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Kristy has a background in art and design, but she fancies life as a wife, mom to three boys, and vintage-inspired storyteller. A 15-year veteran of corporate America, she now writes historical fiction for HarperCollins and travels to teach about her love for Bible #VerseMapping.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Kristy, I love the metaphor of “stepping off the curb” — very intimidating and descriptive for this country bumpkin. But it depicts the angst and the uncertainty and the bold moves of faith in a God who is completely worthy of my trust and who meets my risk with grace.

  2. Kristy,
    Great analogy of our steps in faith. A wise Christian mentor once told me, “Practice with the small stuff.” That has stuck with me….the more we practice with the small steps of faith and stepping out, the better equipped and more confident we will be when the really big steps come along. Hail to you for hailing that cab!! 🙂
    Bev xx

  3. ‘God needs Jesus girls in offices, classrooms, board rooms, court rooms, operating rooms, sanctuaries, and nurseries.’ – and in children’s literature too?
    He works in a mysterious way, right enough – I need to be jolted out of diffidence and take that step… Thanks for the shove!

    • Elizabeth, you are most definitely needed.. I recall getting a lot of emboldening encouragement from children’s literature in my youth.. And still, if i am honest, from books aimed at my children..

      As a teacher, I too, feel the nervousness of wanting to step out. As a parent, it is with me everytime, my children move to a new stage of their development, or my marriage morphs (as they regularly do, a half decade at a time..).. Kristy, you’ve given us a lot to think about and inspiration to act.. From one daughter of the King to another, Elizabeth, let’s take a deep breath, hold hands, step on to the curb and, in Jesus’ name.. Hail. That. Cab!!

  4. Kristy, once again I just have to thank you and every single Sister in Christ who contributes here. Each one of you has something unique to offer – and gets our day off to a great start.
    I also look for Michele and Bev’s regular comments; always interesting.

  5. Kristy,

    What a great faith story! God is looking for bold people who will step out in faith and trust Him. Don;t worry about being qualified-He will give you what you need! In June 2015 I took a leap of faith and quit a good paying job to be more available for my aging dad. I believed that immediately I would go back part-time. 16 months later and many ups & downs I finally got that part time job. I used that time to grow my faith. Got more involved in church & local missions. Like you say: Faith is built “one decision, one strength-habit, one holy moment at a time.” It doesn’t come easy. I just look back over time & see all the prayer requests He’s answered & how He’s gotten me through trials. That is what builds up my faith!!

    Blessings 🙂

  6. While driving down the highway after learning some tragic news last week, we noticed a double loader in the ditch. I felt a wave of panic as I told my husband we needed to stop. He told my son and I to put while he went to see if he could help. When he returned he said,” I thought I told you to stay in the car.” I couldn’t help but blurt out,” We aren’t going to get hit, have Faith.” It turned out the driver was a friend and thankfully escaped with few injuries. Although this was a small step of Faith it wasn’t one my son or I were going to be held back from.

    Thank-you for sharing your story Kristy…
    Have a blessed day all,


  7. I clicked over and read this because I thought I knew someone who might need it…just as I was about to click the share button, I realized it was for me. Still sharing but from a different perspective. Stepping off the curb.

  8. I’ve been living or working in Manhattan for most of my adult life, and hailing cabs still intimidates me! I have been trying to take small steps of faith lately. The little steps can be so big.

  9. I took my first flight by myself last Spring to attend a conference. It was a huge step for me to start living my faith with confidence. I had previously been the meek one watching my friend use her Uber ap like a pro and step into a car with a stranger, with no fear of “what ifs”.
    “To take a step, no matter how small, and be confident in my faith instead of a tourist in someone else’s.” Oh, how I love this quote!

  10. I really loved this. I could relate in so many ways. I’ve been to New York only once, but I was seeing as I was reading. And yes, hailing that cab might not have been “earth shattering” (I use that term a lot myself) but it was indeed life changing. Those little inner victories bring about awesome growth in us. Thank you for sharing!!

  11. “He’s looking for our uncertain hearts. The ones who might be intimidated newbies, but are still willing to step up to the curb and lean in to all Jesus has for us.” this! Kristy, thank you for sharing this piece of your heart with us to make ours stronger.

  12. Thanks for sharing. Being single at 33 and recovering from depression (pretty much lost all especially career, finances & “friends” over the last 5 years) and in a place of starting over career wise and with everything and trusting God for a new beginning but have honestly been scared to step out to even TRY (with consisently giving up & falling right back into depression before I even begin) anything in recent times. Thank you for this encouragement to ‘step out to the curb’ whilst trusting that God will heal me permanently and restore me to the path of His calling. Thanks for sharing again. #TimelyWord

  13. One small step can lead to a leap of faith. We always called taxis in Atlanta, but mostly it was driving. I’d look forward to that experience in the Big Apple.

  14. Ik houd van het oefenen met kleine stappen! Het geeft vele kleine vreugden in mijn hart! De Here Jezus is dichtbij elk van ons.

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! baby steps can be so difficult, but can be earth-shattering once you have the faith and courage to take it. a lot of times others don’t understand how tough that first step is. especially when it seems so simple for them. i am so glad both you and your awesome friend celebrated the victory that was that step! celebrating and recognizing it gives you confidence and faith to take another one…and another one!

    like valerie, i love when you said “To take a step, no matter how small, and be confident in my faith instead of a tourist in someone else’s.” such a simple statement, yet so powerful! (i will be quoting you henceforth!)