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Shauna Letellier is the author of Remarkable Hope: When Jesus Revived Hope in Disappointed People. With her husband Kurt, she has the wild and hilarious privilege of raising three boys along the banks of the Missouri River where they fish swim and rush off to ballgames.

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  1. Service puts the gospel on display in ways we are not even “in control” of when the offering is an overflow of gratitude and love for the One who first served us. Thanks, Shauna, for this good news!

  2. Shauna,
    What a beautiful message with which to start my day! Having been a striver, earner, work hard for God’s grace kind of gal, I’ve learned, like you so thankfully pointed out, that God’s grace doesn’t work that way. He not only gives it, He LAVISHES it upon us – not for anything we’ve done, but because of His great love. Another word I’ve learned to erase from my vocabulary is “disappointment”. No where in the Bible does it say that we disappoint God. I’ve looked….it’s just not there. Another fallacy. God is never disappointed in us because He sees us through the blood of His Son Jesus who died for us. He will discipline us to keep us on track of becoming more like the image of Jesus, but disappointed?? No way. I love how like Peter, when we are exhausted and at the end of ourselves for trying so hard, Jesus shows up and gives us grace that we did not earn. Thanks for making this message come alive…..(I, too, remember yawning through the days of the felt board depiction of this story lol)
    Bev xx

  3. I love this! Sometimes our circumstances bring us to the “old and almost too familiar” stories with fresh new eyes for our dry lives and tired souls! I so needed this today! And I know some others that do too so I will share with them! Funniest thing of all is my husband went fishing yesterday and caught nothing! I just know there is a boatload coming though!

    • I love it when God uses the “old” stories to teach us in new ways 🙂 He’s so gracious. Sorry your husband got “skunked” 😉 Hope he enjoyed his trip anyway!

  4. This humbles me and reminds me again that it’s not about me. Thank you for mining this treasure from the Word. And, I also love Bev’s comment above that God is never disappointed in us because He sees us “through the blood of Jesus”! Hallelujah, oh, what a Savior!!

  5. Love this. This is the same message the Lord has been revealing to me in many ways. Every time I think I can do it OR think I have the power to do it, I fall flat from the pride that deceived me. Only GRACE. I am now getting very excited to see and know what God alone can do, will do and the marvelous way it all turns out. In ALL my weaknesses He is there ready and willing.

  6. What a great reminder of one important lesson in the Bible that we are all familiar with but you have written in in such a simple yet interesting piece ! Thank you and what a great day to start off a new day !

  7. Oh Shauna!! This is so good. And something I do needed to be reminded of today. Thank you for your beautiful words. And hello from Hope*Writers!! ❤️

  8. Boy, this one hit home today! Now, if I could only find a way to balance my life moving into a new school year! Blessings, Diana

  9. It’s easy to confuse grace isn’t it? Easy to forget that the grace is what gets us through rather than grace being the prize for getting through. Thanks for sharing, Shauna. 🙂

  10. Thanks for this beautiful reminder that I don’t need to strive. I can trust God’s grace to see me through when my strength is not enough.

  11. Thank you. I read the passage in Luke 5 and was overwhelmed by His grace. Thank you for leading us to the truth of the gospel.

  12. Love, love, love this and JUST what I needed today! Thank you Shauna! And congratulations on the new book by the way…can’t wait to get my copy! All the best to you and yours…

  13. Shauna,

    Thanks for making Peter’s story come alive. Only a loving God could give us grace-God’s unmerited favor. There are times and days when I feel like a complete failure. I know that is just one of many lies the enemy loves to throw at us. Like Bev said failure/disappointment is not in the Bible. He sees us through Jesus’ shed blood. If we repent of our sins and get baptized then He will love us & put our names in the Book of Life. Great story.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Want some more good news, Beth? 🙂 Even before we repent and get baptized He loved us! The apostle Paul wrote that “God showed his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8). That kind of undeserved, unearned mercy and grace compels us to repent and love Him back 🙂 thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  14. Very helpful piece. Gave me the impetus and idea I needed to write my own facebook post for our church . Thanks.