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Brianna is a wife and mom to three little ones. She enjoys using her writing to work out the truths God is teaching her each day and hopes it encourages others to develop a hunger to know their Savior more. You can find more of Brianna's writing paired with her...

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  1. Perfect words for me this morning, Brianna, as my husband and I slog through Leviticus together. So much metal and sea cow hides; so much finely twisted linen. Thanks for reinforcing the Truth that all of this was merely a picture of a great salvation that was still in the future, but which is now part of our story. Blessings to you!

    • Michele,
      I am so glad it was encouraging! Yes what a beautiful picture of his grace- and since writing this I have even found such beauty in the protection and care some of these rules given to his people at the time. They also remind us of the seriousness of our sin which makes the cross so much sweeter.

      We will keep pressing on together, what a gift God gives us in his word!

  2. Brianna,
    I echo yours and Michele’s comments. I set upon reading through the Bible again as well. This is a little different plan, but still takes you through the Old Testament first. Whether slogging through Leviticus or listening to Job drone on and on….I see hints everywhere of the Redeemer to come. Knowing how the “story” ends, it’s fun to see hints of it all throughout the Old Testament. I love the foreshadowing all throughout these older chapters in our history and then to see it envelope and come to fruition is truly awe inspiring. I love your message of “hang in there…the greatest part is yet to come.” Living Word, indeed!
    Bev xx

    • Bev,

      My thoughts as well! What a gift God has given us. I am truly humbled to read something over and over yet still learn and process in ways I never realized. What a joy to know we will never tire of learning more of who our Savior is!

      • thank you for the daily encouragement…sometimes isolation creeps in, even though there are people all around!
        His WORD reinforces daily how blessed we are to have each other and HIS WORD!

  3. That is my trouble: I think I have to have the big emotional moment. If I’m not moved to tears or sitting stunned by a realization, I think it’s less than, but you are right. God is working. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Kendra,

      Yes, I am so thankful and must remind myself often of the work he is doing in me, even if it seems hard to see (Philippians 1:6 is always brought to my mind!). In the most difficult days of reading what helps me is asking questions like, what does this say about who God is? What does this say about who I am? Maybe they don’t give us an epiphany at the moment, but they build upon each other and inform our views as we seek to understand and know our Savior.

      Thankful to be faithfully learning and growing along with you! 🙂

  4. This made me smile on several levels, starting with nighttime gymnastics! I’d never heard those rituals so aptly expressed. You brought back fun (and interesting!) memories of raising our daughter. . . . the bedtime stories she never wanted to end, the many requests for water, etc. (My real gymnastics with her, however, occurred later, as I tried to “wrestle” her into a tutu for those dancing lessons; but I digress). For a number of years now, not being in a specific Bible study, I have read the Bible through in a year, often in a one-year Bible. But this year, I’m employing one of Ligonier’s reading plans, taking my time as I go through larger sections of the OT, then switching to smaller sections of the NT, and back again. And guess what? Today I start Leviticus! How timely is your post. I had started to find the second half of Exodus tedious, and was relieved to move on temporarily to Matthew. It’s not that I don’t relish the OT. I do–many sections of it. But like you, I anticipated a Leviticus letdown. Still, even as I read those places in Exodus, God reminded me of all they symbolized–of the rich truths to which they pointed. So yours is a very timely post for me, and I will pray that God will remind me of the beauty of Christ’s sacrifice and that now there is no need for bulls and blood. He paid the final sacrifice for my sin (and yes, this, too, is sobering for me to realize why He paid that price). That should make any believer smile. And finally, Brianna, I smiled because I love your name. Your parents did well! 🙂

    • Lynn,

      Your comment made me smile as well!! I know I will look back on the bedtime gymnastics and miss them too 🙂 And yes, oh, what a Savior we have!!! Even hearing you write makes me smile, sobering indeed, yet such a cause to rejoice. I just love how each year we get older, each year we read more and more we just get to behold his beauty deeper and deeper! 🙂

      Thanks for blessing me with your words!

  5. Brianna,

    I have read through the Bible several times. Each time something new comes alive. I also do Bible studies at church. That helps me understand the word better. God uses everything to deepen our understanding of who He is and how He works. I have come to understand this: God uses imperfect people for His Kingdom. It is ok to “slog” through some books of the Bible. Just make sure you are reading it daily. Reading devotions, watching TV preachers has also helped me understand the Bible better.

    Blessings 🙂

  6. I appreciate your affirmation that we mustn’t set up unrealistic expectations to experience epiphanies every day during Bible study. You are right: “God is using every piece of our study to slowly deepen our understanding and knowledge of Him.” Amen, Brianna!

  7. Yes, I doing the Leviticus thing right now, too. And then I turned to the Psalm for the day and read, “You take no delight in sacrifice or offerings. Now that you have made me listen, I finally understand you don’t require burnt offerings or sin offerings. Then I said, ….I take joy in doing your will , my God, for your instructions are written on my heart.” It is so wonderful to read both the Old Testament and the New along with a Psalm and Proverb for the day. It all seems to then come together for me.

  8. Brianna, you had me at “nightly gymnastics.” Yes ma’am. Aptly put! 🙂 I loved your message to have realistic expectations of how God teaches us, how He builds our faith in the trudging through the difficult and sometimes *ahem* boring passages. He is boring holes into our hearts to hold the love He wants to pour into them. And how sweet that is. One of the most freeing passages in all of scripture, for me personally, came from trudging through Numbers. It’s been awhile since I remembered that. Thank you. And thanks for this beautiful post!

  9. I used to hate reading all that, but knowing Jesus was that Lamb and offering and comparing it to what He went through made me think again, And I used to pass through names all ” ites “,but I like Hebrew word studies.