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Sarah Beckman is a national speaker and author. Her second book, Hope in the Hard Places, helps people walk through struggles with tangible help, biblical truth, and a heavy dose of hope. For more information on her books, speaking, or blog, visit

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  1. “A living experience with God.”
    Beautiful words, and thanks for sharing the reality of your own faith in the God who meets us in our weakness with His own strength. There’s nothing more powerful than a record of His faithfulness to give us courage to face future challenges.
    Blessings to you, Sarah!

    • Michele, You are right… a record of his faithfulness serves us well every time… if only we look at it right? I often don’t focus on what he’s done for me in the past in exchange for the poor mentality of “what have you done for me lately?” It’s a challenge to remind myself continually that he will provide and I have to trust! Thanks for stopping by great to “meet you!”

  2. Thank you for sharing those words. I really needed to hear them. I found this website a few days ago. Just what I needed and need on a daily basis. Thanks so much!

  3. What more can we say but that God is faithful & His mercies endure forever.
    Great is ahid faithfulness.
    To God be the glory!

  4. Sarah,
    Sometimes I look at my life and ask God, Why? 5 surgeries in 5 years, staring down cancer twice, a painful divorce, prodigals, a life of living with OCD and depression….I don’t say this for sympathy. I say this because I KNOW what it feels like to be weak and completely helpless….depleted….at the end of myself. I have learned through all of this that my strength doesn’t come from me at all. This once prideful to be self-sufficient gal, will readily admit that her strength comes from the Lord. I have learned that the ONLY way to live is with complete and total dependence and reliance upon Him. I will boast not in myself, but in Him, because it is only through Him that I am strong. Amazingly through it all, God has given me joy. Maybe because I’ve endured such pain, do life and my blessings seem sweeter.
    Wonderful example, Sarah, of living in God’s strength and not our own.
    Bev xx

    • Bev, It sounds like you are “walking well with God” for sure! Each of us has our own cross to bear — and you’re carrying yours with the loving arms of your savior helping you every step. Your story is encouraging – thank you for sharing it. As a 4x back surgery patient and one who lives with pain every day I needed to be reminded of what you say about total dependence. Bless YOU!

      • Sarah,
        Your back pain reminds me of several friends who live with chronic pain and the story of Paul asking the Lord to remove the thorn and He tells Paul no, but that His grace is sufficient for him. Praying the Lords sufficient grace for you.
        Bev ((hugs))

        • That is often one prayer I wish he woulda answered! LOL. The whole thorn and removal is just a reminder to me that I might be outta luck on that one ; ) But in it all, he is ALL. I just have to remember that he can do what needs doing – and sometimes what I think needs doing is different. Each day is a learning opportunity huh? Bless you.

  5. I love how your son responded! And the childlike faith he displayed! Sometimes I can think of His strength being in really big miracles but this is a poignant reminder that in all situations of life when we feel weak we can call on Him and He will answer !

  6. Beautiful post! What a great reminder that HIS strength is made perfect in our weakness! Blessings, thank you for sharing your heart! God is so faithful, to Him be glory and praise!


  7. I have an 8-year old son right now and am amazed at the maturity and empathy yours displayed. What a gift of God’s goodness! Kids can shine for Him, too. Sarah, I know that wasn’t your main point, but that is what blessed me. I’m not sure I’ve ever asked my children to pray for me before. Thank you for your post.

  8. Sarah,
    What a kind gesture from your son …
    It’s amazing how God gives us strength to do what we think we can not do. It was deeply touching to hear of how you overcame your weakness by the Lord seeing you through. Thank-you so much for sharing this morning……
    Have a blessed day all,


  9. Good words and thoughts Sarah. It’s hard enough to lose a parent and have physical pain as well. Scripture helps as well as prayer. I remember the night my mom died. We were on our way to the nursing home where she was at. One last time. The first song on the radio was “I Will Rise” sung by Chris Rice. What a song for such a time as this. It was like a voice from God. It made me strong to see her one last time. I commended her spirit to the Lord before we left her room. I needed to do it. We’re stronger with Him even when we don’t feel it at first. God bless you.

  10. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for allowing yourself to be a bearer of God’s message of hope and encouragement to countless souls!

    Three entences virtually leapt from my smartphone screen when I read your story:
    • “I was at the end of myself.”
    • “When you have a living experience with a Scripture, it changes you.”
    • “When we don’t think we can bear our circumstance any longer, God acts in our lives in such profound ways that we cannot help but see His glory.”

    Never would I have dreamed that in the summer of my 60th year I would find myself homeless, financially stressed and physically/emotionally bankrupt … the exact state of my being needed for God to showcase countless displays of His love, grace, strength and peace.

    Wraparound Blessings,
    Mary Ellen

    • Mary Ellen, May he meet you right where you are today, again. And remind you what a gift we have in just knowing and being with him. May your story of redemption and ultimately restoration be one where he can really SHOW OFF! Praying for you to be joyfully on the other side before you know it! God’s blessings upon you.

  11. I was ready to cry at the first few paragraphs, I know about back pain too. What a blessing that your son was able to pray for you. You are absolutely right, it is a living experience and His word changes you, heals you from the inside out. I try to remember that His grace is sufficient as well, And I can only brag about Jesus. I hope you find healing and His peace, I think your father would be proud.

    • Rebecca, Thank you so much – I do think my Dad would love my life right now… and I love being able to brag on Jesus. AMEN. Bless you in your own personal pain. May He provide in ways that you CANNOT HELP BUT SEE!

  12. Your story today reminds me of my own dad’s death and subsequent funeral where my sister and I had to perform his favorite song, “How Great Thou Art.” And, I played the piano for our performance. I could not tell you to this day how we got through that, other than, it had to be God!

    I’m facing circumstances currently that God has been helping me with and I’m sure He will continue. There’s no way I can do it alone.

    • Kim, It is amazing to think back on all the times God gave me strength. I should do that more often! Maybe I wouldn’t worry so much about the future then… I pray for your current situation – and that you will FEEL his presence and PROVISION. Blessings.

  13. Sarah,

    Great story of God’s goodness & grace just when we need it. We’ve all witnessed God’s greatness in the past. We just need to remind ourselves of those. God is still in the miracle business-He just wants us to ask Him for help. I believe that is why we all have thorns in our flesh from time to time. It brings us to the end of ourselves & makes us look to Him. Let’s all boast in our weakness!!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, It’s so easy to slip into self-dependence huh? I am easily swayed into thinking “I’ve got this!” when in fact, I don’t. : ) I have to remind myself that if I’m in that place then I can boast in my King!