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  1. This article is beautifully timed, God always knows what we need to hear. Thank you for challenging us to reach out and to be willing to receive in return. (Because we all know it’s easier said than done.) Even though it may be beyond our understanding all that our Heavenly Father has done for us and where He has us right now… sometimes we get so caught up in the things right in front of us, that we allow ourselves to start feeling down. How minute are our problems compared to the Israelites? Through it all God heard them, answered them and delivered them to The Promised Land. If our Heavenly Father can take us from where we were to where we are now… just imagine what more He has for us! We just need to be patient and trust Him through it… soooo, in summary I suppose if you have room in your prayers… patience. Thank you again!

    This side of Heaven,
    Summer Rae

    • Summer Rae,
      Praying for the patience you are asking for. All the fruits of the Spirit come from the Lord….apart from Him we can do NOTHING (patience included). Ask and He will be faithful to give what you ask for. Asking along with you this morning…
      Bev xx

    • Father, Praying with Summer Rae today for patience… patience in the moment, patience for the journey… help her to rest in knowing that You have a perfect plan for her… in Jesus name…

      • Dearest Miss Leanne,

        Thank you so much for youreading kind words and encouragement. I pray that you have a beautifully blessed day.

        This side of Heaven,
        Summer Rae

    • To Summer Rae – thank you for your encouraging words and i will pray for you – and that whatever you are “waiting for”, that He will give you HIS patience. Whether you are needing to be patience in something you desire to change – or in a word from Him – whatever it is – that HE will give you all you need. Grace upon grace!

      I would love prayer for physical healing for my husband battling auto-immune disorders. And for my FAITH to be in Jesus for uncertainties in my job…. And for God to expose truth and bless me in this position as i feel like i am battling the enemy. – Many thanks and love in Jesus – KCH

      • To Summer Rae and KCH, May our loving Lord fill you with His gentle patience and grace-filled healing for your husband and job. Lord, please grant your gentleness to their hearts, enlarging their faith for we trust in You, Jesus. You always know the Way in which we need to go. In Your Holy and true Name, we pray…Amen

        • Dearest Miss An,

          Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Praying that you have a wonderfully blessed day!

          This side of Heaven,
          Summer Rae

      • Dearest Miss KCH,

        Thank you so much for your encouragement… may not mine but His will be done! Praying for you as well. Philippians 4:13 may you be strengthened through Him, for Him.

        This side of Heaven,
        Summer Rae

      • Dearest Miss Ellen,

        You are in my prayers today. I pray that you are strengthened through the name of our Heavenly Father; Numbers 6: 24-26. I pray that your day is blessed.

        This side of Heaven,
        Summer Rae

  2. Someone I work with has multiple demons attached to them, and I need strength and peace. In a few months it will be vacation time, but this person is very draining. I’m trying and still learning about spiritual warfare. I have never met anyone like this before. Please pray for me and the whole work environment.

    • Father, Be with Latoya this morning… give her peace in the midst of a difficult environment, help her to rest assured in Your promises to defeat the enemy…

  3. The battle with anxiety, panic, and obsessive worry is raging on, and in my human strength & sight, I feel like there will never be a day when I wake up, dogged by these thoughts before I even open my eyes. Every day I feel like I’m walking on eggshells, trying not to “tempt fate” so to speak; in my faulty thinking I have convinced myself relief is too good to last when I get a brief taste of it. It’s so amplified that I can never relax, and I’m hyper-aware of every little movement my own body makes to the point where it makes me feel unsteady and off-balance. All I want is to be free of this constant inward attention! Worse, while I can tell God is working in me and He matters more to me now than ever before, I still have an overall numbness toward Him. I feel like I am not truly grasping onto Him in my heart, wanting His will for my life, and I feel light-years away from full surrender to His love and care. I read the Bible more than ever but it still doesn’t quite feel like the Spirit is conversing with me. Through all of this, I am terrified my battle will rage for as long as it takes (and that seems like it will be quite a long time at this rate). Please pray for me because at this point I don’t know how to! Thank you.

    • I will pray for you! God is able! He really cares even when it doesn’t feel like it. Just like the sun is always there even though the clouds keep it hidden from view. Hang on, hang on! Cling to Jesus! I will lift you up in prayer! I pray you will keep seeing glimpses of the Son and cling to that hope. This to shall pass and I pray you will come out the winner. I pray for strength for each day and peace in the storm. Surrender all. Jesus loves you. Many PRAYERS.

    • Amber,
      I know I’ve written to you before and I so see myself as I was before I sought help. God is there and He is moving and He honors your continuing to seek after Him, but if you need help with an illness – and that’s what anxiety, depression, and obsessional thinking is, it’s okay by God to seek it. I know exactly the feelings you are dealing with and they ARE horrible. It’s a type of torture. God does not want or expect you to live that way. Please, if you haven’t already, seek medical help. God DOES work through physicians and psychiatrists. You are not flawed…you are ill. Once on meds, I was finally able to read and digest God’s word and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. It no longer eluded me like it does to you right now. There is a better way of living and I so want that for you. Please seek help sweet sister…you are not meant to live this way. I know…I’ve been in your shoes. The up side is is after being on the medicine and really being able to take in God’s Word the way He intended, I have now been able to significantly decrease the medicine I’m on. I needed it though, to keep the evil one at bay and let God’s love work in my heart and soul. Praying earnestly for you for relief from all of this. Hang on…there IS hope! God hears your gutteral groans by the Holy Spirit and He hears mine for you as well. It’s not you…its’ the illness and God knows that.
      Love and ((hugs)),

    • Philippians 4:6
      Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

      Romans 8:26
      In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.

      Amber, these verses are worth meditation and memorizing for your circumstances. What a comfort to know that our heavenly Father understands that sometimes we don’t know how to pray, and He has provided The Holy Spirit to actually do that for us. I am praying that the Lord will make you aware of the peace only He can give, and if we will surrender all our burdens, He can carry them for us:

      Matthew 11:28
      (Jesus said) Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will give you rest. (will ease and relieve and refresh your soul) (Amplified Bible)

      I can identify with the inward attention you mentioned — the Lord taught me many years ago (when I wasn’t seeking Him) that my severe depression would go away if I would focus on others (and their problems and struggles) instead of my own. A support group, either friends or strangers who have the same struggles can
      be very helpful. If that isn’t possible at the moment, don’t give up, just trust that He will heal you in His time, teaching you along the way through His powerful Word. If you are not in a Bible Study, I would highly recommend that as the best way to find His guidance through the pain you are experiencing.

      He loves you so much!

    • Father, Be especially close to Amber this morning… comfort her troubled spirit and give her peace in this moment… When anxiety and worry overtake her, remind her of her presence in tangible ways so that she can feel secure. I pray that her moments of peace will turn into hours and days and weeks and months of constant assurance of Your presence… in Jesus name…

  4. I am in awe of the power of God and praying friends! I just went through a miracle week of God working one miracle after another as my friends and I prayed. It was phenomenal! With my chronic illness I get so behind and suddenly had a deadline to be met with my house cleaning. Praise God He gave enough health to get it done, even keeping me well through mold exposure. It was miraculous! Now I’m also praying for miracles in my marriage, home and finances. I don’t see huge results like the week of my ‘housecleaning marathon’ but there are little miracles everyday to keep me trusting in God and His awesome power. He knows much better than I do what I really need. And whatever you do, never give up. God is present, He sees the whole picture while we only see bits and pieces. He will work The best for us. We must but place our hands in His and totally follow His will.

    • How wonderful that you see God at work in your house cleaning. Praying for God to continue working in your marriage, your home, and your finances. When we call on Him, He is faithful to answer. Adding my prayers to yours today.
      Blessings and ((hugs)),

      • Thank you! I believe God is working and will continue working! I claim my family for God! And plead God’s Strength to live daily for Him. He is able:)

      • Thank you! I believe God is working and will continue working! He improved my health enough that one week to meet the deadline. I believe He Will Also help me get totally ahead for my family. I claim my family for God! And plead God’s Strength to live daily for Him. He is able:)

    • Father, Thank You for the answer to prayer you gave to ME in strength to get her housecleaning done! We pray together for her marriage and for financial security… You are the God of both miracles and everyday answers… be close to ME, and meet her needs… Thank You Father… in Jesus name…

  5. I feel like a broken record, but I know God is able. I could use prayer for God to work in my relationship with my daughter. She is so filled with hurt and anger and all of it right now, whether deserved or not, is directed at me and though God has given me peace that He is at work in her heart, it’s still hard nonetheless. I’ve found I’ve put on weight in my subconscious dealing with it. I could use prayer to keep turning it over to God and to be freed of harmful coping mechanisms. Lord I believe….help my unbelief. And as always prayer for safety for our RCF, Inc.’s school in the Middle East.
    Thanks and blessings,

    • Bev,

      My heart feels for you, and your daughter, praying all will be well, and that the school will kept out of harm’s way.

      Have a blessed day,


    • Father, Be with Bev in this moment… give her comfort when it feels like she is the brunt of her daughter’s struggles… walk with her and assure her that You are in control… guide her daughter back to a loving relationship with Bev and mostly with You… in Jesus name..,

    • Praying, Bev. ((hug)) Broken-record prayers require hope and faith and perseverance — all of which the Lord honors. Look forward to rejoicing with you when you’re able to share the sweet testimony of His faithfulness, one day. ((xoxo))

  6. Pray that I may clearly hear God’s direction in my life. I pray for something close to my heart, and I do not know whether to keep waiting or not. So hard to know. Thank you for listening and praying.

    • Father, Be close to Marianne in this moment as she listens for Your voice to speak to her and give her direction. May she be patient and trust that You will lead when the time is best… in Jesus name…

  7. Someone falsely accused me of something.Please pray that I may have the right attitude.And that God would restore what has been taking..Pray for the person that is so angry with me.

    • Father, Yoh were falsely accused of so many things, and You can understand what Mari is feeling. As You did, help her to rise above the accusations and reflect You through her responses and attitudes… may she find the strength to forgive… in Jesus name…

  8. Just prayer for me – forgiveness & unforgiveness; death & pending death; church drama; work; family.

    I’m just weary!

    Always holding this community in my prayers!

    • Father, Be especially close to Michelle today… help her to feel Your presence, and Your strength for her weariness… be with her in her grief, may good memories and Your love surround her… in Jesus name…

  9. Perfect Sunday morning reading…just what my weary souls needed. Please pray for my 3 prodigal kids, Daniel (22), Emily (19) and Sarah (16). The enemy has led them away and their hearts are hard and rebellious. My son struggles with alcohol and drug use, my Emily is in a same-sex relationship, Sarah has chosen the things of this world and is filled with animosity towards any authority in her life. All have turned from God and become angry and spiteful when I try to gently remind them of His love for them, His truth, His plans for their lives. My mother’s heart grieves and my soul is exhausted. I am simply tired. I am clinging to whatever hope I have in the Lord that He will rescue them and I might have the blessing of seeing their return to Him. Please pray for them and for me. Thank you so much.

    • Pamela,
      It’s hard on parent’s when children choose a different path….. as it must of been on my parent’s. I couldn’t thank them enough or tell them how sorry I am for all the grief I caused if they were still here today. I hope they knew. I pray that your children will be kept from harm’s way.

      Have a blessed day,


    • Father, Right now be with Daniel, Emily and Sarah… touch their hearts and draw them back to You, and to their loving mom. Father, be with Pamela… comfort her, give her peace in her sadness and weariness, surround her with Your love… in Jesus name…

  10. Yes, too often I am caught up in my own story, my own drama. Then, I pray and I think all I hear is silence. But from time to time He gives me reassurance He hears, and in my soul I then hear, did I not say, “I am with you always?” No, the answer to my pain doesn’t come immediately, but in a way it does because I am comforted in the truth He has heard my prayer. I now pray He comforts others as they cry out to Him, as He has and will comfort me.

    • Michael,

      What a thoughtful comment you’ve made……thank-you. I too hear in a soothing voice,”It will be okay.”And it is…..

      Have a blessed day,


    • Father, Thank You for Michael, and for Your assurance that You are always near, that You hear us and love us and answer our prayers… in Jesus name…

  11. Please pray for my family. My daughter has high functioning autism and the past several months has fell into horrible OCD behaviors. It’s affecting us all. My precious girl stuck in this vicious cycle Is heartbreaking.

    • Father, Be with Sharon and her daughter created and loved by You. May she feel Your strength when she is weak, Your comfort when she is stressed… in Jesus name…

  12. Deperately need prayer for my son and relief from my anxiety. I would covet your prayers.

    • Praying with you and for you Dee. Speaking the name of Jesus over your son, that the enemy of our souls will flee. May you see and feel God at work in your life, removing anxiety and pouring His Holy Spirit of peace out over you. May you rest in Him, knowing He is at work.

    • Father, Be close to Dee… replace her desperation with Your hope and Your peace… Be with her son… hold him close… in Jesus name…

  13. Please pray we can bring our daughter home from her birth country soon . We have been fighting a long battle in our adoption , waiting now 20 months for paperwork to be completed. We are at the end of the journey with one last approval needed. Please pray it happens this month. Our friends and family have prayed us through and continue to but we are all growing weary.

    • Father, Thank you for Kelli and her husband as they prepare to welcome this new daughter into their home… bless them for being a blessing to her… pave the way quickly and safely for this union to be complete… in Jesus name…

  14. I too am feel like I am. wandering & feeling quite weary. Please pray for me, for a healing of the many afflictions in my body. Doctors say that my health problems are genetic & there is little that they can do for me. But I know that God is my Great Physician & that I am fearfully & wonderfully made by His Mighty Hand. I believe the Word of God & I also believe in His timing, His will & His way for me. Thank you for this today’s message. Please pray for me.

    • Father, Touch Jerilynn’s body… restore her health, give her relief from the pain, bring comfort to her weary spirit… thank You that You are our Creator and the great Physician… in Jesus name…

  15. Starting new job Monday and making myself stressful by putting pressure on myself so just need to be reminded that God!s provision is with me.

    • Father, Walk with Ivelisse as she begins this new path on her life journey… help her to trust You to lead and guide… remind her of Your constant presence in her life… in Jesus name…

  16. On the verge of another career change, I’m about to be a licensed elementary educator. Please pray that God will open doors to the right job opportunity, and that I will be obedient to follow the path He provides.

    • Father, Be close to Heather as she considers a change in career… may she be assured of Your leading… grant her wisdom in decisions which have to be made… in Jesus name…

  17. This is timed just right. Last night my oldest niece told my mom that she was pregnant again by the same guy who father her first. What broke my heart wasn’t that she doesn’t want to marry the guy. The fact she was pregnant and here I am still single and no children. I want to be married and have children. Note she is 23 and I’m 33. I was just telling God how unfair it was. All my cousins and brothers have kids and a couple are married. I know I received a word that it will happen to me too but when.
    I’m just discouraged, disappointed and losing heart that it will ever happen to me.

    • Take heart in Him. I pray you’ll allow Him to be your husband, your confidant, your best friend. I know you desire these relationships and being a mom – but trust Him and wait gladly and patiently! Do things you can’t to married to a mere man… take a missions trip, serve in ways best suited to your skills and gifts and feel the pleasure in spending time with Him as that life-partner. I’m praying God is preparing you – and whoever your husband will be – to be the best you can be in Him so you’re prepared to meet each other! Delight in Him!! Rejoice in Him!! “Don’t worry about the wicked or envy those who do wrong.” Psalm 37:1

    • Father, Be close to Crystal… help her to feel Your presence in her disappointment. You know the longing of her heart to be a mother… quiet her spirit while she waits for Your leading… in Jesus name… in Jesus name…

  18. I am chronically ill – Crohn’s Disease, fibromyalgia and side effects from the many medications I take.
    And for the last 2 years, chronic pain. Pain every single day, every minute of every day. Doctors don’t know why, so they give me even more drugs.

    I don’t even feel like a person anymore; I feel more like a problem that needs constant attention and help.

    Some say I should “claim my healing” (nurses, TV preachers), but Paul’s “thorn” confuses me and makes me wonder if I’m supposed to allow God’s power to be made perfect in my weakness.

    Please pray that I will no longer be confused and for some relief from this pain so I can participate in life… mine & my family’s.

    Thank you

    • Please lord Jesus take away Debi’s confusion. Please renew her mind and spirit and please fill her with Your peace. Lord Jesus if it is Your will I pray please that You heal Debi. You can do it all Lord Jesus. Thank You for hearing and answering all of our prayers and blessings us so we can be a blessing to others! You are always good. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

      May God bless you and heal you debi! Blessings and love ❤❤

      “The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them;
      he delivers them from all their troubles.”
      – ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭34:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

      “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
      – ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

      • Thanks so much for your loving prayer, Stephanie
        I have those 2 verses posted in my kitchen – right where I will see them the most.

        It means a lot that someone took the time and cared enough to pray for me.
        May God bless you

    • Father, Be especially close to Debi… help her to feel Your presence – right now and in every moment when she is weary and in pain… give her wisdom in the medical decisions to be made, that she will have relief and even healing… thank You for being our creator and Great Physician… be a comfort Debi… in Jesus name…

  19. Good morning everyone,
    I pray that the Lord eases your discomfort, and stress, lift your spirit, comfort your pain, for those who lack hope may it be restored, and patience where needed be granted.

    Have a blessed day all,

    • Father, Thank You for Penny and her prayers for uplifting of others… may she be blessed in her faithfulness to You… in Jesus name…

  20. I recently was diagnosed with PTSD caused by sexual harassment at work. This experience has caused me to withdraw and isolate. I make it through the week but by Friday I can’t wait to get home. I live alone. I have trouble doing the simplest things. In addition to this I have become unable to walk without the use of a walker or crutches due to foot surgery that went bad. I have not been to church in awhile and don’t even know where to go. Now with this panic and anxiety that I experience, I don’t go anywhere unless I feel safe or go,with someone. I have very few friends because I have withdrawn and not been able physically or emotionally do things with people. The loneliness I have is so deep. My only child lives in another state and she has really no idea how hard life is for me. I watch church in t.v., read my bible but feel hopeless. Deep,down, I know He loves me but I don’t understand why this dry, dark winter season is not changing. There are days, I don’t want to go on. Please pray for me to have courage to find a church family, new job, released from panic and anxiety attacks. I need to see His hand move in my life. Thank you for praying for me.

    • Oh Father, be close to Kathi right now in this moment and in all the moments to come… somehow help her to trust You and rest in You, even she can’t feel Your presence… thank You for the strength You give her to get through each day… bring special people into her life to encourage her… in Jesus name…

  21. Thank you for sharing this. I came across encourage while in the pit of depression and followed most of 2013/2014 and came back recently. I get better, start over and fail again and end up right in the ‘pit’ and this morning my spirit was broken again. But I managed to follow a friend to a Sunday service and I am lifted. I have just relocated and taken up a role and I am afraid my mind battle won’t let me fulfil the role and I borrowed against expected earnings to move and start having been out of paid work for a while. I am on the verge of quitting even before starting and going back to the ‘pit’ out of fear that I can’t do it, my financial circumstances, the fear of failing again and above all the fear of falling back into the pit of depression and ruining it all…Please pray for me for TOTAL HEALING, that TRUE LOVE (that will lead to marriage) will find me, and above all for me to walk in God’s will and fulfil purpose and succeed in this role. Thank you.

    • Father, Be close to Ada as she starts this new path on her life journey… may she sense Your presence and Your strength every step of the way… bring healing to her body and spirit… hear her request for someone to share her life with… in Jesus name…

  22. In (Courage)

    Today is mine and my hubby’s birthday. Last night I had to put my aging dad back in hospital. His dementia has worsened. He need medication adjustment. Prayers that this can be solved quickly.

    Thanks everyone. I will pray for you all here!


    • Father, Be with Beth and her husband as they celebrate a birthday even during a difficult time in their life. Be with her as she supports her dad through his dementia… give the doctors wisdom, give her Your peace… in Jesus name…

  23. Good Morning sweet friends! I ask that you please pray for my nephew Gabriel. He is one years old and he is legally blind. Also his eyes wander. Please pray that if it is the Lord’s will He will heal his eyes and improve his sight. But whatever the Lords will, may it be done. He is in Jesus’ hands. Thank you for your prayers. Blessings and love always xoxo ❤

    • Father, I pray for healing for Gabriel’s eyes… heal them and restore his sight… give his family strength during this time… may they rest in Your presence… in Jesus name…

  24. This post was again what I needed to read today. I have been asking God for a friend who is single with no children who can better relate to where I am in life. This post was a great remInder that God does hear my prayers and he will answer in His time.

    • Rebekah, prayers the Lord blesses your friendship, providing an abundance of grace for the unique stages and demands of life you’re each in. ((Hug))

    • Father, Thank you for Rebekah’s trust in You… bring just the right person into her life as a friend… and bless this friendship that it will be meaningful for both of them… in Jesus name…

  25. Praying with y’all for the husband of this (in)courage community sister. <3
    My heart is heavy for my son, T. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf. ((xoxo))
    (P.S. – Thank you to whomever does the beautiful graphics for y'all. — And, — I love that prayer cup. 🙂 )

    • Father, Be close to Brenda as her heart is aching for her son… comfort her with Your peace. Be with T… guide him and work in his heart… help him to find his way back… help him to know how much he is loved… in Jesus name…

  26. Please pray for me. My marriage is not good; I am exhausted trying to work on it (for years) and my husband has communicated that he does not actively want to work on it. He is focusing on work/office and his ministry area. My daughters are struggling – especially one is bitter toward me and very anxious. I am struggling (again) with medium/severe depression; trying to figure out my place/role/purpose I the midst of a very suddenly empty nest. I am confused, and struggling with the deep relational pain. I know intellectually that Jesus is here but my heart is just hurting and I feel so alone and exhausted.

    • Father, Comfort MP’s heart and help her to feel Your presence in a special way. Help her to give her burdens to You and to rest on You to heal – her marriage, her relationship with her daughter and her feelings about herself… Thank You for Your amazing love and Your promise to be with us… be with MP right now… in Jesus name…

  27. Oh my, God’s timing is so perfect and He is so good! This post resonated deeply and was much needed reassurance that I am never alone – my husband is also dealing with an critical illness and ultimately a series of surgeries that, over the past 2 years, has brought a big, strong man to a point of physical brokenness and crippling emotional fear unlike anything I have ever witnessed during our 32 years of marriage. I know in my heart that the crux of his giving in to this fear and brokenness is that he does not have a personal relationship with Christ. My own love of the Lord, and daily faith and walk with Him, has brought me through many a dark night as I try to minister to my husband as “nurse” and compassionate wife. But my husband doesn’t have that faith and trust in Christ. So my fervent prayer continues to be not only for my husband’s healing physically and emotionally, but for his spiritual healing. Thank you for reminding me once again that, on my part, patience and a willingness to accept the Lord’s timing are crucial to my own well-being. That He gives me mercy and joy and blessing daily if I’ll just remember to seek it. The rest is up to the will of a loving God who hears my cries; a Christ who has suffered the ultimate pain and sorrow and who loves me with a compassion like no other. PTL!

    • Father, Thank You for Sharon’s trust in You… I join her today in praying for her husband… that he will be physically healed but especially that he will be spiritually healed by a personal relationship with You… help Sharon, as she ministers to her husband, to be Your reflection… leading him to You… in Jesus name…

  28. This past week has been something I have never been through before. Our kitchen caught on fire last Sunday and since then we’ve been placed in a hotel suite while they clean EVERYTHING in our house that soot and ashes could reach which is just about everything. I would appreciate prayer for the close quarters of living , my husband and I and our little poodle. Now they’re telling us another 3 weeks, possibly 4 weeks so the contractors can come in and repaint and replace our vent-a-hood and maybe even our stove. However, our little dog, Baby loves it. She gets to go on walks all day long which makes her thrilled.

    • Father, Be with Linda right now… thank You that their lives were spared in this fire! Be near to them, give them patience as they are not able to live at home right now… may they be content in this situation… allow the work on their home to be quickly and properly completed… in Jesus name…

      • Thank you Leanne for your prayers and I so appreciate them as well as my husband does. May God bless you for what you do in His name.

  29. I am reading “You Are Free” by Rebekah Lyons and it is glorious but oh man the attacks are fierce! It seems like every issue in my life is compounded 10x. Please pray that the Lord will lead me to deliverance from what holds me in bondage and keeps me from being the person He created me to be. Thank you.

    • Father, I pray for Tiff today… help her to stand strong against the attacks of Satan… he would seek to cause us to crumble in defeat, but give Tiff the strength to fight… help her to sense Your presence every step… in Jesus name…

  30. Praying for your husband today Sharon. That he would give his precious soul to the Lord and that our sweet Savior would heal his body and make him whole in Jesus name.
    Please pray for me and my family. We will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this August. There have been times and still are times when I don’t know if we’ll make it. Our marriage seems to be in a state of chaos. Please pray that the God of order would help us. We have 2 small children one of which is struggling with anxiety and I can’t help but think we are a result of that. Thank you friends.

    • Father, Be close to Andrea and her husband… thank You for their commitment to stay in their marriage… bring them close together again… may they know the real love that comes from You… be with their family also… may this be a home where Your peace will reign… in Jesus name

  31. I’m a mom of 5, including one who has been battling brain cancer for 4 years who is blind and cognitively damaged and totally dependent on me, and I’m having some physical problems. Trying to get into the right doctor and see what’s going on. I’m in pain and battling huge fear that something bad is going on with me. I need to be healthy for my children. I’m asking Jesus for healing today, for it to be something simple that can be easily treated, and for strength to take care of my family. I would really appreciate your prayers.

    • Father, Be especially close to Melissa right now, in this moment and in the days ahead. Give her Your peace and strength. Be with her son… Father we ask for Your healing! Help Melissa as she struggles with her own health issues… I’d pray that she find healing… be their God of comfort right now… in Jesus name…

  32. I Am A Caregiver For An Agency In The High Desert CA. Please Pray For An On Going Shift For 4 Hrs A Day During The Week, God Know What I Can And Cannot Do! I Do Appreciate Your Prayers! Thank You!!

    • Father I lift up Glee to you. You know what she is able to do and what her needs are. I pray that she will get the ongoing 4 hour a day shift during the week. Please give her favour with her employer. We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • Father, Meet this need for Glee… bring just the right caregiver to her… in Jesus name…

  33. Praying for you and your family Melissa. The God of peace is with you Hebrews 13:20. May His peace comfort you through the storm. He will lead you through. Continue to lean on the Lord sweet sister. He cares about you and your precious family 1 Peter 5:7

    • Thank you Andrea. Holding on to His Word. Thank you for the prayers and the verses. Your words ministered to me all through the day. God bless you.

  34. Please pray for me as I deal with intense fatigue caused by MS and low iron stores. My ferritin isn’t low enough yet for an iron transfusion so I wait getting sicker all the time. It is so difficult to deal with as daily tasks get harder to do not to mention school, work and all the appointments I have. It’s so hard getting worse when you know there is a solution but you don’t qualify. Also, the next two months I have 2 capstone projects to do as my 3 year leadership development course comes to an end.

    • God bless and keep you always. Sit back, relax, and let God lead the way. He’s got everything in control.

    • Father, Be with Angela…. may she feel Your presence in a special way today. Bring her comfort, surround her with Your love… help her to rest in Your strength… bring healing to her body and to her spirit… in Jesus name…

  35. I need prayer for my prodigal husband who is in the grip of several of the enemy’s strongholds. I’m praying my husband, Michael will be delivered from satans grip, brought to his knees and call on Jesus. I’m praying for his redemption and restoration and the redemption and restoration of our family and marriage. Thank you so much for prayers.

    • Father, Be close to Sherri today… help her to continue to trust in You, and to fight against letting Satan the victory. Father, I ask for a mighty work with her husband… bring him to You… heal his heart, heal their marriage and their family… in Jesus name

  36. I appreciate the words shared in this article. I’ve been in very low place lately. Please pray for God to give me wisdom and peace over my circumstances. I’ve been in the wilderness for 3 years waiting for my prodigal husband to repent and return to our marriage. I have been standing in faith for his repentance. Things have gotten worse instead of better. I don’t see any signs of God working and I’m discouraged. This last week my husband completely shut me out of his life after being in weekly communication. I started to set up healthy boundaries and he didn’t like them. I’m very sad and heartbroken. I don’t understand any of this. I won’t give up on my husband. It’s just really hard when I continue to be hurt and rejected. Please pray that I get out of this pit of darkness that I’m in. Everyday is a struggle. I have a hard time focusing at work and I just want to sleep most of the time. I miss my husband. And I grieve that he is choosing sin. Please pray God brings an end to his rebellion and leads him to repentance. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Please pray for my mom who is 77.A younger man has moved in with het and is using her for a place to live and for her money. She is so desparate for companionship she has settled for someone who is using her. Please pry that God would remove him from her life. Thanks so uch

      • Father, Keep K’s mom safe from harm… help her to know if this person is taking advantage of her… help her to turn to You for the companionship and comfort she craves. Be with K, that she will have the right words to share with her mom… in Jesus name,

    • Father, Be with Brenda today – in this moment surround her with Your arms of love… thank You for her commitment to her marriage – help her as she strives to stay the course. Be with her husband – might he see his need to turn to You, and to be committed to the covenant of his marriage… Give Brenda Your peace and comfort… in Jesus name…

    • Praying for you today, K, and for your sweet mom. I know that has to be incredibly difficult for you to watch. Praying for your peace and for your mom to see that this isn’t a healthy relationship. Also that God will protect her and remove this man from her life. Is there a pastor or another man she might trust who could talk to her? I know sometimes we can be too close to a situation and a loved one won’t listen unless it comes from a different source.

    • Father, Be with Graham today… support and comfort this child of Yours… give emotional strength, give peace… thank You for the amazing gift we have in You, our heavenly Father – You know our needs before we ask… meet this need today… in Jesus name,

  37. Lord I lift up to You Angela who is seeking physical healing. May Your will be done. Be her comfort and strength in her times of need. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    Please pray for thé physical healing of my daughter who suffers from asthmà and allergic problèms. I pray also for brunô who is looking for an appartment. Open doors for him Lord if this is Your will. GOD bless u all.In Jesus ‘ name I pray. Amen

    • I have alot to be thankful, & alot of needs to be met.I have bipolar & my husband has dementia, He’s 73 & I’m 65 . We’ve lived together
      platonic ally for practically 25 years, helping each other as best we can. The other day, he told me he would put my name on the title of our condo. He said he wouldn’t tell our son, because he wants the place, even though my “husband” already gave him a place to live, free & clear/our former townhouse. Now, after speaking to our son, he’s changed his mind & is leaving it to our son. I’m so disappointed & hurt & angry. He’s not making it clear what’s happening to our condo when he dies. He keeps bringing up all of the things he’s already done for me. Please pray that God will help to turn my anger into thankfulness. He has been good to me. But, now I feel betrayed. And that God’s will will be done about our condo. Help me trust in God for my future & give me peace about it. Thank you.

      • Father, Be with Debi… help her to totally trust in You to meet her needs… keep her from being emotionally destroyed by her husband’s actions… help her to rest in You, find her peace in You… in Jesus name,

    • Father, Be with Gem’s daughter – bring healing and strength to her body… be with Gem – give her the wisdom as a mother to care for her daughter well… give her the energy to walk with her daughter on this journey… be with Bruno also, that he will find a place to live… in Jesus name…

  38. I know God wants to complete the good work He began. It’s great t oknow there are women who will pray, even groan for you. He knows what to pray if we don’t. Forty years is much to long to wander. I need prayer for family desicions, I want to help some people but I don’t know how unless they receive His wisdom. I have run myself down, and my mother also, we are both recovering from bronchitis. But I am not silenced by any means. Praise His holy name. I pray for all needs on this board, Lord, meet your children with their manna from heaven, the bread of life, Jesus, send your word and let us find healing and rest this Sunday.

    • Father, Be with Rebecca – help her as she and her mother continue to recover from bronchitis… give her strength and healing… thank You for her firm trust in You – may it sustain her on her journey… in Jesus name…

  39. Rebecca, May our Lord strengthen, heal, and encourage you and your mom as He holds you close to His beating heart of healing love. May He hear each prayer on this board and answer, encountering each person where they are in His love today 🙂

    Please pray for my parents and those who have been hurtful in my life. May our Lord bring the right people to their lives, bringing them into His loving grace and mercy. Please pray that He heals my ragged heart, helping me to know Him today as I seek Him and struggle to be patient. May our Lord bless each of you today! Hugs!

    • Father, I pray for An today, that You will surround her with Your love, and bring healing to her spirit. Help her to be able to forgive her parents and to love them. Grant her the patience she seeks, comfort her and sustain her as she desires to seek You and know You better… in Jesus name,

  40. Please for me as I take my oral exams for my Mphil tomorrow, please pray that God will come through for me and I will get an upgrade to complete my PhD. I’ve been on this for 3 years now and got downgraded to Mphil from PhD because I got ill, I need God to help restore my PhD position and give me good health and strength to finish strong to his glory.

    • Tolu: may God himself go before you to open doors and create opportunities that will fulfill the desires of your heart and bring glory to His great name. May your PhD position be restored and may you use the opportunity to serve Him and others.

      I am seeking prayers that a Godly man would come into my life. I have been a widow for several years and am willing to reopen my heart again. Also prayers for my daughters that God would draw them near, hold them close and be their provider.

      • Father, Be with Maryann today as she craves companionship in her life. If it be Your will, bring a special person into her life. As she waits, help her to rest in Your love and comfort. Be with her daughters – may they have a personal relationship with You… be close to them and meet their needs… thank You for being our Provider… in Jesus name…

    • Father, Be with Tolu – give her the wisdom she needs to take her oral exams tomorrow. Help her studied information to come to mind easily so that she will have the right answers to give. Be with her as she continues this journey toward her PhD. – sustain and strengthen her for the journey – make Your path clear to her… In Jesus name…

  41. There is a part of me that is desiring another baby (we have a 3 1/2 year old and 18 month old now) however I am honestly not quite sure how we could make it work financially at all. It just doesn’t seem to be the right season of life to have another baby yet, my heart keeps nagging a bit. Please pray for God to direct our path in this area. Thank you.

    • Father, Comfort M’s heart as she seeks Your will about bringing another new life to their family. May she be attentive to the heartstrings she is feeling, and spend time with You to know Your will. Thank You for her willingness to be a mom… help her to know that You can meet their needs, if this is Your decision for their lives… in Jesus name…

  42. I would appreciate prayer as we help our son with direction for his future.
    It’s a bitter sweet time as he graduates and prepares for what God has in store
    for this next chapter in his life.

    • Father, Be with Nora as she begins this transition to a new path in her son’s life journey… help her to be able to guide him and love him and encourage him as he moves forward… comfort her heart as her ‘mom’ role changes… be close and dear to this family… in Jesus name…

  43. Please pray for my son Vincent who will be graduating from medical school in May. Next week all medical school students applying for residency will have their “matching day”. Please pray along with me, that the Lord will bring him to a place where he can continue to gain the knowledge and skill to become an excellent physician, but mostly, please pray with me that the Lord will bring him to a place where he can grow spiritually in the knowledge of the Lord, and walk closer with Him. Lord bless you for the prayer cover. (Match day is on the 17th of March).

  44. Father, Be close to Julie as she supports her son Vincent during this time of uncertainty in his life. Give her the right words to encourage him, help her to continue steadfast in prayer for Your will for him. Father, provide just the right place for Vincent to continue his education… in Jesus name…

  45. I need prayer. I cannot tell who is lying and who is not. I have trusted only to be mislead. I want to find a place to call home and discernment to confirm it. I need to find a commuity of Christians who live what they speak. Please pray for me.

    • I will pray for you. You can’t always put your trust in people but you can always trust God. Remember that God doesn’t always speak to us in an audible voice but He hears all of our prayers and often speaks to us in a whisper or through other Christians.

  46. I’m praying for you Susie.I’d appreciate prayer.Please pray I start to feel hopeful.For over 15 years I’ve struggled with depression,social anxiety disorder,an ocd.Please pray God gives me the healing,strength,and courage I need.

  47. Please pray for my husband, Randall. He has recently been diagnosed with a large herniated disk in his lower back along with some degenerative disk disease as well. The Pain Management Dr. who evaluated him would not even consider treating him and has referred him to a Neurosurgeon. We are very overwhelmed and anxious about our next steps. We are hopeful that there will be alternative treatment options rather than having to go directly to surgery. Randall works two full time jobs which both require a great deal of physical activity and because he is an hourly employee, if he misses work he doesn’t get paid. Financially we can’t handle that for very long because he is the sole bread winner in our family. We are dependent on his income and the thought of missed time from work adds to the stress of the situation. We know that we serve a big God and He is bigger than this whole situation. Our most immediate interest is to find pain management that doesn’t include strong pain medications. He is in constant pain and can’t get relief whether standing, sitting, reclining, resting or moving about. He doesn’t sleep well due to the pain which leads to sleep deprivation. We know that none of this is a surprise to God and that He is working all things together for our good. We love and serve a big God and know that He is bigger than all of this and His purpose is to provide hope and a future and not to harm us. Our prayer is for strength and wisdom and clarity as we make decisions. We pray to be able to trust God completely and to have strong enough faith to turn this over to Him and allow Him to direct our steps. We know that God is working all things together for our good and according to His purpose. Our job is to trust Him.
    Please cover us with your prayers and we sincerely thank you in advance.

  48. Please pray for me as I am pregnant. I’ve got some health issues so I have already miscarried these past 2 years. I really just want God to work in me to trust Him and to repeat psalm 91 over my life. I would love healing and a healthy baby. <3

    • God love you! I know exactly how you feel! I had 3 in 9 months. I am praying for peace & patience to cover you! <3

    • Praying, Sarah, for peace and trust and hope and health. I’ve had two miscarriages and the pain and fear in that loss is fierce. Love to you tonight, sister.

    • Praying mightily for you and the unborn child in your womb. God be with you and your healthy baby!!!

    • Praying for complete healing over your body from head to toe. May the Lord cover you in his healing. And keep the promises of psalm 91 embedded on your heart!

  49. Thank you for this encouragement. I’ve just been on my knees pleading for God to intervene in my daughters life. She is making some poor choices and in an unhealthy relationship. She struggles for friends at school and battles depression. She needs Jesus, restoration, and healing. My mothers heart breaks.

  50. My six-month-old baby girl had brain surgery for hydrocephalus four weeks ago. Her pre-op MRI revealed that she’s also missing a part of her brain (the Corpus Callosom which connects the two hemispheres).

    She had her follow-up MRI today, but we won’t know the results until we meet with the Neurosurgeon’s office until Tuesday. We’re praying that her ETV was successful and that it will be a long-term solution and that she won’t need a shunt or subsequent brain surgeries.

    I’m asking Jesus to heal my baby, but also to grant my husband and I a supernatural and sustaining peace as we face as uncertain future.

    We’re trusting that God is in control and that his hand is at work. We’ll also take all the prayers that we can get that God would intervene and bring about healing in her body and protect her mind from damage.

    We believe that God has a good plan and purpose for her life.

    • Dear one….He hears your prayers. I’m sorry that you are going through this difficult time. We pray in Jesus Name for healing! I would like to share with you, that I was healed of Lupus 18 years ago…. After 8 long years of illness. Your pain is real, but with God anything is possible! Hold on to Hope! May the Lord carry you and your family during this time. Stay anchored to His Word!” It is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto my path!”

      • Thank you for your prayers, Brenda. It’s so encouraging to hear of how God has brought healing in another person’s life. We’re trusting in Him to provide, either through healing her body or through giving us the strength and peace and grace to walk through her struggles alongside her.

        Scripture has been such an anchor for me through these last few weeks. Over and over again, I hear God asking us to trust him. So that’s what we’re choosing to do. <3

    • Dear Sarah, God cares and hears every cry of your heart. Your baby was created for a plan and a purpose. Never let go of that. Even if doctors give discouraging information or if in the future doubts are raised about her progress, never doubt God.
      A friend’s daughter suffered extensive brain damage from a series of strokes when she was little. They were encouraged to institutionalize her and told she’d never read or write. But now she is an adult, having been nurtured at home (and homeschooled) and although scans show only half a brain, you’d never ever know this to look at and speak to her. She is a joy to all who know her gentle disposition and wry sense of humor.
      I hope it doesn’t seem inappropriate to tell you this but I felt led to. I hope it gives you encouragement. God bless.

      • Thanks for sharing, Tricia. We’re trusting that God has a plan for her life and that he’ll provide everything we need to fulfill that plan.

  51. Please pray for my marriage. We’ve only been married a few months and are experiencing several challenges. We are in our 50’s and are committed Christians.

  52. Thank you for this post. It spoke straight into my heart. I know God will take care of everything, but my feelings tell me he’s not taking care of my problems. For a year now, my marriage has been in trouble, and my husband left almost 6 months ago. I pray almost constantly, but I don’t see them. On top of that, I feel like the devil is constantly poking and prodding me, and I want him to STOP. I know people go through hard seasons for years sometimes, but I’m ready to move to another better season.

    • I meant to say I don’t see answers. Crying and typing don’t always go well together.

    • Protecting you with Prayer Susan. The Devil can’t take you for you are a daughter of the King. I will pray for peace for your heart, mind and soul and will pray for your husband that God will speak to him.

  53. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you also for prayers for my family. My husband of 21 years is filing for divorce, leaving myself & 3 children sad and confused. The enemy has stolen territory Needing has wisdom in this season…

  54. Robin, I will pray for you and your situation so that God can direct your path. That you may “see” it clearly.

  55. Prayers, please for my father-in-law who is slowly recovering from a month-long hospital stay, 2 surgeries, bacterial infections, and now has a feeding tube. He continuous to be very confused and hasn’t returned to his before hospital self. Prayers for healing and for his wife caring for him.

  56. Thank you so much! A favorite verse of mine. Please pray for my daughter and husband’s hearts to be “turned to their babies” (children)…and away from these angry, traumatically destructive and sinfully disobedient child-rearing practices they are following…to GOD’s way of parenting, as HE does with us, HIS children; full of love, compassion, patience, gentleness, forgiveness, and all the fruits of the Spirit to their babies (children). And please pray that GOD would have mercy on these babies and heal them AND heal and deliver their parents from these demonic controlling ways to GOD’s loving ways, including spending the time and attention with these babies which they need so desperately. Also that we could have true godly reconciliation and be able to pour our Grandparents’ hearts of love into these precious babies.
    I would so appreciate your praying with me for these precious ones.

      • Anna, Thank you so much! What a comfort to know my pleas for prayer are being answered so quickly! You getting back to me at this late time is a treasure in my heart, maybe I can get to sleep now. May the LORD bless you so much for coming to my aid right away. Please pray we can be with the babies often. Thank you, thank you thank you thank you, Anna!

      • Thank you so much, Jolene. I am a new grandmother, as well…these are babies, and I am old to be a first time grandmother. It is the hardest thing I have been through.

  57. I would appreciate prayer to clear up breathing issues and wheezing.
    Give me strength to write and battle terminal disease and side effects of treatment. Increase my faith.

  58. Please pray for my daughter. She is like the Isralites…just wandering. She is a young parent, divorced from her child’s father and is struggling as a a parent, as a young woman seeking a healthy relationship, finding employment…please women of faith pray for my child.

    • I have a son who has wondered and the Lord brought a mentor into his life for just a few weeks, but the influence of this Man, a stranger, to me and my sons dad, has changed his outlook on life. He is settling into a more stable career. I prayed and prayed for this and didnt think the Lord was listening but as He always does, God has moved in his life. I will pray for the Lord to move your daughters life to give her direction to give her people to gently push her and to guide her in God’s way.

  59. Please pray for my brother. He is dealing with depression after a break up with his girlfriend, stress from school, and loneliness from lack of friends.

  60. Please pray for me. I am having a very hard time getting over the hurt someone has caused me. I confided in someone, because this person said that I could tell her anything and she would keep it to herself. Well, dummy me confided in her and I found out she told someone what was bothering me. Now I don’t trust her and do not have anyone to talk to. I am so heart broken.

  61. I am asking for prayer in the direction for my life. I was divorced 4 years ago after 21 years of marriage. I have met and am in a relationship with a wonderful man but I scared. I can see myself marring him but the what if’s still lingure in my head and heart. I want to be all in 100% with him but I find my self holding back to protect myself.

    • Praying as He shows you the way through this part of your journey, Denise. Praying for your dear heart. I can imagine how difficult it is to not hold back protecting yourself.

    • I understand your fear having been thru that also. May God bring you confidence and faith in this relationship if it is from Him. It sounds like you have been greatly blessed.

  62. Please pray for my 87 year old mother, Rita E in Sandy UT. who is undergoing a Steroid Hip Injection as I write. She has been in terrible pain and disabled for approx 7 weeks. Thank you for your prayers. Praying for all of you as well

  63. I was laid off (due to reduction in workforce) last Nov. Waiting on God to show me my next FT job and trying to be patient but the money is getting low. I rent and need to support 2 people. I have faith God will come through in His perfect timing but sure could use some encouragement. A job would also be nice. Thanks for any prayers.

  64. Lord God please step in for Laura and keep her afloat with an anchor to you. Precious Father, please show her a job that has her name on it. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • I am in exactly that place with you. I am struggling with my 18 year old son’s serious drug addiction. May God bring us both healing from our anxiety and recovery to my son from his addiction and healing of whatever the issues are causing your anxieties and unrest.

      • Paula, I have lifted you up to God too – praying for you and your son. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Much love xx

  65. I am suffocating while the world walks by. As a 41 year old single woman whose only two children live in heaven, I have found my life to be completely purposeless. My therapist, not liking my overwhelming desire to die, decided that after 11 years, I should try dating again. Last Wednesday night I was raped. Though I begged, pleaded with God to get me out. No help came. My once purposeless life has now become a tormented nightmare that I ache to leave. This is probably more than you were asking for but I’ve nowhere else to say it.

    • I don’t have the answers but I pray for you. I pray that God comes to you as the great comforter and wraps his arms around you and Bottles Every Teardrop. my heart aches for you and I pray that you feel his love today and always. Put your hope in him and cry out to him daily hourly every minute if you need to scream out his name to change the atmosphere. I pray for peace in your mind and your body and your soul in Jesus name

  66. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for eight months. Coming from a family of fertile Murtles… I never expected it to take this long. Going through the stages of grief every month can be so difficult. Please pray that I will have patience.

    • Praying for you. I can empathize with you as my oldest is 11 and my youngest is 6 months. During a conference someone prayed over me to become a fertile womb to carry God’s child. So I pray that over you and your husband that you were destined to bring life and also Joy with a child into this world. I pray for strength I give you encouragement that while you continue to put your hope in God that your prayers will be answered.

  67. Please pray for me during this time of singleness/loneliness. My heart has been hurting the past 5 years since my husband divorced me. I’m a single parent trying to be the best mom I can be. There are days I feel like I’ve failed my daughter, because her father is not around and I’ve failed as a wife. I know God has a plan for me. I pray that God will take away pain I have in my heart when I see my ex moving on with life with his girlfriend. Pray that God will bring a Godly man in my life. That will cherish my heart.

  68. I feel very much in the wilderness right now and in addition to that I’m struggling to stay God positive in a relationship with my husband as he is not walking with the Lord. I am just struggling to stay above water with a 6 month old baby in an 11 year old son being a mom and a wife I just don’t feel any direction. So I just ask you to pray God’s will for me and my situation. Thank you in advance for your faith it is holding me up right now

  69. Stumbled across this today, as a man I am probably not your target audience but I could definitely use the prayers. Right now I need God to give me a new understanding of love. Growing up my mom was unable to speak loving words or show heartfelt compassion and the times she was able my wounded soul couldn’t receive it. I have long since forgiven her and I walk closely with God but my understanding of compassion is still limited.

    Blessings and Joy to you,


    • Praying that you feel a mended heart. The hurt that is so deeply rooted is yanked out aND replaced with God’s compassion. I pray that you can see people through gods eyes in Jesus name