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Lisa-Jo is the best-selling author of Never Unfriended and Surprised by Motherhood. Her newest book, The Middle Matters: Why That (Extra)Ordinary Life Looks Really Good on You invites us to get a good look at our middles and gives us permission to embrace them.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
& you will too!
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  1. When we separate our lives into categories: This is secular. This is sacred. We lose sight of the truth that God is part of all of life, especially where life meets life in friendship. Thanks, Lisa — this whole series, the FB group, the live conversations — it’s all fuel for living the Christ-life.

    • Michele,
      That is so wise and so right. When we compartmentalize our lives it’s often because we don’t want to address things or share things openly. I lost a friend recently who I thoughtnwould be a close friend forever. I need to heal from that and learn to avoid having anything like this happen again. I’m so looking forward to this!

  2. Lisa, I’m excited to see there is a study for women and for teen girls! Whatvwould you recommend if I’d want to have teens at the same table as adults? Would they be able to easily digest the “regular” book and/or video that I see on Lifeway’s site? Thank you for following God’s lead on developing these words of encouragement!

  3. Lisa-Jo,
    I believe right up there with finding a godly husband is every woman’s need to have at least one kindred soul in her life that she can call her best friend. I look back at the struggles and triumphs I’ve gone through, and there right at the heart of them, were my friends. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have someone who “got” me flaws and all and still loved me.

    I applaud you making a resource that helps us reach out and BE a friend to others. Friendship is definitely based on the greatest commandment. I watched the video…but question? How often will the videos and group meetings be? Weekly? When? I’m fresh off surgery so if you’ve explained this somewhere I apologize (still loopy here lol).

    Sounds very inviting….tell me more…
    Bev xx

  4. I was never taught to love. Only hate and hurt was in my home. Friends weren’t allowed and if I had one my mother was quick to end it. I don’t know how to be a friend without trying to be a people pleaser. I always end up hurt by those I think care for me.