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Jennifer is a loyal friend who loves road-tripping, deep conversation, and the sharing of good food. Wife to her high school sweetheart and mom to four, she enjoys cooking and spending time with friends. Want to get on her good side? Pour her a cup of tea and chat for...

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  1. Did you use the Bible along with a study book about Gideon? If so what was the title of the study book?
    I would love to know for the ladies that get together each week to study. Right now we are studying Proverbs.

  2. Jennifer,
    What a beautiful testimony of how God can bring a group together that He ordains for such a time as this. It is a lot easier to share one on one, or with people in similar life stages, or of the same ethnic or cultural background, but God always calls us to step outside our comfort zone to experience something much greater than we can ever imagine. We like to build walls. God likes to build bridges. I love having conversations and fellowship with our teaching staff in the Middle East. We can conquer boundaries, bear each others burdens, and rejoice with each other when we have One person in common – Jesus. He is the great bond maker! When two or more are gathered in His name….it is truly sacred ground. Thank you so much for sharing and I am grieving with you over your loss of Glenda.
    Bev xx

    • Thank you, Bev. I always see your comments on here to all of the wonderful writers and your words are so encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to read and share with me today. Such a blessing!

    • Bev, these words in your comments caught my eye: “We like to build walls. God likes to build bridges.” Oh, have I experienced that preference in my life! Each time our clergy family was moved to another church, I wanted to build walls that would keep us where we were–comfortable and secure. Instead, God built bridges to new places (five times), new relationships, new areas of ministry. Looking back on those years (we’ve been retired now three years), I am so thankful for every church, every opportunity for spiritual growth, and those new relationships that turned into old friends. Jesus is indeed a great bond maker! Thank you for inspiring gratitude and praise in my heart just now!

      • Nancy,
        So true. I’ve moved around this country quite a bit and each move I’ve not wanted to go where God was leading me. Partially because, perhaps, I wasn’t trusting Him to bring me to a place He had already prepared. But, oh what joy when we follow in obedience and I am thankful for those many bonds that were made, that if it were up to me, would never have happened. Joining with you in gratitude and praise.
        Bev xx

  3. “…coming together to beat what odds we might stack against ourselves before even giving friendship a chance” Wow! How often we don’t give God or friendship a chance to do that miracle that only He can see on the front end. Thanks for sharing your story and I’m praying for the days ahead for your fierce friendship tribe that God has knit together.

      • Jen, I just read this again and I don’t have enough words to express how precious this is to me, it reminds me so much of the love Glenda had for you three and and so many other young women in our church family. I always enjoyed the few minutes I got to sit in with you four when I came to pick her up. Keep sharing your heart my friend.

  4. Jennifer,
    I am deeply sorry for your loss. God’s gift of your memories will be something you’ll always keep.
    Your story of genuine friendship, and the bond that was formed despite the odds, was lovely. Thank-you for sharing it with us……

    Have a blessed day all,


  5. Thank you for sharing such a powerful story. Our church has just lost a gentleman who, with all of his human faults, never lost sight of Jesus. Our loss is truly heaven’s gain, but oh the void left here. Prayers for your little circle of friends, and for your church family and Glenda’s family as they navigate new territory without her loving guidance.

    • I know so well the “void” you speak of, but I know there is much rejoicing at the thought of no more pain or sorrow that this world continuously throws us. I covet your prayers and your kind words today. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for encouraging with your faith and love and for sharing this sorrow so we could pray for you.

  7. Jennifer, I love the kind of group you describe, and the words that bubble up out of my heart right now are these:
    We really need each other!
    At all seasons of life, we have something to offer, and we have much that we need. To expect all that giving and receiving to happen with people who are our mirror image is unrealistic. I love how you introduced your circle of friends to us with such intimacy. The love shines through the spaces between the words!

  8. Jennifer,
    I too, have a story similar to yours. The ladies of 8, asked me to join them in a Bible Study/prayer time. As the older lady, I had no idea why they wanted me, loved the idea of their lives & mine joining together for such a time as this. We would meet every Friday at a set place & time. Laughed, cried & shared our most intimate prayer requests for our families, church & country. But one by one, the group got smaller due to health & personal issues. But as the group got smaller the closer we became. My husband passed away suddenly while serving on a mission trip in Alaska & all of those ladies were there by my side. One went through a divorce & we were right there praying & be a shoulder to cry on. Ladies need other ladies to pray for, study God’s Word & lean on. Thank you for sharing your story. Prayers for you & Glenda’s family.

  9. Thank you for sharing. I’m so touched by your relationship with all these wonderful ladies. I’ve always wished for a friendship of this kind. For Glenda, may her sweet and gentle soul rest peacefully. I pray for a heart like hers.

  10. Jennifer, I’m sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and the other Mustard Seeds as you work through your shared grief. ((hug))

  11. Perfect timing! We launch a new season of small groups this week. I’m always a little apprehensive about who will fill the chairs in our group. Will we fit together? Will it be awkward? God orchestrates beautiful friendships from these chairs!

  12. My “sacred place” is every Tuesday morning- an appointment with several dear ladies. We share, occasionally vent, and then an hour or so of praying for each other – also knowing that our praises and concerns will be lifted up throughout the week.

  13. Oh friend… I love this so much –for all the reasons! So fun to see you here in this space… and praying for you and everyone rejoicing and weeping! Much love!

  14. Jennifer,
    Thank you for sharing your precious story. It really struck a note with me and I can relate on so many levels. That awkward feeling of not fitting in. Realizing that Gods plan fits perfectly in our lives. It’s up to us to step out of our comfort zone and let God do his part.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Deeann, so glad to see you here today. I know how difficult it is to step out of that comfort zone but I am grateful for the opportunities He’s given me to do so over the last several years. I am grateful for this growth. Thank you for reading!

  15. I’ve always been envious of the closeness (friendship & spiritual challenging of one another) of your group. I hope one day that God will provide such a group for me. I know it was just what each of you needed “for such a time as this”.

    • Oh, Leisa, thank you. Your words mean a lot, but also break my heart a little. I had been searching for it and never seemed to find it, but God had it worked out all along. Thank you for your constant encouragement and your friendship. Love you, friend!

      • Isn’t it funny (not really), how you’d been searching but never could find it…but it found you!! All because of God’s perfect timing. That’s what made it so special. It wasn’t anything that you could form…but He had the perfect recipe for all of you to mix together into this wonderful delicacy of friendship & mentorship.
        I know He will meet my desires somehow, sometime, in some way, and in the meantime, I’m truly thankful for the friends I have, including you!

  16. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your success story of divergent people of different ages coming together and bonding in friendship and support of one another. An inspiring role model for us to follow!

    • Nancy, it was my pleasure to share the story. I have a card pinned up on my desk right now from (in)courage that quotes “You have stories to tell that the world needs to hear” – and I know how very true this is for all of us. I am so encouraged by the stories that others share here in this space. So grateful I had a chance to share one of mine. Thank you for visiting today and being an encouragement to me.

  17. I too often feel the hesitation that you felt as you opened the door but more times than not after I have gone go rough that door I am forever grateful that I did! Thanks for sharing your heartwarming story!

  18. Jennifer,

    Sweet sister praying for you all in your loss. Losing a friend is never easy. May God provide comfort & peace to your souls. Loved the intricate introduction of each person. You described them so well that I could envision them.

    Gideon was an awesome Bible study. God created us for community. He knows exactly what & who we need at the right time. It may seem odd to us, but He sees the bigger picture. Friendships can be made at any age. I’m always amazed at the people God puts in front of me to be friends with. Most of them are older-in their late 60s-70s. That’s ok. I can learn a lot from them & they can learn from me.

    Blessings 🙂

  19. Everyone needs a sacred place, that it was shared with other is great. God often does put a menagerie of woment together, different ages, backgrounds, each has soemthing to offer. I am sorry about your friend. I like her phrase, ” How’s that working for you? ” I can imagine my answer.

  20. What a wonderful post! I too have been a part of a seemingly unlikely-to-gel kind of Bible study group, but some of my strongest friendships remain out of that gathering of oh so many different ages and stages of life women. It’s just the most wonderful experience, and I’m so glad you have had that in your life. They sound like some amazing women- just like you!