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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. I am NOT a good waiter, and I’m encouraged by your exhortation to wait well.
    So often, I have found myself returning to the words of Ann Voskamp about waiting: When you wait, do what waiters do: Serve.
    So, I’m trusting for grace to serve faithfully and well.

  2. I’m like you, I can wait for the material things I want, but find it much more difficult when it comes to aspiration fulfillment.
    I am so happy I found this site, these articles have been so encouraging to go deeper with God. You gals are saying the hard things, thank you.

    • Rachel, that blesses me so! I do my best to say the hard things in grace and love and with empathy.

      My waiting ebbs and flows depending on what I am waiting for. Aspiration fulfillment is super hard! Be encouraged! Take heart!

      I am so glad you found us! You are very much welcomed!!!

  3. Hello Karina, Thank you for your words of wisdom today! I like “God is never late and He’s never early. He’s always right on time.” I feel I have been off on my own timing all of my life – but, to God, HE KNOWS! That is quite refreshing, actually!

    • Nancy! I am so glad you feel that way! His desire is to refresh us and move on our behalf. It is hard to get to that place of trust, but it is so worth it when we do. We don’t have to strive or maneuver. We just follow His lead and are obedient.

  4. Karina, this is so appropriate for me today! I have gained more patience as the years have passed but as we desire to perhaps move closer to our grandchildren and plan for future retirement in the next few years, waiting on what God desires for us, can be difficult. Thank you for putting things in perspective!

    • You are so welcome Karen!

      I pray you and your husband actively wait…pray, serve and give in your season with eyes wide open to your next season. It will come at just the right time!

  5. Thanks for sharing this Karina. Been in a place of waiting for long for a lot of things…Most recently I am getting tired of waiting for a divine husband and life partner and it almost feels like I am #settling in this area because I am tired of waiting…This is a reminder to wait in Joy, Praise and Thanksgiving trusting God’s timing knowing that God is always on time…Thanks again for sharing this…God bless you…xxx

    • Ada Joe, thank you for sharing!

      I know that struggle all too well. My advice/words of wisdom for singles is to make the most of your season. I serve and disciple and travel and volunteer at my church and spend time with friends. I focus on the things God places in front of me and do my best not to focus on the timing of what might be. So far, it’s worked and helped me not to worry or fear. I have found such joy in committing to Him.

  6. I felt God had given me a calling me to write, and I was frustrated in the waiting of what I thought that dream would look like. Now, a couple of years later, I have two book proposals which are going nowhere, one finished book, a bunch of hard-fought writing about the desert I’ve been crawling through, some pieces on larger blogs like (in)courage, and no real idea of how God wants to use my writing. But I also have a son who’s been wandering from God and light, a daughter who got into her dream school with no real way to pay for it, and a husband with a scheduled surgery to remove a growth. God is calling me to dependence, and it’s worked. I’m on my knees. I give it all, because I cannot carry it. Now my platform and writing future seems like the smallest part of my life, but I know God can work miracles in it and all things if that’s His will. I am broken and shattered, and so are many of the people I love, but God is a builder of ruins. Amen.

    • Thank you for sharing Kerry! That is a lot to deal with.

      God’s will is always to do a work in you and through you. He has gifted you with skill and desire for purpose. That purpose is always to build His Kingdom, encourage others and further His Gospel. Rest in that truth. Trust His timing. Often there is a foundation that is laid in hard seasons for the greater work He has called us to. Hang onto peace and hope and joy in this season. Camp in His presence. Listen for His voice. Follow His leading.

      • Karina, thanks for your beautiful piece and your kind reply. I needed these words today, they were right on time! “God is never late and He’s never early. He’s always right on time. Expect good to accompany the dream.” I fully believe that this season is foundational, and I have real hope for how He’ll use it. Thanks again.

    • Kerry, I, too, have felt God’s calling to write. I have a book half completed, ideas for more. But as I was reading your comment, the Lord showed me that the calling He has given isn’t in writing books, but in writing to people. When friends go through hard times, He prompts me to write…not on paper, not hard copies, but messages of comfort and encouragement from Him. He prompted me to set reminders for when my friend was going through chemo for her breast cancer…every hour during her chemo treatments (for 12 weeks) I wrote to her, through texting, messages of encouragement and uplifting stories, scripture, and quotes that the Lord brought before me. Other things like that have happened to friends and always I write! Sometimes it is a card, but usually it’s a text or FB message. Yes, the Lord has called me to write, but not in the way I was expecting! I’ve been in a waiting pattern wanting to write for Him, but now He has revealed to me I’ve been writing for Him all this time! Thank you for your post, and I am praying that He will envelope you in His loving presence. You are overwhelmed with the cares of this world, but Jesus, himself said, “In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world!” John 16:3. Paul writes that we should “Be anxious for nothing, but in all things through prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4:6-7. Jesus also said that He will be with us to the end of the age. Paul writes that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Is this going to be easy? No!!! Contrary to a popular saying, God does give us more than we can handle so that we have to rely on Him. I have walked with the Lord through a miscarriage at almost 17 weeks and a brain tumor, as well serious physical ailments in my children and husband…so I know the Lord is faithful! But I couldn’t have done any of it without Him! Praying you will feel His loving presence with you today. Hugs!

      • Sandra, I feel the effect of your prayers and your kind words tonight. Thank you! I love what you said about the purpose of writing…for His people and His glory, amen!

  7. Karina, what a hard and good topic all at the same time! I’m not the best waiter, but I want to waste less time and use the waiting well. Thank you for sharing your heart and God’s Word!

  8. While I wait I serve. I serve in my home, my community, and my local church. I agree that digging deeply can be hard work, but necessary heart work. Acknowledging our sin and asking for God’s forgiveness is life-giving not just to myself but to those that I encounter each day.

    Most people don’t like to wait, but I understand that God in His providential care has made every crooked path straight according to His divine plan and not my own. I accept that yes and no are all His will. I trust open and closed doors are for my protection and direction.

    So, yes waiting for God’s best is the BEST way.

  9. Thank you for this! Much needed. I am waiting too on God in so many things ministry related and now personally. I am currently waiting for a job that keeps on delaying our start date for some reason. I prayed for it and I know God given me this job and i really want the position too, to gain experience and grow in it. But as i wait and the issues and needs rise in our family, i am now in a state of if i should just let go and find another job. I want God’s wisdom on this. And thank you, again i was reminded to wait and trust in the Lord. As i was also meditating on Ruth 3:18

    God bless you!

    • Thank you for sharing Clarice!

      Praying God does a deep and lasting work in this season of waiting. May you hear Him clearly and follow Him confidently. may He provide for you and your family in surprising ways!

  10. I know I have wrestled with waiting in times when God seems silent. The stanza below is the last stanza to a wrestling with waiting poem I wrote years ago.

    A godly silence is God at work!
    Working those things we cannot see
    But will see…
    If we have faith
    If we trust Him
    In the silence.

  11. Karina, thank you. This post truly blessed me. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever, and it certainly hasn’t been 40 years! I’m with you in hoping it doesn’t take that long for my God-sized dream to happen. I’m excited and hopeful, but I’m learning to focus on Him more and less on what I think He’s going to try to do next to bring about my dream. It’s like I run ahead of him and stand there waiting, asking, “Are you coming, Lord?” Only to realize He took another path and I was supposed to be with Him. But because I let go of His hand and took my eyes off of Him, I lost my way. Now He’s teaching me to stop trying to figure Him out (why in the world do I do that?!) and enjoy walking with Him. Relax. Rest. And wait for Him to do whatever it is He’s going to do…it’s a most precious time really.

    Blessings to you and thank you again!

  12. So thankful for this word today, Karina! Love the Message version of Psalm 130! Waiting is so hard for me as a Type A, achievement driven person. As someone who is 31 and single, this has been especially difficult at times. I don’t always understand God’s timing but I am so thankful for everything He teaches me in the waiting season. Praying for joy and peace for you as you wait on God for your dream as well.

  13. I have been praying 20 years this month for a husband 🙂 Now at age 45, I’ve been dating a great guy for 14 months (who I believe is my future husband). However, we haven’t yet formalized anything. I’m still waiting and it’s painful! I thought I’d be at peace once I ‘knew,’ but what I now know is that I’ll always be waiting for the next thing. What God is teaching me is to TRUST in Him, more and more all the time. And to rest. Let HIM do what needs to be done, as I can’t. It’s always about Him – as much as I want it to be about me and my pleasure and comfort, once we have given our lives to Him, He always has a bigger picture purpose, which is way more than my small dreams could ever be. We have to see in the light of forever, as God sees, or we can get so bogged down in the detail of the every day and lose sight of what is really going on – our need to really know HIM, and His refinement of us for His eternal purpose, not just for our short time here on earth. I pray God blesses all who are waiting..

  14. Karina,
    Exhaling!! I am currently in the waiting room. Waiting on a job decision and so wanted to reach out to the recruiter. I started to send an email and then didn’t as there was an impression to wait. I asked my husband should I and he said no wait. Then I pulled up my email and the word in the subject line hit me WAITING …then I read this devotion. Confirmation…Wait! So I wait. Thank you for Karina and her message from You to me. Wait!

  15. I’m a terrible waiter! I sit here in a hospital room with my daughter who just had a double lung transplant surgery. They told she’d be in the hospital only a few days, we are on day 20! Her one lung just hasn’t fully expanded so she must stay in the hospital until it does. We have to wait! I use my faith in God to get me through this time because I know the Lord will heal her in HIS time!

    • Debbie.. my prayers are with you and trusting God with you also!
      Be still and know.. psalm 46:10..
      remember where faith begins…anxiety ends and visa versa…peace He gives, perfect peace.. Isaiah 26:3.. kisses to your sweet baby girl! No matter how old or young.. always our baby girls:)

  16. Karina,

    I’m not patient at all. I can wait for “material” things. Waiting is hard for me. At this point in my life I thought I would have a good full-time job & life would be going along smoothly. Wrong! God had other ideas for me. He had me quit a good job to be a part-time caregiver for my aging dad. Near the end He was gracious enough to give me a good part-time job. Now I’m in the midst of helping my in-laws. FIL will have bladder cancer surgery April 23. MIL not super healthy herself. This must be the path God wants me on for now. We all go through wilderness/desert times. It is in those times we can learn things & grow closer to God. He purposely led the Israelites into the desert. Just as He has plans & purposes for our desert times. His timing is perfect. We may not like to wait. In those down times we can serve our fellow man & show the world His love!

    Blessings 🙂

  17. Waiting is so hard. And getting down to the nitty gritty of my sins is hard! I’m a single mom who struggles with depression… I recently realized that although I grew up in a Christian home, i believed, I would be condemned to hell if I did not agree that everything I said and did was sinful and I needed to change and live according to my mom’s idea of a good Christian instead of developing my own relationship with God.

    At 43 years old, I have spent the last 20 years trying to understand what made me such a terrible person. My mom is now scaring my kids with her fears of doctors, sugar and vaccinations. I have struggled to find my purpose and align with the loving God I know exists… I now understand these fears of not being perfect get in the way of aligning myself with His plan for my life.

    I have been caight in a fog of sin, pain and suffering. The hardest part for me has been accepting that i do not have to be perfect to be forgiven. And that I am still worthy of love and life even though I am a human, and by nature am sinful.

    Once I understood I am ok just how I am, I can now feel His presence guiding me. I am in a really tough situation. Recovering from the poor belief system of my childhood and trying to raise 2 kids on my own while not being able to support us financially. I would definitely say I am in a season of waiting. I keep dreaming life will be peaceful and I can be successful in my career and have a loving partner by my side. All the while having to ask forgiveness from my unrealistic expectations that my own kids are not perfect, and that it is ok. They are not meant to be perfect and God loves them just how they are.

    Just getting to this place of feeling Gods presence while i wait has been a long journey for me. I am tired of waiting. Now that I see my wrongdoings, I am unrealistically expecting once again that everything should now be wonderful. And it’s not. So I wait. I cry out to God for patience and more acceptance. At least this time, I know what I am asking for. I no longer believe I am doomed! And, during this season of waiting, I get to be a light. I can share my journey and help others see how someone like me who always believed in God but was still very, very lost yet, found my way to alignment with God. I may not have it all figured out, but I have hope that I will be blessed soon enough.

    Although I wait. I also LIVE my life’s purpose – God’s will for us to be a light in the world. I get pummeled with pain daily, and it bumps me off course. I forget my purpose and how to live it. But i am lucky that i now see that painful things keep me from God and I can accept that i am not perfect, and God will forgove me as long as i do my best to ask. And if i keep accepting and asking forgiveness, i get to experience His abundance of love right now, during this wait!

    Thank you for bringing up this topic!!! It really made me reflect on what it is that I am waiting for. Maybe my life is meant to be messy, and the wait is an opportunity to accept my humanity and keep living in spite of the mess!