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Emma is a student and young writer who is passionate about crafting truthful words. She loves coffee, pearls, literature, and sunshine. Emma finds joy in sharing the hope of the Gospel. When she’s not too busy writing essays, Emma has fun writing creative stories and blogging.

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  1. Emma,
    Thank you for this reminder to end my prayers with “so be it.” The “so be it” also challenges me to pray in accordance to God’s will for my life….not my will. When I am hit with new circumstances – be they good, bad, challenging, scary….I need to search His Word and seek the inner guidance of the Holy Spirit so that my prayers will be in accordance with His will. Ultimately, I believe, that no matter what we are going through, His will is that we would draw close and rely and depend upon Him – knowing that He is our good, good Father and has our best in mind. I also love this: “For all the promises of God find their Yes in him.” Where do we turn when change intersects our path?….we turn to the One who provides the Yes to all the promises He’s given us. We may not understand God’s reasoning, but thank you for the reminder to keep going back to the One who has all the answers.
    Bev xx

  2. Emma, this is so beautiful! Thank you for putting words to change- and for walking us through your journey as a kind sister with her eyes on Jesus.

  3. Beautiful Truth -> ” …let go of the false promises of the world to hold tight to the promises of His Word. ”
    It’s a two step process, and many are lost in the middle of it.
    Thanks for sharing your great beginning in this business of riding the waves of change.

  4. Emma,

    Great truths to cling to. We should always pray like Jesus “not my will but yours O Lord.” Life is hard & change is inevitable. God will see us through it all. His plans are far better than ours. We must learn that some changes are temporary & He will never leave us there alone. He will walk through all the trials of this life with us. That’s why it is so important to have His word hidden in our hearts. When change or trials come we can readily recall them, be assured & calm through the storms of life. This world offers a lot of promises-trouble is they are fleeting like chaff in the wind. God’s promises are real & lasting. Hang on to them!

    Blessings 🙂

  5. Thank you for your insight concerning the seasons of life. Our family started the new year anticipating seasons of calm and drama free events. Two days into 2018 I saw this was not to be the case. So be it. My daughter’s husband blindsighted her (left her by text message) and was gone by the time she got home from work. She is on the other side of country and away from family. “ So be it!” Everyday brings new challenges from other family members as well. The uncertainties of life has drawn us into His steadfast love. So be it,

  6. All I can say is…Amen! . It’s exactly what I needed to hear this morning. God is so very faithful. Thank you for reminding me He is always in control, and He is forever by my side.

  7. Emma, thank you for this timely reminder that God’s plans are above ours and that we can trust Him. The readings in Jesus Calling today reflect the same theme and my heart is called to believe it for me and mine as we walk a pretty winding road with no clear end.Thank you!

  8. Thank you, Emma for these beautiful words today. Change hits us hard no matter what our age is. God does promise, though, that he will never leave us. He is in our beginning, middle and end.

    Perfect words for me to reflect on this morning! Happy weekend to you!

  9. Thank you for this beautifully stated word, definitely a word I needed to hear and be reminded of. Knowing the Alpha and the Omega will complete what He starts and what He finishes with our best interest at heart, and that He never leaves us or forsake us, that His promises are yes and amen. God provides. So be it. Amen.

  10. Thank you Emma for this Saturday sharing – my word for 2018 is BRAVE – as I begin my day, I say bring it on – and as I reflect more deeply on your sharing, I am reminded that through all of my beginnings, endings and in-betweens, Heavenly Father has always blessed me with His presence and unfailing love – I have come to realize that in the end there is no end only a new beginning – bring it on – come what may – so be it – blessings to all of my dear sister friends xo

    • Debra,
      Brave is such a powerful word. May we all say bring it on and so be it wherever God leads us. We are all sharing in this journey of life. Amen.

  11. Emma,

    Thank you for reminding me to end my prayer with “So be it” and I hope I as well I can follow His plan when He presents it and not lose sight of Jesus. I long for the courage and faith that is presented to us everyday.

    You are so brave! xo

  12. I love this: “The Lord has been showing me what it means to let go of the false promises of the world to hold tight to the promises of His Word.”
    Let go only to hold tighter to something better!!

  13. I think this is the first thing I’ve read from you! It’s absolutely beautiful, you’re so right! I’ve really been trying to focus on trusting the Lord more and more, because I tend to trust myself instead, and that doesn’t really work out in the long run! I think you’re awesome and I’m so glad you’re pursuing creative writing because that’s obviously something you’re really gifted in! Love you girlie!

  14. I really love the idea that “change forces us to face the tension between our desire to hold on and the plan God has for our next step.” It is so true and as I find my way in the midst of that tension, your words were an encouragement to me today!

  15. I love this translation of the word “Amen”! What a great reminder that even at the end of every prayer, we are agreeing with God for His will to be done. I have been walking a very long road of suffering and hardship. May this season of my life be marked with the words “so be it, Lord” for I desire His will more than mine!

  16. dear Emma, Thank you for pointing us to our truth, HIS plan, HIS will for our lives. I appreciate the encouragement and the reminder to seek ye first the kingdom of God … and I thank you also for sharing you’re thoughts with us, you are a wonderful writer. Enjoy the SONshine . Jayne (Canada) ‘So be it Lord’

  17. Thank you everyone for the kind comments! This (in)courage space is such a beautiful community of women seeking Jesus together. Prayers for you all! So be it…

  18. “When everything is uncertain and unfamiliar, we find rest in the steadfastness of the Lord.”
    Such a great reminder of God faithfully being with us in every season.
    PS I don’t see anybody reference to a personal blog? Do you write somewhere else?