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Aimee is an introvert who delights in telling long, true stories about everyday absurdities in her suburban life. She believes in an unseen God, hopes to someday feel qualified to parent, and loves to write, speak, and laugh about compassion, hungry souls, and big mistakes.

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  1. Rejoicing with you in the amazing truth! Hope in waiting is a powerful theme in Scripture, and one that I struggle to stay present to. Psalm 126 is a song of joy for those who “go to and fro, weeping, carrying their seed” but then “come again with shouts of joy carrying their sheaves”– and now I’m going to have an even greater appreciation for my spring flowers!

      • Women of faith… I wait and I weep. … again I weep and I wait.. one year now my adult children all live locally, all know Jesus… had a falling out:(. No talking, visiting is separate. Our 5 grandkids can no longer play together. Two are new babies who never met. I know Gods timing is perfect.. I pray I live to see Him be glorified in this sad situation.. thank you for the reminded truth & hope <

  2. Aimee,
    I prayed that prayer right along with you as you wrote it. Lord, only YOU can do this. I waited 25+ years for the good marriage I now have. I prayed for 10 years for a son who walked out of church, vowing never to enter a church again, walk back through the doors, and now I pray for a daughter who has not talked to me in 9 months. So much waiting…it gets old and tiresome. But, like you so beautifully pointed out, God is at work in the dark, in the silent, in the still, in the quiet. Even when we see nothing happening, God is orchestrating His will. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that He is faithful and can be trusted. All in His time….
    Bev xx

    • Yes, only God! Sometimes I get to thinking that if I obsess in my praying, and do it all the time, the answers may come faster. In burying them I learned the joy in truly releasing my hopes to God. So thankful for the answered prayers you’ve seen in your own family!

    • My hearts longing & desire just as you have shared in your wonderful testimony! I must not forget, God is at work…..

      • C.,
        Praying along with you for your heart’s longing. God hears and He knows the desires of your heart. He will not turn a deaf ear – it’s not in His character. God is at work….always.
        Love and ((hugs)),

    • Bev,

      Great news about your son coming back. That is a huge prayer answered. Now if we can get your daughter to talk with you. Praying always for you & your family!

      • Beth,
        Thanks to prayers like yours….he’s finally back at church (sort of)….but I’ll take it. God is softening his heart and I can’t thank you enough for praying with me. Still a long way to go as sinful habits are still apart of his life….but God can work there too. Thank you for your continued love and prayer.
        Bev xoxo

  3. Please just pray. Mine are all grown now. They range from 30 to 18. I “think” I still pray every day for the inner healing in them, but I think the hope died. I’m glad you have progress with your daughter.

    • Lord, we pray for Brenda’s kids. You see them. You know them. You know the years of prayer Brenda has prayed. You’ve seen her tears. You know what’s happening to those bulbs underground. We believe you will do your healing work here; help our unbelief. Amen.

    • Lord, please help Brenda’s kids with whatever it is they are struggling with. Bring the whole family closer together, and let Brenda see the wonderful blessings prayer brings! Please, let her feel your presence in not only her life but the lives of her children too. Place them all under the protection of your wings, and show your power in her family so they know without a doubt that’s it’s You who mightily answers prayers. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Brenda,

      Father- awaken Brenda’s hope for her children. Heal their hearts and bring them back to you. You know the plans of those children and Brenda. Give her a sense of peace. Allow Brenda to see blessings of asking for prayer. Open their eyes to see the love Brenda has for them.


    • Brenda,
      Don’t give up hope…..I’m praying right along with you for inner healing of our grown “babies”. God can turn around even the most hopeless situations. It may take years, but encouraging you not to give up hope. They are His children before they were ours….
      Blessings and prayers,
      Bev xx

  4. I treasure this devotion today. I’ve been praying and praying for my son and am weary wondering if God hears. Thank you for the reminder that he does.

    • Dee,
      I prayed and prayed for my son for 10 years…and am just now beginning to see some glimpses of hope….God’s timing is not ours. Like you, I’ve often said, “What’s the use…its’ hopeless.” But no situation is hopeless – not with our God. Praying and lifting your son up right now with mine.
      Bev xx

  5. Thanks for this devotion today Aimee. It really encouraged me. My sister has been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and based on the recent scans and test results following a second lot of chemotherapy the prognosis isn’t very good. The doctors want to try another chemotherapy regime but she’s fed up of having chemotherapy with all the nasty side effects. We’ve been praying since last year and I believe we will see the fruit of our labour in prayers just like your daffodils eventually bloomed.

    • Susannah,
      I truly hope your sister is fully healed from the cancer in her body. God, please make her healthy and don’t let the cancer ever return. I pray that Susannah and her families’ prayers for total healing are answered very soon. In Jesus’ wonderful Name I pray, Amen.

    • Susannah,

      Lord-please heal Susannah’s sister. You alone are the great physician. Show her the fruits of praying hard & fervent. Give the family hope & peace!


  6. I am so thankful for God’s renewal.In each season, there are blessings and healing for each of us in His own time. In silence and waiting there arrives the answers of our prayers. God never fails.


  7. Excellent article, and very inspiring!

    I hope and pray for God’s total truth in my families’ lives. I pray that God reveals all things that are hidden and brings them out into the light in my marriage. In Jesus’ Name.

  8. Beautiful analogy. I have a click on the desk in my kitchen and etched on is this–“God’s timing is always perfect”!

  9. Absolutely beautiful; thank you for sharing this story, this journey. I am a gardener, daughter-pray-er, introvert and wait-er. Your story touched my heart.

  10. This is so encouraging and promising. Sometimes it’s the little unexpected things that lift you up. Today it was your story. Thank you.

  11. Thank you for sharing Aimee,
    What a beautiful story of how we and our loved ones can be blessed through patient, persistent, and loving prayer.
    God’s timing is perfect!

  12. Such a great reminder just how faithful God is, how He answers our prayers and how much He loves us. Thanks for writing this!

  13. Aimee, looks like the Lord is at work through your post. I needed this reminder, too! Praying for a daughter who is asking the Lord for a godly husband. I continue to as the Lord to encourage her heart (and mine too) while we are in His waiting room. Blessings dear sister.

  14. Wow, what a beautiful testimony and what a prayerful and thoughtful mother you are. It’s a blessing! Prayers are the unseen work of God’s hands, we have to learn to wait. No wonder Isaiah 40:31 is a good reminder like what you have written here, it takes patience and waiting. Then when it happens, like what you did, we weep for joy not caring how much effort had been put into it. Shalom!

  15. Beautiful , there are tears in my eyes. I will wait. God is at work in my life. Thank you

  16. This is good sowing and reaping story. I look forward to Him making things beautiful. Lord, help the children old and young to become rooted in faith, watered by your Spirit, healed by your Son. Isaiah 53 covers Susannah sister, like a blanket, may she receive her miracle as well.

  17. “See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you. (Isaiah 42:9)” – I have never read that part and tonight I had to go re-read it from my Bible and compare it to Isaiah 43:18,19 which is a promise I have been holding on to for years and I grow weary every now and then especially looking back and looking at the present and trying to get back up every now and then and failing with each failure worse than the previous one and a seemingly never ending on-going “battle of the mind”. Today your devotion is a confirmation that new things will indeed come for me and everyone in a place of waiting in every area of life as Jehovah has declared even though I may not know when or how. I bury my hopes and prayers in the soil of God’s palms knowing they will bloom in HIS timing. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  18. Please pray for my eldest daughter Sophie. She is 17, moved out and is in a relationship with a boy who has a lot of damage he needs counselling for and so is no where near ready for a committed relationship. I am praying that she will have the emotional strength to break up with him permanently. She has not had the best upbringing herself and needs a lot of healing. Could you please pray for my husband who cannot work right now because of damage and pain to his right arm and shoulder, his left shoulder, and his left hip. Right now he is just getting by with a lot of pain killers but I’m concerned about the long term damage of all the medication. We are just scraping by financially each week but the food we are buying is not very healthy because of the cost. We have 3 kids still at home.

    • I am praying for you all!!! God can do the impossible….cling to Him through the storm.

  19. I love all of God’s Word (even the parts I’m still trying to love…because they’re hard…) but I just always seem to gravitate to Isaiah. Your post made me think of Isaiah 55:8-9
    8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.
    9 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.
    As is His timing. And for that, I am SO very thankful!.
    [And growing things is one of my favorite God gifts. I have a baseball tee that reads “dig in dirt, plant, water, get filthy, rinse, repeat.]

  20. Thank you ALL for your sharings. I am learning from what you have shared and my faith in Jesus is deepened. God bless you, everyone.

  21. Aimee,

    Great post about praying. I have found that one can never pray enough. Keep knocking on Heaven’s door & keep talking till the Lord answers. His timing is perfect! God will make ALL things new!!! We must keep pressing on hard to fight the evil one! I’ve prayed hard in the past & seen God make things new. Spring will come, dead flowers will bloom. It just takes time & patience!

    Blessings 🙂

  22. This is such a touching story! I have been amazed by the power of PRAYER. God us AWESOME!!! Seek Him in the little things. …He’s right there. Look for the little miracles in each day as you wait for the big miracle. God’s timing is perfect. I want to go find a bunch of bulbs!!!!

  23. Read this through tears. My heart needed to hear this. I have planted prayers for my wayward young adult kids for years. I wait and wait…hoping to see God’s work sprouting up like the daffodil bulbs. My heart is downcast because the dirt remains dormant. But your words encouraged me this morning and I will continue to wait in expectant hope on our gracious Lord.

  24. Thank you for this beautiful honest story. This gives me hope and desire to continue to pray without ceasing for my son.

    • I’m so grateful it was helpful to you. Yes, keep praying, but please keep surrendering. I couldn’t have dug in that dirt and worked those bulbs to make flowers start to unfurl. Only God can do that. I pray you can pour your heart out to God and let him answer it in the ways he knows you and your son need. Peace be with you!

  25. Aimee, thank you for your encouraging story. Isn’t it just awesome the way HE never forgets His promises? Here we are, tooling along and boom! Encouragement and sunshine in a pot we forgot about! He is so good!

    “God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that He should change His mind. Does He speak and not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?” Numbers 23:19