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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. God’s shalom DOES surpass my understanding! And I love what you shared about the law. Recently I was reminded that God gave the Law to a free people. Israel had left captivity, and they were set free to follow.
    Sorry to hear that you are having a difficult year — and thank you for overcoming and sharing your words here in spite of it.

    • I do not have peace at home or work. Thanks for praying for me. Your words are such a blessing.

    • Thank you Michele! Yes, i have been reminded that the Law frees us. It shows us our sin in the most loving of ways and guides us back to Christ and His ways.

    • Thanks Karina
      I need Shalom .I am anxious and scared about my future as I approach retirement. Thanks for praying for me.

    • Good morning Dodee – I am praying for you, your hubby, and your marriage. I know what it feels like to pray for your marriage – try to truly be still and let God move. He will comfort your heart and will give you true Shalom. I am sorry you are hurting but continue to pray and seek God’s will – He is always with you and you are not alone. Hugs!!

    • Dodee, thank you for sharing!

      Father, You see every need and every thing that concerns Dodee. Come into the depths of her situation. Holy Spirit, do what only You can do. I speak life and peace and wholeness into her marriage. You are a restorer of all all things, a mender of broken things. Have your way. Give them ears to hear Your truth, courage, to follow Your leading and grace to love and serve each other well. In Jesus’ name. Amen

    • Jesus, waiting is never easy or fun regardless of what we are waiting for. But, there is so much to be said of the waiting. There is a work that can only be done in the waiting. You build up our faith there and You cultivate character within us that can withstand the coming season. Have Your way in this situation. Be her peace and strength. She is Your beloved and You have good in store for her. May she be expectant about all of your purposes. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  2. Karina,
    I used to think of God’s laws as something that hemmed me in – that limited me in some way, but the older I get, I realize that His holy laws are meant for my benefit….for my Shalom. If I color inside the boundary lines He’s given me, it is easier for my heart to find His peace. It’s when I insist on my own way or following my own plans that I lose His peace. For me, to truly find peace I need to be abiding in Him and to me that means I NEED to be in His word each and every day! It is hard to believe that it can happen, but the world can be a mess around me, yet there is a certain peace in my soul when I stay focused on Him. The enemy tries so hard to distract our glance away from God….praying for you sweet sister that you will be able to stay focused on Him so intensely that the enemy can not gain a foothold.
    Prayers for my relationship with my daughter would be welcomed….Awesome post, Karina!
    Bev xx

    • Bev: Your words blessed me with its truth. Thank you, it was just what I needed as was Latrina’s honest story which is do much like mine.

      • Karina… such a sweet name and lady to share openly her trials and doubts but studying the Old Testiment and digging deep into its treasures is so necessary to truly understand the New Testsment. Our daughter and son-in-law lived in Jerusalem for three years, learned Hebrew and have come back to Canada with a fuller understanding Who God is and the history to which God’s Word is based upon. His Story. (Sorry for mispelling your name Karina on the last post) Hugs, Gail

    • Thank you Bev! And AMEN!!!!!! So good!!!!!

      Father, You are the God of redemption. You mend broken things. You restore what has been stolen. Whether a small rift or a great divide, You long to stabilize relationships that are on shaky ground. I pray You come against any scheme of the enemy. Give Bev and her daughter eyes to see any attacks. Give them weapons of Your truth to fight. Give them courage to stand tall in the face of the enemy, fear or emotions. Be the firm foundation they build their relationship on. You are good. You have good in store for their relationship. Lead them. They are Yours. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    • Hey Nadine! The people actually go to several churches in Baton Rouge. They all had mutual friends and/or were friends and everyone just slowly started figuring out their desire to learn Hebrew and about Jewish culture and to live like Christ did. I would say to google Messianic Jewish temples in your area. that should give you good leads. Let me know if you find any!

      Jesus, guide Nadine to like minded people who study the Torah and Your life with zeal and devotion!

  3. I needed this reminder! Years ago I earned about Shalom. It was explained as nothing missing and nothing broken. I needed to remember. Thank you.

  4. My three adult children’s broken relationships… never did I dream my family would look like this..
    Eleven grandchildren and we all can no longer celebrate Christs undying love together..until His timing is right these days are solely His… Shalom to each and every one of you.. Karina today you will be my focus in prayers! Loved your post xoxo

    • Thank you Sharon! I appreciate your prayers!

      Father, the days are Yours and they are numbered. May we be mindful of that and of how we live and how we reflect You. You are healer and mender of the broken. I speak restoration over Sharon’s children. Bring them back to You and to family. Lead them. Give them ears to hear to voice and eyes to see Your work. You are good and faithful! May she trust You in every way. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  5. Thank you for sharing, Karina. Thankful for how the Lord has blessed you with these truths and help for you! Thank you for your prayers. I ask for prayers for my saved daughter and saved son-in-law to be the godly parents for their babies and for the Lord to release them and they would repent from the terrible pit of deceit they have fallen for, in the philosophies they are now using. And they be turned to His wisdom, truth and love. And healing and protection for the babies. And we would be able to be with the babies a lot to pour our love and attention into them. And wisdom for us and our dealings with our daughter and son-in-law, and healing for our relationships with them.
    Thank you so much and thank you, Lord for hearing and answering our prayers.

    • NJ, thank you for sharing! You said it perfectly!

      Jesus, you are light. Your Your Word sheds light on all deceit. Take the scales off of their eyes. Let them see You and Your truth. You have entrusted them with the lives and spirits of their children. You love them more than they could ever know. Give them wisdom to steward their lives. Protect their babies from any scheme of the enemy. You are their defender. Restore all the broken pieces back to health and wholeness. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    • Thank you for sharing Dee!

      Father, You are in the business of process. Waiting is a process. It is not fast or easy, but there is something to learned in the waiting. Teach her son who You are and how loved he is. In Your perfect timing provide for Him. Sustain Him with Your Word and love. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    • Father, You are good and faithful and loving. You provide in every way. Build up their faith in the waiting. Teach them who You are and how much You love them. Surprise them at every turn. In Your perfect timing, lead him to the right job. Sustain them. Be their strength. You are their source. May their eyes be fixed on You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  6. Dear Karina: How precious are you and how eloquent your writing. Your words are so aligned with my prayer this morning and my current long walk of faith. Thank you for so vulnerably and authentically sharing and for provoking thoughts to reflect upon. I believe in continually expanding our knowledge & perspective, looking back to move forward. Praying for your continued journey. Kindly, Valerie

  7. Please pray for my marriage and my husband of 34 years to return to the LORD, for him to care enough about God, himself, and me to initiate change. For my husband to really meet our sweet Jesus.

    • Thank you for sharing Susan!

      Father, You leave the ninety-nine and go after the one. Susan’s husband right now is the one. Holy Spirit, chase him down. Do what only You can do. Give him eyes to see You and ears to hear Your still small voice. Stir up affection in His heart for you and Susan. Give him a desire to yield to You and Your ways. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  8. Hi Karina
    Boy did your words truly speak to me tonight and have brought my soul shalom. I pray the Lord will continue to cover you in love support and understanding x
    A prayer for me to be able to continue feeling this peace as I study a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies and the I will grow closer to the Lord and that He will continue to reveal his plan for me to follow.
    Thanks x

    • Thank you Jas!

      Father, You have led Jas to be a student right now. May she engage in her studies with everything within her. May she be a good steward with her time and attention. May her intimacy with you reach new depths and may she continue to follow You at all costs. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  9. The peace that surpasses understanding in our hearts and minds, desiring to follow only His will in all. Gracejoypeace

  10. Thank you so much for this devotional, Karina! I pray that God will richly bless you and your family with the Shalom that only he can give. I’m in need of that Shalom you speak about because, like you, I’ve been going through a spiritual battle this year, as well as a physical and emotional one. My daughter is fighting myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and has been given a short time to live without a bone marrow transplant. She currently doesn’t qualify for a transplant, however, because she also suffers from autoimmune hepatitis that has made her liver cirrhotic. On top of that, her kidneys are failing due to the meds she takes to combat the autoimmune disease. Satan has been messing with my mind over all of this and at times, I seriously wonder if God is even listening to my prayers. Please pray, not only for my daughter’s healing, but that both she and I will have the Shalom that God promises. It’s very much needed at this point in my life. I read his Word everyday and of course, I’m praying, but the battle is real! Thank you in advance!

    • Wow Kim. That is a lot! Thank you for sharing!

      Father, You are the author and sustainer of life. You formed Kim’s daughter with so much care and design and love. You breathed Your very breath into her life. I speak long life over her. I speak total healing over every part of her sweet body. She is beloved by You. Uphold them both with Your mighty right hand of strength. Build in them a faith that doesn’t seek a miracle, but the miracle maker…that doesn’t seek the healing , but the Healer. You are their source. You are their refuge. You hold all things together. You hear every prayer and capture every tear. You are near to their broken hearts. Holy Spirit, remind them Heaven is their home. Eternity with You is our prize. Fill them with unexplainable joy. Keep their eyes on You. Keep their hearts stayed on You and Your promises for them. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  11. Thank you for sharing. To have that type of peace – Shalom is my hearts cry. God is working in my life in so many ways and this devotion opened my eyes that I can have a deeper peace with Him. God bless you!

  12. Thank you for sharing this Awesome truth,would you please Pray for All my childeren,there is a lot going on between my eldest son en the youngest,very hard words have been said,my eldest Son has another believe and that brings a lot of stress for me and my famely Yes we need Shalom in our famely and that my Eldest son will know Jesus,Thank you for your prayers God Bless you

    • Lisa, thank you for sharing!

      Father, You are Shalom and You fill us with Shalom. may Lisa, trust You with her family. Give her eyes to see that Your ways are higher and that Your purposes are pure. Give them ears to hear Your voice. May they be obedient to Your leading. Restore. Redeem. Mend. Heal. Do what only You can do! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  13. For Bruno that he may find comfort and strength in God only during his trials. That he may stop seeking comfort in other things and in people. Also that I may find the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. God bless you all.

    • Gem, thanks for sharing!

      Jesus, You are Bruno’s source. You are the bread of life and living water. You alone can satisfy. All other loves pale in comparison to you. May they leave him desiring You. Pursue Him. Stir up a hunger for Your presence. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  14. I have been anxious and on edge, losing sleep and patience and fullness of life for days. When my marriage is up in the air, and I’m worried my husband won’t follow through with promises he’s made to make things better, I need to seek God for peace. I need to seek Him; it probably won’t just come. This is exactly what I needed this morning as I go out of my comfort zone to be part of a steering team leading a large group of women this morning. Thank you!

    • I am so proud of you Dana, for stepping out in faith and for sharing!

      Father, You are good and faithful and kind and gracious. You are the giver of every good and perfect gift. This season is not an easy one, but You are doing a work. May Dana trust that you are working even when she can’t see it or feel it. Stir up faith and passion for you. As long as there is breath in her lungs, You are wanting to do a new thing. I bless her mind, body, soul and spirit with peace and rest. Your joy is her strength. May she lean into Your presence. Restore purpose and direction. We believe for You to heal the broken places in her life and marriage. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  15. Karina, I understand completely where you are coming from. This past year has been rough for me as well. I was just before the Lord earlier and His peace Shalom is what I need as I know breakthrough is soon coming!! My birthday is approaching in a few as well. Thanks be to the Lord out God for victory over our circumstance.

  16. Karina, This is right where I am these days. I’m seeking shalom, and God keeps whispering (why won’t he stand right in front of me and yell) the contentment I’m seeking is only from hiding myself in him. Enjoy your time studying Judaism. It’s fascinating.

  17. I love the picture that you have posted along with this beautiful lesson on Shalom.
    Thank you for your heart. It is so precious. I am hearing you and living in this same season.
    much love, Kim

  18. So many things. My life resembles Psalm 91:7, everything is falling apart around me. So far I haven’t but only by the grace if God and His strength within me.
    Please pray for our house to sell and our new home to come together quickly, for our church to find new leadership, for homeschool support for our family, and for me to keep my eyes off my circumstances but on God & to remain standing through it all.

    • I have a difficult work situation. I am not sure whether to stay in the position I am, step back , or change jobs completely.

      • Barb, thanks for sharing!

        Father, You are a God of order and direction. Give Barb eyes to see Your work and ears to hear Your voice. Open doors and close doors. Shower her with favor and influence. Give her peace as she follows Your leading. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • Sherri, thanks for sharing!

      Jesus, You are the rock on which Sherri stands. You are her firm foundation. Your Spirit cannot be shaken. May she lean into Your presence with all that she is and all that she has. Keep her eyes steadfast on You. Build up faith in her to trust that You are working in every situation even when she can’t see. Your timing is perfect. You will work everything thing out in such a way that glorifies You. Bring the right people in the right spaces at the right time. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  19. Please pray for my daughters, one who is bipolar. Pray for healing and recommitting their lives to Christ.

    • Pamela –
      I pray for you and your family. I have seen the challenges that mental health issues place on a family. I pray that God will guide your daughters to earthly support even in the midst of his support.

      May You Find Peace,

    • Thanks for sharing Pamela!

      Father, You hold all things together. Hold Pamela’s daughters together. I speak supernatural Shalom in their lives, healing and wholeness from the inside out. Restore what has been lost and mend what has been broken. Return their hearts to You. Shower them with Your love and affection. Stir up a desire for You alone. May every other love pale in comparison to You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  20. Thank you for your message, Karina. I could really use some peace in my financial situation. I have been unemployed for almost a year and was surprised by my first pregnancy. While I am excited about the upcoming birth of my daughter, I am worried about our financial situation. Every month I scrap to find the money for rent, car payment and utilities. I never imagined that this is the situation that I would find myself in. Can you please pray that I feel the “Shalom of God” in my financial situation and that he shows me the way to help support my family.

    • Thank you Elizabeth for sharing!

      Father, thank You that nothing comes as a surprise to You. You have purpose and destiny attached to all that You do and all that You allow to happen. May Elizabeth lean into You and discover what You want to teach her. You have given her an unexpected season of rest. Show her what what You want to do in her and through her. You are a good and loving Father. You are faithful in every way. I speak an open Heaven over her family. You will not forsake her. I speak an abundance of provision. Would You surprise her family with provision from unexpected sources. May the Body rally around them to offer support and help and care in this time of need. Give her creative ways to add resource to her home. May she trust You with every step even when she can’t see Your work. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  21. Woild you be in orayer for me on following.
    I like to seeking clear direction from the Lord.
    Wether or not He is calling me to be a missionary
    in Japan.

    • Thanks for sharing Angela!

      Father, You love to lead and guide Your children. Give Angela ears to hear Your voice and courage to obey no matter the cost. Following You is the greatest adventure there is. Give her wisdom and clear direction. Open doors and release favor. Continue to stir up in her a heart for the nations, for the lost and for the hurting. You are good and faithful. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  22. Please pray that God gives me peace in my relationship with my boyfriend- I believe he is the one God led me to, but it seems God is working on us both individually and it’s nerve wracking not to exactly know where things ‘are’ with him right now. Thank you!

    • Thank you for sharing!

      Jesus, You are the source of our peace and Shalom. Your timing is perfect and Your ways are good. May Agnes and her boyfriend seek You above all else. You are their source, their prize, the love of their lives. Their relationship will only thrive with You at the center. May their minds’ attention and hearts’ affections be stayed on You. Lead them. Give them wisdom to make right choices. Give the courage to make hard choices. You are in it all. May their lives reflect You and give You glory. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  23. Felt like most of my life since after graduating from Bible college has been a spiritual battle. My latest battle has been with my car getting into an accident. A rental car hit me and I’ve not had the nerve or the right words to get hold of the guy’s rental company to get this resolved. I’ve always shied away from conflict. Feeling forgotten and angry about this situation plus my financial situation (I need a fulltime job with benefits) and my parents and I have not been getting along here at home. I’ve just about given up to be honest. I really need prayer. Thank you.

    • Jessica, thank you for sharing! Please don’t give up! I don’t like conflict either, but this is what insurance is there for. They deal with situations like yours all the time. Don’t fear. They will take care of you.

      Father, I know that spiritual battles often come when we are on the verge of a breakthrough. I speak breakthrough over Jessica. There is something that You are wanting to teach her in this season of hardship that will usher her into her next place of promise. May she lean into that. May she realize she doesn’t have to strive. She can rest in You and Your love for her. You see her and know her. She is beloved and chosen. You are her good Father who longs to shower her with provision. Surprise her in how You provide. Lead her in her relationship with her parents. Give them all wisdom. May they approach each other with humble hearts. Mend what is broken. Bring life and healing and joy. You are faithful. We trust that You are doing a mighty work. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  24. Recovering from back surgery! Also caring for a friend with early dementia! Have not been feeling much peace lately! I have been praying and have been reaching out to Him! He has been so good,He always is. I know it is me. I have not had enough patience, especially with my friend, on the bad days, I feel like I want to run, however, I am the only one to care for them! Most of the time, I handle it ok, but with my own things going on right now, it’s just been tough right now! Thank goodness it was able to be done out surgery and I was able to come right home! God has us in His hands and He will make it all be fine and it know that. With all my heart. I am thankful for so very much. We were not affected by the storms, we have all we need, so many blessings God, I should not be stressed in any way, so many are hurting right now from the storms that I feel bad even writing this. Please just pray for everyone and pray for peace of mind and healing for me and those in my care! Thanks. Linda prayer going out for everyone shaloam for us all

    • Linda, thank you for sharing! Don’t feel bad about asking for prayer. God cares about all that concerns us.

      Father, I thank You for Linda and her heart to care for others. She is being a tangible example of Christ’s love for His creation. I speak supernatural healing over her life. Strengthen her body to work the way You designed it.May she create space in her life to practice self-care and invite others in to share the ministry of caring for others. Be her peace in every area. Take care of those You have entrusted to her. Shower them with healing, protection and provision. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  25. Really liked this. I would very much appreciate prayer for my son, Joshua. Came to the Lord in prison, has walked away since release. Thanks so very much, blessings.♥

    • Leslie, thank you for reading and sharing!

      Father, You leave the ninety-nine and chase after the one. Do this with Joshua. He is Your beloved son. He is chosen by You and You have greatness ahead for him. Open His eyes to Your truth. Turn His heart towards You. Soften it. I pray You surround him with believers who will love Him back to You. You will never give up on Him. May He tangibly feel Your love and pleasure. Stir up a desire for You alone! In Jesus Name. Amen.

  26. This was GREAT! I really appreciate the definitions you provided…gives so much more meaning and depth whenever I hear Shalom spoken as a greeting or a farewell in the future. Thank you ♥

  27. Karina,
    I’m sorry to hear of your struggle, prayers that all will be well for you. Thank-you for sharing this with us today.

    Blessings to all,


  28. Thank you. I truly want all facets of Shalom. I am weary and hopeless ending a 31 year marriage with so much turmoil as it has impacted my children as well.

    • Thank you for sharing Laura!

      Father, You near to the brokenhearted. Give Laura tangible reminders of Your nearness. This is a season of grieving. May she grieve well as she grieves with hope. Be the source of her family’s strength and joy. You are good and faithful and You work good out of the most hopeless situations. Build up faith in her spirit and Shalom in her heart. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  29. Good afternoon, asking Shalom for peace as I wait on God for a Christian , kind-hearted husband. Also for safety for family & safe travels for school 2 hours /2 times a week.

    • Father, waiting is something that You desire us to lean into. You have so much to teach us there. You want to grow us and prepare us in those seasons for our next place of promise. Build faith in her to bring her spouse in Your timing. May she trust You for her life and the life of her family. You are their protector and shield. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  30. Karina, if you think the enemy is after you, he probably is. The deeper you get in study, new levels, new devils. Good news though, Jesus summed up the law and the prophets, and left us His peace, John 14:27. that is a verse very close to heart these days. The enemy attacks against prayer warriors I know were health related over the summer and then more mental, but we have the greater one in us. Stop by my Pinterest board Hebraic Study. Yom huledet same’ach! Happy Birthday!

  31. Karina, thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I will definitely start following you on your blog and on Twitter.

    God’s Shalom is definitely what I crave. Its true meaning fills me with love for My Savior and hope for today and everyday.

    I would ask for prayers for my job situation as I have been out of work for many months. I need discernment on whether I should work outside the home or develop my writing/speaking ministry that God has put on my heart for many years. The whole idea of this ministry is so huge that I know it must come from God, but I really need a full-time income to help supplement my family’s budget. I know The Lord will provide for my sweet husband and me, but I get impatient and frustrated. 🙂 I am hoping I am not the only one who feels that way from time to time! 🙂

    Blessings on you, Karina, and all of you sweet ladies here in the (in)courage community!

    In His Grip,
    Lara <

    • Hey Lara! Thank you for reading and sharing!

      You are completely not alone! I could have written your comment. Ha!

      Father, You are the one who gives us our callings. You decided on it before the foundations of the earth. It is a calling that only she can fulfill. You have equipped Lara and given her the passion and desire to communicate Your truth and lead. May she trust You with the timing of it all. Your timing is perfect! I speak favor and provision over family. Open and close doors as You will. You have not forgotten her. She is the apple of Your eye. She is beloved and chosen. I speak abundant provision. Surprise them in the ways You provide. It is Your delight to do so! Build up faith in her to know You are at work even when she can’t see it or feel it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  32. Hi Karina
    I always look forward to reading your posts. Thank you for always being willing to pray. God bless you.
    I am experiencing unrest and discontent in my marriage and also a friend’s marriage. In my own marriage I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. Both marriages just feel under attack. Please pray. Thank you. Love you,

    • Veronica, you are too kind! Thank you for reading and sharing!

      Father, we know that the enemy’s biggest desire is to come after marriages and families. I come against him in the name of Christ. He is defeated! Open each couples eyes to Your heart and purpose for marriage. Stir up a desire to love and serve each other, to love and serve You in the the context of marriage. It is good and holy and pleases You. You are faithful. You won’t leave them. Holy Spirit bring wisdom and discernment. Give them a spirit of perseverance. Be their joy and strength. Build up faith and hope and expectancy in each heart. Teach them to trust that You are at work even when they can’t see it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  33. One aspect of Shalom that we sometimes overlook is being peacefully united with other believers. In John 17, Jesus prayed that all His followers be one. This goes beyond our personal Shalom and into the concept of Shalom among various parts of the body of Christ. Some people thing that is impossible, but that’s what Jesus prayed. I recently found a book that gives practical and theological ways the body of Christ can come together in love and peace: “ONE: Unfolding God’s Eternal Purpose From House To House.” It’s available at http://amzn.to/2fb95I3. Thank you, Karina, for your inspiring blog posts that help us take the time to breathe.

  34. Thank you for this Karina! I don’t usually post here, but when someone offers to pray, it is greatly appreciated. I definitely need peace in my family relationships. I’m 27, live at home with my parents, and for all of my life there has been conflict. Major conflict. Growing up (and continuing into current times) I saw things no one should ever have to see, and I know that it’s shaped who I am, and left me with deep wounds that will probably take the rest of my life to heal from. I definitely have some anxiety and depression issues. I know that therapy would probably be helpful, but haven’t gotten to the place where I’m ready to make it happen. I was always told to not tell people about my problems (especially if it had to do with family) and to basically “suck it up, and deal with it”. I do have good people in my life, a good church, am involved in ministry (Just started my tenth year in youth ministry) and have a group of friends who care about me. It’s still incredibly lonely though, because I don’t know anyone else who has had the same struggles. My friends have had very different, pretty peaceful lives, and don’t understand. I definitely feel like the odd one out in many ways. And the most messy. When it comes to pain and loss in general, most haven’t really had anyone they love die. I’ve not only had that, I had to watch the dying process and take care of them during it. That changed me forever. I feel like my 27 years have looked different then most. So I don’t share the really ugly stuff. I end up identifying more with my students sometimes,then my adult friends. So at least I can tell them that I understand some of what they go through. Anyway! All that aside, my family really does love me, and there are days that are ok. Most of the disfunction comes from horrible situations and abuse in their own past and present. So thank you for reading all this, I guess prayers for peace in all of those things would be great. Thank you to all of you for this site! It’s been a wonderful encouragement to me over the years!

    • Emily, thank you for sharing! It’s been a crazy few days! Your life sounds way too much like mine. I get it! Feel free to email me and keep me updated!

      Father, You have not forgotten Your daughter Emily. She is Your beloved. She is the apple of Your eye. You care for her and delight in her. I release an open Heaven over her of Your love, mercy, grace, kindness and joy. You are her peace and strength. You are her source and protector. You are her calm within every storm. I speak healing and restoration to her heart, mind, spirit and soul. Meet every need and satisfy every craving with Yourself. Bring redemption to every thing that the enemy has stolen. Mend every broken relationship. May they become whole and healed. You don’t shy away from our mess. I am believing that You will surround her with a strong community that won’t shy away either, but love and pray her through the valleys. You are good and faithful. May she trust You even when she can’t see You at work. Build up her faith in You. You will not disappoint. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  35. I know it is kind of late to reply, but I really liked this post. I have had a lack of peace for a long time. I have also been struggling spiritually and it’s hard because it’s not something tangible. Thank you for this.

    • Mary Margaret, thank you for sharing! It’s never to late!

      Jesus, prince of peace overwhelm Mary Margaret with Your love and peace. Even when we are shaky and doubting, You are steady and unwavering. May she dig into the truth of Your promises and stand strong on Your firm foundation. You are near to her in the hardest places. help her to trust even when she doesn’t understand. Stir up faith in her spirit. Give her eyes to see and ears to hear all that You are doing. You have purpose for Mary Margaret. Your promises are good and Your ways are holy. Your timing is perfect. Grant her wisdom and discernment to see when and where You are leading. May she trust and obey at all costs. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  36. Please pray for my marriage. My husband left nearly 8 weeks ago and is trying to decide if he wants to come back, or not. He says that he is trying to decide what is God’s will for his life, although I am not quite sure if he is truly open to being led back to our marriage.

    • Hannah, thank you for sharing!

      Father, You know Hannah’s situation better than she does. You know her deepest needs. Would You meet her there? Would You speak love and kindness and grace to her heart? Remind her how loved, valued and chosen she is. She is Your beloved. She is the apple of Your eye. I speak wholeness and healing to her heart. Holy Spirit, move in her marriage. Do what only You can do. Bring restoration and redemption, whatever that looks like, in Your timing. Prepare their hearts for Your purposes. Your ways are pure and holy. Give them wisdom and discernment. You are good and faithful. You will not disappoint. Build up faith in Hannah to know You’re working even when she can’t see it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  37. This is so powerful Karina. I have been blessed by reading your words. And as God always does, they have come to me at a very appropriate time.

    I love this part : “There is peace at all times, in every way. When God gives peace and completeness and wholeness, it is never for just one area of our lives. It’s meant to impact every part of our lives. ”

    Amen! Amen!

    You are an amazing woman of God. And you shine His love and peace in the areas where shadows try to take our hearts. Love you, friend.

  38. studying the Bible from an ancient Hebrew perspective helps to deepen the root of your faith.

  39. Karina,

    Sweet sister I’m praying for you now. May the God of Shalom bring peace to you mind, body & soul. I’m doing a Bible study “Breathe” by Priscilla Schirer. It talks about having margin in your life so you breathe & have shalom. She talks about how the law wasn’t given to be to confine us, but to be boundaries for our good. The only way to have true shalom is to stop striving, doing, going & take a Sabbath Rest. The Sabbath was given to us to get our souls a rest & rejuvenation in Him. It brings us closer to Him as we worship Him. Our country is in upheaval with unrest & not united. We need to pray to God to come running to our rescue & bring about a revival.

    Blessings 🙂

  40. I have been so busy that I often have had to delete (in)courage emails letting me know of new posts. I have deleted a lot of emails instead of reading them lately. The title of your post engaged my heart. I saved it and just read it this morning. Shalom – wholeness. I remember learning that a few years back and how it ministered to my soul. Something resonates so deeply when we learn the Hebrew or Greek root of a word and so many of the nuances of God’s message to us, His children. His nearness – surely the Lord is in this place – has been my source of shalom during a very trying season this year. My husband and I have been in varying depths of grief (which is unpredictable and disarming, to say the least). Shalom of God is like a deep foundation or a hidden stream down under parched land. It doesn’t remove the trial nor the emotions accompanying the challenges. What Shalom gives is an anchor for our soul, a safety net beneath the wavering high-wire, a stability amidst chaos, a soft blanket to curl into when harsh winds are blowing all around. Thank you for this post. It blessed me this morning.

    • Patty, I’m so glad you decided to open this post! Praise God for all the work He is doing in you and your husband. Grief is not easy or fun, but He is faithful through it all. He is near to broken hearts and comforts our weary souls. I bless you and Your husband with the continued Shalom of God in every area of y’all’s lives. He is good and loving and kind. I speak healing to y’all’s hearts and souls. May His joy be y’all’s strength. Father, build up a mighty faith in them to trust that You are moving even when they can’t see it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  41. thank you for being you, a lovely gift from Our Father above. I too am having a particular difficult year. I was never a firm believer that Satan messed with us “normal” people. Last year and this year I know it to untrue – he messes with us all. More chaos = more winning on his part. The most difficult part is I don’t look sick, just an overweight diabetic woman getting older fast!. I am just TIRED. TIRED of PAIN OF EVERY SORT AND EVERYWHERE, of my health not improving, a sore on my foot not healing, surgeries upcoming for neck and complete shoulder replacement, knees hurting cause of wearing all the crazy boots for diabetes (shots in your knees really hurts an 8), problem with my hands hurting and going deeply unfeeling, no driving so dependent on husband to get out of house so I am essentially homebound (he even takes our 2 little dogs with him wherever he goes) and DEPRESSED. And major marital difficulties. I have never written all this down. I read about shalom, I pray to my Lord, Jesus Christ for assistance of all kinds. Keeping a gratitude journal helps. I am asking for prayer because I do believe the more prayer for us individually and as a group, is a POWERFUL WEAPON. So thank you for your site and the blessings many of us receive because you reach out. AMEN

    • Darlene, thank you for reading and sharing! I’m just seeing this!

      Father, You see EVERY need and hurt in Darlene’s life. You want healing and freedom and shalom for her even more than she wants for herself. Holy Spirit, come and do what only You can do. I speak healing to every part of her body. I speak strength and alignment to every bone, ligament, blood vessel and appendage. By Your stripes, she is healed. May she do her part in caring for the vessel You have entrusted her with. May she be a good steward. I speak to her mind. May she take every thought captive to You. May she speak truth even when she doubts. May Your words change the atmosphere and may her heart rise up and be encouraged. I speak long life. I speak wholeness and restoration in every part of her life. Be the foundation of her marriage. May they learn to love and serve each other as You love and serve them. May they see each other through eyes of grace. Fill them with humility and peace. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  42. Beautifully written post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I pray you continue your pursuit of learning the Truth of Torah and that you daily experience the shalom it brings. 1 John 2:5-6 “But whoever guards His Word, truly the love of Elohim (God) has been perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. The one who says he stays in Him ought himself also to walk, even as He walked.”
    And 2 Corinthians 13:11b “Be made perfect, be encouraged, be of one mind, live in peace. And the Elohim (God) of love and peace shall be with you.”