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  1. Lisa-Jo-& Friends,
    I signed up for my first lesson free! Looks like a wonderful study. I had to chuckle when, in order to receive the first lesson free, I had to confirm that I was not a robot. I thought about that – how we go about our lives robotically in do-only mode all the time and when asked how we’re doing we robotically reply, “Fine.” In reality we are rarely “fine”. We all need friends with whom we can let down our guard and take off our mask that we wear. I can’t think of a more wonderful group of (in)courage women with whom to explore the topic of, and explore how to find, deeper friendship. Thanks ladies for not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.
    Bev xx

    • It Is hard for me when a friend, doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore! I struggle, it is me? just within a few days our neighbors, where we used to live have stop talking to us too! I really want friends who will always be there, but I don’t know if there are friends like that!

      • Glee,
        I have found that there are friends for a season and there are a very precious few who are friends for a lifetime. Most fall in the first category. If, after having examined yourself and your actions you don’t find anything that would warrant a friend breaking off a relationship, look at the circumstances….it’s hard to keep a friendship long distance. I’ve learned that friendship takes real WORK and some people just aren’t able or willing to put that work in. I’ve also learned not to take things so personally. Instead of looking at friendships behind that didn’t work out or continue, maybe try looking ahead and how you can reach out in friendship where you are now. And, pray – God honors the desires of our heart and wants us to step out in faith and be a friend to others. Praying for you in your search for real and meaningful friendship. You are worthy of being known.
        Bev xx

  2. Oh my, seriously-I am trying not to cry. I am 52 years old and have struggled with friendships (because, introvert) but nothing like I have since we moved where we live now. And get this, we’ve lived here nearly twenty years! For the first few years I tried so hard to jump into life in the community-as a military wife that’s how I made connection in the past-and suffered so many stings that I just gave up trying. My first taste of what I was in for was trying to coordinate a thank you gift for my young sons coach. Out of 20 plus mom’s only one helped and when I made follow up calls someone said straight out “my friends and I don’t know who you are and we decided not to do it”. I can tell you what I was wearing and the exact place in my kitchen I was standing-but most of all I still feel the stunned hurt and alienation I felt in that moment. So, yeah, I agree with Kristen-I feel like I need a sign in my yard! Oddly enough I teach online Bible studies and have more fun and meet the best women and have great friendships but nothing beats a sit down, have coffee, how’s your heart kind of friend…

    • Susan,
      I’m so sorry you were treated that way, I empathize how hurtful that must of been, and then I thought of the one woman who stepped up shouldn’t be overshadowed by the rest.
      Have a blessed day,


    • Yes, Susan, I bet you speak for a whole lot of women, isolated in the fine “keypad” of the internet world yet longing for a real hand to reach out to across the table. I am 68 years old, an extrovert yet challenged to stay close to the “million” friends I’ve made. Close is the key word and close enough go together to make a real friend. Those two examples of people you mentioned might be your Holy Spirit key–one helped and one hurt–go for the one who helps–she might just be ready for a new friend like you! And forgive the one who hurt because she is probanly of the neediest yet! God bless your sweet and sore heart and I pray encouragement and courage for you from Jesus, our “bestest friend”.

    • Susan, I can empathize with your hurt and am sorry that this hurt came to you. I am in a similar situation and yeah, the heart struggles to keep reaching out. But if we keep persevering, God promises a glorious harvest, especially in Relationship with Him. Oh sweet sister, I so understand needing a sit-down friend, especially when we feel isolated. Praying that our Lord sends you loving gracious people that look beyond their fears, but also that there is forgiveness and hopefully understanding for the one who hurt. She may, as Cheryl said, be the neediest and so need God’s grace and love the most 🙂 May our Lord encourage your heart today-Hugs to you 🙂

  3. The road of my life story is strown with failed attempts to attain true, lasting friendship. Due to failed attempts, my confidence level is at ground zero. However, I do realize this is the enemy’s attempts to keep a strong woman of God, myself, from being all the Lord created me to be. I’ve hosted a Sat. morning breakfast women’s group in my home, in past years, of women who are searching for answers to life’s issues. Some were dedicated to pursuing this all the way, some, not so much. However, I feel that each of us, to some degree, grew in Tha Lord.
    In seeking guidance for a brand new study for the Fall, this one seems to be touching a “nerve”, a consciousness that this is where we need to begin again.
    Please join me in prayer for direction, for any and all who need this study to hear of it and take that step to come sit around our table, a spirit of unity in Christ Jesus and for a spirit of welcome in the hearts and souls among our group.

  4. I love that you all are speaking with practicality to this deep need. I’m sure it will be a rich study as usual. I just need to say that I actually started to sweat a little as I read the title! It’s so lovely when you approach a seat saved for you, but so yucky when you approach an empty seat (especially in the church) and are told, “this seat is saved”. Interesting that those four words can bring comfort or rejection. I’m a pastor’s wife who (like you) wants everyone to feel a seat is saved for them.

  5. Started this study with a group of young women bible study & im already gaining so much valuable information regarding Christian friendships & be vulnerable as a Christian and what it means in Gods eyes. This study is exactly what I needed- especially during a time when most of my closest friends moved away to other states. Making new friends is always hard, but worth the fight. #CommunityisBeautiful