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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. Dawn,
    So many new books coming out….I need to read faster!! I will have to read your book as I don’t know of any marriage that can’t use work and prayer. Having lived 25 years + in a rough marriage, I literally wake up and first thing thank God for my husband of 3 years. Both of us having been through heck…have a depth of appreciation for each other that lets us overlook a lot of the small stuff and forgive more easily. I guess my prayer is that this appreciation and gratitude for what we have would never grow weak, but would continue to grow each and every day. Lord help us to want to out-love each other every day. I suppose a prayer for perseverance over the long haul to put each other first (after God of course) and to continue to rely on the Lord as the cornerstone of our marriage.
    Bev xx

    • Bev, this is a beautiful prayer: forgiveness, appreciation, perseverance. I pray all of those things for you and I’m thankful for the joy you now have.

    • Bev, Wow..I am sitting here frozen… After 49 years in a difficult marriage…I see your words penetrating my heart…. And wonder… How our marriage would have been different if we had of strived to “out-love” each other as you put it. What does that look like?? how would that feel? .–> I wish We had of said that as a vow before God on our wedding day. Those two little words are soooo powerful. Write a book on this will you…the world needs to hear and live this….THANKYOU. God bless your marriage dear one.

      • Cheryl, the exciting thing about this concept is it’s never too late to start “out-loving” each other. I encourage counselees to start a blessing journal and write at least one thing each day that you appreciate about your spouse. It might start out by being something as simple as he hit the laundry basket with his socks today!! Keep it up non-stop for 30 days and see if you see a difference in that hubby who can be difficult. I’m praying for you and your sweetheart.

        • THANKYOU sister Barb. I have always kept a daily praise journal and also a journal of little gifts and special marriage love gifts from him over these years .and it is encouraging to look back… However we now face a new phase of life. At 70 he just retired last August and is a grizzly bear daily…my friends don’t call and my whole schedule upside down. He was always moody but now worse. I am encouraging him into volunteer work.. He leads a men’s bible study but needs like most men the personal love for God not just knowledge. It’s not easy to have a man home 24/7 nor for the man to not have a job anymore… I have talked to many other retired couples and this is often sadly when divorce comes.. An issue that really needs addressing. “Help for the retired Couple” needs to be written…I couldn’t survive without Jesus! So appreciate you taking the time to reply to me and pray. God answers pray… In His time. Let Go Let God

          • Wow, Cheryl, this is something I never thought about: help for the retired couple. I’m saying a special prayer for your marriage now.

      • Cheryl,
        That was something our pastor actually challenged us with during our wedding ceremony and it has really stuck with me. Sometimes I’ll ask myself, if an unbiased observer were looking in on our marriage today, who would they say is out-loving whom? I find that I am convicted many times of feeling I would come up short. I am praying for you…there is no such thing as too late. I think during different phases of our marriage, loving looks different….it’s kind of like a dance and sometimes we need to fine tune to get back in step with one another. But, both parties have to be willing to work on it together. Praying for you sweet sister…
        Blessings and ((hugs)),
        Bev xo

        • Oh Bev, I am drained… THANKYOU for your deep concern and staying with me… How did you know..I gave up today. Before bible study this morning my husband and I had a blow and I sat thru our bible lesson drained… Examining myself… And still feeling washed out after all the years of trying and loving… It started with the wedding….
          When I came home I told him we needed to talk…and …..I told him I needed to separate after 49 years. Yes maybe Satan is working but my health can’t take anymore stress and striving… Something has to change….ME!
          Now 3 hours later I read your note…. I am ashamed but cried out to God so many times… I have nothing left to offer .
          I need direction now …what next… I am asking God to show me . I need to feel the fresh rain and be washed and then filled with His love …it is my fault this marriage has continued so long.. We both need God to work in us.
          THANKYOU THANKYOU ..for your love . You don’t even know me yet…you have been God’s hugs to me.

          • Cheryl,
            Because I am not qualified, I encourage you both (if you are both willing) to see a good, Christian, marriage counselor, or your pastor. Sometimes you just need a third party to help you and pray you through. I truly believe that with God all things are possible. Even if your husband won’t go, I encourage you to seek good counsel. Before I finally said, “This isn’t going to work” (perhaps my husband being in an affair for the second go-round while going to marriage counseling was a key revelation), I wanted to be able to stand before God and say I tried everything within my means and His strength to make my marriage work. Praying for you sweet sister….
            Love and ((hugs)),
            Bev xoxo

  2. Praying for my sister’s marriage fervently. As well as praying to keep the romance alive in my marriage.

    • Evelyn, I’ve just prayed for you and your sister’s marriages. May you and your husband begin to woo each other again and rekindle the romance in your marriage.

  3. Please pray the LORD would heal and work in my daughter and son-in-law’s marriage. A result of their marriage, is 2 precious babies that are suffering from their terrible, damaging baby/parenting philosophies and practices. Please pray for mercy for the 4 of them, and the blood of JESUS over them all; and repent to GOD’s plan to cherish, lovingly care and protect these HE has given them.
    Thank you so much for praying and for writing..

    • Dear Lord, please watch over GM’s daughter, son-in-law, and the precious children you have given them. Please guide the parents and fill their home with Your love and presence. Amen.

  4. I’m only married to Jesus right now, but i would love prayer for that. I want to grow to live Him more.

  5. Please pray for my marriage. I am in a marriage where my husband treats me like a possession rather than an equal. And I get tired of walking on eggshells all the time. He has never hit me with his hands but his words can hurt and cut deeper than any blow. He can be sweet. But those sweet times do not come often. I need strength to endure, and wisdom to know when to speak up and when to let things go. I also need prayers to be nicer to him in spite of his meanness and show God’s example of love in all situations.

    • Praying Wife, your words bring to mind this verse: “Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives,” (1 Peter 3:1 NKJV)
      I pray that you remain strong in the faith and that your prayer to be nicer and exemplify God’s love to your husband in all situations is answered.

    • Praying for a change in your husband’s heart, that he would know what it means to love his wife as Christ loves the Church and gave Himself for her. Praying that you would know how to speak to your husband, how to treat him, and how to love him inspite of the hurt. Lord, be present in this home! May Your Holy Spirit work Your good and miraculous work in this woman and her husband. We trust You for change, for transformation, for love, mercy, honor and grace to be present in this marriage. You know their hearts, You know their situation, and You alone can change it all!

      • 2 days ago I went for a breast ultrasound… and yesterday the doctors office called and said that I have suspicious irregular cluster that will need biopsy. I go in 10 days to have it biopsied. I know that this is in answer to our prayers. I know God has this situation under control. I know that no matter the outcome, that God will use this to strengthen our marriage. Thank you for your prayers and I beg for continuing prayers thru this next chapter.

  6. Thank you Dawn and Bev for your valuable insights. I would echo the need to pray for marriage and the need for us wives to bring our husbands to God in prayer. There is something so special about a praying wife. Something happens when women pray. Those of us who have given birth understand the agony and pain it takes to bring a child into the world… the need to keep pushing. May we continue to keep pushing for the successful outcomes of our marriages.

    • Princess P, yes to this: “May we continue to keep pushing for the successful outcomes of our marriages.” I pray God’s blessings on all the marriages shared both in this comment box and in our community at large.

  7. Thank you Dawn for a beautiful post and the obedience to pray for our husbands. We were created to be his special helper.. that I continue to let him be the spiritual head of our household and not conive my way… but pray my way and Gods will to be done. How happy are those who fear (reverence) the Lord ~ all who follow His ways! Psalm 128:1

  8. Dawn, my marriage is in trouble over a lot of issues, money being the biggest one. He wants to separate because he enables me. I have a small business that I haven’t worked and my friend says I should close the business and move my bank account in with ours and then let him give me an allowance and really lead our family. My hubby said he is holding me back from doing my business because he doesn’t like it, which is the truth. He has sought counsel from a lot of people and everyone is telling him to separate. These people are Christian’s. How is that right? I want to do what is best for us. I am not working right now and don’t feel I can get another job due to my health injuries. I haven’t told him this as we are separating and what if he doesn’t care enough to support my decision. I am in Canada and we have a program to help the unemployed. I am seeking counseling this week to help me deal with everything. Is this what it means to submit to your husband? If I do all these things and he is still leaving then what?

    • Sheri,
      As I pray for all of us today I read for you..Psalm 5: 11&12
      But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them sing joyful praises forever. Protect them, so all who love your name may be filled with joy. … For you bless the godly, O Lord, surrounding them with your shield of LOVE ❤️

    • Sheri, I do not fully understand your situation, but the Lord does. This morning I pray His leading and guidance over this situation and your marriage as a whole.

    • Please find a competent marriage counselor with a Christian worldview. This is a surface issue–the deeper issues are what you must address–respect, partnership. The thought of an “allowance” as a way of “leading” makes my stomach turn. Married 37 years, and a marriage therapist–please, please, please seek wisdom, not a knee jerk reaction. Praying you have the courage to take that step.

  9. I have been divorced for four years. I prayed fervently that my marriage would survive but that was not to be. I am very blessed with wonderful adult children, family, friends and a fulfilling job. God has provided! However, I am in my 50’s and my friends are all married. They are wonderful, but I find myself ” single in a married world”. That, is a very lonely place. My prayer is that the Lord would send me a godly companion. With so much trouble and hurt in this world, I feel guilty asking for this prayer. I also feel uncomfortable asking those near me to offer this prayer. But, it is a request I humbly ask.

    • Dear Pam,
      Unfortunately I can understand where you’re at. I am in my early 60’s and divorced twice from psychological and emotionally abusive husbands. And while my small network of friends are faithful and supportive, they are married and I too find myself single in a married world. My family members are not close, including my two adult children and loneliness is a battle. I pray that God would be your portion and your strength and that, Lord willing, He would bless you with a godly companion….He does know the secret desires of our hearts! Blessings and ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).

      • Cathy, Thank you for your sweet words. Please know that I will (and already have) pray for you! As with any loneness, it can be daunting at times. But God is our portion! Thank you for reminding me of that. I need to learn to shift my focus – it’s always brighter when looking at our Lord!

    • Pam, what a beautiful prayer Cathy has prayed over you this morning! Yours is a worthy prayer and I pray God brings a loving and godly man into your life.

  10. Dear God – I pray for Princess and her marriage. Please continue to strengthen her to pray for her and her husband on a daily basis. Thank you for giving her a heart like the persistent widow!

    Please pray for my marriage. We are both working to love one another and our children but the truth is we are both tired. Please pray that we wouldn’t continually look to God for both our strength and rest. Thanks!

  11. Please pray for a precious couple I know that are struggling in their marriage. Thank you soooo much! My heart is so heavy.

    • Cecelia, I could pray that same prayer for a couple that was on my heart while putting together my new book, The Heart of Marriage. I’m joining you in praying for both today.

  12. I pray that God will bless everyone that reads this reply. Gives them the desires of their heart when it comes to the blessings of their marriages.
    My prayer is for unity in our minds. That my husband and I would be like minded.

    • Amy Charlie, I have prayed this prayer myself, that one of us would change our heart and that our desires would be the same. It is a powerful prayer and I can testify that it can be granted in the most surprising ways. May the Lord hear and honor your prayer.

  13. I pray that the Lord will lead us wives to help and honor our husbands. I just ray that we can submit to them in our Christian marriages just as the church submits to Jesus. I pray that God will give discerning eyes to those that are in destructive marriages and give them clear instruction on his next best steps. Lord, help us wives be the best we can be for our husbands and families and protect us from any evil that sets out to harm us. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen

  14. I thank God for the ladies who are brave enough to share their ideas and experiences. I love you for sharing! My prayer is for divine wisdom from our Creator during this journey of Christian marriage. Be strong ladies and wait (with kindness and a great attitude) for God’s answer. Be sweet. Brenda

  15. I pray for all who struggle in their marriage. I pray that the choice you made to marry that person is reflected in the respect and love you show for one another. It’s not always easy but the golden rule repeated in your head can help on those tough days.
    Blessings to you all .
    Have a beautiful diamond day!

  16. Please pray for my marriage. My husband left me almost 6 months ago. No matter what has happened, I love him and I pray almost constantly for him to come home. If we put God first and each other 2nd, we can overcome anything.

    I pray for every marriage represented here this morning. God, please bless our marriages and protect them from harm.

  17. Please pray for my husband and I as we are in a difficult transition time. He was diagnosed with cognitive decline, (dementia) a year ago and is steadily losing memory and the ability to make decisions. He was 75 when we first noticed symptoms of memory issues. Pray that as we go further into this difficult journey that I will be able to have the patience, kindness, and strength go through this hard time. Pray for our marriage as situations continue to get more difficult to deal with. Thank you.

    • Oh, Velda. This breaks my heart. I pray for clarity of mind for your husband and the grace to handle the changes in him for you. Holding your hand this morning, sister.

      • Thank you, so very much, Dawn. It is truly day by day and having a trust in the Lord that He will see us through.

  18. I’m going through divorce right now. I never thought I’d find myself here, but I truly believe this is the beginning of healing for both of us. Please pray for my husband, that he might be blessed with a new love….one that brings out the best in him….one that he will truly love & put first, right behind God….one that will be a good example for my children. And pray for me to experience mercy, love and grace through this.

  19. I’m just really bitter right now. There’s been a lot of hurt and I feel like I’ve had to forgive and forgive over and over. He’s honestly making an effort to change, but I need my heart to be in a better place.

    • Amanda, I’ll share here a verse I mentioned in an earlier comment: “Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives” (1 Peter 3:1 NKJV)
      I pray, that with the Lord’s help, you are able to release the bitterness and the hurt and that your husband will be won over by your example.

  20. For once, I’d like to hear of someone who has a new, better marriage with the same spouse. All I hear is things are better with another. Even in the church.

    • Kay, I can’t say it’s better right now, he left for about a month & a half but he has come home and we are on the road to it being better. God has shown me through prayer and wise council that it will be better. I am giving it all to God. He told my mom it wouldn’t ever be the same and her reply was no it won’t but it can be better. My parents struggled for several years while my dad ran from Gods calling on his life. When he stopped running and said yes Lord, their marriage is better. They have been married for 50 years. Would love to pray specifically for you if you would like to share.

    • Kay, I’ve been married to the same man for over 31 years. There are definitely seasons of highs and lows, but it can be done. There are great examples of these marriages in the stories from the contributors in my new book The Heart of Marriage.

    • I have been married nearly 25 years. We’ve been through a lot, drugs, alcohol, porn, adultery,…..
      But,God is so good. We are better now than we have ever been. Through prayers and selflessness and acts of mercy and grace. Persevere, it is so worth it!

    • Kay, I’m going to share this for the honor and glory of our wonderful and mighty God. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for almost eighteen years now, but 3 years ago I got involved with someone else. I was very selfish and I thought that someone else could give me more love, attention, and would appreciate me more. I made the most terrible choice! I had let God down, my husband and our children. But, our God is so loving and wonderful! He pulled me out of sin and opened my eyes!! The enemy is a liar and tries to tell us that we must have a 100% perfect marriage or that our spouse has to be 100% perfect. But I learned that we have an 80% wonderful spouse and we sometimes leave them looking for that other 20%.
      To make my long story short, I confessed my sins first to God and to my husband. Yes, my husband was very hurt, disappointed and angry! He had decided to leave me. It took a lot of prayer. Me being on my knees praying for healing and another opportunity. By God’s GREAT mercy, we are still together. There is absolutely NOTHING impossible for our God!!! He has the last word on everything! We must take hold of His promises and believe and declare them! I love my husband so much!! I can say that we have fallen in love all over again!! Yes, I’m working everyday on earning my husband’s complete trust again. I have learned to honor my husband, submit to him and to be his help. I truly trust in God’s promises for us. “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28. The greatest thing that has happened to me through this whole experience, is that my relationship with God has grown in such a wonderful way. I’ve learned that there is no love greater than His love!!! God is my 1st love! There will never be a love that compares to the unconditional love that God has for us. My husband and I have put God 1st in our marriage. Everything we do revolves around God. He has blessed our family in every possible way. “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.” Psalm 37:4. “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33. My prayer is that, as women we will be strong and not give up and not “conform to the pattern of this world” seeking divorce or separation. That we will NOT be so fast to “throw in the towel”! We MUST fight for what God has given us! For what is rightfully ours! Marriage does take patience and prayer. Sister, do not give up!! We serve a wonderful, gracious, and merciful God!! He’s so ready to love on us and answer our prayers! He is STILL a miracle working God! He holds the answer to EVERYTHING! ❤️

  21. Please pray for mine. There’s a lack of transparency, respect and love and those are just the things I can see. I’m concerned there’s more that could be devastating that I don’t know.

    • AP, I’m praying for God’s healing in your marriage today, and that lines of communication, trust, and respect will grow there more abundantly.

  22. I was at a ladies retreat this weekend and heard mention to pray for a friend and he husband as they are “heading for divorce”. It saddened me and my heart twinged for them and for their 3 kids. Pray with me that the enemy will not have victory here, that the Spirit would bind (and keep binding) this marriage and this family together. May the Spirit move in and bring honesty, truth, communication, forgiveness and healing. Papa God bring your love and breathe wholeness into them. Lord may it be, I ask and claim that for them today. Amen

  23. Please pray for my marriage. We lost our youngest daughter 6.5 years ago; although we survived, we are not what we used to be. Please pray for inner healing and for the return of joy to our marriage; thank you.

    • Mr. & Mrs. Dee, I cannot imagine the pain of your loss. I pray healing for your marriage and that you will draw closer to each other in your pain and lean more fully on Him for peace. May He grant you the joy you seek.

  24. Please pray for marriage reconciliation with God as the third cord. I have been separated from my husband of 30 yrs., for 3 years now. Much emotional damage and family heritage involved.

  25. Please pray for my marriage. Over the last 4 months things that we have been holding back (sins) have come out. My husband moved out for a month & a half. Through a lot of prayer by me & others he came home last week. He has been a little more affectionate towards me but we still have a ways to go. We have been to counseling. Pray that God will restore us to be better than we were. He is working already. Thank you.

    • Chrystal, it sounds like the two of you are working through a hard place in your marriage and towards a better one. I pray the Lord honors your hope of restoration and healing.

  26. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.
    James 5:16 NIV

  27. I have so much weighing on my heart this morning as I sit here and type. I’ve made some bad choices over the past year and wonder if God is punishing me. I really want/need to turn my life around – not just for me but for my family. Please pray that God will show me the way out of these challenges one step at a time.

    • There will always be consequences of our choices, but once you’ve asked Him to forgive you, you are forgiven. Trust Him as He guides you through the process.

    • Elizabeth, I echo your prayers this morning, that the Lord will show you the way and light your path. May he reward your desire to seek Him and make better choices. Consider that rather than punishing you, He may be allowing you to see the natural consequences of the bad choices you mentioned. Seek Him and His will for your life. “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.” (James 4:8)

  28. Please pray for my marriage, for God to fan that flame again, after 20 + years sometimes I feel like I dont care for the person my husband has become. Pray for his anger, negativity for him to realize how it affects everyone around him. I love him and don’t dont want these feelings towards him. God bless , thank you!

    • SC, I pray the Lord will soften your husband’s heart and yours towards him, and honor the desires of your heart for your marriage.

  29. Forty-seven years and going strong! Since are last child was adopted, she was five and I was fifty, by the time she left I guess we were ready for the “empty nest”. Some health issues are being confronted, but God’s grace and lots of humor go a long way. We have a business in our home and have the joy of serving others. I will pray for those expressing sadness and concern about their and others marriages.

    • Elsa, thank you for the testimony of your 47 years together and for praying for the ladies who’ve left their requests here today.

  30. Please pray for a sister’s marriage who is having it rough at the moment. It seems not redeemable by human eyes but God is all knowing and powerful. He has the hearts of men in His hands and He is still able!

  31. Please pray for my marriage. My husband travels a lot and with small children there isn’t much time for the two of us.

    • Marie, I know that must be so hard. I pray you can make the most of every moment together and practice ways to stay connected when you’re physically absent and build anticipation for your time together.

  32. My marriage has been rough for quite some time now. Our communication is at an all-time low…we’re distant. I feel so empty. I’ve tried to rekindle the good times & even try to make new memories, but my husband is not really receptive. Even when it seems like things are getting better & we can finally see the light…he resists. I’m broken…we’re broken. Today I am asking for prayers for restoration & a deeper love for one another like never before. So, that we can appreciate one another before all is lost.

    • Graham, your story makes me think of the story from Richard Paul Evans in my new book. He and his wife were at an impasse, very distant, as you described. The best way I can summarize it is that he swallowed his pride and took on the responsibility of putting his wife’s needs first and his second. It’s an amazing storage of reconciliation and healing in a marriage. I pray that the Lord will guide you in finding the restoration you seek.

  33. Please pray for my marriage. My husband and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage this August. There have been times when I don’t know if we’ll make it. 3 years ago I found out my husband was addicted to pornography. He’s since turned from his sin and held accountable by our family friend, Pastor Dave. It hurts that if I didn’t ask him about it, my husband would of never told me about his struggles. I thought as husband and wife we are supposed to tell everything. My husband said he didn’t feel safe telling me. I’m still
    dealing with the effects of this, not good enough, insecurity, always asking him what he’s looking at on his phone, and trust issues. Thank you for prayer.

    • Andrea, your husband probably experienced shame more than a lack of trust in you. I’m glad he has someone holding him accountable. Trusting him will be hard, but ultimately necessary to heal your marriage.

  34. Please would you pray for my Marriage and my childern that theire would be more love and peace and the Marriage of my Son and His wife who have another believe that they May come to know the lord as their saviour and Also my daughter and other Son May know HIM May my daughter recieive healing and my Son deleverance and healing thank you so much for your prayers May the Lord Bless your incourage minestry and Also the one who wrote this God Bless you.

  35. My marriage has been riddled with trouble: pornography, alcohol and drug use, swinging, adultery… And my husband and I were both raised in the church and attend services at our home church every Sunday. Our past and current failures are shameful and, as you can imagine, we don’t talk about them openly very often. Recently, my husband and I decided to throw off all the sin that is hindering us and are actively seeking a life of obedience and righteousness. But as a result of this, I came to the decision that I needed to bring everything into the light: I needed to confess a recent affair. I ended it about 4 months ago, but just told my husband about it 2 weeks ago. Needless to say, we’re in a rough spot. My husband is a God-fearing man and we have both turned to Christ to help us through this time, but it’s still hard. Really hard. We’re in counseling and working on rebuilding. All I ask for is RESTORATION.

    • I’m praying for you now, that you and your husband can rebuild trust and heal your relationship, and that from this point forward you’ll turn to each other and Him for what you need, instead of harmful outside influences.

    • Redeemed but not restored (yet) I pray that you both will experience God’s healing and restoration! I pray that God’s love will fill your home and His peace that passes all understanding will fill your hearts.

  36. Thank you for this message today Dawn. I would ask prayers for my sister’s broken marraige: she and her ex-husband Mathew divorced about two years ago and my sister is faithfully praying for him and their restoration as she truly believes in her heart-of-hearts that he is God’s choice for her partner in life. This separation has been very hard on them both–my sister has been mostly single since then, with one attempt at a relationship that ended badly; and my brother-in-law is in a relationship of at least 12 months that he has admitted has left him empty and unsatisfied–and though Mathew is taking steps towards God and the restoration of himself, I sense that it may be awhile yet before their marriage can come back together. Not only that, but there will be opposition when the time does come, in the form of my parents (my father and mother both harbor a lack of forgiveness towards him for divorcing my sister and bringing another woman into his and my sister’s home), and Mathew fears condemnation from our church home.

    I ask prayers also for my own marriage: I am twenty years old, have had one previous relationship and know that my future husband is close–almost within reach, but still not quite here. God has revealed to me some aspects of my husband’s nature: he is like King David in that he is Godly and seeks the Lord’s heart but he makes/made/will make what we might consider big-time mistakes but he will always come back to his Lord seeking forgiveness and restoration; he is the last person I will have expected (as shown to me by 1 Samuel: 1-13). He has revealed glimpses of two of our children to me. And despite assurance and a general sense that this is the year that I will know this man as my husband; that we will know who we are to each other, I am currently in a season of waiting and trial and patience and trust is hard-coming to me.
    I have some level of confidence that there is a man in my life who is one of God’s choices for my husband–and this has been reflected by a Godly friend with a prophetic intuition–and he even seems to fit the limited description God has given me of His intended; his appearance and certain aspects of his mother’s appearance even remind me very clearly of the images of two of my future children! But I worry about human interference–he is currently dating another girl who he seems to be in-love with and I get the feeling that he sees marriage with this girl.
    I can’t see clearly the path before me or where it leads to, and so I ask your prayers that I continue to be able to lean and rely on God for guidance with the ability to ignore the devil’s interference and attempts to make me stray. I ask your prayers that any human, demonic, or satanic interference regarding the union of myself and God’s choice for my husband (whoever/wherever he may be) be thwarted and that any obstacles in our paths be overcome and cast aside.
    It is my own prayer that all of this be true, and that by year-end I am with the man God intends for me to marry.

  37. Please pray for my marriage. Married almost 30 years, last anniversary my husband said there was nothing to celebrate. He has withdrawn into his business, and himself for years. One of our daughters is struggling in a huge way, but he makes no effort to understand or give grace or support. I have been asking for marriage counseling for almost 4 years. He went for a while but then got mad and quit. He doesn’t trust counselors (or anyone else). He is accountable to no one. He sees the sin, the bad, the negative in people and life; and there are deep wounds in our marriage. I am at the point of wondering where my heart really is in all this, although I have no scriptural grounds for divorce. I do not like who he has become; there is certainly no friendship, and the love is not there. I am weary, and I don’t know where the Lord is in all this.

    • M I pray God’s peace over you- that it will surround your heart even as you rest in Christ Jesus. I pray that as you’ve brought this burden to God, you’ll experience His rest. My prayer for your husband is that he’ll experience God’s love Ephesians 3:19

  38. I have been most fortunate to be married to a wonderful man. In our 26+ years of marriage, we have fallen more deeply in love with each other than I thought possible. We’ve weathered some storms, like any marriage, but nothing like I’ve just read in these comments. My heart breaks for you. To all of you who are hurting because of your marriage, I’m praying for you. On my knees for you today asking that God will give you strength, hope and peace. He is loving you through your rough spots and walking besides ever granting you grace and forgiveness. May all of you feel His love in your marriages. And may you see the fruits of your tear-stained prayers in the growth of your relationships.

    • Dear Lord, I pray for Andrea and her husband that you would draw them both toward you with your great love. That you would shower them in your love, mercy and joy so that they can give freely of this to each other. Bless them with all you want to give them and I ask that you be with them in the midst of difficulties that may arise. Thank you Lord for giving them each other. Amen.

  39. Please, pray for peace, trust and courage in my soul, for understanding and peace in my family and nourishing relationships.

  40. A few years ago, my marriage was so broken, I didn’t even think God wanted me to stay in it. But … confessing and repenting does a lot of damage control if you truly let God lead. Now in my marriage I cannot see myself without this man. I still have much pain but I have learned to let my love for this man outweigh any transgressions in the past. Don’t let your past kill the joy of your future. It is gone and hopefully it will never be repeated. I would not ever turn down anybody that would want to pray for any marriage, we all need more prayer!
    Some not so good praise is my children … I will ask for prayer in my children marriages, I do not know the details of them, all I know is I love my children so dearly it has pained me to see what goes on. All of them have been raised Christians and say they pray and let God lead, but it is not showing in the actions, unless I am missing something . Thank you lovely ladies. Godspeed w/PRAYER!

    • You share a wonderful example of what God can do in a marriage, Lyn. And I will pray for the marriage of your children. I can imagine how painful it would be to see them struggle. Hopefully they can see your example!

      • Thank you Jennifer, when someone says they will pray for you something warm and tingly covers my soul 🙂 I pray God to use me as a good example and that my testimony resonates with many. I prayed for each of these women (not by name of course) but by the thorn their heart feels in their union. The Lord understands my heavy heart for each of them. Stay Strong lovelies, and remember God is for you so who ever is against you needs your love and prayer. What ever brings you closer to God is a good thing, even if it looks dismal in our eyes.

  41. Please pray for marriage. I am desperate. My husband left me 11 months ago, and today is the day he has said he will tell me if he is filing for divorce. Please pray God intercedes, and saves my marriage. We have a 5 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter. I do not want to get divorced. I know we can fix it. God has changed me over the last 11 months. Please pray that today is not the end of my marriage.

    • Father, guide these ladies, I do not have to say their names for all their names are imprinted in Your heart of love. We come to You today knowing You are the Great Counsellor/Physician/Lover of our souls. Thank you Lord for Your complete healing over our lives in the name of Jesus. Father, show us the way, and strengthen us through Your living power. I/We love You, Lord, and I thank You in Jesus’ name.

    • Lord you are the creator of all of us, all the universe, for you nothing is impossible! I pray that you would awaken Chanda’s husbands heart toward you and her, that you would remind him and fill him with love for her and especially hope that they can make it through with your help. Please take care of the whole family and may your unfailing love be their comfort, according to your promise.
      Psalm 119:76

  42. I too, would like to take a moment to pray for marriages. Father, in Jesus name, bless these believers with your favor and grace in their marriage, give them a fresh anointing of your Spirit. You call things back to life. Give these women patience with their husbands and the right words to speak over them, and give the men a deeper revelation of your love and sacrifice and and powerful understand of their roles, to be in submission to God and not be demanding or harsh with their wives, but to cherish them as the Lord does His beloved, may He give you wisdom and peace to work together, for your own family and others.

  43. Father I pray for all of us here that you would bless our marriages, make them strong and loving and help us to both individually and together turn to you for all that we need. Help us change and grow so that we can take better and better care of our partner and our marriage so we can honour you and be a living light in this world. I pray that you would breathe life into hearts that have died and restore the brokenness that have occurred. Thank you for always hearing our prayers.

    I also ask for prayers for my marriage. My husband wanted a divorce last summer and moved out. He hasn’t yet done anything more about it, and we recently enjoyed a movie together, but I don’t know if that means anything good or not. We have never been hostile towards each other in this process so I don’t know how to read him, if he just wants to be friends like we talked about last summer or if there is something more behind him wanting to spend time with me. I try to remember I believe in God so I still have hope!!

  44. Good afternoon sweet friends! I am not married yet but one of my greatest desires is for my sister and I to God willing be blessed with godly husbands, marriages, and families! Please pray for the Lord to bless us and all those who are single and hoping for marriage, with those special people in His perfect timing but whatever His will may it be done always. Amen ❤❤

    Thank you for your prayers, xoxo ❤

    • I’d like to ask for prayers that the Lord will bring a godly young woman into mt son’s life. Also prayers for strong marriages in my extended family. Amen.


      • Along with Jennifer, I pray you and, your sister Stephanie, and Paula’s son will be blessed with someone special.

        Have a blessed day all,


    • Stephanie, I’m joining you today in praying for future husbands for you and your sister and all the single ladies here who have this wish.

    • Please join me in praying for a God fearing and God loving spouse for my Chinese friend who just recently heard the good news of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. She expressed a desire to learn more about Jesus and marry a man who loves Jesus. She is back in her country and is a university professor. My prayer is that she finds a group of Christians where she lives she could connect/fellowship with. We met her in San Diego, CA and attended bible study at our home. Thanks a million.

    • Stephanie,

      Praying for Godly men to come into your lives. God knows your hearts and the men He has for you.


  45. Dawn,
    What a sweet, and thoughtful post, thank-you.The only thing I can think to ask for my marriage in prayer would be for my husband to hear me better. Have a blessed day….


    • Penny, sometimes it feels like we speak different languages, doesn’t it? I pray your husband hears your words and understands your heart.

  46. I’m asking for prayer for a specific need in my marriage. My husband is an alcoholic and it’s affecting me greatly and therefore affects our marriage and our daughter. Please pray that I will have a change of heart and be the better person in order to protect my child from the mess that’s being made. If it’s God’s will for me to leave, then pray He’ll show me how. And if it’s His will for me to stay and fight, then pray He’ll show me how to do that too. I’ll lift you all up in prayer also. Thank you and may God bless all of our current (and future for the single ladies) marriages.

    • Misty,
      I am sorry to hear about your husband. God is so good. If it is His will he can help your husband and draw him closer to him. My brother is a miracle and miracles do happen. He was an alcoholic for over 30 years. He was slowly killing himself with the poison, had ruined relationships (no wife, no children, no girlfriend). He hit his rock bottom and God took care of him. Even in prison God had an angel in there watching over my brother (he had broken his probation and spent a short time in prison). He even knew God was watching over him. He has been sober for over 3 years now and has a girlfriend he takes care of (she has had 2 strokes and is 40 yrs. old). He had lung cancer, had his lung removed and got even closer to God. Keep praying Misty.. everything is in “His time”. Be safe and praying for discernment. We will be praying for you and your daughter. Being a loved one of an alcoholic is tough. I know I spent many Christmas Eves with a drunk brother.

      • Thank you so much for agreeing with me in prayer for my marriage. I pray blessings for you also!

    • Holy Father, I lift Misty and her family to you today. I pray for healing, for you are a God of miracles and I firmly believe you are a God who can heal all wounds. But Father,I also pray for discernment for Misty. If it is an unsafe situation for her or her children I pray you would make it clear to her that it’s time to leave. I pray you would place people in Misty ‘s life who can be a support to her. I pray agin for healing, for I believe you work all things together for the good of those who love you. In Jesus name, Amen

    • Misty, I am most definitely praying for you today and thankful for the testimony that Amy has shared about your brother. God is still in the business of miracles!

    • Lord, please bless and prosper Amy’s marriage. Bring a newness for each other,appreciation, and commitment. Bind Amy and her husband into one and help them see each other through your grace filled eyes. Amen.

  47. Please pray for our marriage, which is very good, but stressed by lack of finances and the physical problems that come with age. (We are in our 70’s and 80’s.)

    • Carol, I’ve lifted you and your husband up in prayer. I understand your situation, as my husband and I are in our late 60s and both retired, me just recently. May our good Shepherd provide you and him everything you need and add patience and increase your faith. Blessings always.

    • Carol, I pray that the Lord will provide physical and practical assistance to you and your husband and that you will be able enjoy the fruits of the years you’ve invested in each other.

    • Heavenly Father
      You see and know all things. Go closer to AA’s situation and give full assurance and comfort that you are near, that you feel what going on and you are more than able to strengthen and restore the marriage to the point that others look on and see your handiwork. Make the one and such a testimony that others are led to the foot of the cross. Help them to persevere in love and respect. Get glory for yourself. In the name of Jesus…Amen!

  48. Please pray for my husband. He has not had full time employment for 3 years and truly desires to work. His name is Dave.

  49. Please pray for my marriage – we have an anniversary coming up on the 22 March and I want it to be special

  50. Dawn,

    I will say a silent prayer for all the women here and their families. My prayer request is for strength. We are dealing with aging parents and trying to work. My dad’s dementia worsened and is in hospital. Hard to deal with. We get frustrated with work, parents, everything.

    Watching War Room (movie) I heard it asked “how are you praying for you husband?” That hit me. I started a prayer list of sixteen items that I pray daily over my husband. I am putting him into the Lord’s hands.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, I pray the Lord gives you the strength to help support and care for your parents. That’s a wonderful takeaway from War Room. May your husband feel your prayers and the Lord honor your faithfulness.

  51. My husband moved out, filed for divorce, longer wears his wedding band, and states he is “single” on social media. I continue to pray over him and our marriage. I pray that he seeks God first and that his heart become softened. I love my husband. Please pray for my marriage. Thank you.

  52. We’ve been married 30+ years. I brought 2 daughters to the marriage & he he brought 4 older (estranged) 2 girls & 2 boys. I worked diligently with prayers & love for him to have a relationship with them again and now he does…. Ironically, he is now holding our marriage hostage because he has always had a tense relationship with my youngest daughter. She is very independent while he is very controlling…. After the last tangle (last August & his fault) he has held a grudge stating that if I want to stay married I will never allow my daughter in HIS house ever again… Please pray for all of us and our marriage. I love my husband and all of our children and grandchildren. Thank you so much!

    • My heart aches for you. May God give you wisdom, and courage and peace. May God do a work in your husband’s heart and your daughter’s to heal the wounds between them.

    • This website has so blessed me over the last few days. I have been married for 43 years and my husband and I are going through all sorts of adjustments (boomerang children, planning for retirement, searching out a new church home, relationships with others) and I am tired and battered. Tonight (at 1:46 AM) as I spend another sleepless night, tied in knots, I found this blog…..Such power in prayer and compassion among women.

      May God hear and attend to each of the voices on this page. May His mighty power provide comfort and caring to the broken hearts here laid bare.
      2 Corinthians, 1:3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. 5 For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also our comfort abounds through Christ.”

      • Lee, your comments here have blessed me tonight. I hope your situation has improved in the month since you left your comment. The good news is that the problems you listed were not between you and your husband! I pray your relationship holds strong and true and you bring each other comfort and strength.

    • Dianne, I didn’t see this when you originally posted, but I’m praying for you tonight. I hope things are better in your home now.

  53. Please pray for me. My husband and I rarely argue, but tonight we did. Pray for me to forgive the harsh words between us. I am wide awake with hurt feelings and wishing the same upon him. Forgive me for wanting him to feel pain, too. Clear my mind, bring me a peace which passes all understanding, bring me your wisdom to find words of love and kindness. Amen

  54. I am just a few months shy of being married two years now and I can’t describe the awe I am in of God’s perfection of picking my partner! I as well as all humans live in a world where insecurities doubt and fears can often creep in but I have this prayer I often pray well more of a praise and it is “THANK YOU LORD, That my marriage is in YOUR hands, if it were in mine oh how bad I would mess it up! Thank you Lord that YOU are keeper of my marriage I ask that you keep it safe, thriving, and pour your blessings on it so that it brings you glory! This is my prayer for all of you tonight and in return I ask that you please pray for my marriage!!!