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Former Bad Girl, grateful for the grace God offers. Happy wife of Bill, one of the Good Guys. Proud mom of two grown-up kids with tender hearts. Lame housekeeper. Marginal cook. Pitiful gardener. Stuff I love? Encouraging my sisters in Christ—across the page, from the platform, online, in person. Unpacking...

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  1. Oh what I would learn from a book such as this. Easter is a beautiful time, many are wrapped up in buying the perfect Easter clothes, planning the egg hunting and never looking into the depth of why Easter came about.. I can’t help but really think about what I may have missed in the learning of Easter as a child. So what better way than to spend early mornings throughout the Easter season than to learn. Quiet time with God can bring so much peace to our days, so waking up early is a great way to start off each day, taking notes to instill his words in my heart, and end my special time by taking a walk with Him to see the beauty he has created. Hopefully, this will fill me up so much that I can’t help but spill it over with others throughout my day.

  2. Liz,
    I love that God chose women to be the first to find the tomb empty….since God made women, He knew that they would be the best ones to spread the news that Jesus is Risen :). The sun rises over our back deck and we always see beautiful sunrises. I would like to sit with my husband, on our deck, and read the Easter story with a flashlight while the sky is still that midnight blue color just before it breaks into dawn. Then bow our heads and pray together – thanking Christ for His sacrifice He made for us – and then together in silence watch the sun rise and the sky go through it’s morphing of light and color, meanwhile thinking about what the women must have felt when they saw the angel. Watching darkness turn to light would be very symbolic of Easter to me. If it rains….well then I guess I’ll have to come up with a Plan B?? Lovely post Liz!
    Bev xx

  3. I love making it a point to be up before sunrise on Easter to take in the awakening of the day and to experience the dawning of a new day. He is risen!

  4. I don’t know too much about Jesus or Gods word, I’m learning daily, every new sunrise is another chance for me to grow and soak in the knowledge!

    • It is the same for all of us. We are all learning and growing daily. Sanctification is a life~long process. You keep at, sweet lady. He will be there EVERY step of the way!

  5. I will be serving our church along with some other servant women. We will be providing a breakfast for our small Church after our sunrise service. It is so good to share the meaning of this special day with our family of God.

  6. Thank you for this post! I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never thought about Easter morning like this, but thank you for being so descriptive that I could picture it perfectly! I’ve never really thought about the women of the Bible & their influence except for the obvious. This Easter morning I plan to awake before sunrise, read the Word & color in my Bible. Bev’s post above about how she spends the morning with her spouse was very inspirational as well.

    • Lori,
      Before you give me too much credit….we haven’t don’t that before, but Liz’s post inspired me to set that as our goal this year… We are both early risers and what better way to read the Easter story and celebrate that He is Risen than with watching the sunrise!! Early Easter blessings to you,
      Bev xx

  7. What a beautiful post. This is my favorite time of day to spend time with my Savior; reading the word, meditating on it and watching out my window here in the Midwest to see the light on the horizon heralding a new day!

  8. My family celebrates Passover with Jesus, the Messiah, the Lamb of God, as the central focus. Passover begins this year after Palm Sunday and leading up to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. Just as Jesus shared the feast with His disciples at the Last Supper, He taught them that His body would be broken (the bread) and His blood would be shed (the wine) as He took His place as the final Passover Lamb, the perfect sacrifice to take away the sins of the world. We see Him as the humble, willing Lamb of God – the only One worthy to be the perfect, sinless sacrifice, and we see Him raised to life as the mighty Lion of Judah who conquered sin and death. This is my Jesus, my precious Savior, and He is the reason we celebrate an empty tomb!

  9. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to win.we go to church on Easter then family dinner and we talk about God’s done for us.

  10. Good morning Liz! Your title, “oh what a beautiful morning” is what caught my attention this day and so I read on. (I also got a kick out of your description of yourself- former bad girl, lame housekeeper, marginal cook and pitiful gardener- so funny, so open and honest.) I was saved at 42 and lived a life unworthy of our Lord up till then- but I too, became a child of God’s grace and truth. I am 62 now and must say that for the past 20 years, everyday is Easter to me. Right now as I’m in a bible study about the disciples, I can appreciate your comments about them. (The male disciples weren’t neglecting their duties. They just weren’t called to be there.) But the women were! I have learned more deeply lately, due to my studies and our pastor who richly encourages us with God’s word, just how much Jesus loves us women and that it is a tremendous blessing to be one! So I thankyou today for the reminder of how much Jesus loves us and what He went through to save a wretch like me. I am reminded of this EVERY morning that I breathe and look forward to the day that I see my Savior face to face. Oh what a glorius day it will be…..:) And I will see YOU one day too, my dear sister in the Lord…. (You can teach me to be a better writer and I can teach you how to be a better cook!) Have a good and Godly day! xo

  11. Taking a moment to pause and really absorb the meaning of the resurrection always makes me tear up. To think I am loved that much! My heart longs to start each day from that place- knowing with full confidence that I am loved by my father in heaven. He isn’t on his throne mad or disappointed- he loves me more than I can grasp. If I would live each day with from this place I would be a better daughter, wife, co-worker… etc. Thank you Jesus for your love!

  12. Focusing our attention on Him and loving others as He did is one way we can make His resurrection the centerpiece of our morning, our days, our life. He came so that we may have life. We have to let His light shine through us so that others might share in His grace. He doesn’t need us. But, it sure is wonderful to know that He will use us.
    Thank you for a beautiful reminder to Love God and Love Others.

  13. How would I make Him the centerpiece of Easter morning? Start today by preparing my heart, soul, mind…it takes time to prepare a great banquet….oh what a morning it will be, with a right heart, soul and mind….

  14. I’d throw on a jacket, perhaps like the Mary’s did, grab my purse, and walk out to the back porch… as I’d mean to go help Jesus. Something I could do for him. I’d bend down on a mat, stooping from my self sufficiency, and suck in a huge gulp of First Morning air. I’d then sit and see that nothing in my purse – what I could do for Him- could compare to what He gives to me – to us all. The first lights of this Easter would be as those long ago, His arms of love.

  15. This devotional blessed my heart, needed that!!!thank you for sharing your talent and encouragement with us!!!

  16. Just to be still and know that he is God!! As the sun comes up on that Easter morning to reflect on life’s challenges and all that you may be going through. Just to remember what Jesus went through to give us our savior and grace.

  17. After the period of mourning – lent – I want to spread the joy of the resurrected Christ, however I can and to whomever I can! What an awesome celebration – and to think! He did all that for ME!
    Liz, you are amazing! I need your book!

  18. The tomb was empty, just like we must be empty of all things that detract us from fully being who God created us to be. This Easter I will reflect on my need to be empty of me in order to be full of the spirit of Christ! Apart from Him I am nothing!

  19. Love the imagery evoked by your words to make the resurrection the centerpiece of Easter morning. Thinking back when my children were younger and we’d make resurrection cookies the night before Easter…how excited they were to open the oven door Easter Morning and see the dough had become cookies and raised overnight like Jesus did Easter morning

  20. This is so, so beautifully written. Thank you, Liz!

    I remember as a child from a non-Christian family who attended church for morality’s sake, we would attend Easter Sunday service, but not Good Friday. I didn’t understand why some people there had been up to see the sunrise that day, or why it was so exciting to answer, “The Lord has risen!” with a forced smile and, “He is risen indeed!”

    Years later, I accepted Christ and started breaking free from my church-is-for-Sunday-only pattern: my first non-Sunday service was Good Friday. I remember the darkness of the room, the solemnity, the quiet candlelit service. There was no big production, everything was simple and grief lingered in the air. We left the service without speaking, greeting each other only with nods in silence.

    That Sunday, I woke up at 4:30 and walked up a mountain to attend a city-wide sunrise service. Oh, how colourful and joyous it was! We shivered from the morning cold and hopped around to the beat of the music from the multiple worship teams that had joined forces. Hymns and songs were sung in multiple languages, laughs were shared among familiar and unfamiliar faces, and the sun rose – first a crimson red, then a fiery orange, and then it was too bright to look at. He is risen indeed!

    I remember a priest saying, Easter Sunday doesn’t come without Good Friday. Jesus had to hang on a tree in order for there to be a celebration of His rising and death-conquering. It seems obvious, but I had missed so much of the purpose and joy in previous Easter Sunday’s because I hadn’t been a witness to the grief, the “death” part of the “conquering”. To me, that silent service is what points me towards the the greatness and wonder of his resurrection.

  21. I have always been an early riser. I love mornings. It’s my quiet time. A time to sit at my window, talk to God, and marvel at His beautiful creation. Watching the stars fade away from the darkness. Seeing the rising sun bring in the dawn. Hearing the birds break the silence with their singing. The sounds of Earth coming to life again. Just like Jesus did. As a child the hidden baskets, chocolate eggs & jelly beans were the big anticipation for Easter. But now, it’s knowing that at that very moment, so many years ago, Jesus came back to life, changed the world, and touched my ordinary life. He gave me a promise, a hope, and future. I will never die. I will go from this life, with all it’s wonderful memories and beauty, sprinkled with some sadness and struggle here and there, to a reunion with my Lord and all the loved ones who have gone before me. Easter is the victory. The war was won. The greatest rescue mission of all time, fulfilled in a moment. Thank you, Jesus!

  22. Just as the women brought others to the tomb, and proclaimed, “He is risen!”, we bring others to God’s House, proclaiming, “He is risen!”
    People are more open to coming to church on Easter than at any other time of the year. It’s up to us to ASK!

  23. Liz, I just loved your book — every bit of it — but my favorite thought of all was the truth that those women were there at the tomb because God wanted them there. He chose that privilege and that responsibility for them, and I’m getting goosebumps even as I type the words, because I see that the same is true for us when we show up to do the thing that God has put on our hearts. We just don’t know what wonderful resurrection moment we may bear witness to!

  24. I would like to remember and share how those two ladies must have felt seeing the angel and knowing that Jesus had risen. Good way to start easter morning and continue on every day. Thank you for the give away.

  25. What an amazing sight to behold! I like you do not often awake early enough to see the changing colors of the morning sky but oh when I do it brings me to tears to see the beauty and behold Gods artistic hand. When we read of the women coming to the tomb to be with our savior we often overlook just how powerful of a scene this must have truly been and the fact that it was the women to whom the angel revealed the news that our savior had indeed risen and was no longer dead. WOW!!! Thank you Liz for this beautiful reminder of just why we rejoice and celebrate Easter and the reminder that as women we to are messengers choosen by God.

  26. I love that God chose women first to hear and see that Jesus Christ had risen from the grave. I could only imagine the look on His mother’s face after hearing what the angel had said. Every Easter I read the story of Jesus being crucified and buried, and rose again. I make it a point to remind my niece Chloie (13) and my nephew (7) what Easter is all about. They are probably tired of hearing me by now, but I want them to understand how important and very significant Jesus is for all of us. If I don’t tell them, who will!!

  27. I am in awe every time I read the resurrection story! God’s Son, Jesus, loves me that much to go to the cross for me. Why, oh, why, do I turn from him when I know better? Why do I walk my own path? Why do I take my Savior for granted?

  28. I have never really thought about this question. I think maybe going to visit my best friend’s gravesite and thank Jesus that because of him, we will be reunited. This separation is not forever.

  29. Flowers! I will use flowers in place of the nails we’ve been hammering into a small wooden cross as we confess our sins in the evening during Lent. I will remove the nails and surround the cross with flowers to represent LIFE and resurrection and hope on Easter morning.

  30. Every day we wake up should be an Easter morning celebration!!!! Oh how I long to worship the Risen Savior every day that I draw breath.

  31. Quiet time with god and a chance to reflect on all He has done for us….amazing!!!! And God chose women to go that morning…how blessed to be a woman of God. I would thoroughly enjoy gleaning and learning form this book. He is Risen!

  32. “Living he loved me; dying he saved me!…..Oh glorious day!” How very humbling to study our role as witness to my Savior’s death and the glory of his resurrection. I will shout with all creation, “He is risen indeed!”

  33. Thank you for the reminder that Jesus chose me and wants me. Every morning now for 3 months or so I have awaken before the craziness of my house begins. It is still dark outside and not even the birds are chirping yet. This time is for me to spend with my Father ,my King , My Savior.
    Through this precious time , He has shown me that I am loved, that I am wanted and that He has a purposeful plan just for me.
    Oh how special it is that Jesus called us, women, to seek him first at the tomb. He is RISEN indeed! Thank you so much Jesus for conquering my sin! Your love is Relentless!!!!!!

  34. I generally give up something during the Lent season to make me more aware of God’s presence but this year I am reading through the book of John with a study guide and am amazed that in only the first five chapters God is transforming me, drawing me in closer and my ‘awareness’ has been heightened like never before. Funny how giving something up to draw attention – took away – but ‘taking in’ has drawn me nearer.

  35. I will definitely spend time in prayer and meditation of what Easter morning means, and how blessed we are to have a Father who loves us so very much as to kick sin & death in the face on our behalf giving us the hope and promise of eternal life in Heaven! Oh, what a gift!! I often wonder what happened in that tomb…was it a gentle breeze that awoke Jesus? Was it a gentle whisper from our Father, “Jesus, awake.” Or was it similar to Lazarus, “Jesus, come forth.” Can you imagine, that while I have no doubt the angels were celebrating the victory on that morning, the words shared between Father & Son when Jesus rose from the dead completing the most important task of ALL time, and for ALL mankind? What God may have said to Jesus in those moments when He first awoke? Oh how lucky we are to be on the receiving end of such an awesome gift!!!

  36. This post reminded me of the sunrise services at my church when I was young. It was exciting to get up so early with the focus on Jesus’ resurrection!! Enjoyed this post. This Easter, I will rise early and celebrate the Risen King!

  37. Enjoyed reading Women of Christmas – looking forward to reading Women of Easter. An insightful presentation of the Mary’s. He is risen indeed!

  38. I begin the Easter season listening to a CD called He’s Alive. It’s an old one from the 80s but it’s a compilation of songs of Easter. (One of my favorites is, Does He Still feel the Nails) it sets the tone for me to follow Jesus, as He went from glory to a cross then to Ultimate glory. Hallelujah! I am ready for it once Easter arrives. (Glorious Morning) My honey & I exchange our Easter awakening. Whoever wakes first saying, He is Risen and the other responding, RISEN INDEED!

  39. We will go in the dark to the grove above our church building and sit on wooden benches with friends, worship, hear birds above us, celebrate communion, listen to the youth choir sing, and join voices as the light broadens the sky in the east behind an empty wooden cross. I will remember our friends Mel and Beth who always held the communion elements, and who are now gone from us, but sharing in the joy of Christ’s presence in heaven.
    We’ll walk down the hill to the church building and enter the fragrant sanctuary with a “tree” of lilies and see another wooden cross draped in a white stole. HE IS RISEN! What wonderful assurance and JOY!

  40. I praise God that whether He permits the sun to peek up under clear blue skies or if He touches frosty hills with a light gray mist or soft rain on Easter morning, His most profound impression is on my heart. It is renewed with His Spirit as I quietly contemplate Christ’s life, death and particularly His resurrection. The entire HOPE of humanity depends on the fact that He is Risen. I am lovingly led by the LORD to “make His resurrection the centerpiece first in my heart” and then allow it to be an expression of love to others through my words and actions to glorify Him and encourage and bless others that they may praise God on Easter morning and every day. He is the Lily of The Valley, the Bright and Morning Star; He’s the fairest of ten thousand to my soul.

  41. I hope to make it a point to head to sunrise service on Easter instead of waiting until later in the day and heading to church. The day should start with Him.

  42. I work at a very large church and will be present in 8 of our Easter services. The danger of ministry is in being so busy doing for God I forget to be present with Him. My prayer for the Easter season is not to miss the wonder of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection … that He loves me so much He would rather die than live w/o me.

  43. Growing up on the Ohio River, my favorite memories of Easter Sunday are the sunrise services that we attended at a church member’s riverfront cabin, followed by a wonderful pancake breakfast. All these many years later I’ll be away from my church home, beginning our first full day of vacation at our timeshare on St. Augustine Beach. My plan? You guessed it. I’ll be walking on the beach at sunrise, immersing myself in His magnificent Creation, reflecting and singing and praising His Holy Name. My own very special, intimate Easter sunrise service. Precious time alone with my Lord and Savior. He is risen!

  44. Now I want to get several copies of this book and have girlfriends over for brunch the day before Easter. I want to put one of these books, as a gift, at each one of their places at the table. We can talk about what these women must have been feeling this day before going to the tomb and what the emotions were as they were on their way there on Easter morning. It just seems like this is a “woman thing” that needs to be pondered and talked about among the women who walk beside me and hold me up as we wait and watch–together– for the sun to come up after the darkest of nights.

  45. I love it that Jesus conquered death for us all. EVERYONE! It’s up to each one of us to want it. Conquering death, His Resurrection, gives me hope that I don’t need to live under the control or yoke of sin. It’s my choice to live it, everyday remembering what Jesus did. I love the modest description of yourself. It makes me smile because being ourselves can be enriching. There’s no need to be perfect to be considered by Jesus. Thank you Liz. I really enjoy the beautiful reminder of what Easter means. Cheers 🙂

  46. What a beautiful description of that first Easter morning. It has filled my heart this morning. I am not an early riser, but this Easter, I plan to sit out on our deck. The sun will rise through the trees behind our home and splatter its light across us as we wait. Maybe I won’t wait for Easter morning!! Maybe tomorrow….. Oh, to be bathed in the light and love of Christ…

  47. I love to wake up and do the resurrection eggs with my kiddos! It’s such a great way to focus on what the day truly means and teach them as well!

  48. I’d like to make “resurrection buns” with my kiddos this Easter. You roll croissant dough around a marshmallow, bake and then when they’re finished and you bite into them to eat, the marshmallow is gone! It’s an empty “tomb”! 🙂

  49. Easter morning I will be reading His story probably with tears in my eyes while I think about what He did for us even though I am so unworthy. But then He’ll wrap his arms around me and put a smile on my face because I know that He loves me unconditionally.

  50. I’m looking forward to Easter morning to hopefully see the rising sun and wait for our beloved Son Jesus. He is my beloved Lord and Savior.

  51. This is the first year my son can really understand and yet is so hard to comprehend. We plan on doing the disappearing marshmallow crescent rolls too. That will be tangible for him to tpuch and work with. This book sounds amazing! Casey

  52. For those who seek Him, the Son does indeed rise – for He is risen, indeed!
    In fellowship with my Lord Jesus Christ through the decades, I have found that He awakens me before the dawn. As my body rises, He lifts my heart to Him in praise.
    While washing and dressing for the day, He clothes me in His love, mercy, and grace.
    During the precious quiet time He gives me (before the family awakes) in His presence, He prepares my heart for the day which He has prepared ahead for me.
    To think that I have the honor of witnessing His glory each day takes my breath away and causes me to bow in awe before Him.
    For He is worthy of all glory! He is risen, indeed! Worthy is the Lamb! Holy, Holy is He!

  53. Are we allowed to copy someone else’s idea?! When I read Bev’s idea (She’s the writer of Walking Well with God), I thought, “YES! That’s the perfect way to greet Easter morning! Thank you, Liz, for this highly inspirational devotional that connects us heart to heart with those women at the tomb. And thank you, Bev, for your creative inspiration, too!

    • Nancy,
      Liz was my inspiration. When I was reading her post this am it was still that midnight blue outside and the inspiration just came to me – God thoughts I suppose? Can’t wait to carry it out…will be disappointed if it rains…

      ps. Will be thinking of you and your hubby – how fun.

  54. The first thing I will do is thank Jesus for what He went through for undeserving me and for His unending patience, mercy and love! Then i will get myself ready for the Sunrise Service at my church and a wonderful Easter Service. Then i will go out to eat with a couple dear girlfriends and we can enjoy each others company and maybe share our thoughts on the events of that wonderful morning when Jesus Christ rose from the dead and what it means to us individually.

  55. One of the ways we make Jesus the center of our Easter is making Resurrection Rolls. Each part of the process from the pure marshmallows to the empty tomb tells the story. We also read the corresponding scriptures.

  56. Thinking about that morning takes my breath away! The past several years we’ve made an indoor Easter garden, tomb and all. It’s fun to “roll” back the stone on Easter morning.

  57. On Easter Sunday, if the phone rings, we always say “He is Risen” when we answer. The person who called answers back ” He is RIsen, Indeed!!” Our grown children love to call us on Easter so that we can carry on our tradition of celebration. I also love to get up while it is still dark and spend some time thinking about that first Easter morning.

  58. A beautiful description!!! We do resurrection rolls for Easter morning and the kids! Then we get to church to celebrate with other believers!

  59. To be honest, since my kids are grown, I don’t know that I take time to sit in the moment…I am usually drinking coffee, preparing food, getting ready for church and finishing Easter baskets for grandkids … and always praying my husband will have ears to hear and choose this day to surrender his heart to Jesus…
    Maybe this year I will sit and quietly thank Jesus for His saving me and just rest in His love…
    Thank you for stopping me and making me ponder this question, sister.

  60. Glory! That’s what I think of. Am I bringing Glory to God in my daily choices. He has so Blessed me in so many Glorious ways. He is the King of Glory.

    A new day. Anything might happen.
    Scientists are quick to remind us that the sun doesn’t actually rise. We, on our spinning planet, are the ones moving in the direction of the sun. That’s exactly what the women of Easter were doing: moving in the direction of the Son.
    . . .they were on their way to the tomb. . . (Mark 16:2)
    Light hurrying to meet the darkness. Life hastening to find the dead. Was there ever such a morning in the history of the world?
    Think of it! Jesus Christ — the Holy One, the King of kings, the Savior of the world — was conquering death at that very moment. The dozen men who’d traveled everywhere with Him were nowhere to be seen. But the women — the few, the faithful, the resourceful — were headed to the grave for one simple reason.
    The Lord wanted them there.

  62. When I had my nephews with me at my house, I enjoyed doing the story of the resurrection eggs with them, and they enjoyed the different story and different “toys” in each of the eggs and learning their meanings behind Easter. The other thing I loved to do was make soft pretzels. We discussed the process of kneading the dough, which is when God transforms us by changing our hearts, rising of the dough, which resembles the risen Lord, the rolling of the dough, reminding them of the rolling of the stone from the tomb, and then the shape of the pretzel into 3 parts, like the trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Then we would sprinkle either salt or cinnamon sugar, depending on their preferences that day, on top, and bake the pretzels. While they ate them, they would have a tangible reminder that Jesus died to save their sins, and that was the story and reminder we have each year at Easter. Thank you for the place to share this memory! 🙂 Christ has risen! <3

  63. “the whole day stands on its tiptoes” – how beautiful. I so loved this!

    I plan to spend Easter with my family and thank Jesus for His awesome gift of eternal life.

  64. My dream Easter morning would be to spend as much time as I want to with Jesus – no appointments tugging at my feet, just His love tugging at my heart. I would read His word, and interact with it and Him by doing my heart’s reply “art” in the margins…in color. I would write Him a love letter and listen to the quiet music of His voice… I would linger with Him.

  65. Several years ago, I did the resurrection eggs in Sunday School and it’s stuck with me ever since. I love being able to hold little things that have significant meanings. It’s grounding in a way, making the Easter story tangible and helps me refocus on the resurrection of Christ. Spending a few moments holding those little things and reflecting on the love of God would be a wonderful way to spend Easter morning.

  66. I will spend some time quietly reflecting on my faith and give thanks to the Lord my Savior.

  67. I love to just bask in His Presence! I want to teach my children the not and wonder of Easter. We don’t do any eggs or candy for Easter, instead we only teach about how Jesus rose from the dead and lives for us and with us! What a glorious thing He did for us! I like the neat ideas of baking while sharing the story!

  68. As a family, we’ll make His resurrection the centerpiece of our day by holding hands at breakfast, blessing our meal and spending extra time in silence together, focusing on God’s never ending grace in our lives. This day is special, and we always take extra time to thank God for the gift of his Son.

  69. My heart smiled as I read this. Not as much a morning person as I was pre-motherhood, but this renewed my excitement for Easter morning and is really a delightful reminder for any morning as we “move in the direction of the Son.”

  70. I will give thanks for another day of life, for another day to cherish the love and presence of our Lord, for His grace and mercy, for His peace, hope, and joy, for His salvation, and the forgiveness of my sins.
    Thank You, thank You, thank You!
    Christ the Lord is risen today! Alleluia!

  71. I love reading about Bible women. We can all identify with them in way or another. They had just witnessed the worst thing inaginable and now were priviledged, even above the disciples, who were in fear for their lives, to witness the most glorious of mornings to date. I was even just reading that our word ” excruciating ” comes from that form of death, it means ” from out od the cross. ” May we as women and believers respect that sacrifice and expect the miracles it creates.

  72. We will be at church Easter morning rejoicing in song and prayer. Afterward a family gathering sitting down to a meal and giving thanks.

  73. Reading the Easter story to my son and doing the crescent rolls with him as well, then on to sunrise service at the beach.

  74. I love this….I’m not sure what I will be doing early Easter morning but I pray my heart will be moving towards the Son, embracing all that He has for me.

  75. The sunrise service is always a beautiful reminder as the “light meets the dark”, and then our family helps serve the pancake breakfast at our church…a love that thought of bowing down to serve!

  76. Our church offers an outdoor sunrise service. It always feels impossible to try to make it with kiddos, but it’s worth it to celebrate the resurrection as the sky slowly lightens and the world awakens.

  77. Beautiful! I currently have 4 littles in the house but we work very hard to keep Christ the center of our Easter. With Tomb gardens and readings and discussing the true Easter Story…

  78. What a lovely message! I always wonder about the thoughts and conversations of those women on their way to the tomb.

  79. Easter is my favorite holiday as a Christian maybe because I love how He loves me. I sometimes envy the women that got to see His face…then He gently reminds me that His face I will see in Paradise because of His love. I would love to share this book if I were chosen to win it with my friends to understand how much He treasures His daughters as well as His sons.

  80. I love the picture — The sun doesn’t actually rise. We are moving toward the Son! — What an awesome picture!!

  81. This was a beautiful addition to my morning this morning. I was standing at my kitchen window in awe of the colors as the sun was rising – pink, purple, blue — just beautiful! Then this post, Praising God for a morning of worship today. As for my Easter Plans, I am not sure but I know that they will involve going to church and worshiping my risen Lord!

  82. Out plan is to attend the sunrise service at Sea World again! My husband and I did this together a few years back, and this year we will bring our two kids. It is beautiful watching the sun rise and celebrating with a stadium full of people!

  83. I have been out of church for a few years now after being hurt by the people of the church when my husband passed away suddenly. This Easter I would love to be sitting in church again celebrating the Risen Savior! I miss worshipping in church, raising my voice in praise with others and being fed by the Word of God. It’s so hard to take that first step after being hurt and feeling abandoned but I know it’s something my heart longs for.

    • Dear Kristy,
      I understand. I lost my husband to lung cancer 4 years ago. After 20 years of dedicated service to a church and people we loved, we saw the church was veering away from the message of the gospel. It hurt out hearts and was a tough decision, but we felt we could no longer stay in a church that did not focus on Christ. So we chose to leave just a few months before we got my husband’s diagnosis. My husband was very active in that church and had many friends. None of them, not even the Pastor, had anything to do with us when we left…even after they found out about my husbands fatal condition. NO ONE from that church showed up at our home to offer prayers or offer assistance. I was angry and hurt that people who claimed to be Christians could be so cold and resentful. They even said my husbands condition was a punishment from God BECAUSE we left that church!! Thankfully, just two months after we left that church we started attending another church and THOSE people came to our aid. They showed us the love of Christ. Reached out to us, prayed with us, brought meals and supplies. Helped us financially. And supported me after God called my husband home. I am writing this to tell you the ONLY way to get through what you’re feeling is to FORGIVE those people. I STILL deal with feelings of resentment towards my former church and I have to pray constantly that God will help my heart to forgive them. But, what you’re feeling is the Holy Spirit, urging you to connect with God’s people again. Have faith that God will lead you to the right place. Start fresh. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you’re about to give up hope. People will always hurt you but you can’t let that define you or cause you to pull away from the very thing you need to help you heal. I will pray for you and ask God to watch over you. My heart goes out to you. Have faith. I promise you, the sun will shine again. Sending you a hug….Karen

  84. What a beautiful way to describe what the women experienced that first Easter morning. It was a good reminder of what I can experience daily from Jesus.

  85. I LOVE that women were called to be the first to know He rose!!!

    I will be attending a sunrise and regular hour Easter service as well a privately, prayerfully thanking my God for His SON…

  86. I love love love this! I love that He chose a woman first to hear the glorious news “HE IS RISEN”! I want to wake up early every morning but especially on resurrection day to meet my Savior and Lord. To bear witness to the gift of that day; to think about the Marys’ and to sink into my God’s embrace! Easter us hope and grace and love!

  87. Pausing to read the Scriptures about that blessed morning before we hurry off to cook and prepare for breakfast, services, etc.

  88. I would love to turn on some music, to turn my heart away from all the preparations for the day’s events, and to spend some quiet time with Jesus. Of course I would still spend time in prayer and his word, but I want to add music! This question now sends me on a quest to find the CD/songs that I want to include. Thank you!

  89. This Easter I would like to getup before the sun rises and watch the sun shine early on Pikes Peak. Every time I see the sun rise on that mountain I think of God, and I haven’t seen it in a long time. I want to have my own quiet time before my family gets up and the hustling to get ready for church begins. I want to feel deeply what Jesus did for me.

  90. I am not completely sure about what we will do early on Easter morning, but Easter Sunday usually involves serving in some capacity and giving up our seats to make sure visitors have a place to sit.