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  1. Ladies of (in)courage!

    We have had “the 12 days of Christmas” song on repeat at my house since my younger sister set out to commit the days to memory… We have even taken to making our own parody finding 12 different things the Good LORD blessed us with this year. (So much fun!)
    If I happened to be blessed with one of these packs, I would gift it to the amazing woman I now call Mom. Because, like 99.9% of us she loves coffee and also because she spends every second of every day focused on the needs of others, serving and caring for her family and loved ones. I love perpetual calendars because they remind you to stop and think about why and for Whom we do what we do. I don’t know where, or who, I’d be without my Mom. The relationship I have with my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ today is because of her. She inspires me every day to be a better woman of God. Proverbs 19: 20-21. Proverbs 31. Thank you (in)courage for prompting this moment of intentional gratitude… I pray your day is blessed. Happy birthday Jesus!

    This side of Heaven,
    Summer Rae

  2. These gifts are precious, I would give one to my daughter who is struggling right now in her marriage and juggling 3 kids, homeschooling and a business.

  3. I would give to my soon to be daughter-in-law, Alexis…her dad just passed suddenly at 49…keeping the Faith!

  4. I would give it to my daughter. She works so hard throughout the year, raising and schooling our grandkids.

  5. I would love to give my daughter the Sadie Robertson set 🙂 She loves to draw and write, adores magnets and loves to share scriptures with others. So that $12 pack would be perfect!

  6. I would give one to my friend who is off work due to illness. She is usually a very active person so being unwell has been frustrating although she continues to lean on God & trust Him on this journey.

  7. God bless you, Dayspring! My sister Lori would be blessed to receive a gift from you!!! It would minister to her spirit at this time of year, as she has moved from CA to OH and misses her son and granddaughter.

  8. Merry Christmas…. My sister’s birthday is Dec 19 and she is my Angel on earth always guiding me towards the Lord .. I would give her ONE of the 12 day gift packs

  9. I would give one to my sister who is my best friend, supporter and encourager despite battling MS and being a cancer survivor. I am blessed to have her in my life.

  10. I would give one to my oldest daughter, who is always there for us and everyone in the family. She has a January birthday (6th) and seems to get short changed for that very special day.

  11. I would love to win the “Live It Up” with the highway to give to my dear sweet husband, who drives a truck and ministers on the road. Thanks for the opportunity to win something. I love the 12 days of Christmas song and we sing it every year at our choir Christmas party.

  12. I would share this with one of my sisters. They are all so great to help me out! Since I lost my husband, they’ve always been willing to pitch in, or take my littles if I had a meeting run late. I couldn’t ask for better sisters!

  13. Hello (in)courage! I would give one to my sweet mom! She is such a blessing to me and everyone she meets! She loves Jesus and coffee (in that order! :->), so any of those gift sets would be the ticket! God Bless all y’all! <

  14. I have a few friends I would love to send some of these. One particular friend is battling depression and I’m praying this will help encourage her.

  15. This would go to be sister-in-law who has a lot on her plate right now! She could definitely use the encouragement!!

  16. I would give one to my daughter, who sometimes forgets to pause in her busy-ness to remember God’s goodness.

  17. I would give one of these gift packs to a good friend or perhaps my daughter whose faith is waivering.

  18. I would love to give one of these gift bundles to my best friend who lives far away from me! She is such a blessing and encouragement to me!

  19. I would love to give a bundle to my brother or my sister-in-law. They are huge blessings to me and my daughter. I am a single mom with endless health issues and medical bills and cannot afford much this year. Any gifts I could win and give would be a much needed and appreciated blessing.

  20. Merry Christmas Everyone!
    I would give one of these gifts to my precious little sister, Cynthia. She has recently given her heart and soul to Jesus Christ!

  21. Thank you for the generous giveaway! My family loves the Peanuts gang. If I win that package, I would give it to my daughter or my mom. Blessings on your ministry, (in)courage!

  22. I would give the Words of Encouragement gift pack to the people participating in my church’s Secret Prayer Pals. I would put it on their table by their mailbox and they could use it to encourage each other anonymously as they pray for each other daily throughout the year until they reveal themselves at the end.

  23. This would put a sparkle in my mother. She has had a hard time of it of late and with Christmas and her birthday coming upon us she is missing my father (who recently passed).

  24. I would give one to my friend, Heather, who works so hard not only at her full-time outside the home job but as a mama. She has overcome so much and is a blessing.

  25. These look lovely! I’d give one to my friend Vanessa. She’s a mom of 8, works full time, plus serves at church. Yet she still finds time to pour and invest into me, in sweet ways. I’d love to remind her what a gift she is to me and others and help her take care of that gift!

  26. I would give one to my best friend – college roommate from years ago who lives 3 hours away from me now.

  27. I would give one to my dear bible study friend who is going through a very challenging time right now.

  28. I’ve got a friend who’s now at a long distance, but who’s having a rough time this year – depending on which gift, I’d likely send it off to her!

  29. Such lovely gifts to share with someone special. I have two friends who are seriously ill. I would give one to my ill friend Anna. I buy a couple more, gift one to my ill friend Misti and last one for myself since today is my birthday and the first day of the twelve days of Christmas.

  30. I would give the kit to a friend who is battling with cancer for the second time. I am getting a care package ready to send for Christmas. Would be great to add it to it.

  31. I’d wrap it and stick it in my car as I’m sure I’ll run into someone that I will want to give a gift but did not know I would see this season. Usually I make a little basket up with two or three fun things and any of these would be darling for that.

  32. I would mail one to one of my dear friends in Florida, who loves a good cup of tea and the written word. We don’t always exchange gifts, but I know any of these would be well-loved by her!

  33. I’m close friends with a graduating high school senior and have been looking for things like this to gift her with all year. It’s my way of saying that I believe in her, that she is strong enough to complete what is before her, and to fill her everyday with little reminders of my love (and by extension, our family’s love) for her.

  34. I would definitely give it to my friend Beth in the Santa Barbara are. She is a long-time (in)courage reader (probably since its inception) … and is probably not breathing the greatest air with all the fires surrounding the area. 🙁

  35. To my totally deserving mom! She has inspired me to be the lady I am today! The love she shares for others and reaching out to help when needed and to stand fervently when times get tough and to stay focused on needs above necessities! I would love to gift her these lovely set(s) as a small token of appreciation that she too deserves a daily inspirational reminder of how much she is appreciated and loved! ♡

  36. I would give this gift to a good friend whose mother was diagnosed with cancer and she fears a life without her. I’m praying she will find God’s overwhelming love she waits.

  37. I would love to bless our grandson who is a ASU Campus Minister here in AZ with this One Way – Mug, Journal and Gift Bag Set for Christmas. We are so very proud of what God is doing in & through his life. God is good.

  38. I would give one to my sweet cousin Nichole who has experienced much loss and tragedy this holiday season. And needs prayers abs encouragement. Just sent her a link to this site yesterday and I pray it will lift her spirits!

  39. I would give it to my daughter… She’s the pastor of a small congregation of older folks. Doing a great job, but encouragement is always appreciated!

  40. I would give it to my very good friend who is handling a full time job and two toddlers without ever taking a minute to think about herself.

  41. I would give one to my sister-in-law. She’s got three kids and is going back to school, so I think she could use a little (in)couragement. 😉

  42. Christmas Greetings, I would love to win and I would share these gifts with a few sister friends that would be blessed in their walk.

  43. I would give it to a dear colleague who is an enthusiastic seeker who can use some encouragement in her walk.

  44. I can recommend the Esther 4:14 set, For such a time as this. I gave them as gifts, $12 is a great price. If I win a prize, my mother gets it. Her birthday is Wednesday, and she deserves an extra one.

  45. Anything journal grabs my attention. These are beautiful with the lovely mug to go with. There are several dear ones on my list who would be a perfect fit to receive one. My first thought is my long-time friend, serving as a post-partum doula. She share so many stories of her encounters with these new moms. Treasures all.

  46. It would partly depend on what it was- but my sister or my mum most likely. I currently am not doing presents for Christmas this year though, so it would be a just because I love you gift.

  47. My daughter or our Pastor; I’m not sure which of these incredible women I would gift it to yet!

  48. I would give this gift to my dear who is a breast cancer survivor. Her optimistic attitude has been truly amazing.

  49. I have several ladies that would be greatly encouraged by one of these, it’s very difficult to know…. however, my friend Sara has come off the mission field and I think would benefit greatly from this blessing. Thank you for your generosity!

  50. I’d give the pack to my daughter. She’s living on her own far away from home, working long hours to make ends meet, and usually has to work on Sundays so is unable to attend church. I’d love for her to have an encouraging devotional or calendar to remind her of God’s love every day.

  51. I would give the set to one of two friends who are walking with me in women’s ministry. They have encouraged me to keep the faith during a very hard year.

  52. I would gift this to a family in need, who would not only have a gift to open on Christmas morning, but would he reminded of God’s goodness and Grace even durinf those times we feel so alone and helpless.

  53. I would love to give this to my mom, or my mother in law. They would both love the set. Thanks for the chance!

  54. I would give one to my friend. We call each other foxhole friends. We’ve been through quite a lot together and prayed for each other through a lot of battles in life.

  55. I would gift it to my sister.

    Thanks for your lovely items and all that you do in this site. I read your blog posts every morning and they are a true blessing to my day.

  56. I would give one to a bunch of people! My grandma, mom, sister, daughter, school teachers, Sunday School teachers and friends!! Thank you 🙂

  57. I would love to give one to my Husband.
    I want him to know how much he is loved and appreciated, not only by me, but especially by God as well.