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  1. This psalm of crying out to God really speaks to me. I am in a season of waiting, yet I really desire God to move, to change my heart. At the same time I also really seek God’s comfort and peace in this waiting. I ask for prayer to truly live in God’s presence and Spirit and to seek His glory in all I do and that I may realize that past shames and sins have been forgiven, and that I may learn how to live in freedom and joy in Him.

    • Lord, you are using this time of waiting to refine Barbara, and to remind her that all the things she thinks she needs are secondary to You. Please grant your peace and comfort in this in between time and help her to hold your glory as the most precious thing in the universe. Teach her the completeness of your comprehensive forgiveness and grace so that she in turn can be a fountain of forgiveness to the people who have hurt or wronged her. Thank you that you are the source of all freedom and joy, and may Barbara live in that truth–by faith.

    • Father God, I lift up Barbara to You in this time of her waiting. During this time, continue to knit her heart to Yours as she experiences more of the strengthening and tender moments of Your presence that each day brings. Help her to hold fast to Your words of promise that You make new things in the midst of old (Isa. 42:9) as well as heal her deepest hurts (Jer. 17:14) We know Lord that You are a relentless redeemer, looking for ways to turn bad into good, restore what is broken, renew what is worn out and comforting for our times of waiting. You are our faithful God!.

    • I cry out to God for strength to accept the drastic changes in my life for which I have no control. I constantly struggle to move forward in a life that in no way resembles the one I pictured for myself at this stage of my life. I battle daily for acceptance and understanding, knowing that there has to be a reason for me to be here in this struggle to make sense of my health issues and feelings of isolation, even though I am surrounded by family and friends. I search for a purpose for my life. I know God has a plan for me, but I cannot see what it is and I am so tired of this years long struggle. I need peace and patience. I know I need acceptance to move forward, but can’t accept.

      • Lifting you up this morning Patty. Praying you will experience God’s peace, God’s patience. Praying He will give you the ability to accept what you cannot change. Have you ever read any of Joni Eareckson Tada’s books? She touches hearts with her story, her acceptance of a lifelong disability.
        God bless you and keep you.

      • Patsy, I lift you up in prayer! Sometimes it is so hard accepting things we can’t control. This is hard for me sometimes and accepting my chronic illness and limitations. I have learned that God can still use me. Patsy, I pray that you too will be reminded that God is still there for you. He can use you right where you are. I also pray that you will feel the Lord’s comfort.

    • Praying for you, Barbara.

      I ask for prayer for the Lord’s strength so that I may live in faith and not in fear.

      • Praying for you, Debbie. Have you heard that song “Fear is a Liar?” Such a good one ….helps me sing that prayer to be faithful, not fearful.

      • Thank you so much Debbie!
        Dear Lord, help Debbie to live in the freedom of faith, and remove all fear she may have. Romans 15:13 Fill her with joy and peace as she trusts in You that she may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit*

    • Lord I pray for Barbra as she waits that you would grace her with strength. Waiting can be tough but it can also have a lot of purpose. Please help her to see the purpose.

    • Barbara, your prayer request reflects mine exactly. You stated it so well. I would like to add to my request to pray for my ‘tormentor’, that he will recognize and admit his role in our situation, and come to repentance. To God be the glory.

    • Barbara, your sins, past/present/future were nailed to the Cross. Jesus died for them ALL — they are removed as far east is from the west … let go and realize it is finished 🙂

    • Dear God, I pray that you will bring comfort to Barbara in this season of waiting. I pray that you will fill her with love, which in turn will bring her joy and peace. I pray that she will understand that this time of waiting is your way of bringing her closer to you, your way of deepening/strengthening your relationship with her. Dear God you are a God of love and I pray that Barbara will see your love in everything that she does. I pray that you will show her and she will truly understand your promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us. Dear God you said: “Do not be afraid; you will not be put to shame.
      Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated.
      You will forget the shame of your youth
      and remember no more the reproach of your widowhood.” Isaiah 54:4
      Dear God I pray that Barbara will always remember, no matter what she is going through, that she is a child of the Almighty God and she has your love and forgiveness for all that she has done. It is written!

      My prayer request is for God to continue to show me where He wants me to go and what He wants me to do. Please pray for me that I may see/hear His message(s) clearly and not doubt.

      • Thank you for the lovely prayer Lidia. I read Isaiah 54:4 recently and it touched my heart deeply. So this is a double confirmation.
        Dear Father in Heaven. Give Lydia the wisdom to know your will for her and help her to hear you instructions clearly. Surround her with Your joy and peace as she walks Your path*

        • Thank you Barbara for your prayer. We believe in and serve a mighty God. You are going to be just fine.

          Be blessed my sister.

    • Barbara, I’m in a season of waiting too and I’ve been crying out to the Lord. I want God to really change my ❤️ too! Heavenly Father, I come to you and lift Barbara up to you in prayer. Father you se everything, you know everything. There is nothing we can hide from you. In this season of waiting, help her to wait patiently on you with a good attitude. Don’t let her heart grow faint or weary but to trust you in all things. To you alone — all glory, praise and honor. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

      • Thank you for the lovely prayer, Areum. Praying for you* Dear Father, be with Areum in this season of waiting, cover her with your peace and joy and give her the grace to continue with hope even in this time of uncertainty. Create in us a new heart, a heart fully Yours, one that lives for the glory of Your name.

    • Barbara, I’m praying that this time of waiting brings you closer to God, that you lean into his strength and I know he will bring you comfort and peace. The hardest part is letting go.

    • Barbara, (and any sister in a season of waiting or “drought”)

      I want to assure you that you are in a good season of life! Waiting is usually the most reforming time in a Christian’s walk— because it takes the most patience!
      You, dear sister, are in a season of waiting between rains. The Lord planted a crop (you) and watered it with His Holy Spirit. The first rain of the season is your first experience with the Lord. In this initial rainy season, you feel His Spirit, you experience His presence, and you enjoy it (enjoy it— you’re meant to!). And then there comes a dry season. In this season, the Lord doesn’t disappear. He simply moves underground to prune the crop from beneath. In this “season of waiting” the Lord wants to test your faith as you wait for the next rain to come 🙂 You must learn to wait between the rains. God wants an earnest heart that doesn’t rest in prayer till He establishes; the violence take the Kingdom of God by force. Whether in a rainy season or a dry season, keep the faith, dear friend, keep it alive and seeking the Lord earnestly! You’re in a good season! Sometimes these seasons last weeks or years, but He’s looking at our heart.
      ~What He teaches you in the rainy season must be tested in the dry. Drink from the well that never runs dry and then test your faith in the dryness~

      He’s confirmed that you’ve been forgiven in His presence, and now you’re in a dry season and He wants you to keep faith in that truth despite it seeming as if He’s withdrawn. It’s all a process for the sake of building a relationship with you. That’s all He wants. And remember He’s always there. You’re just more aware of Him in the rainy seasons. So take heart, sweet Barbara. You’ve been forgiven because Jesus is jealous for you! He’s crazy about you, and went through all matter of torture to ensure no spot would remain in you. All you have to do is repent. You repented. Your forgiven. And the enemy wants to make you doubt. Pray against the enemy when thoughts of doubt or condemnation creep in. That is NOT from the Lord, but the Lord will remove that promptly as you recognize, expose in prayer, and pray against. Recognize. Expose in prayer. Pray against. Don’t let the enemy toy around with you; He has no place messing with Jesus’ bride.

      Don’t ever forget that Christ desires your beauty more than anything. He desires you to live with Him, so He ensures no sin is unforgivable— because He so so so wants you!
      With Love,
      Your sister in Christ, Sierra

      • Thank you for the wise words amd beautiful prayer, praying for you in your season of waiting as well.

    • Barbara,

      Waiting is hard. Use this time to listen for His whispers of Rest for you soul. Father God send comfort & peace to Barbara. Calm her soul to hear you whispering your love to her. Help her to live in y our awesome presence with the spirit moving her. Give her guidance for her next steps. Watch over & care for her.

      Blessings 🙂

      • Thank you for the beautiful prayer and words, I love what you said about “whispers of rest” it touched my soul.

    • Prayer lifted in agreement for you, Barbara. May the God of all peace keep you today. In Christian love, Karen

    • You are a new person – not the old one – let go!
      I pray you let go & fall into the open arms of Christ! He will catch you <3

    • This message really spoke to me today, a day when my heart and my head were hurting, when I felt there was no hope. I would love for you to pray for my husband and I as we experience financial difficulties here on our farm. The only life my husband has ever known. Working the land and harvesting the crop. Farming prices are at an all time low while the prices that it takes to farm continue to climb. Please just pray for us to leave our struggles at our Lord’s feet and for him to give us answers and peace, thank you.

      • Dianna,
        I pray for you and your husband as you continue to do God’s work in His timing and His way. What a beautiful thing it is that you have the opportunity to farm- because you get to be close to the land and see the cycles of life that God created and you are in a position to really have to depend on Him, there is no pushing your will in farming, there is doing all things to be prepared for an optimal outcome but God must make the rains come and the sun shine and the plants grow. I pray that your husband and you experience the bounty of God’s glory in your cycles of waiting and of harvest. Lord I pray also to you for financial provision from you for Dianna and her husband. I pray that you can provide the adequate finances to cover their needs so they can continue to live the life they know and serve you and honor you with their first fruits and I pray an extra helping of finanacial blessing on them that they would be able to bless others as well. Lord, I pray for all the farmers and ranchers and those who provide food to our nation, Lord, that though times get tough they would continue to see Your blessings in their lives and continue to be thankful for the ability to live a lifestyle that is lost to so many of us.
        In Jesus’ name,

        I ask for prayer for salvation for my 12 year old son, and complete deliverance and protection from harm as he may go to spend more time with his father soon and it may not be the best situation. And I ask for prayer for my husband and I for complete deliverance from the manipulation and interference in our lives from my sons father and also for financial blessings to cover our needs and beyond so that we may bless others too!!! Thank you! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and that He is with us always and never lets us go!

        • Jemima,
          I will also pray for you and your husband to have the strength to resist and handle the manipulation from others who are bringing you stress and worry. Prayers for your sons safety and for God to wrap your child in his loving arms and shield and protect him. May God also bless you financially and take away some of your burdens, and that we all can continue to work through Him and to believe! Blessings!
          In your name I pray,

    • Please pray for me as I’ve experienced a multitude of losses in my life: through death, Job loss, and a divorce. Plus, I need healing, a full-time job, and God’s choice of a Christian spouse. Thank you.

      • Praying for you, D. Ann* Dear Father in Heaven, you know the hurt and loss that D. Ann is feeling at the moment and how much it hurts. Ps. 147:3 says “You heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds” and Psalm 34:18 says “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Bind up her wounds and redeem the losses she has experienced, may she rejoice again, knowing You hold her life in Your hands and have a good and beautiful purpose with it, even though it may not feel that way for her. Give her great joy, hope and peace as she waits on You and may she find rest in Your presence and abundant love. Amen

  2. Please pray for my nephew who is incarcerated and willl appear in court this week. Pray for his salvation and for his family. Pray for the Lord’s grace and mercy.

    • Praying for your nephew Julie. That is such a hard situation. Praying that he will ask the Lord to come into his heart and that his life will be transformed.

      • Thank you, Tanya. Although it is a very difficult situation, I believe that the Lord has a plan and purpose for my nephew. Please pray in unison with me that he will have a tender and yielding spirit as the Lord sends people his way.
        Lord bless you.

        • I have a brother who is incarcerated, it has been one of the hardest things for our family to face, especially my elderly Father. Prayers for your nephew to adjust to a very different life and to find the ministry that is offered in prison. I believe my brothers faith and that of the church that he is involved with has truly saved his life as he shares that life and his musical talent with other inmates. God bless you.

    • Julie,

      Father help her nephew. Change his & his family’s heart toward you. Give him grace & mercy that can only come from you. Help them to know that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. Give him a tender & yielding spirit towards you leading in his life.

      Blessings 🙂

  3. Please pray for me about freedom from this pain in my body. I’ve been dealing with severe fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and it’s gotten to the point I can’t take anymore.
    The medication they want to give me causes weight gain and that will only make things worse.
    I’ve prayed and prayed until I don’t know what else to do. I guess I need to pray that God will not allow any side effects from the medicine and that He will help me get this other 65 lbs. off even if I take the medication. Thank you for being here

    • My heart goes out to you Cherlyn. I too have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It can be such a challenge! I pray for pain relief and comfort and that these meds dont cause weight gain.

  4. I have cried out to God many times in this season of waiting to become a mother. I know that God is working on my heart through this, but it is hard to keep peace and patience at times. I know my focus needs to be on Him and His ways. Thank you for your prayers in this.

    • Amanda, I waited for 7 years until God gave me my daughter. But now that it’s all said and done, I’m thankful for the 7 years of walking through the desert. That was a time of Him molding and shaping my heart. I would never have the faith i have today if i didn’t go through that long season of constant prayer and dependence on Him. I see now that it was all for His glory. I will be praying for you. I know the deep heartache. Hang in there.

      • Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I so appreciate your prayers. I know He is working in me and it will all be worth it. Thank you again.

    • Amanda,

      A season of waiting is a time of testing the heart. What He’s revealed to you in His obvious presence is being tested in the season of waiting where He’s not-so-obvious to spot.
      You find yourself getting impatient and it gets painful in this season. Maybe you even get moody. You know what happens when we get impatient/moody with other people? We mutter under or breath. We groan within ourselves. And they go “what’s that supposed to mean??” and take offense, yeah?
      “ In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we are to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. Romans 8:26”
      We get so weary or impatient we don’t even know what to pray for anymore. But the Holy Spirit is in you— and Jesus is empathetic for you. The Holy Spirit intercedes for you through wordless groans and sighs in the presence of your Father. And God knows EXACTLY what those groans mean. He doesn’t say “what’s that supposed to mean??”
      He know what those mutterings and groans mean and He hears. The One who answers your prayers listens to the One who intercedes for you who listens to the One who helps you. They’re all on your side, but God chooses to wait. He has His own process and own way of doing things that will profit so much in the long run.
      So take heart in waiting, sweet Amanda. He wants this child more than you do and He’ll provide in His own way. All the three-in-one— He loves ya 😉 and He’s on your side feeling the pain with you and walking it out. Jesus is just as patient as you are waiting for His Father to move.

      With Love,
      Your sister in Christ, Sierra

  5. I am currently struggling with fear. My 4 year old daughter has profound hearing loss and we are discussing with her audiologist, speech therapist and pediatric ENT about doing Cochlear implants because her hearing aids aren’t doing enough for her. But I fear a surgery that invasive. Drilling into my girls skull. But i hear God saying in my heart “don’t let your fear interfere with her future”. Prayers for wisdom moving forward with our decision and peace in my heart and my husbands heart would be appreciated

    • Krystal,
      I am a teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I have worked with my children who have benefitted from cochlear implants with intensive therapy and support for her hearing needs. I will pray for your family and those working with you. God will give you the courage and the strength you need. Lean on Him. Trust that He has brought you to this place for your good.
      Blessings dear sister.

    • Dear Krystal:

      “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

      God will take care of your little girl. Trust in Him and follow your heart and do not allow fear take control.

      God bless you and your family.

  6. This verse about crying out to God touched a place deep in my heart. I am in a time of waiting and making decisions that will be life changing. Right now it seems like God is totally silent. Please pray that I will remember that God’s timing is not mine and that I will let go of my impatience so that I can hear Him.

    • Donna,
      Praying for patience and peace in your waiting right now. Lifting you up and praying God’s peace is upon you. Please know He wants the very best for you and just because He is silent, doesn’t mean He is not moving and making things happen that you may be totally unaware of. His timing isn’t like ours and I know it’s SO hard to wait on Him, but I know you will be blessed in time. In the meantime, lean into Him. Crawl into His lap. Let Him love on you in your waiting. He loves you SO much.
      Bev xx

    • Donna,

      Waiting is hard. God’s timing is not ours. Take time now & listen for His Whispers of Rest for your soul. Know that He loves you enough to call you beloved & is wooing you to Him. He is moving on your behalf. You can’t see it. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. To give you a hope & a future.” He will show you His plans in His perfect timing. Do a little soul care now for yourself & breath in the fragrance & loveliness of God. Be still & know that He is in control.


      • Thank you Beth. I am really trying to slow down and listen so that God can lead me. I can’t think of one person I know who has less patience than I do so waiting is not something I do well. Thank you so much for your prayers and word of encouragement.

  7. Thank you again for the opportunity to ask you for prayer! The last time, 3 of you replied back encouragement to me about how you cared and specifics about what you would be praying for my situation, including Renee Swope who initiated INCOURAGE that day! I am so thankful to be able to say that there were some positive signs after your prayers, thank you so much and Praise the Lord! I still ask for prayers for our precious grandchildren who need to have their parents love them and care for them as our Lord would have them to. May they have His wisdom and get out of these horrible patterns they are in. They are still quite obviously in very destructive patterns for these precious ones. We need wisdom, too. Thank you so much for praying once again!

      • Thank you Jennifer for your prayers, how precious to me that you care and continue to pray. You would love these little ones and I know your heart would be broken for them, too if you saw them and also what they have had to go through
        Thank you again Jenniver.

    • GM,

      I was pleased to hear you had some positive results from our prayers. Father help the parents of these precious ones with their attitudes to love & care for those children as you would. Give everyone wisdom to know the actions to take. Help GM as she has to sit back & watch all this. Thank you that we can pray for her & the little ones.

      Blessings 🙂

  8. My marriage is broken right now and needs a lot of healing. Communication is completely almost impossible without an argument. My son also has moderate to severe ADHD which has been very difficult on our marriage and our family and he now wants to drop out of school because of it and he is only 15. I just pray for healing of our marriage, answers for our son, and peace from God. I so appreciate it!

    • Lisa,
      Praying for you. My son also has ADD and when it’s not treated, it can lead to other things like depression….I know I’ve been there. Our children can take such a toll on our marriages. Praying that you and your husband can seek God first and ask HIM to restore your marriage. As much as you can, I encourage you to focus on God first, your marriage second, and your son third. Praying earnestly for restoration and let God give you the grace to take the first step in trying to out-love your husband every day – even if he doesn’t act in kind. Lifting you all up right now…
      Bev xx

    • Hi Lisa,
      I am asking our Heavenly Father to go into your home and to heal with His presence.
      I pray that He gives your husband Godly/manly wisdom to lead his home.
      Our families are under constant attack, for the enemy knows where it hurts the most.
      My marriage/family has been under constant attack for years but through our precious Jesus we’re still standing even stronger than before.
      Fight through prayer, supplication, and fellowshipping. Love on your husband, for they are more vulnerable than we think.
      Love and blessing, Maggie

    • Addendum:
      Sing and memorize lots of great praise and worship songs.
      These have helped me to make it through the day.
      Love Maggie

  9. I could use continued prayers for my adult children. That my daughter would learn how to forgive, want to live victoriously instead of as a victim, and would let go of resentments and be able to live with abandon and find love in her life. For my son, I just ask for direction and for God to keep drawing him in and helping him to know that he needs to seek God first and then all the other things in life will fall into place. Just need peace for this momma’s heart….
    Bev xx

    • Father,
      Gently woo the hearts of Bev’s children back to you. Restore the years that the locusts have eaten. Let them know the life of abundance that is your plan for them.

    • Lord Jesus, please help Bev’s daughter to break the chains that bind her. Reveal Yourself to her in a way she knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt that You are with her, so that she may forgive as she is forgiven.
      Lord, please continue to draw Bev’s son to You, as well. Guide and direct his steps and surround him with godly friends and mentors. Bless Bev as she prays unceasingly for her children and others…
      In Jesus’Name we ask and believe, Amen.

    • Bev,
      I’m sorry that things are still in disarray with the kids. I pray that all will be well for them, and that there will be a breakthrough. My prayers are with you too as you continue to be supportive of them.
      blessings always,
      Be well,

  10. I would love you to pray for my children and grandchildren to know Jesus.
    I pray in Jesus name for GM. I know as moms and grandparents, as women we are always concerned about our families. I pray God will bless you with His wisdom, trust, and love for each one of your descendants. That He would put someone in their lives who will inspire, encourage and befriend them. Father tbat you would draw them to you. That they would know you, accept your love and live in freedom from the power of sin.
    Thank you for her family Lord.

      • Mardi, Thank you so much for your special prayer for our descendants, how comforting and blessed to see your specific prayers!!! Thank you and may the Lord bless your children and grandchildren with His sweet and necessary salvation!!!

  11. Please pray for me as I enter a season of trasisition. There is much I am looking forward to but there will also be a lot of work involved. Please pray for grace, strength and wisdom.

    • Praying for you Jenn. Lord, pour out your presence on Jenn. Give her Your light for each step.

  12. Dear God, help Barbara remember in her darkest moments that she is forgiven, redeemed, and loved and nothing she can do will ever change that.
    I need prayers for my family. On Wednesday, my 16 year old son tried to commit suicide at his boarding school. He is home. He is surrounded by love and support. He has the best help available. He will be okay, but the pain and sadness of the past few days linger in me.
    Please dear God, help people realize the things they say and do to bully or intimidate another have the power to kill.

    • My Lord please allow Barbara to see she is forgiven, show her how to forgive herself as you have already done. Allow her to step out into the sunlight and shed her cloak of shame, to walk forward not back, IJN Amen.

      Lord please cradle Shelly’s son in your arms. Heal him from the inside out. Remove the words and hurt he has experienced deep in his soul, heart and mind, show him to himself in the way you see him. Bless him Father no child deserves this. Protect him. I prayer for the people who were the offenders,let them see what they have done, what their words almost caused, let them feel remorse, change their hearts and to NEVER do this to anyone else. Be with Shelly support and guide her IJN, Amen.

      Please can I ask for prayers for myself, my Masters workload with family I am feeling overwhelmed and not doing anything right or to the best of my ability. Please I ask that God reaffirm this is where he wants me to be. Let me grow closer to him, be a better example of being Christ like to my husband and children. Thanks!

  13. Lord, you know Barbara’s needs as well as her desires. As she delights herself in You, give her the desires of her heart. Let her be fruitful while she’s waiting. Commune with her while she is waiting. Love on her enormously as she waits upon. Bless her and all that are in her sphere of influence in Jesus name. Lord, thank you for all You have done, are doing and will do in Barbara’s life and mine.
    Use me for Your glory. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Forgive me for all I said, did & thought. Help me to lay aside every weight and the sins that easily entrap me. I need Your strength, boldness and courage to break free today. Do it for Your name’s sake for Your Word is true. I ask and believe these things in the matchless name of JESUS!

  14. Our Father,
    Please enclose Shelly and her family in your loving arms of protection. Thank you for not allowing the enemy to have her son’s life. Lord, I ask that you place a sense of peace inside her son, remind him that “what the enemy meant for bad, you turn it to good” and no weapon formed against him shall prosper. Right now, we bind the weapons of sadness and depression. Fill Shelly’s family with love,joy, and peace. In Jesus name…..Amen

  15. Please pray for complete deliverance. That Truth reveals all the lies, manipulation, and evils acts so my children and myself are set free from all the generational sin. Praise God that He hears, sees and is the only just Jusge.

    • Thank You Lord that you will continue to unravel the twisted thoughts that have taken hold because of evil acts and plots of destruction!
      You are the only LIGHT that can drive darkness away. Your power over the enemy is final!!!!! Psalm91

      Thank you for overshadowing this family with love, grace, mercy, deliverance. Thank you that at the cross you took in all sin and manipulation….. that we no longer live under the curse of generational sin but under the GRACE in CHRIST!!!!
      Thank you for this precious family and your relentless love that pours out to them. Thank you that they through Christ are not prisoners of the past but sons and daughtets of Light with victory today!!!!!!!

      • Thank you ❤️
        I know we have Victory through Jesus but dealing with these demons and strongholds daily now for five years is weary…. I loved, appreciated and thank God for your prayer!

      • Thank you ❤️
        I know we have Victory through Jesus but dealing with these demons and strongholds daily now for five years is weary…. I loved, appreciated, and thank God for your prayer!

  16. Thank you for crying out to God for the restoration of my family. That a daughter will return. A son will know God!s grace and his heart will be tranaformed That a sister will be restored and that hearts will reapond to the love call of the Lord

  17. I pray that God gives me guidance during this period. I feel a time for change. Also, I pray some health issues will be resolved through God’s grace.

    • Lord, I lift Laurie up to you. Guide her on your path though this time of change. Pour your life giving spirit into her soul. Make her healthy and strong in body and spirit, keep her safe under the shadow of your wings. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  18. Please pray for my son and daughter-in-law who were given 30 days to vacate their apartment after the building was sold. They are both ex-felons but have successfully completed the terms of their release and have not reoffended. Their crime was drug possession. They are both employed and have two beautiful boys…my sweet grandsons ages 1 and 4. They love Jesus and are trusting Him. They must be moved by April 30th and haven’t been able to find another place who rents to ex-felons. Lord, you are always right on time…please shower Your favor on them that they will have yet another testimony of Your provision, Grace and mercy. In Jesus’ Name we ask and believe, Amen.

    • Praying for your family, Patti. That they will continue on this good path and continue to raise those sweet boys in a loving and safe environment. Praying He provides the path… and home… for them to do that.

  19. Please pray that I have strength and wisdom. I received some very disheartening news this week and it has knocked me for a loop. I am having a hard time accepting it and I keep replaying it in my head.

  20. Prayer for My sister in Law she lost her husband suddenly at the age of 54 and is just heartbroken! Grief is a hard path to navigate please help me pray for her <3

  21. I have been dealing with health issues since having influenza. My breathing is difficult and after many doctor visits, the answers aren’t coming. I’m in general good health, but find myself getting discouraged. I have been crying out to God. I trust Him and know he will get me through this, but would appreciate prayers.

    • Kathy .. prayers for you during this time of “waiting” for an answer — God’s timing always is right.. just hard to sit still during this season and let HIM work out the details.

  22. I have Stage IV metastatic cancer (5 yrs of chemo) and now in between stopping chemo, and maybe palliative care prior to hospice. Awaiting input from Drs for direction …Please pray for this “process” to be pain free, smooth transition and acceptance of the inevitable. God bless you all…

    • God I pray for your daughter Jo Ann, shower her with your love and your peace that transcends all human understanding. Give her body, mind and soul peace, please erase all her pain and fear, remind her that you Immanuel are always with her, that you embrace her even now. Lord give her and all of us the reminders we need of your eternal promise of life with you everlasting thanks to the gracious and merciful work of your Son on the Cross. Jo Ann, I love you sister! In the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, Amen!

      • Christy..thank you so much you brought tears to my eyes! May God bless you Sister in Christ and all glory to our Lord and Savior. This meant so much —

  23. Please pray for my Mom as she waits for surgery as she was diagnosed with cancer. Also pray for my Dad who is currently in the hospital and my Mom is is his primary care giver. Pray that the Lord will work out all the details as she is concerned for his care. Encouraged by the scripture this morning that we can cry out to him no matter what our need. So grateful for the peace He has given in all this! He is always so faithful and I praise and thank Him!

  24. Julie, I pray for your nephew, that he may find his heart softened and opened to the holy spirit. I pray that in this very difficult time for you and your family that your own relationship with our Savior will be a guide for your interactions with him, giving your nephew an opportunity to see how important a relationship with God is.
    I Ask for fervent prayers for my son’s future mom in law, Kathy has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Please pray for wisdom of the medical team and healing by the Great Physician.
    Thank you to each of my sister’s in Christ. Love, Susan

    • Praying for Kathy. Praying for wisdom and healing. Praying for strength and peace for all her loved ones as she faces this journey filled with so many unknowns.

  25. Prayer request: I have been praying for a few years for God to send me a godly man to become my spouse. “It is not good for a man to be alone”…..doesn’t that apply to a woman, too? I know God can do it. I believe He can. Thank you and thank you, Lord.

    • Dear Lord, please bless Sandra beyond her imagination. Bkess her with your desires. Bless her with contentment so she doesn’t miss what you are showing her at the moment. Make her path straight so she can see clearly who and when that perfect person comes to her. Take away anxiety and let her occupy herself with the things of the Lord. In Christ’s name I pray, AMEN!

      • I agree and Amen. I hope you have a blessed day like you have just blessed mine. God is good.

  26. for you Barbara. Please for restoration between my ex husband and I. We have been divorced for almost 9 years. I have been a believer for 10 & have been for this for longer! He is now a believer for 2 years & says God is not telling him that’s what he should do. We have 2 children who want us back together.

  27. Gracious Father, You are the Great Physician and there is nothing too hard for you. I pray for Kathy, for the peace that passes all understanding, godly wisdom for the medical team serving her, for her family as they support and encourage her in this time of uncertainty. Wrap your loving arms around all of them and help them feel your presence like they’ve never felt it before. I ask that you would do a miraculous work in her body, and heal her completely. In the precious name of your Son, Jesus. Amen
    Pray for my son and his wife who are new on the mission field. There has been some misunderstanding and broken trust – pray that trust would be restored and relationships healed to better and stronger than they were before so they can continue the work they have started. So grateful for your prayers and the sisterhood of faith in Christ!

    • Father God I offer up this prayer for Kathy’s son and daughter in law that you will bless their mission beyond their wildest dreams. That trust grows again for them. I pray for the peace of the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts to help them through this season. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen

      I am so thankful for all God has given us. I do ask that you offer up my adult children who need to open their hearts to God and accept him as their Savior. I came to Christ late in life so my children were not brought up in a strong Christian home.

  28. I pray for all my sisters that have posted before me. May God bless you beyond anything you can imagine.

  29. Lord Jesus,
    We come before You with thanksgiving and praise. We come before You with reverence and praise!
    You are our Ultimate Healer. Lord, so many are sick, so many are discouraged- we cry out to You Jesus for Your deliverance from the sicknesses and distress.
    Bless my sisters Lord Jesus, strengthen them, pour out Your love unto them, may your face shine upon them!
    Bless them with showers of blessing that only You – the Loving Father can give!
    We thank You Lord, we praise You and Glorify Your Holy Name! Hallelujah Jesus!
    You are our Refuge and strength! Holy Holy Holy is your name Lord Jesus Christ!
    Thank You for your healing, for wisdom, for strength, Your shalom, the Joy that comes from You, we thank you Jesus! We thank you Jesus for Your deliverance! Amen.

  30. I am in a holding pattern, I feel. Waiting for God to move while I cannot. It is a funny place, hard to describe. Waiting for energy (had a virus 3 weeks ago and still struggljng with lack of oomphl). Learning to separate my thoughts and opinions from God’s, so I can use my words wisely. I guess God is teaching me to be slow and it is not comfortable. Ask for prayer for this. Thanks.

  31. Praise to God He is worthy. Prayers for my daughter, in the hospital recovering from a major surgery. Pray for complete healing, for the doctors and nurse and who come in contact. Pray her witness be strong. Pray God’s will be done. Praise God.

  32. Julie, God is still on the throne and He will answer your/our prayers for your nephew. In the name of Jesus, I ask for competence in his defense and a softening of hearts of the judge and prosecutors. I pray for courage and redemption for the nephew. I pray for that forgiveness is sought and received. I pray for peace and hope for the family and loved ones. I seek out the Holy Spirit to intercede when prayers are hard and faith is fleeting. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

    I ask for prayer for relief from a migraine that has controlled every aspect of my life and rendered me home bound for 8 days.

    • I pray for you in Jesus name that you will be released from these mirgraine in his Powerful Name. I pray that the truth of God will set you free. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways Psalms 91:11

  33. 2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,a whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. ~ James 1:2-4

  34. I was off for 5 & a half months on LOA. I am now slowly returning back to work. I am the sole bread winner in our family. Please pray for direction in where my boss should place me in the workforce now in the fall. I am human and wonder and worry about the future. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt my God is sovereign because he has proved it to me. Pray the I will completely trust God’s soverignity and rest in his plan for my future.

    • Your beautiful prayer touched my heart, Carolyn. Praying to trust Him and rest in His plan. May we all want that in our hearts. Praying for you and your return to work.

  35. Lilian,
    I’m sorry that you are suffering, migraines are awful to say the least. I pray that you receive the help/ relief that you need.
    Blessings to you,

  36. Barbara, I have prayed for you that you may find peace in our God during this season of waiting. May you live in our Father’s presence every day and feel the richness of His love.
    I would love prayer for my discontentment and frustration, that instead I may live in Thanksgiving for that I have and joy that I have been given the life that He has given me. May I run to Him when I feel like grasping for acceptance somewhere else.

    • Debbie, I understand your concern as I have dealt with matters at work. I pray that you find a better condition or that things will be sorted out in our Jesus Name. My his Glory rest upon you. Carolyn

      • Thanks so much. I’ve had to take on an extra work load. Also, we have a excellent boss. However, due to family health issues, he is having to move away. I feel concern who the replacement will be. Seeking God’s will for our group.

        • Yes, I understand. I wrote a prayer request on here. I have been on LOA for 5 and half months. I now am gradually returning to work. My boss is excellent too. I asked that I will be placed according to God’s plan both now and in the fall. 🙂 We have had several staff changes and good people who are in authority move. I must say that a new person has been replaced and she has made a difference.

  37. The company my son works for is merging with a company who has purchased them. Many families are waiting to hear what will happen with their family member’s job. Asking for the Lord’s will. God Bless, Debibe

  38. I hear sermons about coming into a “season of God’s grace” and receiving blessings and favor. I try to have faith…it has been one difficulty after another for years and years. I am not expecting these difficulties, or “claiming them” by negative words. I keep hoping, praying, attending church, giving, being a faithful follower, and crying out to God. I know God is always good. Help me God–through these marriage problems, family relationship problems, health problems, and difficulties at work.

    • I understand being in a season of one difficulty after another, Cynthia. You are not alone in that. Hold on to Him. Hold onto hope. He is there with you and will see you through each of these hard issues. Praying for your peace while you go through this.

  39. This request is for my son who is 11, and was just recently dxed with Type one diabetes, after spending a week in the hospital. So far he has been handling it well, and I know that the Lord thankfully has carried us through, and placed him (us) in good hands. My request is if you could please say a prayer for him that he continues to find strength and acceptance as he deals with this.
    blessings to all,

    • Father, please give comfort and strength to Penny’s son as he deals with his diabetes diagnosis. Please also give Penny and her whole family Your comfort and strength as they rally around her precious son. Thank you, Lord.

  40. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and was put on medical leave by my Internist on Wednesday. I am back in counseling with my Christian counselor and am taking medication as my anxiety attacks have been severe. Please pray for me as I have to step away from my job permanently this week to focus on getting well. I am so scared about talking to my company as they are not very understanding.

    • Numbers 6:24-26 24″‘”The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”‘

  41. My grandson Canaan was born January 29th premature he’s still in the hospital please pray for the lord to heal him completely from the crown of his head to the soles of his sweet and make him whole in Jesus name. And Im currently unemployed with no income coming in please pray for the lord to send me the job he wants me to be at with enough left over to give to people,and pray for my healing from a traumatic child hood,complete and total healing,Thank you and God Bless.

    • Praying for you Cassandra and especially for your grandson, Canaan. Today is ” Divine Mercy” Sunday . As I attend Mass in am hour; know that I am taking my prayers for you, grandson, Barbara, and All my other sisters/ brothers in Christ Jesus to the throne of our most High Lord Jesus Christ. “He Is Risen”, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!.
      All your worries, cast aside; the Lord here’s your cries; He sees the traps and tribulations that We All are experiencing…. But take my hand… And Let Us All ” Walk by Faith, not by Sight.” As Jesus did. Jesus died for our sins and today is ” Divine Mercy” Sunday…. BELIEVE; and By His Stripes, Your grandson, Canaan is healed… Thanks be to God.

    • Lord . Please lift Cassandra and her family up in prayer. I cannot imagine how hard it must be leaving little Canaan at the hospital so long and watching his tiny body go through so much. Please heal this precious baby and make him strong , his family needs him ! You are the Miracle Worker!

      Please send a good job for Cassandra as I know financial worries can tear us down as well.
      Cassandra , I’m praying for you and your family right now . I know it see,s like so much but I know our God will help you and your family through this all.

      I myself live with several life altering illnesses as why I understand the hurt, pain, and financial stress daily. I ask for prayers for myself as well as my family , especially my hard working hubby that has to work twice as hard .

      Be blessed …

    • Thoughts and Prayers for all the needs your family is dealing with. God Bless, Debbie

      Numbers 6:24-26 24″‘”The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”‘

    • My dear sister in Christ, Cassandra, I pray that God wraps and you completely in His arms & gives you the desires of your heart. From Canaan’s complete healing from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet to employment that renders you to have more than enough, be Blessed knowing that our God will provide. Lord, give her a supernatural healing from the inside out. This I ask in Jesus name Amen.

  42. Dear Barbara,
    I understand your desire to know God more deeply and intimately. God really does hear and answer our prayers and longings. Keep seeking Him. “God I thank you for Barbara’s heart. She longs to live in your presence and to allow your Holy Spirit continual access to her heart and life. Thank you that you are a Good God and desire that even more than she does!
    Thank you that ALL her sins were covered by the blood of Jesus and you remember them NO more!
    Thank you Jesus!

  43. I ask for prayers as my husband answered I will begin our 2nd IVF process in May/June. Our first one failed and we were left with nothing to freeze either as a back up which makes us have to go through the full expenses again. Pray for our marriage as this puts stress on us during this time. Please pray for me as I feel I’m meant to be a mom but have struggled for years now. Pray for my health going in and especially for my faith as it shakes me each time I fail to get pregnant and find it hard to make sense of it all and who I’m meant to be without this as I feel it is such a huge part of who God made me to be. Thank you!!!

    • Praying for you and your husband.

      I am adopted and wondered if that was a option that you and he had considered? You don’t have to answer this, if you prefer not to comment.

      Numbers 6:24-26 24″‘”The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”‘

    • Rachel,
      I often thought and have been told I would make a good mother. But God had other plans for me. He has told me in many ways that I am to mother others. Ones that need to hear I love you from a mother at heart. Because there are many little ones who never hear those words from anyone. I do pray that if God has this for you that He will do it soon. Take care God bless

  44. Last time I posted, I wrote for prayers as we sought a new place to live with our two kiddos and one on the way. And here I am posting this from our new cozy, little rental home! So much praise from my heart today for God’s faithfulness.

    Please just pray for us in this transition, for grace as we unpack (I am almost 32 weeks pregnant wand chasing around a four year old as well as a two year old. my body is tired!) also, for our old place to rent out soon. I believe God has told my heart it will so I just pray it all to fall into place financially for us as we are required to pay rent there since we left before our lease was up, until someone moves in.

    Lifting everyone up in prayer on this page and praying Jesus would meet each of your needs. Amen.

    • Dear M, so happy to hear you’ve found a home. Praying right now that God brings peace and mercy and rest for all of you. Luke 10: 38-42. With God everything will fall into place. Praying also that the ones moving into your apartment would be ones that really need such a home and that they would experience God’s love and joy in that home.

    • Father,
      Be with M as she and you are creating an another child of God. Bless this family with the joy and hope as their child is developing. Strengthen her as she take care of her family the children and spouse.
      Find a tenet for their last home to remove the financial burden of two rent payments. Lift their financial commitments as they prepare for a newborn with all the new expenses they will encounter.
      As we gather together as a body of believers be with each one and each prayer request.

    • Numbers 6:24-26 24″‘”The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”‘

  45. Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been going through such dark season in my life. It’s all started with a very demanding job that has taken much energy and too little things that could empower in turn, then turned to me being depressed and filled with fear. Really felt 1.Peter 5: 8 coming true in my life. I’m also worried about being a burden to my friends because the situation just doesn’t seem to be getting better. I’ve used to being the one who brings joy and encouragement to others and now I feel I’ve run out and I just want to protect other people from me. I don’t seem to know a way forward, I have thoughts but little energy to bring them into action. Could you be so kind and remember me in your prayers? Thank you so much.

    • Numbers 6:24-26 24″‘”The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”‘

    • And Miss Ann, I pray that as you meander through your dark tunnel, you will know that you are not alone. God is right there beside you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He knows your situation better than you do and He promises to answer when you call. You see, my dear sister, God has your name written on the palm of His hand. Through this refining process in your life, I pray that God will bring forth a New and deeper Miss Ann, a woman filled with His greatness, power, and might. A woman that He will use to bring honor and glory to His name. You are loved, my sweet sister. In Jesus’ name.

        • Blessings, Miss Ann. I’ve been in and out (an ongoing process) of many dark tunnels myself. Even though I honestly dislike these tunnels, I am learning (slowly) that God always has a GREATER purpose.

  46. Prayer for all My Sisters who commented and for Myself

    Ephesians 1:17-20 (AMP) – adapted

    I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may grant each of us a spirit of wisdom and of revelation that gives us a deep and personal and intimate insight into the true knowledge of Him for we know the Father through the Son.
    18 And I pray that the eyes of our hearts, the very center and core of our beings may be enlightened, flooded with light by the Holy Spirit, so that we will know and cherish the hope: the divine guarantee, the confident expectation to which He has called us, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints (God’s people).
    So that we will begin to know what the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His active, spiritual power is in us, because we believe.
    These are in accordance with the working of His mighty strength 20 which He produced in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His own right hand in the heavenly places.

    I pray for God’s healing hand on each of our unique and shared, situations (even as I request prayer for my own healing – body, soul, and spirit).
    Whatever our “pit” may be, our God is able!
    May we see Him work in ways we could never imagine – even today. In Jesus’ name.

  47. I ask prayer for employment as I am an older worker who has been off work for five long years. I want and need to work outside my home.

    • Tricia, I went back to college to finish my music degree when I was almost 50 so I totally understand where you’re coming from! It was tough & yet God put me on that path. I am 67 now and still teaching music to the most delightful children from 5 to adults almost 80. It doesn’t feel like work and yet, I too need the income. I pray that you also will be led to the place of joy, a place where He uses your heart’s desire, your gifts, your talents to make your living and that you are blessed with this opportunity soon so that you can provide for yourself. God bless you in your search, Tricia.

      • Thank you for your prayers and insight. Bless you in numerous ways, today and every day.

  48. And Miss Ann, I pray that as you meander through your dark tunnel, you will know that you are not alone. God is right there beside you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He knows your situation better than you do and He promises to answer when you call. You see, my dear sister, God has your name written on the palm of His hand. Through this refining process in your life, I pray that God will bring forth a New and deeper Miss Ann, a woman filled with His greatness, power, and might. A woman that He will use to bring honor and glory to His name. You are loved, my sweet sister. In Jesus’ name.

  49. My husband has had incurable esophageal cancer for over a year. He is in chemo every week. This is his second round of chemo & he has lost over 130 pounds. He can’t eat solid foods. He can barely hear or think from the new medications. Yesterday, I actually saw him fall flat on his back & was just able to get him up. My son in law & I worked on major changes last night to make him safer. Please pray for my beloved’s healing and for me, strength, a calm spirit, joy, encouragement and above all, love, for me to minister to him. I also have congestive heart failure and my own cancer was removed this past September.

    • Praying for you today, Cathy! Lord, please let your peace dwell in this home as each person faces their own suffering. Please bring very tangible daily encouragements and reminders of your care, love, and provision for this family. May your presence be evident to all throughout this difficult time. And we praise you Lord for providing family to help brainstorm how to make a tough situation safer for all. Please help us remember as we pray for healing and when we sometimes doubt your lovingkindness that “God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, and you may be aware of three of them.” Thank you that you are not only a God who sees, but a God who sees Cathy and her beloved! Amen

  50. Please pray for my nephew Colin who lost his mother this day two years ago. And for my brother who lost his wife at such a young age.
    Comfort them as they mourn.
    Comfort all who mourn.
    In Gods love

  51. Pray for my sister and her family, that they have improvement in their finances this year

  52. Lord I lift Cassandra up to you and her sweet grandson, Canaan. Children are a precious gift and each has a beautiful purpose in you. I pray the blood of Jesus over his body, that he might experience the fullness of your healing power. I also pray that your Holy Spirit would comfort Cassandra as she waits on your timing for the RIGHT job. I know all too well how easily we can compromise on something less than your best, which never ceases to out do our wildest expectations!

  53. Prayers go out for those in most need today….Please pray for all those “w/traumatic childhood’s”, and those in need of the job positions that God alone will carefully choose for their betterment.
    May our good God; Lord and Savior keep me and mine, in His embrace, and in His sure direction for each one of my family members journey to eternal salvation grace through Jesus Christ.
    With abundant thanks to our Holy God!

  54. Please could you pray for me,despite being radically saved over 30 years ago , and praying for almost 25 of those years for my Hubby to be saved .Which praise Jesus he has been. I have lifelong issues with stress and anxiety and everytime something goes wrong or the enemy attacks , I am blindsided and fall into a battlefield of the mind and feel physically sick with worry and anxiety .I love Jesus wholeheartedly and God is using me in my local church.I have listened to sermons made decrees and declarations.So over myself ,prayed scripture and yet it is still something I battle with ,what bothers me more is that I have passed this trait on to my now teenage son and it is terrible seeing him going it through too.Thank you and Bless you amazing and inspirational women of God.

    • Yvonne,
      I pray for Yvonne. Help her through this time in her life. Help her to be able to give these anxieties into your loving hands and help her to be able to entrust them with you and not take them back. I pray this for her son too. … because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until that day. 2 Tim 1:12
      God blessing on you and your Family

      • Thank you Thea , I really appreciate your prayers and will meditate on the scripture. Bless you

  55. I ask for prayers to keep the faith and wait well as my 4 year struggle to find a better job moves steadily on… I’m weary and depressed and find myself asking where is God? I struggle to get out of bed in the morning and try to remain thankful for the small, part time job I have. I’m asking for God to open a door for me that no man can close OR walk through before me, because I’ve applied to almost two dozen jobs and watched other people get them. Thank you for the support ❤

    • Lord Jesus, I pray that You would restore hope into Carols heart. I pray for your continued provision for her and for You to illuminate the small blessings in this season of trial – strengthen and uplift her. Amen

  56. Dear Lord, I need Your help, especially with my marriage. Help me to listen to and inderstand my family, their concerns and interests. Please help me to a good Christian remodel, father, husband, son and brother. Please show me where to start and be my help each step of the way. Amen.

    • Lord, You’ve heard Pleda’s requests. His crying out to You to be a better man in every area of his life. Show Him where to start. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

  57. My family can use all 5he prays we can get. In Dec my husband had his right leg amputated just below the knee. 3 weeks ago he had to have 1/2 his left foot removed. This has brought on major depression for him & caused feelings of self harming & wanting to die.
    He need healing prays for body & spirit. I’m struggling with body bri g tired & mine crazy hanndling evetything else.
    I know God is showing & teaching me to trust. Ask that Randall sees what he’s to learn too.

    • Father, I lift up Janet and her family. Thank you for putting courage and faith in her heart to continue to trust in you…continue to strengthen that in her. Please be with her husband and his health. Even more so, put courage and faith in his heart to keep living each day in trust in you. Thank you for hearing and answering this prayer. In Jesus name, amen.

  58. After getting married one and half years ago I applied for my residency card to the States.I am now five months pregnant and can’t complete the whole process because of a required x-ray. So I am living with my mom and my husband comes to visit back and forth. It’s hard being apart. I struggle with not feeling settled and a baby on the way, however, I also feel not at home in the States (the humidity is too much, the large city and a number of other things I’m not use to). Struggling with the uncertainty, feeling uprooted, and lack of peace that being unsettled brings.

    • God give Elizabeth the peace. Help her know that she can be rooted & grounded in You. Wrap her in Your arms & prepare her for the next phase of life. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen.

  59. My husband & I have been going through a difficult season. He’s decided that he doesn’t want to be married anymore as we’re approaching our 15th wedding anniversary & without even trying to reconcile. My heart is heavy, & I love him so much. Praying for the strength to go on.

    • Lord, You made male and female and for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Lord, in the name if Jesus, what You have joined let no man separate. Even if the one who wishes to separate is part of the union. Almighty God, change hearts, renew minds. Heal wounds. Heal this marriage and let it remain as One Flesh. Amen!

    • Heavenly Father, You know all the details of this circumstance. Lord Jesus, I’m praying for a miracle of reconciliation and restoration and covering of Graham’s heart in the waiting….Lord, restore in her a heart of peace, patience, grace and forgiveness. Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers. Amen

      • Thank you, Rebecca. I receive your prayer. I pray God’s divine favor upon your life.

    • Lord,
      I lift up Graham right now and ask that you allow her to feel your presence and know that you are right there beside her as she is dealing with a difficult and heart-heavy season. Let her know in her heart of hearts that you are her Redeemer and you can redeem all of her lost moments and times. I pray for strength and clarity for Graham to walk through this season and for peace that passing all of her understanding. Thank you for working “behind the scenes” in her husband’s life. Amen

      • Thanks Terri. The Lord is my Redeemer. Thank You, Lord, for working behind the scenes. I receive it. Thank You Lord! Be Blessed!

  60. Please pray I find the right career in the field of arts and literature with flexible hours and health and dental benefits within the next five weeks as I embark on a new life.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    • Heavenly Father, I echo the prayers of Angela’s heart. You know her every need – spoken and unspoken and her every desire – spoken and unspoken. Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing us and answering these prayers in Your perfect timing. Amen

  61. Please pray for my faith, belief and trust to be strengthened. For the bondage of hopelessness, sadness and discouragement to be broken. That the Lord Jesus will heal my heart, open my mind for restoration and my soul to transformation. Thank you.

  62. please pray for my Son Joshua, He is HIV positive and feeling like he is being judged . He has made some very bad life style choices and I suspect he has an undiagnosed mental illness. He has gone “missing and is avoiding all family. Please pray for his health and healing and that God will intervene in his life, use my Joshua for HIS glory. Bring him home to the family, to mend and repair.

  63. Lord,
    I pray right now that you will touch Joshua’s heart and turn him to you. We all are prodigals and I am so thankful that you are a God of second, third, fourth,etc. chances. Please allow Joshua to know that he is not alone and that he has family who love him not matter what. Thank you for the strength that you are giving Chris and for the peace that passing all of her understanding as she waits on You to move in Joshua’s life. Amen

  64. Please pray for my 31 year old daughter, Cee, who has depression and anxiety issues and will be ending a job taking care of a almost 2 year old very soon. Also, please pray for my son, Nate, who is at college and has been recently diagnosed with manic depression.

    • Oh, Lord, hear the prayer of this mother’s heart as she lifts her adult children up to you. Give her peace in the waiting, and provide for them in every way. We ask for health and healing for both, and also for effective strategies in managing the challenges that are part of their lives. Please grant each one wisdom for finding their way, and grace for Terri as she seeks to be helpful and yet to release them into your care and protection.

      • Michele,
        Thanks so much for your prayers. I am trusting in God for my children and for His amazing grace! Peace

  65. Blessings to you all. Please pray for my husband, who is having surgery tomorrow for a trial of a nerve block. For several years he has dealt with chronic pain in his extremities due to a reaction to antibiotics. We pray everything will go smoothly and this nerve block procedure will take away his pain.

    • H,

      My prayers will be with you and your husband tomorrow in preparation of, during and healing from his surgery. I pray for wisdom and discernment for the doctors and that this nerve block is the answer to prayers in relieving your husband’s pain. Prayers also for a restful night sleep tonight for you both – and that beautiful peace that passes all understanding. All praise to God, our great Physician and Healer.

  66. Prayers for my marriage is 32
    years that my husband suddenly and without warning wants to end. I believe he is suffering from some health issues along with anxiety/depression. We are a Christian couple but he has turned from his faith. Please pray that He will let God in and seek His wisdom and follow Him in obedience. I also appreciate your prayers for restoration for our marriage and for God to use this for His glory that we will overcome this battle and be able to help others. And lastly, prayers for my endurance and strength ….thank you so very much….

  67. I ask for prayer as I am struggling with time management and it’s affecting me in various
    areas. I often get anxious and overwhelmed that I paralyze myself from even making
    decisions and planning. It’s affecting not only me, but my family as I feel I’m letting them
    down by not following through with much needed organization and direction. I feel I’m
    not being the best help meet for my husband by letting precious time be wasted and
    not making the most of my days at home. Thank You so much…May the Lord Bless You All

    • I have just the verse for you. Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up. – Proverbs 12:25, I can see why you’d have a problem, I often get frustrated that I let some things slide, but I know writing my blog and answering prayer requests are more important than a load of laundry, I’ll get to it eventually. I makes some time at night to straighten up. I am starting to spring clean a little, and I mean a little, just a few minute a day or a couple of Goodwill bags at a time will help. When I can simplify, it helps. And remember, God’s hold eternity in His palm, He redeems our time, and loves us so much. take a moment to rest in Him.

  68. I just want the Lord to strengthen me today, and I have family members who need prayer for healing and a return to faith.

  69. More than anything else in this world, I want for my daughter to come to Christ. She has abandoned any need or want for God or Jesus and is now “of the world” and living and working in another country. There was a time when I thought she was getting closer to Christ when she was living here. She doesn’t want to hear anything and I don’t want to drive her away. I pray and I pray. All I ask of God is her salvation. How can God wipe away tears in heaven if we know our loved ones will still be here? I feel as if my daughter is far away physically, emotionally and spiritually. It truly is hurting me inside. I raised her to believe, yet, I was truly saved 6 years ago and am so blessed and so full of joy with what God has done to me and for me. I tell everyone I know this (including my daughter). Please pray that God will continue to heed my prayers and bring her to Him, whether it’s through another person or perhaps the Holy Spirit. I am also praying for all of you dear sisters in Christ’s needs! Thank you for this opportunity to ask for prayer!

    • Trina, I pray for your daughter’s heart, that God would turn her toward him in a gentle way and renew a right spirit within her. I pray she would find the greatest love, peace and assurance in Jesus. I pray God would send your daughter good examples and effective witnesses in her path, and give her eyes to see and ears to hear.

      • Thank you, H. I appreciate your prayers for my daughter. The times we are in now, those who don’t know Christ, my heart has a burden for. Even more so for my daughter. May God bless you!

  70. Father we lift up Kimberly and her marriage to you. We ask in the name of Jesus to break the stronghold of doubt and fear in this marriage. Replace it with trust and obedience in order to save which you have brought together.
    If there be health issues involved, we ask for your Holy Spirit to bring those to the surface and not to interfere with what can be a marriage to your Glory and Honor. Give wisdom to Kimberly as she engages her husband, that it would be in a spirit of love and forgiveness. Turn his eyes to you oh Lord, may he hear your voice the loudest amongst the many voices that want to speak into our lives. Bring healing here Lord and restoration day by day.
    To you be the Power, Glory and Honor, Amen!

    • Thank you, Nora – this was a balm to my soul and I will re-read it often as you spoke so directly to what is happening and what I needed to hear.
      Even thought you weren’t the one “above me” for prayer, I will e praying for your time management …and remember, “The exact way God made you is in keeping with how He will use you. He knew from the beginning of time what He would call you to do and therefore how you would need to be formed. God does everything with purpose and precision.“ God Bless!!

  71. I am as well struggling with Health issues. One of my hormones after 8 months is still at zero. It’s side effect is anxiety. I already have generalized anxiety disorder as well. I am awaiting a colonoscopy(Tuesday 12 pm EST) to check up my Crohn’s Disease as well as another issue. I am so tired and worn out because it has been so long without much relief. I know God is capable and keeps me calm at times when I cannot. Trusting him for healing.

  72. We are moving to a new area, starting a new chapter in our lives and trying to find a church that fits us. We have both been very active in our previous church, know the importance of having that church family, know the importance of those friendships made. Although this is a dream for both os us, we need strength to learn new things to depend on each other again and continue to grow in our faith and to fulfill the roles God has placed in our hearts.

    • Gracious God, lead Gigi and her husband to the community of faith that fits them the best. Help them to find their places and ways to serve you there too. Grant them strength to learn new things to depend on each other again. Grow their faith and fulfill the roles you have placed in their hearts. Amen!

  73. I so deeply want God to answer the desires of my heart. There is a guy friend who I would love for to be more. But we are miles apart. He lives in Texas, me in ND. He’s been there for me through some really crappy times. So prayers for that friendship as well as for my dreams to become a mom. I’ve been praying hard about doing respite foster care. I truly believe it’s a call for me. Prayers that all of this falls into place would be great. Also prayers for my friend Mara and her daughter Elizabeth. Mara buried her love; her sweet husband about a month. Elizabeth had to say goodbye to her daddy and she’s only two. Many of us are grieving the death of our friend Ben too. Prayers also for the congregation he was pastoring.

  74. I have been praying for reconciliation with my children. Due to a bitter divorce 34 years ago, I have had little communication with my children. One is deceased, and out of the remaining five, only one acknowledges me as their mother. I prayed for each one before they were conceived and continue to pray for them all every day. I pray the Lord will remove the root of bitterness that has taken place and restore the family.

  75. Father, I pray for Gigi and her family, whose situation is so similar to mine (I was about to leave a very similar prayer request, and read the instruction to pray for the person preceding.)

    Direct Gigi and her family to the church family, the local assembly of believers, that you have prepared them to be part of. May there be opportunities to share from the abundance of what you have taught them through their lives, a sense of usefulness in your kingdom. May there also be opportunities for new growth and may that new growth continue as long as they live. Thank you for the wonders of your body. So fragile and susceptible to problems because we are all flawed, yet so powerful through your Spirit. May the next season of Gigi’s life be the best yet.

    My prayer request, as I said is very similar. We are in the process of looking for a new home out of state, and just as important, a church home. Please pray also for the church we are leaving as they search for a new pastor. We will need work and we desire to be a help and blessing to the family we will live near. Thank you.

    • Lord, I pray for Michele right now. I am praying that the veil of depression would be lifted by Your mighty hand. Depression is not from Heaven. Please send Michele a lifeline of hope in a way that she would easily be able to identify. I pray whether it is medicine, counseling, support, or an encounter with You, the depression would have to bow down and leave Michele at the authority of Jesus Christ. We bind together and say that anything that doesn’t come straight from Heaven does not have dominion over Michele. You are good. You are good to Michele, and You are good at being God. Thank You for Your faithfulness and Your wisdom that You have promised if we will only have the faith to ask. In Jesus’s name, I pray, Amen.

  76. Please pray for my sister Danielle as she is applying for a new job at work that she is hoping to receive if it’s the Lords will. Also please pray for my my friend Erinda who is studying for her nursing exam. Please pray for peace for her and that she passes her exam in the Lords perfect timing. Also please pray for me. I’ve been stugling with anxiety at work. Please pray for peace for me and that I continue to enjoy my job and look forward to going to it each day. Thank you so much and may our God hear and answer all of your prayers and bless you all bountifully! Amen ❤️

    • Lord, Bless Stephanie, Danielle, & Erinda. Help Stephanie overcome her anxiety at work, Danielle find her dream job, & Erinda pass her nursing exam. For Lord, You are in control of all things. Give them peace that surpasses all understanding. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.
      Be Blessed ladies!

      • Thank you Graham! May our God bless you with every good thing! In Jesus Name, Amen! ❤️

    • Father I pray that it’s your will that Danielle is given the new job she is seeking. That she finds fulfillment in this new position. I pray the Erinda successfully passes all her exams, and becomes a caring and knowledgeable nurse, finding strength to do such a difficult job by always remembering to pray.
      Father please give Stephanie peace in her life, allowing her to be happy in all areas of her life.
      I am the mom of a young man with autism. A gentle giant, a seven year old child trapped inside the body of a grown man. He’s being accused of hurting someone, because a caregiver was irresponsible. Please pray that our courts see that this is not a dangerous person, and let us return to our lives.
      I thank you for your prayers, and pray that we all feel blessed by this community.

      • Thank you Cindy for your prayers! Please Lord watch over Cindy’s son and help him during this time. Please watch over his name to be cleared and for him to get justice. Thank You Lord for never leaving us and always helping us. God bless Cindy and her son with peace and may thy will be done always. In Jesus Name, Amen!

  77. My daughter and my 2 grandchildren have been living with us for over a year and it is very stressful for all involved. I am praying desperately for the Lord to open up a door for a place for them to live that is safe and ushers her into the plan the Lord has for her.

  78. Please pray for my healing from sarcoma, CML and paralysis. Also healing for the soul, mind and emotion. That God will also meet my financial needs.
    Thank you very much.
    Praise the Lord that you remember us.

  79. Dear Lord, I pray for Sanny. Lord Jesus, by your stripes she is healed! We speak healing over her mind, body and spirit. You are her provider. May she speak abundance and not lack, may she receive every measure of the bounty you have for her. Comfort and give her rest and a new revelation of your love for her, in Jesus name amen.

  80. Please pray for me and my family. We adult children lost our father fairly suddenly 3 months ago, and now my boyfriend suddenly is taking time out to decide on the future of our relationship. He was also family bereaved for the first time 5 months ago with additional stress and strain from work and health. I myself have an emotionally demanding job. Please pray that Gods will is done in our relationship, healing for my boyfriend, for my mom who has major surgery next week, and that I have supernatural peace and love from God.. thank you so much.

  81. Lord I ask you to please heal Sanny, inward out, so that she may experience an abundance of good health, happiness, & peace. Make her body strong & whole so that she may thrive in every area of her life. Father I ask that you allow your Spirit to move within her; to lead her & transform her [mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually] so that she will be of a sound mind & body throughout the days of her life. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

  82. I received and answer to one of my prayers this past week. I have very little family left except my cousin and attends the same church I do. Being diagnose with bladder cancer was awful to even comprehend The surgery was this past Thursday and just a tiny palop was discovered and removed. I am praising God as many times as I asked for healing and removal of the cancer.
    I have a problem, the brakes went out on my car and they have to replace the braking system. They have had it for several weeks. The estimate was over $ 3,100.00. I am retired. I am on a very low fixed income, Medicine, medical insurance, food and utility bills all has to have a part of my income. At the end of the month there isn’t much left. till get another tank full at the first. I have been very worried as how I’m ever going to manage this huge bill. I really have no one except me and myself for support. So I have been praying God will be my support with this financial issue.

  83. Lord I ask that you please restore Agnes, her boyfriend, & her family’s hearts to the whole & thriving hearts you created them to be & allow abundant healing to consume them, so much so that they all experience continuous joy, laughter, & peace for the rest of their lives. In Jesus’ Name, Lord, I pray Amen.

  84. I would like to ask for prayers for my mom battling Lymphoma. It has been a rough 3 months of treatments with at least 3 more to go. Prayers for a successful & safe Prom for special needs Youth & Adults that our church Special Needs Ministry hosts annually this Saturday. We will be serving 100 special needs individuals.

    • Lord, please provide comfort for Erin and her family. We know you God as one who heals those with hurting hearts, who comforts those in distress, who loves deeply, and who makes everything good in his timing. Please God reveal yourself to Erin and her family in this time. Please allow the Special Needs Ministry at Erin’s church to pull off an incredible prom for the one hundred individuals attending. What a beautiful and God-glorifying ministry that this world needs. Thank you Lord for Erin’s heart and her obvious trust and love for you. I pray that any other unspoken prayers of her be answered in your timing.

      With love,


  85. I have been dealing with some severe anxiety and depression since I was a child. I’m currently twenty-one, and am still experiencing some intense self-doubt and negativity. It is difficult to believe in myself, that God could really care about me for who I am, and that anyone else for that matter would love me. Even more importantly, I’m putting my worth in what others think of me rather than in who God is. I ask for prayers for my confidence in the Lord and my love for Him to consume me to the point that I no longer have anxiety about how others perceive me. I want to walk with the Lord confidently, joyfully, and bravely. I want to be grateful for my part in His plan. Over the past few years, I have put my worth especially in the eyes of the men who I have dated, causing me to do things physically that I never was comfortable doing. I still feel anguish, guilt, and especially sadness over my actions. I also ask for prayers to help me know that I am forgiven. Finally, I ask for prayers for my family and friends. My family does not know God, and I ask for prayers that they can recognize Him.

    • Sloan, oh my heart just went out to you reading your post. I am 29 now and have been in your shoes at your age when I was 21 and younger. I just pray you would experience God’s freedom. He doesn’t look at you with disappointment but truly with love. Just love. Your sins are forgiven, and I pray for you to walk in that forgiveness.

      Also praying grace upon grace for you and your heart. I, too, have struggled so much with anxiety, worry about people, etc. in my past. It has taken a lot of growth through ups and downs and just life these past almost 10 years to be where I am now; no way am I perfect, but stronger and more at peace in this area. Just keep walking with Him, pray and be in your Bible as often as you can, find a solid church if you don’t have one yet. And know time, and maturity will help you grow in these areas as you seek Jesus.

      Jesus is so so faithful to grow us, and shower us with grace and mercy. He loves you. Praying for your heart to rest in that today. Xoxo

    • Sloan, thanks for your beautiful prayer for me. I, too suffer with anxiety. I am able to manage with the assistance of Jesus, medication, & prayers. You have a beautiful heart; it was definitely displayed in your prayer for me. I will add you to my prayer list. God forgives all of us, especially those that ask. May you accept God’s continuous grace & know He loves you & will carry you through all things.
      Blessings, Erin

  86. Father God, I pray for each and every woman in this discussion. Hear our cries, Dear Lord.

    Today we take our daughter, Ansley, to Atlanta for lung scans. Ansley was diagnosed in September 2014 with osteosarcoma. She has had many surgeries and extensive chemo. We praise God that Ansley turned 12 last Monday. We praise God for the miracles already worked in Ansley’s life. On 2/12, the scans showed doctors some “suspicious spots/nodules” on Ansley’s lung where osteosarcoma “likes” to relapse. We cry out with all that we have that Ansley’s lung scans will be perfectly clear today and that she will never face the burden, fear, or anxiety of cancer ever again. It is defeated. In Jesus’ precious and holy name we pray this and that He will be glorified today. Thank you for your humble prayers on our bealf.

    • Karen M. , The Lord has heard your cries and I pray that God has answered your prayers. May He bless you and your family abundantly. In Jesus’ Name , Amen. ❤

    • My heart is aching with yours as we all await the results.

      God please cover this little girl in love and hope and joy even amidst the doctors appointments and treatments. God I pray for clear results today and I pray that those results show no more cancer. Help this family be thankful for little moments and blessings today even amidst the stress and fear. Cover them with peace and joy and hope found only in you. Amen

      Keep us updated as we continue to pray.

      • Thank you all so much for your prayers. Ansley’s lung spots disappeared. They are gone! We praise our Holy God!

  87. I’ve asked for prayer for this the last time in courage did the prayer requests and also one one or more of the devotions but I continue to struggle. I went through an unexpected break up over two months ago and the pain is still so hard. God has renewed my hope and strength over and over yet I still feel unbearable loneliness, confusion, and hurt. I feel like people are expecting me to just be okay or to be getting over it by now so I only talk to a select few that seem to be able to be patient with me and I try not to utilize their care too much so they don’t get tired of me. But I just can’t understand still why he left. Why he’s still gone. Why he can treat me like anyone else, like we don’t know such deep parts of each other’s souls. Yesterday he made a comment that shocked me because of his lack of awareness of himself and his emotions and needs and behaviors and it robbed me of hope for him. I know I need to surrender and release him to God and most likely need to accept he isn’t coming back but that just makes me more angry because I have all the words he said and promises made swirling around my head and I just don’t understand how he can just forget everything so easily. I need prayer for discernment, freedom from the suffocating depression, and hope, always hope.

    • Kristi,

      Everyone grieves loss in their own way & time. The evil one prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to devour whom he may. It appears he has your husband. Praying for God’s divine discernment to know what steps are next. Take time for soul care & be still to listen for His Whispers of Rest for your weary soul.

      Father help Kristen with her depression. Send her the hope she desperately needs. Pour your power & love on her. Help her to feel your loving arms surrounding her. Speak your whispers of rest & grace to her.


  88. Dear In Courage Team,

    My hubby is going through a stressful time now. They lost 3 techs at hospital & he’s having to work 1 extra day. That makes 44hrs. in 4 days (8,12,13,12.5). Add to that his father is having Stage III bladder cancer surgery April 23 (man is almost 90). Hubby goes once a week to help his dad out doing yard work. Hubby just tired of it all.

    Thanks everyone!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Lord, be with Beth’s husband during this time! Give him the strength, energy, and endurance he needs for the coming days/weeks. I humbly ask you to heal his father Lord! Guide Beth’s actions and words as she goes through these trias with the man you chose to be her partner in life. Bless you Beth!

  89. my dear friend, thank you for joining us in lifting our burdens to the Lord. Please pray with me for my daughter-in-law adjusting to her new-born daughter. She told me she resents her and how she takes her time away from her son. Yes, post-partum, she is seeking counsel. Praying for God to fill her heart with love.
    Thank you.

  90. Please pray for my husband to overcome alcohol addiction. It has taken him away from me and my family.

    • Almighty God, today I ask that you would turn the heart of Ingrid’s husband fully to you that he might recognize his chains to alcohol and seek freedom. May someone walk into his path this very day who can direct his steps to a facility, council, or other organization who can help him win the battle with alcoholism and reclaim his hurting family. Give him a heart of humility to admit his mistakes and the confidence in Jesus to know that he is an overcomer.

      Lord, I ask that you would comfort and strengthen Ingrid in this difficult time and grant her the peace that surpasses all understanding even as she walks through this trial. God, I ask that you would put women of God in her path to uphold her, encourage her, and help out with her family as they walk this journey together, hand in hand, eyes raised to you. Lord, as you work in her husband’s life, I pray that you would also be stirring in Ingrid’s own heart the open arms of forgiveness and grace that can only be found in you so that she can welcome him back with love. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

  91. I’d appreciate prayer for a healthy pregnancy. This is my fourth little blessing, and my body is doing some scary things, like growing a hard bone-like lump in my wrist. I’d really like prayer for that to dissolve. Thank you so much!

    • How blessed you are! I pray God’s Hand on you and this pregnancy and the precious, perfect baby that will be the outcome. You both are in his hands!❣️

    • Babies are such a blessing from God. Please be with April through this very difficult time. Please be with her baby to be healthy and that she will find the right doctor to figure out how to remove the lump in her wrist without harming the baby. Help her to seek your your wisdom in what to do.

  92. Please pray for our youngest daughter, Lisa. She has begun a relationship with a young man who we feel she has fallen for. Please pray God has his hand on this and that His will will be done. They both are in their thirties and have never been married so there are hurdles to overcome. Thank you!!

    • Lord, I lift Lisa up to you. Guide her and this man to remain faithful to you. Give Shari and her husband wisdom in their interactions with their daughter so they may serve as Godly role models. Bless you Shari!

  93. Please pray for me. I had back surgery in November 16 and ended up with a bleed in my cerebellum and also have a lot of stomach pain. . I seem to be stuck in my healing. I still have dizziness and lack of balance. I made a decision to accept the Lord into my heart and life when I was young. I have been feeling unrest in my soul. I need assurance and faith that I will be healed both physically and spiritually. My daughter is in Germany looking for work after quitting her job with a Christian organization over a year ago after being with them for over 15 years. My son and his wife are not making good decisions about their girls. They are helicopter parents and their life is focused on the girls instead of each other. They are both strong Christians but this is a complete blind spot for them. Thank you for prayer. Hope these aren’t too many issues.

    • Kathie, may the knowledge that our Lord is Jehovah Rapha, God our healer. May he heal all that plagues your mind, body, and soul! May He come alongside your children and guide them in their live so they may live seeking Him.

      • Thank you so much for your encouraging words Sara. The doctors hold little hope for me and Medicare quit paying for my vastubular PT. I get so discouraged. My mind wants to do.things but my body doesn’t want to co operate! I really appreciate your prayers. I need them.

  94. Lord, thank you for Beth! I pray that you would help her husband find peace with his situation and that you would also help his father get through his surgery. That you also would put your healing hands on his father and heal the cancer. I ask you this in the name of Jesus! Amen

    That really struck me! I have been harboring so much anger, resentment, loneliness, bitterness and sadness. I have felt this way for many years, but more so in the past year. In the past year I have become a caregiver to my 27 year old daughter. She has epilepsy and has been separated from her husband. She is constantly causing problems with my husband and I. We never have any privacy, we can’t talk without her listening. Then when her 2 kids come on the weekends, it’s supposedly my time to watch them because says she doesn’t feel right. I am also responsible for paying her phone bill. She can’t work, so we’ve been paying her phone bill which right now we can’t afford. I try to talk to my husband, but he doesn’t always agree with me. He sometimes takes her side and that really hurts.
    I have been dealing with this on top of having health problems of my own. I was hospitalized twice during this whole ordeal with her. Every time I pray about it, it seems like I’m still alone and that I can’t seem to find God or hear his voice. I have become very discouraged and very angry. Sometimes I even feel lost, like I can’t find my way home. I have no friends with whom I can talk with here at work or even outside of work. They don’t have time for me. I have longed for friends my whole life and now I have found some here at work, but they never have time for me. So I feel left out and very lonely. My life is a mess!

    • Father, I lift Gina up to you right now. Lord you know the details of everything going on in her life right now. The challenges, the financial burdens, the loneliness. Give Gina your peace, Lord, even in the midst of this hard situation. Lord I pray for better communication between Gina’s whole family. I pray that she and her husband would be able to unite as a team and discern what is best for their family right now. I pray for Gina’s health, that you would sustain her in all of the stress she is under. Father remind Gina that although she feels alone right now, you have promised that you will never leave her or forsake her.

  95. I’ve been feeling extremely worn out lately. I work in ministry and although it is often rewarding, there are many parts that are draining for an introvert and days that I wonder if I’m even reaching the kids I work with. In addition to that, I’m single and don’t have super strong community around me due to friends getting married and/or moving away. I feel like I could really use an Aaron and a Hur to hold up my arms right now. Please pray for wisdom with my job and for community in my area.

    • Jesus, I lift up Christina to you, and pray that you hold her close as she serves you daily. Thank you for the heart that you have given her, for the eyes that see the needs around her, and the spirit that seeks to glorify you. I pray for strength for her, and for new community that can only come from people united in you. Give her wisdom as she leads and works in your ministry, and help her to be faithful to the task you have put before her. Thank you for working in mysterious ways, and for promising to never leave your children. Amen.

  96. My routine physical today revealed a pelvic mass. I have an ultrasound tomorrow and am scared it will be bad news. I am 33, married, and have two sons (ages 3 & 5). Please pray that all is well.

    • I pray for wisdom & skill in all hands that touch you & treat your condition. I’m asking God to give you peace in knowing He has the power to guide you & any who help you through the healing process.

    • Praying for you Kate as you go to your appointment today. I pray that you sense God’s enveloping peace as you find out more about your health. I pray that the doctors will know exactly what your ultrasound shows, and the path forward on how to treat these results swiftly. And, I pray that your family and friends will circle around you at this time with loving support and encouragement. Lifting you up in prayer, and please know that you are not alone.

    • Thank you for your prayers. The ultrasound today revealed an orange-sized mass on my ovary, most likely a dermoid cyst. These are benign 98% of the time, but must still be removed since it could grow and cause problems. Surgery is likely in my near future. I will know more at my follow-up. Your continued prayers are appreciated!

  97. We’ve been cleaning up our finances for over 8 years…paying down & off debt. We are finally at a place where we can refinance our home down from the 8.75% interest rate we accepted 10 years ago during our poor decision season. We are waiting for an answer from the mortgage company.

  98. I’ve been crying out to God for over a year now to please heal my daughter who has myelodysplastic syndrome and autoimmune hepatitis – both of which are life-threatening. She is currently transfusion dependent, meaning that without obtaining blood transfusions (specifically red blood cells and platelets) every week, she will not live long. Eventually, however, the transfusions will no longer help because the units that she receives is beginning to increase each time. She goes tomorrow for a 3rd bone marrow biopsy to determine how bad the cancer cells are and they will make a determination from that as to the treatment. She was taking chemo for about 9 months when they first discovered the myelodysplastic syndrome and it seemed to take care of the cancer cells, but they’re back and each time she has a blood test done, the percentage increases. She is my only daughter and has 2 teenage boys that need her desperately. I’m currently her caregiver because her husband decided he didn’t want the headache, so she lives with me now. It’s devastating to watch your only child suffer the way that she suffers and I need strength every day just to make it through. I would love to see her healed!

    • Dearest Kim, I cannot imagine what you are going through. However, you are in my prayers! May God deliver your daughter and grant her complete healing from all that ails her!

  99. I have been battling a long season of anxiety. Please pray for my deliverance and healing. Pray that I will not lose heart in doing well. Pray that I will continue to renew my mind by taking every thought captive. Pray that I will be set free. Pray that I know and believe that whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

  100. I am about to go on an incredible life journey which will relocate me to live in a state I’ve never been to, to do a job I feel under qualified to do, to work for an organization I know very little about, all while living in the home of complete strangers. I will leave every thing and everyone I’ve ever known, everyone I love and care for to live out God’s will for my life. Prayers would most certainly be appreciated!

  101. I have been battling a life long struggle with feeling like something is wrong with me, battling health issues, having no friends outside of work and feeling like I’m not good enough for anything. Today was an extremely bad day with these feelings creeping up on me. I am now working with someone I worked with 10 years ago and I feel like I am being pushed out by her. She has only been here for a few months and already everyone just loves her to the point where one of the teachers I worked with last year made her, her own little area and also had her take a picture with the class. This is what makes me feel like I am not good enough anymore. Like I am invisible and left out. I just want to curl up and die sometimes because I don’t feel liked or appreciated. I have been working in special education for 15 years and have never been recognized for anything that I do. I am also afraid that she will win paraprofessional of the year and I will once again be left out. Then there’s my home life. I have now become caregiver to my 27 year old daughter who has epilepsy and is separated from her husband. I also have a husband who is an alcoholic and spends an enormous amount of money on beer and dip. Then when I want to buy something like yarn I am told no. I am trying to crochet blankets and other things to try and sell, but am losing all hope of that ever happening. I can’t even crochet right now because I have lost the joy it held for me. I just feel like I shouldn’t be in this world anymore because no one would miss me any way. Please pray for me that I will find joy in life again and all that I will find true friends that will like me for me. Also that my husband will stop drinking.

    • Gina, praying you feel God’s presence as you face these daily battles. The Bible says to cast your cares on Him and He will sustain you. Stay in close relationship with the Lord through prayer & redirect every concern to Him and He will make a way. God has placed you here in this time for a purpose and I believe you are making more of an impact than you know. God sees your dedication & hard work and His approval is the only thing we need. Rest assured God is delighted in you when you choose to press on and do everything in His name. Serve at your church or find a strong, biblical church to surround yourself with people who will lift you up. That’s where I found deep rooted friendship & have felt joy again. Praying for you!

  102. I am crying out to the Lord, because my husband has not find a job, financial hardship is real and I am still full time in school. I am desperate with no friends and no one to talk. Thanks