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Kristen Strong, author of Back Roads to Belonging and Girl Meets Change, writes as a friend offering meaningful encouragement for each season of life so you can see it with hope instead of worry. She and her US Air Force veteran husband, David, have three children and live in Colorado...

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  1. Kristen,
    What a beautiful and heartfelt prayer, offered up and seconded by me, for the youngest members of the military – the ones, as you said, didn’t sign up to serve, but dutifully serve anyway. I remember, as a child, having a military family move in two doors down from me. Just when we were getting to be great friends, they up and had to move away. Even as a child, my heart ached for my friends. This seemed like a long road to travel and never knowing when or where. I do pray for the families who support our military and ALL the sacrifices they endure so that we can be a proud and free Nation. Saluting the spouses, parents, siblings, and especially the children of our military personnel. May they have a hedge of protection around them and around their hearts and may their roots grow deep in the Rock that doesn’t move.
    Bev xo

    • Coming from a military wife and mother! This is just such a beautifully written prayer! No truer words! Thank you for praying over all of these outstanding Military children! God bless you and them always!


  2. This is a beautiful prayer. We are a military family so all of this is so familiar with us. Our children are now grown , ages 26, 23 and 22. They have felt the sting of leaving friends( never family since we always lived away from immediate family), they know the feelings and emotions of being the new kid at school or church and yes they know the pain of dad being gone for deployments . They have been there and grown stronger in their adult lives because of these experiences.
    Now they are on their own, functioning as well adjusted , fiercely independent Christian adults. While the life of a military brat was emotional at times, it was how God intended our family to live. We are thankful and so blessed to have experienced this life style .
    My husband is still active duty..29 years of service. Our middle son is active duty Army too. Truly it has been “a wonderful life”. God is so good! Thankful He has allowed us to serve this great Country we call America!

  3. What a absolutely beautiful, heartfelt prayer. When I pray for our military now, I will also pray for their precious families. May God send angels to protect them all.

  4. My husband is a retired Army Officer with two adult daughters that moved so much during their lives. My oldest had 3 kindergartens, 2 First Grades and 2 Second Grades. My husband had many schools to attend in a row and she was a shy young girl which made it hard on her and mom. I often took her and would go to the car and cry and pray for her to fit in and be OK. She actually blossomed! You would never know now she was ever shy. She is outgoing and never meets a stranger. She thanks us for the extra push being in the military provided. Don’t get me wrong, she missed her dad a lot but it did bring her out of her shell.
    My youngest daughter missed her dad immensely. We decided to stay in one area their high school years and one main reason was we loved our church home so it was here we settled. Yet, she yearned for her dad. She would take his Army jacket and put it on her bunk bed pole each night and watched an Army show each week with her broom for her gun and her dad’s field jacket. It still has impacted her life as an adult now. She brings it up often how much she missed her dad.
    They both had it hard in their own way. The oldest was born in June and bless her heart he had to miss most of her birthdays because that was when he had to be gone. He even missed her birth by one week and didn’t get to see her until she was 6 weeks old. I thank all the military children for the sacrifices they made or are making now. And pray for protection over each family without their spouse or dad today.
    Thanks for bringing up such a wonderful subject and the beautiful prayer for them.

    • Shannon, thanks so much for sharing here. I think your girls’ experiences epitomize the military lifestyle–a combination of so much good and so much hard. I can tell you were a constant source of stability and blessing to your daughters! May God bless and keep you and yours, sweet Shannon. Much love.

  5. As a BRAT who served 17 of my dads 22 years in the military I appreciate your words and much of what you speak is true in terms of moving, changing etc. But I’ve never regretted my time as a BRAT. I feel like as an adult I have a much broader appreciation of the world at large and viewpoints in current hit button topics not shared by my rooted American friends because they’ve never had that experience so they have a narrow field of vision. So pray for our BRATS, but don’t pity them. They, once grown, will be able to adapt and change and understand and have an open heart better than most every other child who lived in the same place all their lives. BRATS are family. And we had and have a very large and full family outside of our immediate one that offers more support than any CIVVY community would. Thank you for your prayers. We covered those but we don’t need pity. Our lives were very full. Not easy. But full.

  6. Kirsten,
    Growing up as one myself, thank-you, this was touching, and thoughtful of you.
    I pray that all the children stay well. I would like to encourage them to please try, and think of this as one of life’s adventures, and make the best of it that you can. And to remember God will be there to help you to overcome it. I know because He was there for me, He kept me afloat, He was there when I missed my dad, and when I didn’t understand. He helped me make new friends, and settle in, and He was there when it was time to say good-bye. I pray that you will feel Him too.

    Blessings to all,


  7. I have several memories in military, although I do not agree with the government standards I respect each and every soldier that wears the uniform and duties they carry out. May God protect them from the enemy. Bless them for their selflessness, and rise above all the corruption. Num. 6:24

  8. Although I wasn’t a “military brat,” our dad’s job transfers led to many, many moves as my sister and I were growing up. After Alex Haley’s “Roots” saga aired, we decided that someday we should have our own program and call it “Rootless.” Except over time, we’ve come to be sure that we have an immovable, unchanging, for-sure, for-good-and-for-all home with our Lord in Heaven. I pray that His Spirit will comfort these families with that sure and loving knowledge.

  9. Thank you so much for a heartfelt prayer. I have always prayed for the military men and women who serve our country so faithfully. I have also prayed for the wife, husband, father and mother who had to let their family member go and had to carry the burden of keeping their life together and going while they were gone. You have opened my eyes to a new area of prayer that has never been brought to my attention before. Thank you. I will now be praying for the children of our military who, as you stated, serve without ever signing up for it. I have enjoyed reading the various comments from those who have been a BRAT or those who have raise a BRAT. May God bless each and every one of them for their service to our country. I thank each of them that I am able to live my life in such freedom and comfort because of their sacrifice as a military family member. The least I can do is offer my prayers for those that follow in their footsteps.

  10. I would pray for them to be surrounded by faith filled military parents, and even groups who might home school instead of changing schools so often. And even as they learn of other cultures to remember their own freedoms, and that they be an influence even at young age .

  11. Kristen,

    What a great prayer for these young people. They didn’t/don’t have a choice to be a part of the military. Yet they serve in ways unknown to many. They sacrifice life long friendships, and permanence for upheaval. It is harder, I believe, on them than the adults. Moving often, worry about military parent’s safety, missing them. It can take it’s toll. God please put a hedge of protection around these young brave children. Bless them with peace and a sense of contentment.

    Blessings 🙂