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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. (in)courage ladies,
    I have very good memories of the (in)RL meetups I attended. Though most of us have gone our separate ways since then, I still keep in touch with one or two women. It was a wonderful time of being able to let your guard down and just be real. Yes, it was a bit scary with women whom I had never met, but as soon as we started talking, we found we had more in common than not. The most important person we had in common was Christ. I’m really glad you’re bringing it back!! Holler y’all, ladies here in central NC!! Let’s do this!!
    Bev xx

    • Wow Bev…you are up again with the birds and your off to the cheering races.

      I am up and at ’em trying to internally cheer myself on in mind as I “press on”.

      Yes…it is so wonderful to swipe and get some UPliftment from a friendly companion(s) who we don’t know by face or touch. Yet, hearts can connect across the “sMILES”.

      Sometimes life is lonely (and scary in no terrain)and I am experiencing cascades of that wilderness (WILD in that word) lonliness which is super-difficult when I am trying to transcend new life highways…venturing out in new horizons I can’t see but am trusting God for.

      Today is a day of “steep and rocky emotiinal & spiritual terrain” for me.

      I am trusting God for many answers to prayer…blindfold trust – experiencing the weight of despair trying to wedge me in. May I ask for some prayer and encouragement.

      Thank you for any scriptsure or encouragement I receive…like water and oxygen for me. Glad I can be REAL and ask for what I need. I am teary as I try to be cheery today.

      And RISE inyo RISE-ilience.

      Blessings…Janine in Toronto

      • Janine,
        I’m always up with the birds lol (or sometimes I beat the birds out of bed).

        Take heart in the 23rd Psalm that that tells us that we walk THROUGH the valley with the Lord. He never leaves our side and He never leaves us stuck. He is faithful to see us through to the other side.
        John 14: 18: I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you.
        Isaiah 41:10: So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will STRENGTHEN you and HELP you; I will UPHOLD you with my righteous right hand.
        All of Psalm 121: I lift my eyes unto the hills. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth….
        Claiming God’s promise for you that He will not let the flames burn you nor will He let the waters rise over you. Grab hold of His righteous right hand and He will see you through in HIS strength. When you are weak, He is strong. It’s not only okay, but good that you rely and depend totally on Him.
        Lifting you up in prayer sweet sister….
        Love and ((hugs)),
        Bev xo

        • ps. Just so you know, Janine, I am not always cheery. I’m very sensitive and emotional, and when I have meltdowns….boy can they be doozies. No style points for stoicism here….let the tears flow….they can be cathartic.

        • Hi Bev

          You compassionate response and scripture offerings made me weep in my car this morning.

          Right now, I am trying to wrap up a business that failed…but Christ is telling me it is cloSURE…not a failure.

          I am in the process – dedicated..of finding a replacement tenant for the lease and have been paying expensive rent to the not-lovely landlord. Since January!

          Also, since that negative happened, I am led to move from that neighbourhood NOW and I have 2 months to find new housing by the Lakeshore…trusting God with all of these Answers…blindfolded trust with lits of intersecting “menacing realities”. Messy, instant, constant things.

          I will sit quietly now asking for God’s Grace and Peace to wash over me…like waves that will be my companions by the Lake.

          Faith is an excruciating journey especially when you are battling and in situations you never invited or imagined.

          Thanks you for sweet friendship from afar. And silent prayers that help me COPE as I HOPE to be a trusting Warrior…doing battle as I WOW – “walk on water” into a new beginning that is blurry.

          Thank you for that Bev..and for giving me the “sWORD” of His Spirit. Lavishibg me with Truth from scripture. Medicine for my battered and bruised heart.

          God is NOT a God of confusion but of Peace. And He did not give me the spirit to fear…but gives Power, Love and a sound mind.

          Dear Lord : thank you for friendship across waters and highways. Bless INcourage and the plans for October…thank you for a sweet place to engage honestly and encourage, UPlift and inspire to breathe Life) to others…and to point to You ~ the Lifter of our heads.”

          In Your Sweet Name…Amen & Thank you.

          • Janine,
            One last scripture for the future:
            Exodus 23:20 ” See, I am sending an angel ahead of you, to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared.”

            God already has a future place for you prepared and He will guide and guard you along the way to get there….He’s got this…..xo

    • Bev, there are so many writers here, and I’ve been meaning to plan a get-together for us all — perhaps this would be the perfect opportunity. Hmmm…wheels spinning. 🙂

    • North Carolina (Charlotte) reporting in, Bev. Sounds like a wonderful hatching plan. 🙂

  2. I’d never heard of (in)courage until a few years ago when I watched the IRL videos on Right Now Media. 🙂 I’ve been reading since. 🙂 Look forward to October and another edition of In Real Life. 😀 xoxo

  3. Bev…I think He is using you as His
    e-angel to me too.

    Thank you for that…feels like a Promise He whispered to my heart through your fancy fingers-of-e-couragement.

    Thanks for tremendous resuscitation and RAWnesty (raw honesty) with challeges.

    In sharing and caring.

    Blessings…and HUG. Janine

  4. (in)RL holds some of the sweetest memories and truths and encouragement for me! I am ALL kinds of excited that it is coming back!!!!! I can’t wait to make some new friends and have some sweet time with the Lord!!!!!!

  5. Gatherings are a challenge here on the fringes of Maine, but I’m going to check this out. I know there are women in my church who would love (and who really need) the kind of community that exists here in this space.

  6. Although I might not be able to attend, thank you all for the invitation. It sounds very welcoming.

    Have a blessed day all,


  7. I was supposed to go last fall to an event but my friend went into the hospital. It is so great to see this community growing! I also loved seeing the chat in the comments. You all inspire me and brighten my day. God bless!!!