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MaryLynn is a writer and blogger with a heart for ministry and using words to encourage others. She frequently writes about life with chronic illness and disability, wading through thoughts about suffering and life’s challenges on her blog, Letting Go of Why.

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  1. I was reminded, MaryLynn, of Paul’s words about the comfort we are able to give to others because of the comfort we’ve received in Christ. Like you, I’m not all that thrilled to be in a position of need (ever), and yet when God meets us there, He comes with power that enables us to be conduits of His wonderful grace to others. Thank you for being part of the flow!

  2. Reading this was such a huge comfort to me this morning as I sit here with my heating pad. I need to be remined that nothing Christ does is ever without reason. I’ve been incredibly blessed in my life but sometimes it’s all to easy for me to lose sight of those blessings, especially when in pain. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for this good word of encouragement, so timely and just the reminder we who have walked the road of disability that all things are workinking together for good because God is good and He will not abandon the good work that He has begun in each of us. For His glory, all is grace to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.
    He has a good plan for each of us, and He will do it.

  4. MaryLynn,
    What a hand of grace and mercy you were to that little boy. That was certainly a God moment. I’m sure God has used you in many ways to reach others as you persevere through the “thorn in your side” as Paul would say. You bring hope and encouragement to others. I have seen, in my own life, how God has used me to minister to others who are going through divorce, live with mental illness, have had numerous surgeries, deal with prodigals, etc. It’t up to us to either let bitterness rule the day or shine a light to others in the dark that says if you utterly, totally depend and rely upon the Lord and abandon your will to Him, He will see you through (emphasis on through) whatever valley you are facing. And for however long you are there, His grace is sufficient to see you through. He will hold you with His righteous right hand and He will not let you fall…you will not be shaken. These are messages best received from those who have “been there”. God bless you as you minister to others who come behind you.
    Bev xx

  5. Marylynn,
    This was very touching, thank-you so much for sharing your personal experience , and how you learned through a difficult time, empathy.
    Blessings to all,

  6. Thank you so much for your story! God is also blessing you as a writer who helps others understand as much as possible. I feel that most of us can relate in some manner because of this. I have worked as an emergency responder for domestic violence and rape crisis as well as an addiction counselor. Every single time that I’ve told those who are suffering, “I know how you feel”, I have seen hope in their eyes. And the miraculous beauty of it is that they helped my recovery just as much or more. God often brings His children together for this reason.
    Peace…John 14:27 ✝️

    • The Lord certainly does amazing things when we walk alongside each other through the difficulties. What a blessing that you can do this for others!

  7. I had an elderly cousin who wore leg braces most all her life. Then she had to get a colostomy bag back in 1979. I never heard her complain, but I knew she must have felt like it. She was such an inspiration to all who knew her. When we allow the Father to do His will in our lives, even though we may not understand the whys of it, He can be faithful to His Word and make all things to work for our good…and sometimes for the good of others, like that little boy. Blessings to you!!

  8. What a timely reminder. I needed to hear that both my emotional and physical pain will be redeemed and it is okay if that is not accomplished here on earth in my temporal life. I have experienced the truth of this when I have been able to minister to other parents who lost children in death, to those who have experienced infertility and miscarriage, to those with physical suffering, and to those who have lost someone to an impaired driver. Yet, in the midst of yet another trauma and loss I had lost sight of this. Thank you for the beautiful nudge in the right direction.

  9. My (late) husband had an experience similar to yours. He was diagnosed with diabetes at a time when the disposable comfort syringes we have today didn’t exist. The needles themselves were about as heavy as what we use for needlepoint and he was terrified of them. One day his doctor brought in a six year old girl who had also been diagnosed with diabetes, and she too was afraid of the needles. The doctor said to her, “this brave Marine is going to show you how to give yourself your insulin shot.” The little girl wasn’t so afraid of the needle anymore, and neither was my husband. In their shared pain, they helped one another.

    • Thank you for letting God use your pain in your life and your attitude of submission and acceptance in light of his character. Thank you for letting God use you and your pain in others lives.

  10. Thank you. It is hard to let the world see your pain but once I did, once I shared the pain that came from sexual abuse and rape, I found true healing and the strength to forgive my abusers. And I credit nobody but Him for that. But it took me years to recognize that it was God’s grace and redemption that brought me to this point.

    • It is difficult, and we don’t have to be ready to share right away. But when the time is right, the Lord will give us the opportunity to encourage others!

    • Heike,
      thank you for sharing your life experiences & thank God for helping you to face it & forgive those who hurt you so deeply. I understand what you’re going through. May God richly bless you now & forever.

    • I know He will be faithful to work in you and in others through all you are experiencing!

  11. MaryLynn,

    This is such a beautiful story and an awesome reminder. What a testament to the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord! I am sure you placed a tremendous amount of joy in that little boy’s heart that day. May God continue to bless you and keep you!

  12. I have to wonder if, when that little boy grew up, he ever wondered if he’d met an angel that day. I’ve always loved those words in Hebrews 13:2 about the possibility of entertaining angels unawares. And it’s always such an awesome feeling when we realize that God has used us specifically to be a part of another’s life. Thanks so much for sharing, MaryLynn!
    Love and prayers,

  13. I certainly can relate to your childhood story. I was born with a deformed leg…I had to have many surgeries, & go to the Children’s Hosp. on a regular basis. I really hared that.. Thank God for a loving mother who saw to it that I made it to all my appointments, even though she was working full-time. I’ve come a long way since my birth. I believe that my disability caused me to be more sensitive to others in need. He is so good. Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

  14. I love how God )in my mind and heart) is playing a chess game, on a grand level. He places us right where we need to be, to serve others and that is what he did with you.
    We all suffer here in our earthly suits, pain, sorrow and so much more, and for me, I sometimes find it hard to turn to Him when in pain.
    This morning I am mourning the loss of a beautiful soul, and yes way too early for this. I feel for my friend’s husband, children, grandchildren, siblings and others. This is where I need to really pour into to Him, but without all the logic.

  15. MaryLynn,

    It is always heartwarming for me when I can help & encourage someone in their trials. God doesn’t waste anything. Trials & pain, while not enjoyable at the time, can & will be used by God to help others. They also give us perseverance to keep on in this hard journey of life. We can choose to accept & live with these pains or let bitterness, anger set in. There are times when God lets us know that we are doing the right thing. I had quit my job to help assist in the care of my aging dad. I was at the assisted living during lunch. I offered to help feed my dad as his tremors were to much. The man sitting to the right of me said “you will get stars in your crown for this.” WOW. Talk about God sending a message. Since then I have offered advice & help to others going through similar situations. I chose to see it a my mission field.

    Blessings 🙂