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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Happy Birthday Holley,
    May I offer another opportunity as well?? I head up a Foundation – Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc. We are much smaller than Compassion Intl. We are run completely by volunteers….no paid staff. We sponsor children in a part of the world that many have forgotten….the Middle East. There are girls that need sponsoring to our Christian school (50% of our school’s population are girls). Did you know that 70% of the women in this part of the world do not even complete a grade school education? Many are caught up in human trafficking and slavery. They have no freedom, no hope, no opportunities. For just $15/mo. you can provide a girl or boy (all of whom are orphans and destitute children) an education, a warm, nourishing meal each day, text books and learning materials, and medical aid). We can do this because we don’t have all the overhead costs. We are a 501c3 non-profit in excellent standing and rate in the 99th percentile according to Charity Navigator criteria. I offer this as just another option if your passion is for children in this part of the world. Very few ministries go there….but we dare to go because if we don’t…..who will?? Check us out: http://redeemerchristianfoundation.org/ Thanks for letting me share here….we can’t save the world, but we can save one life….Amen!
    Bev xx

  2. Miss Holley,

    Your words always inspire and encourage me. As a young woman I feel as though God has shown me great favor by blessing me with a home and family and a wonderful woman of God to call, “Mama.” Those girls are so blessed to have your guidance. Thank you for sharing; I appreciate the wisdom you bring. May you and your family have a blessed day.

    This side of Heaven,
    Summer Rae

  3. Thanks for the way you just show up and do the thing that God puts on your heart. It’s encouraging to hear that our small acts of obedience can make ever widening ripples of impact for His kingdom.

  4. Oh how I needed this one! Thankyou so much for your timely thoughts; they have been a guard rail thay my quest for purpose has bumped into and been redirected back to a Christ-focus.

  5. Holley,
    I have been struggling with guilt so much lately about this exact thing (not doing enough)! I just finished reading Katie Davis Majors’ new book, Daring to Hope, and if it doesn’t make you feel convicted, I don’t know what would! I definitely need to keep praying about this. I like the idea of going deep, and really diving into the needs He has presented to us. Thank-you for writing this! Also, thank-you for spreading the word about Compassion. Our compassion child is from Kenya, and he is a true gift to our family!

  6. Holley,

    Happy 40th birthday Holley!! I pray God blesses you as you’ve blessed us.
    All the suffering in this world can make us feel overwhelmed. You want to help everyone everywhere. It’s an impossible task. The important thing to remember is that we are part of a global body-the body of Christ. God has plans for each of us. “We don’t need to do everything. We just need to do our part.” That something looks different for everyone. For a while my “job” was to assist in the care of my aging dad. I went to assisted living to check on him 3-4 times a week. I would help feed him. Doesn’t seem like much, but God told me that is where He wanted me. Everyone has their passions. Mine seems to be the elderly. Tonight our ladies class is making fruit baskets to give to elderly. I also sponsor a little girl from Ninos de Mexico. That is an orphanage in Mexico. Everyone needs to pray about what & where God wants to send them. I love praying for & encouraging people. I send e-mails & texts to brighten people’s days.

    Blessings 🙂

  7. Happy Birth(week), Holley. May your 40th be a beautiful celebration of life and joy. — And, this message hits home for me; thank you. I joke sometimes that I’ve been cursed with compassion. Truly a joke, but definitely pains your heart to see needs, and want to help all the people in all the ways. But, that’s God’s job–I just need to pray for my part, and be obedient to it. ♥

  8. Holley!!! This! So much. “I slip into a bit of despair. Suddenly I feel like I’m letting God down because I’m not saving the world. ” Me too. Thank you for clearly showing the irony. Thank you for “giving permission” for us to serve in the ways God has designed us to. Thank you for pointing out that it’s ok to be limited; He is not. Needed this.

    And Happy 40th! We sponsor five Compassion kids. It was such a joy to visit our first in Colombia when she was nine. (She’s since graduated out of the program.) Life changing. So amazed how a little love can reach such a long ways. Thank you, Holley!

  9. Thank you for this. I like the question about what are you not only compassionate about but have passion for, something like that, it made me think abut it.

  10. Happy Birthday, Holley. I will take a look at your compassion link. I would love to find something like Saving Grace in the Detroit area to volunteer. I too feel the need to run and help so many other Humans, instead, I will ask God the question “God, who do You want to send me to?” Who are You asking me to serve?”. I am longing to make a difference in the world and to surrender to His plan to gain clarity in my business life.
    Thank you for this guidance and enjoy celebrating 40!

  11. As others have said, this is exactly the way feel. Not only do I despair when I see tragedy or people that are hurting, but also when I am bombarded with mail asking for money for worthy causes. I’m on a fixed income now, and I can’t give to some of the charities I used to and I feel guilty. I love the idea of asking God exactly where he wants me and then just obey.
    I also have a Compassion child from Guatemala. She is 7, and a joy for us to know. Happy Birthday, Holley! May Blessings abound!

  12. “Who are you asking me to serve?” is a great question. In this world were we hear to many sad stories to even respond to in any manner, this is a question that will keep us sane. Thanks for reminding us to do our part, but in a directed and purposeful manner.

  13. Happy 40th Birthday Holly, wishing you God’s blessings and favour as you begin a new phase of life. May the Lord continue to strengthen your labor of love and make you great.

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday Holley!! You are such an amazing light in my life! Thanks for all you do!! Much love and hugs to you on your special day, and every day!!