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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Dearest Miss Karina,

    Thank you for sharing the words our Heavenly Father has laid on your heart. Also, thank God for mentors! I am 20 years old and you are spot on when you say that this is the time in our lives that we need the most guidance and help. I will never be able to thank the good Lord enough for the Godly, amazing, artsy, caring, patient, loving Mama he brought into my life not even a year ago… I don’t know where I’d be without her. As for my own calling for now I am called to share God’s love and amazing grace as a “Stationary Missionary” and through my blog! Thank you again so much for your encouraging words.

    This side of Heaven,
    Summer Rae

    • Summer Rae, you seem wise beyond your years as you also seem to understand your humble need for godly mentorship. I pray the Lord will continue to grow you up in His ways and guard you against the evils of this world. May He continue to bless you with godly people in your life! Your sister in Christ, Diana

      • Dearest Diana,

        Anything good in me is all God! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I pray your day is blessed!

        This side of Heaven,
        Summer Rae

    • Hey Summer Rae! I love your name!

      I am praising God that He brought a Mama into your life. I pray that you will walk out a completely vulnerable and authentic relationship with her. Let God refine you through her influence and guidance. Learn from her wins and mistakes.

      Your calling is beautiful! Let the Holy Spirit lead you in all things. Follow His ways closely. Pattern your life after His.

      Thank you for reading and sharing sweet girl!

      • Miss Karina,

        Thank you! Also, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I am very blessed to have my mama! Just as the girls/young women you help are very blessed to have you! To be able to do what I love is priceless. I pray your day is blessed!

        This side of Heaven,
        Summer Rae

  2. Karina,
    I love this…discipleship is “life on life”. And, “A life lived in Christ, exudes the sweetest aroma. It softens even the hardest of hearts.” Christ lived a sacrificial life long before He went to the cross. He listened, He held, He encouraged, He gave grace and mercy and forgiveness….He gave life where there was only hopelessness. How did He do this? He gave of His time, His energy, Himself. He put aside His own needs in order to come alongside others and give them the healing (both physical and spiritual) that they needed. He always gave of Himself – discipleship. He lived His life intersecting with the lives of others. Oh, that I would be like Him and put away my selfish needs and wants and live a life that His love could flow freely through me to others. Wonderful post Karina!
    Bev xx

  3. “It is quite simple. It is life on life. Far too often we complicate it. We make it something He never intended it to be. Jesus’ last command was for us to make disciples to the utter ends of the earth. How can we ever do that if we get distracted by fear and complication?” Karina! How did you know I needed these words RIGHT now? I am planning to meet with a college gal later today for the very purpose of mentoring. This post was so timely! Thank you!

      • Karina, it went well! She came over and we spent a chunk of time just doing life with each other, talking, and discussing the study we’re going to start. I didn’t feel pressured. I had peace. I didn’t even stress about the condition of my house! (I think that might be a first.) I’m thinking that in being the best version of ourselves (well, I mean I know we aren’t always but by God’s grace), we gift others and invite them to just rest in God’s grace too. Thank you SO MUCH, again, Karina!! You are such a blessing.

  4. Dear Karina, what an encouraging message!!! When many talk of discipleship, it tends to take on a “regimented” shape —- a wrong or right way — when simply reaching out to others, encouraging, sharing, teaching and loving will enable us to be His hands, feet and mouthpiece in the earth. May God bless you for encouraging (especially me) others with your words.

    • Thank you so much Rebecca!

      I pray that God will continually give you a heart to live that type of life of reaching out and loving and encouraging in the simplest of ways.

  5. I, too, have a heart deeply desiring discipleship. I have come to believe that discipleship and community are inseparable, as it’s through community disciples are made and love flows. Due to a chronic environmental illness (EI/MCS) which makes being in face-to-face community disabling because of numerous sensitivities including fragrance/scents, many cleaning and building supplies, I have struggled to find those who feel equipped to come alongside me. And, I’m not alone in this struggle, I have met a number of like believing sufferers who are disconnected from local church because of this illness. For years, I sought mentoring through the church my family attended in that time, but I found that most are afraid of not knowing what to do or busy with “in church” more typical ministry. To come alongside someone with EI/MCS takes thinking outside the box. Currently, I am engaging with a new church in a different state through phone, email and video chats. They also admit their feeling inadequate and ill-equipped in many ways. I so understand this, I feel this way as well. But, God is not without power, nor the ability to equipped us! So, I continue to pray for this equipping, not only for myself, but for my fellow isolated sufferers around the world (and there are many). Thank you, Katrina, for addressing this wonderful call in our lives. As I pray for the Lord to continue to grow you in your places of being mentored/discipled and of mentoring/discipling, would you all pray for the isolated EI/MCS people who are in great need of the body of Christ? Blessings to each of you!

    • Diana, thank you for reminding us about the EI/MCS community. They are sadly forgotten by us. Know that y’all are so valued and loved. I pray that we, as the Body, will begin to do a better job of reaching out with care and serving.

      I pray that all of you will feel loved by our words and actions.

      Our dear InSister, Sara Frankl lived a life physically set apart form others for the most part. But, it was such a joy to watch how God enabled her to experience auhentic community in unconventional ways. He is an out of the box God. May He bring creativity to how everyone can do life together and build relationship.

      May God strengthen you and lead you in every step.

      • Thank you, Katrina, for your encouraging words and the unity of prayer we have for the isolated ones. May the Lord guide us as we “chase down community” as Sara did!

  6. Karina,
    Thank-you for your heartfelt post.
    Simple frees us of what doesn’t really matter, and helps to keep things more clear.

    Have a blessed day all,


  7. While reading Genesis 14:14 this morning, the Holy Spirit asked me: “Who are YOU training?”……. Your timely words are affirmation for my walk right now. Thank you, sister.

  8. Loved reading this post very much Karina! Thank you for sharing so many truths and so much love! Blessings and love ❀❀

  9. I think it’s important as you say to, ” Call it out. ” So many of us need encouragement, and especially young women before they make bad choices. It is always easy to state the obvious but to use our faith takes growing in grace.

  10. Thank you for writing about the topic of discipleship. It’s a subject that’s near to my heart because in the last 12-18 months God has been bringing me more into my calling to disciple. Over the last several weeks He has been laying it on my heart to be more encouraging, which doesn’t come naturally for me. Oh, how I lean on Him! I love what you said, “disciples are made when encouragement becomes a priority.”

    • Kelly, I love the work God is doing in your life! I pray that you lean in to His strength and step out of your comfort zone. There is such a reward awaiting you!

  11. Thank you, my husband and I run a youth group in our local rural community. We set it up in response to a need. Most of the youth and other leaders are not Christians. We are praying for the appropriate way to make Jesus the centre and draw these guys to Christ. You have really encouraged me with these words. To keep in doing what we are doing, loving, caring and walking alongside

  12. Karina,

    I, too, am an encourager by nature. I love sending cards, e-cards, texts, etc. to make someone’s day. I never thought that what I was doing was discipleship. Wow! I used to visit an assisted living 4 or so times a week to see dad. I would smile & chat with the residents there. Wanting them to be happy, if only for a minute. Now I go to the hospital and visit dad. While there I try to smile at other patients and their families. I always try to smile and hug people-just trying to make their day.

    Blessings πŸ™‚