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Katie encourages others to find grace in the unraveling through her writing and speaking. Her book, Made Like Martha, is good news for get-it-done gals. She and her husband broadcast a quirky live show, from their hammock. Katie delights in her five children and is a fan of cut-to-the-chase conversations.

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  1. Beautiful truth from that little verse in I Corinthians–and what a glorious thing God has done in your life from that one little seed!
    Congratulations on publishing the Bible Study!

  2. As long as I’ve known you, here among these online spaces, you have always been one who notices and voices the gifts in others. Keep encouraging, my friend. And keep writing these sweet words. So excited to see the fruit from those planted seeds!

  3. Katie,

    Congratulations on the Bible study! God plants dreams/seeds inside us. We need people to help water them & nurture them. God tells us to encourage others. We should be willing to invest-get dirty-in others. Giving them hope for their journey. This world says be for yourself-be no.1 & Jesus calls us to reach out to assist others. May we all try our best to nurture hope & help plant seeds in others. You never know how far that seed may reach.

    Blessings 🙂

  4. Hello Katie,
    That really neat. But I find that when you invested in others outside the home the kids get left behind and the investment in the kids is not rewarding like on the outside of the home. Something to think about is making it a team effort to reach out with your kids being apart. So they get a glimpse of how God works. You might already be doing this. 🙂
    Take care and God bless

  5. When I was at a writer’s conference last year, I saw this played out over and over as those farther along in the writing journey poured into the ones who were newer to the process. I learned so much from the more experienced writers and authors and yet I could turn around and offer what I knew to someone just getting started.

    That is exciting news about your book, I already knew about it from your website and have been happy for you.

    My first book is coming out this fall and I am so grateful for all who planted seeds into my life to help get me here!

  6. I feel in some ways I have watched you grow up from across the online miles. When someone invests in our lives, we are given the chance to bloom. That is exactly what that one little seed has done for you. I can’t wait to see how this seed continues to grow.

  7. Love this dear friend! And you are always planting seeds of encouragement around you, so I love to see how you are paying it forward! Blessed by you Katie! p.s. cannot wait to get my hands on your book! Xoxo

  8. Like Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” I am in the midst, working, waiting and watching for a few things to bloom. Thanks for this picture of what a well-tended seed can blossom into, if given the time and space to grow.

  9. A delightful story of what God can do with one tiny seed of hope and encouragement. Congratulations, Katie! With you we’ll watch expectantly as the influence of your Bible study (or should I say “studies” because there are more to come?!) reaches wider and deeper than we could ever imagine!

  10. I was once a little worried about what influence I was having, the Holy Spirit encouraged me, sometimes you just have to sow seeds.