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Shannan Martin is the author of Falling Free: Rescued From the Life I Always Wanted, wife of a jail chaplain, and mom to four kiddos. She's a big believer in community and salsa, and blogs at

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  1. Shannan,
    I’ve always said that we (humans) build walls, but God builds bridges. Fear of the unknown keeps us separated. Love casts out fear and lets community enter in. We’ve all been created by the same God and if we take the time to really look hard and step out in a desire to cross the bridges God wants to build with us, we find more things in common than not. Like a sens of humor….it comes in all colors. And the differences? I can’t say enough about how the differences of cultures broadens and enhances our lives. The more I attempt to live others-oriented the more complex the fabric of my life becomes…and ultimately more beautiful! Wonderful post!
    Bev xx

  2. That two-word prayer is profound. And in the process of acknowledging the nearness of God, we are enabled to draw near to others in a way that is supernatural. I love how holy things can happen over coffee when love is there. (And I loved your book.)

  3. Shannan,
    Profound truth you’ve shared here. Our culture seeks at every turn to pull as AWAY rather than draw us near. We must fight to remain near the Father and near to the hearts of His people. Blessings to you today.

  4. “At eye level.” <3 Oh that I'd be that eye-level representative of the living God. Not only alive via the empty grave, but alive in us–doing good, healing work through our meager hands. May it ever be so, Lord.

  5. God’s voice from the most unexpected places…but you heard it AND you knew it was Him. I’m SO grateful you recognized Him! Praying for you right now! (Psalm 18:1-2 NLT, again!)

  6. God in the Heavens and the same God who is with us made us humans yet different. As long as we continue to hold on to Him no one will be left behind. Made in His image called to walk the Jesus walk I pray we can include instead of preclude, love instead of hate, allow dignity with truth and obeying laws, instead of (in mistaken acts of compassion), causing poverty and dependence. His way is not easy for anyone but, He indeed walks it with us. And for that this brown skinned woman for one is profundly grateful!

  7. You don’t just encourage us to go beyond our carefully built walls. Your stories informs the WHY, making the walls that seemed too daunting all of a sudden lower and way more flimsy. Keep this storytelling up friend! Your example never fails to make me a little more brave in my own day to day. Be Near …. Indeed!!

  8. “Why had I wasted my strength on unworthy battles?”
    Because the small unworthy battles we learn to walk away from or lift up, and recognize as unworthy of followers of Christ, teach us our character and the character of the God we put our hope in.
    We wait on a God who is bigger than us and has more love than us and so we allow Him to stretch us so that we find in ourselves enough: enough time, enough forbearance, enough compassion. We put our hope in Him and so you are able to be a light and a hope to someone in pain, by sharing Him by showing His love and you are blessed.
    My verse in caregiving through many years was “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”
    2 Cor. 9:8.
    It kept me going.

  9. Oh, wow, walking where Jesus wants you to walk – scary and humbling! I saw your heart written all over this. Bless you, may I learn to draw near, because He called me to.

  10. Shannan,
    Thank you for your honest, beautiful wrestling… I was at the Conference in Chicago–it was my first one–and it wrecked me. God is deconstructing me piece by piece and it hurts like hell but I’m so grateful that, like you so gorgeously said, “We’ll beg for more of God and He’ll meet us at eye level, ‘Here I am’.” We won’t, and no part of me would ever want to, recover from a love like this… You’re so right. Praying continued courage over you tonight, as you keep stepping into the places Jesus is calling you. Thank you so much for sharing your heart here…

  11. Shannan,

    God is truly talking to me about being others oriented more than I am. Last night (6/25) at church we heard a talk about homelessness, especially in upper E. TN & Indianapolis. The point of the talk was to inspire “the church” to get out there “really see” and love those people. Be a friend to them-a soft place for them to land. I believe that with prayer we can all be advocates and shower the world with God’s love.