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Bonnie Gray is the author of Sweet Like Jasmine, Whispers of Rest, wife, and mom to two boys. An inspirational speaker featured by Relevant Magazine and Christianity Today, she’s guided thousands to detox stress and experience God’s love through soul care, encouragement, and prayer. She loves refreshing your soul at...

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  1. God is simpll amazing and confirmation at its finest. I am starting a 7 day detox with my family next week and some of the things that you mentioned are what I’ll be incorporating in this detox. I’ll be sharing encouragement and scripture to feed and nurture their body, healthy recipes, and they will removing social media or anything that they consider a stronghold. I am confident that those who participate in your book club will be restored and replenished. Thank you for being a willing vessel!

    • Thank you for the peaceful reminder that God is always with us and to breathe Him in and REST. As the end of the school year is incredibly busy for parents, teachers and ministry staff, I appreciate the moment to rest and take Him in. I look forward to reading more devotionals. Best wishes to you!

  2. This sounds like a great book and I cannot wait to read it. God bless you always! Thank you!

  3. I love to nestle in to a chair outside with a cup of coffee on the table and a vase of flowers. It all brings an atmosphere of God and how much he enjoys brightening our life. Then I listen to music and read. Listen for his heart and reach for his hand. I love the idea that God may not want us to DO more, but nestle into him more.

  4. I love all of these ideas for resting in Him. I’ve been battling cancer these past few months, and one of the blessings is that it has forced me to rest more with God. Today’s breath prayer will be “Give me strength, fill me Lord.” Thank you for your ministry!

  5. I could not get through the day without Jesus with me. Caring for my aging mother, husband , work, etc, brings a lot of stress. I need to remember this “breathe prayer” more often! Thank you!

  6. I have the great blessing of a pond and a pier in my backyard . I love to sit on it in the evening right before sunset and enjoy the peaceful water and the sounds of nature all around me. It’s a great place to talk to God , read His Word and just rest in His presence.

  7. Thank you, Bonnie, for letting us see Jesus and the Heart of the Father through you to encourage us to rest in Him. I have already purchased a book for myself, but I would like to win one to share with a friend who needs to rest more too. Love and thanks to you. May the LORD be glorified in Christ! ☺

  8. What wonderful, encouraging, thoughtful ways to keep us connected to God. Looking forward to reading more!

  9. I take small moments throughout the day to rest in the presence of the Almighty. I am neither a coffee or tea drinker, but I always look for God in the small things such as dew on morning grass. If he can provide that tiny bit of moisture each morning than I surely know that He is with me at all times.

  10. Very glad to hear I am not alone with my daily wrestling matches over time: conflicted about wantimg so so badly to feel the peace I get from communing with Father, yet worldly responsibilities pulling me in another direction. Looking forward to learning more about these breathing prayers!

  11. Rest and refresh for me is sometimes taking a nap, sometimes taking a walk, sometimes journaling, sometimes reading just for fun, sometimes being purposeful to notice and enjoy nature.

  12. I am a pastors wife and finding rest is a challenge for me. Not only due to the churches activities, as well as family, but the feeling of guilt if I am not doing. Right now I am in that season of rest and I know God wants me to sit and find rest in Him. I have to get over the feeling of “doing nothing” and find that total rest placing myself in His arms. Help me Jesus to be obedient in Your rest.

  13. Sipping my coffee in the morning and opening His word for me daily is the most peaceful part of my day! I’d love to read the other ways – it would give me more to share with others. I feel He knows and can speak to each of our hearts exactly as we need him too! Thank you for sharing!!!

  14. Thank you for writing this Devotional. I love the idea of finding little ways to breathe in the Spirit, while still tackling my to-do list. I have worked on keeping the sabbath…trying to not schedule anything on Sundays except for church. But some Sundays get away from me and then I feel like there is no way to rest. I currently commute two hours each way for work. I’m sure I can find time to breathe while in the car.

  15. Rest and Refresh, so difficult to do in all of our busy lives, but SO very necessary!!! I use my morning walks as a special time to reflect on God’s goodness in my life and in nature. Thank you for the wonderful reminder.

  16. Loved this devotional…I rest and refresh by taking long walks on the beach and watch the waves move to and fro. I reflect on the wonderful, beauty of the world that God has given us to enjoy!

  17. I enjoyed being reminded of ways to refresh. I find that when I keep my relationship with God real, alive and vibrant that is so refreshing. I try to live and breathe Jesus. The first thing When something goes wrong I say, o Lord please help me. …or some plea for help. When life is great I say, thank You Jesus, Praise the Lord! And it’s such a blessing to hear my children also say those things:) God is so good and so refreshing if I keep my focus on Him instead of marriage issues, chronic illness, child training struggles, financial difficulties etc etc. It is refreshing to trust my whole life into His hands. And I believe my children and I will be enjoying more tea and we’ll have our God Talk about being a Jesus Boy or a Jesus Girl or a Jesus Mom and then we’ll pray together. Every morning before school I pray with my children and we try to have a God Talk. (How does God want us to act, what can we do to live for Jesus etc). This came as very timely. It will give me a refresh for their summer vacation days.

  18. Thank you so much for the reminder to rest! Resting in the evening, praying with my husband before we go to sleep…calms my heart and reminds me of the Author of true rest!

  19. Rest is something I never feel that I get enough of. I try to plan time of rest, but there is always something or someone nagging for my attention. I often feel overwhelmed. When I do get the time to rest, I love to sit on my patio with a cup of tea, God’s Word, and my journal. There’s something about worshiping amongst God’s natural creations that soothes my weary soul.

  20. “Be Still and Know I Am God”, one of my favorite scriptures in this non-stop merry-go-around we stay on too long at times. I appreciate the reminder to just stop and listen for the Whisper of Rest. It is there, in the morning hours as we wake, listen to the birds singing their song of joy for a new day. We wake and instead of thinking immediately of our daily duties, reflect for a moment to ask our Lord to join us in this new opportunity to start it with Him by our side. Listen to that small whisper and thank Him for loving us so much that he constantly sends messages in the wind of the tall pine trees and the little bird that he watches and cares for, how much more does he love us. Listen for his whisper, He has something to say, Be Still and Know I am God, in your life, in your work, and in your rest. He can make it all right that seems to hard. He sends whispers of love through the wings of a bird or a song of joy. Just Listen… Thanks for the rreminder to hear His voice today! I hope to share with other women who need rest, who need Our Dear Jesus!

  21. Good Morning!
    What a great post this morning and just what I needed. I especially love the Breath prayer. Honestly, I don’t know how to rest or refresh. My family has been is such a chaotic state since the death of our Mom a year ago. I long for peace and stability instead of bickering and judgment. I want so desperately to know with all my heart that God loves me in spite of my brokenness. I humbly ask for prayer for me and my family. Today, I will breath!


  22. Your book sounds like such a wonderful way to bring God into our every day lives. With kids in school and summer approaching, I would love to read it so that I know God’s peace and hand throughout my days. Many blessings to you for writing this!

  23. What a perfect time for this book! I’m feeling more and more that I really MUST learn how to rest well, and I don’t mean sleep. This will be a great summer starter for that goal!

  24. My husband and I just returned from a weekend of emotions. Our granddaughter graduated from high school on Saturday and on Sunday we held a memorial graveside service for the one year anniversary of her father’s death (my stepson). On Monday (which was the actual anniversary date), we drove the 5 hour journey home. Monday also happens to be my beloved husband’s birthday. The whole month of May has been a roller coaster of emotions as we prepared our hearts for that weekend. So today I am just spent. Physically and emotionally. I sat down to do my quiet time with the Lord and saw this devotional. Tears sprang from my eyes as I read about rest. Rest for my soul. I’m taking time today to rest. Thank you!

  25. I absolutely love your detox steps. I am a homeschooling mom of two boys and desperately need to implement this into our days.

  26. Thank you so much. I needed this. Did the breath prayer and immediately felt calm.

  27. This is such an essential concept for overall wellbeing and spriritual wholeness! My preference for rest would be to get away to a beautiful place in nature, whether it’s a hiking trail or just staring at the ocean waves and taking some deep breaths. But when I don’t have the time, I simply take a cup of tea on my balcony and sit outside to at least feel a breeze and be still.

  28. Last year Jesus gave me the word REST. I was,am one of those people who don’t know how to do that. I can barely sit through a movie. So I started to wake up before everyone else in my family to spend my first hour with Him. I can’t tell you how huge this has been for me, one hour goes so quickly. Sometimes I journal, listen, pray, read scripture, or listen to a favorite worship song. Even when I don’t always feel it, Jesus is there. I love my mornings with Him.

  29. This book sounds amazing! Rest has been something that I’ve struggled with within these past few months. Thank you so much for the tips to find rest.

  30. I so need this in my life right now! Looking For God’s rest and peace in the small moments as I care for 3 girls at home and juggle the weight of responsibility and “doing more”. I love to take a few minutes to sit outside in the sunshine and quiet my heart. Reading a few scriptures and journaling are also ways I refuel. Thank you!!!

  31. Dear Bonnie……it is clearly evident that you live in relationship with God….you are living your life in Christ Jesus and how wonderful you are gifting other women through your writings ~ when they tell God their desire for a real relationship with Him He is thrilled and glorified ~ all of heaven rejoices and praises God …His Holy Spirit will do the work to guide them into a deep friendship with Him …just what God longs of each of us….He wants to show us more of how He will love us as we desire Him and want to be refilled by Him just as you have said …… Brother Lawrence as head of a monastery kitchen was surrounded often by great NOISE…pots and pans crashing…noisy chatter … noisy emotions…and interruptions….like ‘ where are the potatoes….anyone seen them ‘ …but he kept his focus on God….he practiced the Presence of God….words in the title of his little book…………..Brother Lawrence was a contemplative and for me centering prayer ~ a form of Christian meditation ( I have been practicing now for 11 years ) significantly helped me become contemplative….watching for God at work in my life and the lives of others everyday even in the mundane things of life.. Prayer of ALL kinds is vital ~it is like the pulse of our spiritual life in Christ Jesus …none or little prayer is a sign of no real spiritual life ………as I told God within the last nine years I wanted the desires on my heart to be aligned with His and then I also prayed that I gave me life to God for His purposes…through these little ( and daily prayers for a while ) but BIG prayers that I was led to by His Spirit during a hugely difficult time I was brought by His Spirit into a real relationship with God and wow what a journey I have been on and this will not end……Your new book will inspire women of all ages to want to draw close to God and see just how much He loves each of us….what a blessing He has led you to write …. I know He has more plans for you to write more….I will share your message today with other women …thank you Bonnie….Thank you God for working through Bonnie to bless others…………………………

  32. I am a teacher and it has been a very stressful school year. My Father passed away in November and in January I was diagnosed with cancer. I am asking God to give me a restful summer where I come to him and He restores my soul. Looking forward to reading your book. Thank you. I truly have a hard time resting. I struggle with guilt when I am not “doing” something for God. I know….been to counseling!! So grateful that God loves me and His Mercies are new every morning!!

  33. I love to jog in the early, cool
    Summer mornings listening to my favorite praise music . Rest and refresh.

  34. Relaxing in a hammock and enjoying God’s handiwork of nature is a favorite of mine. It is refreshing to find a quiet place in the still of the morning with a cup of tea and God’s word. Thank you for the breathe prayer. I think it will become an often-used tool!

  35. Finding rest with small children can be so challenging. I love to find rest journaling, but many days do not allow it. I’m encouraged today by some new creative ways to find rest. This book sounds like something every Mom of small children needs.

  36. I need this… I suffer from severe depression due to many health issues. I have also been performance driven my whole life and find it hard to just rest in Jesus. It is a double edge sword. I need to keep busy so buffer the depression and yet I overload with business and that is a stress too. I find myself just trying to make it through days. God and prayers carry me.

    • God bless you Regina! I pray that our Lord Jesus holds you tightly in His mighty and capable arms and fills you with peace. Thank You Jesus! Blessings and love to you always! Xoxo

  37. Rest and Relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. Sip. Reflect. Write.
    As we begin our vacation next week, just my husband and I, I am hoping to do all of these. I want to draw closer to my Father. To see Him in everything, to get away from the busy-ness of life. To breathe. To de-stress. To enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. To rest. To reflect. To listen and hear.
    Love this lesson today.

  38. I love the idea of the “Breath Prayer.” I have so many unanswered questions in my life that I know I would benefit from seeking God in rest.

  39. I would desperately like to learn about breath prayer. I find myself sighing throughout the day. It would be more beneficial if the sighs could be turned into prayers. Thank you for your post today, it was a blessing.


  40. This book looks so good! Looks like just what I need. I’m forever the “caregiver” and not the “care receiver”. Need to learn how to do that better. Thanks for sharing your insights in this book!

  41. Rest and peace- these are two things that I crave from God. I love how you described to breath in and breathe out with the prayer request. I will try to do that today so I can have peace in the middle of work.

  42. I needed this today! I have been struggling, feeling ‘heavy’ and ‘down’ and I can’t pinpoint the problem. I’ve been praying, rebuking Satan, everything I can think of. Maybe I just need to rest and spend some extra time with Jesus. Would LOVE to have a copy of this book. Thank you for serving out Father.

  43. Rest for my soul? Sounds wonderful!
    And directions on how to get it? Almost as good!!
    Would love to win this book.

  44. This is such a timely post! My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday evening. How the first 3 weeks of marriage have been a hard transition for me because my tendency to do-do-do has been amped up times a million – i.e. I love to cook, and have somehow put this expectation on myself to take care of the 2 dogs, work full time, and cook a meal for every night! Hubs loved me so well in starting a conversation about it, and praying that I should be take more moments to receive rest 🙂 Which to me means going running. It helps clear my mind and talk to God. As does journaling and just taking moments to enjoy coffee instead of inhaling it. I loved the line, “Instead of struggling to reach Jesus, invite Jesus to enter your world.” So good. When I’m in a ‘doing’ season, I tend to see all the ways I fail or succeed in the “doing”, everything revolves around that mindset- I’m not cooking enough, pursuing Jesus enough, journaling enough, etc. But seeing it as inviting Him in, is so refreshing. And may be what I need to take hold of the rest and restoration He has for me. To not get caught up in the “doing” so much as fearless receiving. So thank you!

  45. I like to sit in my back porch and just listen and read. I also enjoy swimming laps outside or going to the beach. I guess you could say that I find God a lot in God’s creation outside.

  46. REST, yes I need rest. I try and rest in Him daily, and have to say my physical ailments and single mom responsibilities PLUS Leading Women in 2 Ministry Groups can swarm my mind so loudly – I’m missing The REST in Him, mark entirely! Especially my physical pains constantly screaming.

    My GOAL after kids are out for this summer IS TO RECLAIM – REST IN HIM!!!

    I’m ready to recharge my mind, body, spirit, and soul.

  47. This book sounds intriguing! It is hard to give oneself permission to rest – we often feel guilty. I hope God will use this book to bless many. In answer to your question, I like to run while listening to praise music which helps me to pray/pour out my heart to God.

  48. Usually I find rest while nestled on my couch with a good book. We are in the process of moving and there are boxes everywhere, but I keep the couch clear and it has become a little sanctuary for me.

  49. What a great idea for a book and book club. I rest and refresh every day by engaging in Bible study, prayer, and reflection while I drink my first cups of coffee. I purposefully get up an hour before I have to get my day started, when the house is peaceful and quiet and spend time with our Lord. I look forward to discovering, in your book, other ways to rest and refresh through out the day. God Bless You!

  50. Thank you for sharing this message…so needed among all the noise of our society!
    Praise & Blessings on your ministry

  51. Bonnie, God bless your ministry! I know it has blessed me. Loved White Spaces so much! Excited about your new book. These are great ideas. One that had made a difference for me in the last few months is Bible journaling. It combines note taking, art work, and creativity to study God’s Word and worship. It has been a wonderful way to renew and rest for me. Praying blessings to you and previous commenters!

  52. I was just diagnosed with shingles which is most likely stress induced. {sigh} This book and study has impeccable timing for me. I recently tip I heard is from a pastor who speak about his monthly D.A.W.G. day. (Day Along With God) and I decided to do the same…I’m setting aside my own DAWG day in June and looking forward to a time of quiet, rest and most importantly resting in Him.

  53. This is something very dear to my heart. My place to rest in God is my old red/orange leather chair with a cup of coffee or tea in the quiet of the morning. I have practiced The Breath Prayer in the past in unusual times of stress & it has helped so much. Thanks for the reminder! I’m excited to get your devotional & be a part of the summer group.

  54. As a Global Worker for the past 20 years the pressure to always be performing, working, ministering is taking its toll. I find it very hard to just sit down and relax and be able to focus on just refreshing my soul. My mind is always escaping and before long, I give up and move to the next task on my list. The one place that I do find peace and my soul being nourished and filled is when I can get away to the mountains and pine trees. Where the fresh air and breezes flow across my soul and speak to me of who God is and who I am in Him. Bonnie, this book looks amazing and I cannot wait to sit under an evergreen somewhere and read it from cover to cover. Blessings!

  55. This devotional sounds like something I really need! This would also be a great resourse for the women of my church. Thank you for allowing God to use you!

  56. I really need to work on simply resting in Jesus. I am always trying to do and even say too much for Him, rather than just enjoying the salvation He has given me. Thank you for this.

  57. I usually try to steal a few moments to read or write before bed to soothe my mind’s anxieties. I don’t often get to do this, but I am determined to make a more intentional effort to do so. This book sounds amazing, and just what I need.

  58. Rest. I have an ideal scenario, but I rarely execute it when or how I want, but it happens regardless in whatever way I can make it happen on any given day. Worship music throughout my workday helps to keep my mind on being grateful rather than sad that I’m stuck at a desk. Varied devotionals allow for refreshing during breaks. A review and continued reading of Sunday’s message throughout the week helps me to deepen my understanding of God’s Word. Even with a family and multiple jobs, there is always time. It’s about remembering that “yes” to one thing is “no” to much, while “no” to one thing can be “yes” to more.

  59. I love to rest and refresh by, hope you’re sitting down……..by riding on our motorcycle with my husband. I love to feel the wind and see the scenery! No noise. No radio. No TV. Just the “quietness” around me where I can reflect on whatever comes to mind. (I loved Bonnie Gray’s book “Spiritual Whitespace”! Would love to be gifted “Whispers of Rest”.)

  60. What a great book this will be. The busy day to day stuff can often distract us from the rest in Him that we need in our daily lives. I know it’s done wonders for my life, I pray that rest will do wonders for others who are needing Him today.

  61. Even in my new role of empty-nester, I find I still it hard to find quiet time. A few minutes each morning as I walk the dog have become my time to be still and listen. I am looking forward to spending some time away with my very busy minister husband next month. He needs it as much as I do. Your book sounds like a perfect travel companion! Blessings to you!

  62. May is a month of many events. So many are happy and some are sad. It has been full of many celebrations. Even in the midst of those there are hard things to deal with. Finding myself very weary as I try to finish this full month strong. Such a great reminder of rest we need.

  63. It’s hard to find time of rest and peace with 2 young children, a job and housework, but I try to be intentional about doing that…I enjoy reading, taking a walk or just getting to a local coffee shop for a little bit. This sounds like a wonderful book to get more ideas for getting rest!

  64. I try to do something that gives me joy each day. I find that in doing something small like this each day, my cup doesn’t go as dry as it would otherwise.

  65. Thank you for sharing. As a high school teacher and mom of two young girls, it is hard to find rest. I try to find rest by doing yoga and also by taking a long hot bath filled with lavender each night. It is time for just me and also time to reflect and renew myself.

  66. So excited about this book. I like to rest by getting up early before everyone else when the house is quiet. Although this is hard to do with 3 little boys, 6 and under!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  67. I love to have some quiet time after getting my two boys on the school bus each day. I nestle my tired body on the soft couch cushions while mindfully sipping my decaf coffee. I breath….. I find peace and quietness for my anxious & weary soul in worshipping God with praise songs from my favorite radio station K-Love. The moment is my date with God. He loves me and I love Him.

  68. I’m a full time homeschoolinh mother of four children. Rest and refreshment is sometimes hard to come by. I’m realizing how and when I rest in this season has to look different. Fatigue makes for a grumpy, irritable and not so creative momma. I want to be intentional and effective about catching life with my family; seizing the sweet moments that don’t seem so sweet on the surface when I’m mentally and or physically exhausted. Whispers of Rest is screaming my name.

  69. Holding a sleeping baby. Morning routine of reading God’s Word and sipping tea. Singing and playing worship music. Watching our kids and grands interact around our dinner table at a family get together. Taking a drive with my husband. Praying with friends.

  70. I find rest, peace, comfort when I see my grown children and their children happy. I see my husband of 47 years and feel rest and love. God is good and Jesus is right there with Him❤️

  71. In our bible group, last night, we spoke about finding rest and learning to be at God’s place instead of being busy with our regular lives. Most of our group have the feeling they want the rest and the deeper relationship but don’t know where to start. Some of us have a war room, others use a walk in nature… we are women and we need each other to help to get back in rest like God planned for us… thank you for sharing your story with us through your book.

  72. I guess I need to read about brother Lawerence. I just heard about prayer breathing and it is so helpful. I know people who would worry about it sounding New Age, but it is an old Christian tradition. It has helped me and I have recommended it to lots of people and even a child with cystic fibrosis and a bi-polar lady. Thanks, Bonnie, for helping us rest.

  73. I don’t rest and I need it badly. We recently moved to a new town and new home. O boy! I never expected all the repairs and upgrades this house would need. Everyday it is something else that I have to do. It seems that the house speaks and yells at me saying, “You know that blue bedroom, well, that is a bad color. You need to paint it TODAY.” Or “there’s a lot of dog hair on the floor. You better get it up TODAY. And while you are at it, you have to make lunches, dinners, be there for everyone, take care of everything TODAY.” Everything just builds and builds until I feel like I am running in circles. When evening comes, I collapse. I cannot even stay up for a few minutes before I get grouchy and I am no good for no one. I need help.

    Thank you for your suggestions and finding time with the Lord to have peace in my life.

  74. I like to rest and refresh with naps and reading 🙂 I also enjoy sitting outside in warm weather and en enjoying God’s beautiful creation!

  75. Rest and refreshment come in so many ways. They may look like going to bed early, sitting on our back deck watching the birds with a cool drink, listening to my children play with friends, sharing a conversation with a friend, reading a great book, or spending time with my husband.

  76. The next month of my life will be very busy. Your timing could not be more perfect! So looking forward to this study.

  77. God speaks to us in many ways if only we take the time to Stop… and listen. I love having quiet time before I got to bed to reflect on the day and all the blessings in my life. I, like many have faced some real challenges and I would be so lost without the peace and strength that I find in God. In the middle of my days I find m myself often just closing my eyes and asking God to fill me with his presence and peace…. I feel it and feel refreshed. God Bless everyone~

  78. Lately, it seems as though God has been whispering “Rest…you’ve done all you can, now rest your soul in me, and allow me to give you the peace you NEED”. Thank you.

  79. I am in awe of the timing! I need to stop…reset and let Holy Spirit get my thoughts back to Him!

  80. I’ve been feeling the Lord impress upon me a lot lately that I need to rest and refresh.

    I find that the best way to do that is to walk around down by the lake, feed the ducks, and listen to the children laughing on the playground.

  81. I rest and refresh by goi g outside abd soaking in gods nature. Go for prayer walks. I have quiet time in the morning.

  82. This sounds beautiful and wonderful- and much needed for a lot of people, especially women. I am in charge of my mom’s group at church and I think this would be a great read for us. Where we live in Amish Country of Lancaster County Pa, we have some amazing views, with gorgeous sunsets. That is my favorite way to take a minute to rest.

  83. I love this idea of prayer breathing. I have been very stressed lately. I know this will help me with that.
    One way I like to de-stress is to go hiking and take in the beauty of God’s creation. No phones, no distractions. Just God and nature.

  84. Resting is a challenge for me. I am juggling caring for a family, my grandma who has cancer and work. I feel pulled in many directions and always put others before myself. I know I couldn’t do all I do without God. I feel he brought me to your website and this reading for a reason. I definitely need to read this book so I can learn to take care of myself through God.

  85. What a timely post! My husband and I were just talking about this a couple of days ago. Almost 2 months into marriage and I’ve been running on empty lately and giving in to so much DOING. I’ve ended up burying myself in expectations of myself – to maintain a full time job, take care of the needs of 2 dogs, and to cook a meal every day. Hubs loved me so well in initiating the conversation about slowing down, resting. For me that looks like running. Going on a good run outside while speaking to Jesus, and listening and just enjoying His presence. Our house is also the first home I’ve had with a backyard, so I love going out there and journaling and praying and reading and just sitting still. I’ve been starting to come back to that this week – stepping off the hamster wheel of doing and performing, and into receiving the grace and fearlessness of rest and restoration that He has for me. So good. Thanks so much for writing about this! It speaks so deeply to the season of life I’m in!

  86. I like to write down my prayers. It helps me to be totally open with God. I feel like a load has lifted when I write it on paper. By writing my prayers I can go back and read them and reflect on how God has answered or how He has showed me areas I need to work on.

  87. My favorite way to rest & refresh, even though I rarely get to do this, is to be by a lake or waterfall listening to worship music or praying.

  88. I love to meet the Lord in a peaceful place, but my mind is always spinning. I practice mindfully doing everyday tasks, like making breakfast or cleaning the kitchen, by feeling how my muscles move with each task. This frees up my brain and let’s it stop its constant stream of thoughtS so that I can hear His voice.
    I also write out my devotions and what I hear Him say. This helps me remember them and I’m able to reflect on them later in the day to keep my mind focused on Him.
    I also try to take the time to write mindfully. Slowly and with my best handwriting. It slows my thoughts and helps me hear His voice, also.

  89. Thank you for this. I’ve had a terrible and stressful day where I had a student yell at me and tell me he hated me because I took away his laptop. However, as I “commit all my cares to Him” (Psalm 55:22) and read through this post, I’m reminded that I’ve found sweet, sweet rest to the raging Waters in my soul. I like to rest by worshipping Him – one way is, I get on the piano, put my phone away, and play piano for hours. I am present before Him.

  90. This looks and sounds like an amazing book and devotional! Since I’m disabled she freeing with several medical illnesses I tend to talk to God more ! I often sit out in my backyard and enjoy the beautiful nature he created for us all to enjoy ! I either sip coffee off tea and often read a devotional while I’m out there as well .. I rest lots since my diagnoses but before I was that over run woman you described giving all to everyone else , especially working with Hospice patients ! I do miss that and think of them often , but I do what I can on my good days yo help who I can .
    Great post and I’m really excited about this book.

  91. Being outdoors gives me rest and refreshment. Really taking in the sights sounds and smells of nature. My favorite place is on a lake where the cares of this world seem far far away.

  92. I like to rest and refresh by taking a nap, watching a good movie, being alone, being in a quiet space, and reading a good inspiring book with a cup of tea.

  93. I needed this today. I returned from a writers conference yesterday. I am overwhelmed, yet eager to see where God leads. I would like to read this book over the days ahead as I continue writing.

  94. A quick, simple way that refreshes me is to sit down with a Coke (my vice of choice- I must admit), pick up a book and read a chapter or two. If I have more time, a hike in the mountains or on the beach (I live in San Diego) does it. A stroll through the flower section at the local nursery also makes me happy and brightens my day.

  95. I’m so excited about your book club, Bonnie! Your message is so timely, as I’ve found myself in a super busy season lately and have to consciously make time for rest so I don’t end up running on empty. I’m in the midst of preparing to launch my brand new Christian mom bog and got so caught up in the technical issues yesterday that I lost sight of His inspiration – the whole reason why I’m creating the blog! By the end of the day, I was physically, emotionally, and spirituallly bereft. I prayed for God to lead me back to rest in Him. Then, voila! Your beautiful message popped into my Inbox! So thankful He used you to speak His truth to me! Can’t wait for book club! Thank you so much for sharing this important message at a time when many of us can easily find ourselves ensnared in striving-induced exhaustion!

  96. I think this book is exactly what I need right now, at this moment….thank you for your thought invoking words!

  97. God’s timing is perfect. Your book comes at a time in my life that is anything but restful. I’m trying to make time in my hectic life to rest and relax. I used to be able to sit down in the evening to do some reading, but I am so tired that I can’t even finish a page before I doze off. But throughout the day, when there is something on my mind that is bothering me, I say a quick prayer. My friend calls them “popcorn prayers”.

  98. This is actually something I have been working on this year. I am trying to take
    More time to rest and relax. I have found picking up m bible and opening it Nd reading it wherenit leads me is amazing! It is always where I need to be reading it seems.

  99. A powerful message we all can you in this fast-paced, over-booked world. I would love a chance to win a book.
    Thank you

  100. I am up very early in the mornings (4:00 am) because it’s the quietest part of my whole day!! To read and just sit is my rest for the busy day!

  101. I am blessed to live close by the ocean and to witness the beauty of God’s creation every day, whether it be winter or summer, a stroll on the beach at the end of a hectic workday is my way to rest and refresh. I love the Breath prayer that you posted and plan to incorporate it into my daily routine and I look forward to your book club. I find the (in)courage website such a great source of encouragement and love and I am so happy that God placed it before my eyes. Thank you!!!

  102. I’ve returned to journal prayers this year! It’s a powerful way to stay present in conversation with God. Thank you for the reminder and challenge here to journal and pray. I’m excited for your new book, Bonnie! I read your first one and it had a huge impact on me.