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Christie and her husband have 3 boys that keep them on their toes, and she is the Director of Children’s Ministries at her church in Canada. She writes online about family faith and discipleship, and her first children’s picture book (Quinn’s Promise Rock) releases in early 2019.

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  1. Christie,
    Wow what a story, what a journey, what a word….Lifegiver. So many of us when called by God, do a Jonah and run in the opposite direction. God obviously gave you the grace to stand up and say, “Here I am Lord; send me.” I’m so glad the mom, you spoke of, found a match. I pray for whomever you may be called to give life to, that God would strengthen you and uphold you with His peace. I know He’s already smiling over His obedient servant. Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey thus far….would love to know how this story ends. You will need to write again when/if you are called to donate!
    Bev xx

    • Wow! Just want to second what Bev and others have said, that I’d love to hear how this story turns out! Bless you for having such a willing heart and for setting an example for the rest of us.

    • There’s sweetness and wisdom in your words Bev. I experienced peace simply by reading your words of encouragement to this obediend sister in Christ. You are bearer of peace. Our world needs words of wisdom/encouragement, peacefulness and love from our Lord, spoken over us.

  2. I am speechless.
    Thank you, Christie, for listening to the Lord when He spoke a word of direction over your life. It’s so easy to dismiss direction that sounds outrageous, even as we sit under the grace of an outrageous love that has rescued us from ourselves.
    Blessings to you!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story Christie! It challenges and encourages me to more willing to give of myself to bless others. Praying for God to bless you tenfold.

  4. Luke 12:48 has been on my mind also…..Good Father, Make me brave for whatever you have planned for this walk. Apart from you, I can do nothing……Thank you, Christie, for putting that verse in front of me once more. I’ll be praying for you and your walk in the coming months as well. Your courage is inspirational.

  5. Christie,

    Thank you for your beautiful act of selflessness. Your story is near to my heart.. in July of last year (2017), my (now) fiancé was diagnosed with end stage renal failure at the age of 29. It was completely abrupt and he had no obvious symptoms. Him finding out was purely by chance (and God’s perfect timing). As you know, having seen the process, for someone to find a matching donor is often a long and difficult process. His mom decided to go through the testing to see if she could donate. In October 2017, my fiancé was approved to be on the list. In November 2017 his mom was approved as his donor. And then, just this past January, they underwent the transplant surgery. The surgery was flawless and he is recovering very quickly.

    My first instinct too was to try to donate, but after much conversation, he and I agreed that one of us needed to remain intact should our future children ever need the same lifesaving surgery.

    The speed of the process from diagnosis to surgery is completely miraculous and mostly unheard of. But through that whole time I prayed and prayed and then banded everyone I knew together to pray as well. God carried us through this and still continues to.

    So thank you for your donation. It is willing hearts like yours have have given me and my fiancé the chance to marry, start a family, and build a life of our own.

    All the Best,

  6. This is beautiful and I’m so happy to see your sweet face here.
    Thanks for the reminder of how God speak and works.

  7. Your story is inspirational! Thank you for following God’direction and encouraging us to do the same, even though we may not all become donors. I am praying for the person who may receive the blessing og your Lifesaver gift. May you be encouraged and blessed in the journey.

    • I’m sure that very few will become donors, but that’s ok because God calls us all to our own journey! Thanks for the encouraging words. 🙂

  8. Wow wow wow! What a beautiful testimony of obedience. God called me to give Him my womb. In this He told me too, I am a lifegiver. In surrendering my womb I have brought forth 6 children who will be trained in the admonishion of the Lord. Obedience does “cost” us something but it pales in comparison to the cost He paid for us. Blessing to you as you continue to give yourself away.

  9. Dear Christie,
    Your amazing story also made me think of Hannah, who pleaded the Lord for years, for a child. God heard her cries and she too, was a LifeGiver . For me, it’s hard to imagine that following my baby’s birth and dedication to the Lord, literally taking my child to live with the priesthood. Even as child, Samuel heard and obeyed the call of the Lord, helping to save the nation of Israel! God truly is our LifeGiver as He sacrificed His only Son, Jesus so we could have eternal life.

    God’ blessings to you for sharing your story, encouraging us to be LifeGivers, using the life we’ve been given to bless and help others!

  10. Thank you for sharing, for stepping out in faith and following the calling that you heard from God. It is rare that we hear of stories like this–incredible, inspiring, life-giving and truly supernatural and inspired stories of faith–and to share those stories and still point to God as the hero is really wonderful. Your post today not only moved me close to tears of aw-inspired joy; not just that you would even consider giving a body part to a stranger, but that God has been working this plan for that long. That He gave you a hint of it years before the plan actually came to fruition.
    Christie, thank you for giving encouragement to us all to follow God’s calling even when it sounds crazy (as it quite often does) to us and impossible, or as if we /surely/ can’t be the ones He’s referring to.

  11. God is always the hero but your reflection of His heart reminds me of Him, and that’s our daily vocation. Beautifully written as well.

  12. Christie, what a devotional!! I needed this message today. Thank you for being obedient to what The Lord has called you to do: to be a Lifegiver. I will also pray that I am obedient to whatever He calls me to do as well.

    Praise God for Whom All Blessings Flow!

    In Him,
    Lara <

  13. Christie, I’m especially touched by your story because my own sisters has been on the receiving end of a life-saving kidney. In her case, my mom was thankfully a match and able to be her donor, but if she wasn’t, my sister would have likely had to rely on the generosity of a stranger. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging all of us to ask the Lifegiver how He might want us to partner with Him. Blessings to you as you wait for the next chapter in this story to unfold.

  14. This was a beautiful story, Christie! It spoke encouragement and life to me, just through the words God gave you.
    Prayers for your upcoming surgery, and for the plans for the life God has called you to save. Oh, how that speaks to the love He has for someone (and of course, all of us) – that He called you to step forward to save their life four years ago! He is amazing!

  15. Praying for your health the next while and a smooth recovery for both you and whomever is the recipient of your kidney. I would actually recommend a massage before surgery to help you sleep and for improved circulation. The night before woud be perfect… you could even book me if you want info.??

  16. Thank you so much for your life-giving action and obedience to God’s call for you. I will be praying for you for a successful surgery and speedy recovery, as well as for the person who will be receiving your kidney. It’s already been blessed by the Lord!

  17. I have found that often He is just wanting to know you are willing, you may never been needed to give a kidney, but should someone be in need like my neighbor who also had a liver transplant, I know they will be glad you are there.

    • For sure! The surgery is scheduled for March 21, but who knows what could happen in the meantime. I’ll keep walking until He says stop. 🙂

  18. Christie, thank you for sharing your story. It’s a reminder that the Lord calls us to give ourselves away – each in a different way. We have to listen for and heed His direction. How blessed you are for doing just that. I know the Lord has already gone before you on March 21. I pray He’ll continue to keep you.

  19. Wow, this story gave me the chills and made me want to cry! What a God given heart and purpose you have! Thank you for reminding us what it truly means to give our lives for Jesus. Praying all goes well and that God continues to bless you (and someone else) with health and the joy of salvation!

  20. Christie,

    What an awesome testimony! Praying for the surgery to go well!! May God guide the surgeon’s hands & give everyone peace. I’m not queen Esther or job. God calls me & I go sometimes unwillingly. He has had me on a path of caring for aging parents. From 2007-2017 I looked after both my aging parents. Hard task when dealing with severe dementia. Some days were good & others not so. Now I find myself cast back in the fire. My in-laws are not doing good. FIL has Stage III bladder cancer & will have surgery April 23. Also he has cold or possible pneumonia. MIL has cold & other health issues. Helping hubby care for them. Doing what I can , when I can, as often as I can, for as many as I can.

    Blessings 🙂

  21. Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers! Last Wednesday the surgeons took my kidney and gave it to the recipient. They seem confident that it was a success. ❤️❤️❤️

  22. My current “two of something” is rooms in my home. My 2 adult daughters have moved back in temporarily, my niece who was kicked out of her living situation, and a teenage single mom. I’m not sure how long any of them will be here (well, my one daughter is getting married at the end of April!), but it did take a death to a dream of opening a B&B to make this happen. Or should I say the delay of a dream. Yes, it is a sacrifice. Going from an empty nest to a full house is quite the reversal and an adjustment. But it also seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. People can’t understand it. Some say they could never do it. But like you’re saying, when God is calling you to it, there’s just no turning back. In spite of the difficulties. So thank you for sharing your journey and allowing me to share a bit of mine. Perhaps others will be inspired to listen to the crazy ideas that God pops into their heads or gives them opportunities to get involved in.

    • I so agree with you! Here’s hoping that more people listen to God’s voice, His ‘crazy’ ideas are the best!!

  23. When I first read the story, I thought it was a little loopy…I’m sure you’ll forgive me, as I know the thought has crossed your mind. But the more I get to know God the more I realise that obedience to God often looks and feels loopy! I was challenged the other day to do something ‘silly’ but it was so ridiculous that I knew I wouldn’t have thought it up myself. And in my spirit I sensed that God was saying, ‘Will you obey me even if you don’t understand?’ Then I knew for sure it was Him. So I did it. It was a first step, it built my faith, and I now know that next time I won’t hesitate as much because I know what His voice sounds like. God bless you for your obedience, it’s so encouraging hearing about other people’s testimony!

    • Haha, yes I definitely thought it was utterly crazy! But the Bible (and history) is full of people that God called to do crazy things, and I’m honoured to follow in their footsteps. 🙂 So glad to hear you are going the crazy route as well. 🙂