinary days.

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  1. Anna, I’ve read this before, but it’s still so good the second time around. (Maybe like those delicious oatmeal bars!) Thank you for the reminder that God can make much of our little.

  2. Thank you, Anna Randall, for getting me back down to earth today’!
    I’ve been so busy just getting through each day’s tedium that I lose sight of the wondrous and delightfulness of the birds singing, the wild flowers blooming, and my happy husband of 35 years, whose only wish is to make me happy ♥️

  3. I always hear those opening words from Isaiah 35 in a lush soprano courtesy of Handel’s Messiah, but I loved reading today about the abundance and the comfort of oatmeal and the lingering grace of God’s love.

  4. Thank you Anna. I was wondering if you could share your crock pot oatmeal recipe with us! I would love to experience the same wonderful smell and the same peaceful feeling amidst all the chaos!
    Thank you incourage for always providing me with a daily moment of peace and encouragement, usually just when I need it most!

  5. He is always so faithful! Always willing to show up and fill us with His peace no matter what crazy chaos we find ourselves in. Thanks for this sweet reminder (and that awesome oatmeal recipe!) xx

  6. This is so awesome. I’m feeling so “unsettled” right now, moved in with my daughter because she fractured her spine and she has 4 children. My husband and I are “purging” belongings because we are preparing for the mission field, at some point, and all my things are in boxes.
    Thank you for speaking God’s words for me today as I make soup and muddle through the laundry!
    God is always on time isn’t He?

    • Renae, God is always on time. Yes, indeed! Love that. Blessings to you as you lean in to the needs and dreams and messy middle in the waiting.

  7. Anna,

    Wow! That was a super busy season!! Sometimes all we have to do is quiet our souls & listen for His still small voice with whispers of grace for us. He can make something out of nothing. I had a stressful season in March 2017. My aging dad’s severe dementia was bad & he was to be hospitalized again. The next day I turned on You Tube to Stephen C. Chapman & danced around my kitchen to his fast songs like “Live Out Loud” “Dive” “Love Come Over Me”. It was the stream I needed to remain calm during that time.

    Blessings 🙂

  8. This is so true. Those moments of quietness, offering Christ what we have is sweet surrender. “Your name is like honey on my lips, Your Spirit like water to my soul,
    Your word is a lamp unto my feet,
    Jesus I love You, I love You.”

  9. Anna,
    Oh how God enjoys our love offerings. I’m sure your pot of yummy oatmeal was fragrant even unto God. Thanks for the reminder to slow down (even in the midst of hectic) and do whatever it is we’re doing (making oatmeal) unto the Lord. He enjoys our offerings. He longs for our heart to join with His – no matter how that happens.
    Bev xx

  10. Wow, you were busy. I was enjoying a season rest, my holidays were minimal last year. I usually tend to over do, sometimes, you can take a break. Oatmeal sounds good.