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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. Dearest Miss Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for sharing the words our Heavenly Father has laid on your heart and encouraging us. It is so easy to let the lies the world tries to sell us get to us so much, that we start believing them… we forget that the one and only, creator of the Heavens and Earth sent his only begotten Son to die for every single one of our sins – Praise Him! He made us all beautifully, fearfully and wonderfully. He takes us right where we are. Through Him alone we are saved. Through Him alone, we are strong. Through Him alone, we are enough… just as we are. We need to remind ourselves (or at least I know I do) to rest in His amazing grace. Thank you again!

    This side of Heaven,
    Summer Rae

  2. Jennifer,
    Your post makes me think of the song that Christ Tomlin sings, “And all of you is more than enough for all me.” I look back over my life and I do believe there have been many times that God has allowed me to get to the end of myself so that I have had to lean on HIS enough-ness. When we finally let go and fall into His loving arms, we realize that He always catches us and never lets us fall. He may not take away the pain, but He will endure it with us and give us the grace to make it through. I don’t think I’d have the closeness with God that I do had I not gone through trials that have led me to KNOW that He is more than enough for me. Love your artwork you shared here. I can see how “enough” could bring forth a wellspring of inspiration. Thank you for this balm for our souls this am.

    • Dear Bev,

      I just wanted you to know how much I identify with you. Sometimes when I read your responses, it’s like I could have written them myself. And yet, I also glean so much insight and encouragement from you! I appreciate you (and all our sisters in Christ on this site!)! I pray for you all. Thank you for the love and wisdom you share! I actually look forward to reading your responses! Have a blessed day and know that you are loved!



  3. Thank you for this beautifull encouraging story needed to be reminded to keep looking at Jesus and not believing what’s happenings around us have a Blessed day.

  4. Amen and amen! God is awesome! He is enough! I so feel you! It’s mind boggling looking back and seeing the deep valleys God has brought me through! And continues to. Because of Him we don’t know the depth of our trials at the time. It is hard but looking back we see He’s all that kept us sane and kept us going while giving His peace and joy!

  5. This is exactly what my heart needed. I am in the midst of handling my father’s estate and trying to understand our relationship and my grief and things that feel so unfinished. I’m so grateful to have the Lord with me in all of this. I know that I could never do it alone.

    • Father, Be close to Courtney today… As she grieves the loss of her father help her to rest in the love of her Heavenly Father… help her as she remembers an earthly relationship that perhaps had struggles, help her to remember good memories… surround her with Your love… in Jesus name…

    • Prayers going out to you this morning My sisters and I are going through the settling of our parents estate who both passed away suddenly weeks apart. We know without God and His great love we could not walk this journey of great loss and grief. God is enough and never leaves us to walk alone.

      • Susan,

        Sweet sister in Christ. Praying for you and your family as you grieve the loss of both parents. Father be with Susan and her sisters today. Send them your loving arms to hold them. Be near to them always! Help them to feel and sense you close!
        May you know that He is enough for you right now and always!!

    • Courtney,
      I’m sorry for your loss, and what you are going through. I pray that the Lord comforts, and guides you through.



    • Praying for you!! I have been there and it’s not easy. God will get you through it. His loving hands are holding you right now. Praying for healing and comfort and strength!

      • Thank you for your post and your prayers, Jennifer. A double blessing also for the encouragement of sisters in Christ. Brought tears to my eyes. So grateful for these prayers.

    • Courtney,

      Praying for strength to endure. May you feel His loving arms surround you during this time! May you sense God with you always. He is near to the brokenhearted. Sending a virtual hug!


  6. Before my husband passed away he used to tell me if you let Him Jesus will bear all your burdens for you.
    I trry to always remember that but in these flesh bodies sometimes we just don’t. Thanks for the reminded.

  7. Enough. That is really a powerful work I haven’t thought about in a very long time. It is beautiful. That God is enough and that we are enough with Him. I am in the midst of becoming empty nest and it just doesn’t seem to be enough. It is great and then really hard and lonely and I feel very lost.

  8. Thank you very much for such a meaningful sharing. Truly He is not only enough but more than enough. I couldn’t imagine how I’d survived all those crisis in the past if it was not for Jesus. He must have carried me through in the midst of those tumultuous moments. Losing my brother through unforseen circumstances, losing my mother through cancer, losing my two precious nephews through suicide and not to mention a brother who for no good reason doesn’t want to keep in touch. Jesus truly had been and will always be more than enough for me. I love you Jesus, no matter what the enemy tries to distract me from you, You’re are always the anchor of my soul. Shalom Jennifer! Have a blessed day

    • Hi Serena. I can relate to much of what you shared. My brother took his life 2 years ago and we have so much family distance it isn’t funny. It’s hurtful. There are good things but I don’t know how to get past all the junk. Any pointers??? I love the Lord, but at almost 50 it seems everything has crashed around me and I have to start all over and I really don’t know where or how. Thanks.

      • Hi Hopeful, thank you for reaching out. I spent some good time downloading my grief with a trusted friend who is strong in her faith. As I wept, I remembered we were holding hands together and prayed. I was given a word that I was in the eye of a storm. As we understand a little, being in the eye of a storm is also a calm and peace. I was assured beyond my own feelings (like a roller coaster about to crash anytime), yet I felt peace. As described in the Bible. A peace that passes all understanding. For truly who could understand that kind of pain. Only Jesus. Then I was also going through a healing type of counseling to unravel some of my pent up emotions (since childhood days). They call it inner healing. It dealt with parents issues, relationships with others, etc. So I was able to also learned how to let go of the pain of all these losses. The initial part is always the toughest because it felt unbearable. I sort of became numbed (like walking in a daze). It took one year to fully grief my mom’s death and another year to let it all go. Some may take longer. After learning this, it’s a matter of learning to let go. It requires time and if there’s someone to just sit and listen and pray with, that’s a more manageable way to go through. It’s different for each person how much time is needed. That’s not really important. What’s crucial is that we can let go, give the pain to Jesus and then be able to move on. Be absolutely transparent, it’s OK. There’s an exercise my counselor shared with me to do, is to express my emotions through coloring. Not coloring pictures. Like venting, just plain furious scrawling all over a blank paper. E.g. if you feel anger, it could be black. Sometimes certain colors just come to your mind, just scrawl that out. This exercise helps to release the pent up emotions that could be difficult even to comprehend. In short just let it all go. I hope this helps.

        Abba I lift up Hopeful to you. We know that nothing is impossible with you. You know perfectly what she is going through. I stand with her and ask for your grace and strength to uphold her through this season. When it’s most difficult I pray you will send beautiful Godly sisters along her way to hold her hand and pray with her. May your peace that passes all understanding keep her in you at all times. I bind and rebuke all demonic forces that want to distort or destroy her hope in you. I pray that you will keep leading her back to you no matter what the challenges are. Teach her how to let go. Train her eyes and heart to focus on you even though it seems hopeless. Let her know that it will pass in your beautiful time. She will be made stronger in you and in grace. Then you will use her like a beautiful diamond polished to shine for you and help many others who are also struggling. Thank you Abba for this dear sister. I truly appreciate her transparency and reaching out. This is the first step to being an overcomer, in Jesus name amen.
        Pls take care and feel free to write me an email if you need prayers or just want to share.

        • Thanks so much Serena!! Sorry, just saw your reply today. That was just beautiful, encouraging and healing. It always gets me when someone really cares enough to reach out and touch. 🙂 You did. Bless you Sister in Christ.

          • You’re most welcome sister!

            Like it says also in Ecclesiastes 3:4, there’s a time and season for everything. “A time to mourn and a time to dance.”

            I have learned to recognize seasons in our lives. I didn’t fully understand at first but after those challenges, our characters are transformed to be more like Christ. That’s the plus point which we don’t see in our moments of sufferings.

            Take care and be blessed!

    • Serena, I know where your words come from. If it wasn’t for my great faith –well I just can’t say nothing else except “Jesus”

    • Oh yes, Serena… all Him. Such a difficult path you have had. I am sorry for that. So grateful we can depend on Him to carry us in those times. Thank you for sharing your story. I know it will help others.

    • Hi fellow sisters in Christ,

      While reading your messages of LOVE 4 The LORD & the utmost care for your fellow sisters in Christ, I was just struck by awe. When I read your messages, of the TRUST & LOVE that you feel for Our Loving ABBA Father, you all captured my heart!

      I was mostly entranced at the fact that u all had some hard & sorrowful times, but u still have this intense LOVE for our Savior, Jesus Christ.

      Thank you for posting such wise Words!

  9. Thank you for sharing God’s word and encouraging us through the power of your testimony! “We are overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony”, (Revelation 12:11-12). So thankful for the body of Christ!

  10. Jennifer,

    Oh how I needed to read this as I’m waking up and feeling terribly anxious. I’ve been feeling so afraid of the future recently. So many sad and difficult changes have happened in my life this past year. I tend to let the enemy attack me with the fear of more to come. However, God ALWAYS steps in (through the beautiful women who write for incourage) to remind me that I do not have to fear; that troubles will come but Jesus has seen me through it all and will continue to do so! He IS enough and you reminded me of it on this brand new beautiful morning!! Thank you so much! Blessings and hugs!


    • I completely understand, Cindy. I struggle with those fears and anxious feelings. I need to remind myself often how I know He will see me through… as He already has so many times! Blessings to you!

  11. I know that you are 100 percent correct! I desire to walk in that knowledge daily. It seems easy until a challenge bombards my emotions, then I seem to get overwhelmed. Waiting for God’s perfect timing has made my journey so real, smile. I pray for those Christ followers who feel ill-prepared to walk with patience and confidence as God makes us more like His Son, our Lord and Savior. God bless you all. Thank you for encouraging me. Brenda

    • Oh I hear you, Brenda! Those darn challenges work hard to overwhelm us! But we know the truth and we need to just keep reminding ourselves of it! Even if that means reminding ourselves over and over and over.

  12. Jennifer,

    Your artwork is delightful, thank-you for sharing it. It’s humbling when I stop, and look back, it wouldn’t of been possible if not for He. Thank-you for reminding us that He is enough

    Have a blessed day all,


  13. The heart knows He is enough, however the sadness of a child not communicating with you and longing to see your grand child just feels me with crippling sadness. God I ask you to find a way, I have remained silent with my son and prayed fervently for amends. I have tried to talk to him, I know He is dealing with some pretty terrible demons. I ask you Heavenly Father to free my son of them. I give you all the power God, YOU are the only one that can move my sons heart. I will not give up, I will persevere and remain silent until you give me a clear sign, Father thank you for hearing my prayer -Amen

    Jennifer you art work is humbling, it is a great reminder that Jesus is ENOUGH!

      • Jennifer, you are so sweet, I wanted to tell you I called my son and he reciprocated 🙂 I also got to see my grand daughter. Thank you everyone for prayers. I know my work continues but I actually got to see a spark of light. Godspeed, just another praise on prayer my friends! (smiling from ear to ear) 🙂

  14. Thank you! Perfect word for me today!! And I’m so glad you shared your art as well. Beautiful.

  15. Thanks….today was hard. I thought was coping with a situation, and it came at me….and I panicked, again. On my lunch hour, I chose to check my email…..and there you were.

    He is enough…..

  16. Jennifer,

    I know He is enough. I have been through many tough times with my aging parents. God has been there each and every time. Going through another rough patch with my dad’s dementia. He had to be hospitalized last Saturday. I have a sense of peace about it this time. I know God will heal him either bringing him back to me again or taking him home to be with Jesus. If I didn’t have Jesus I’m not sure I would be so calm and peaceful about the situation.

    Blessings 🙂

  17. Jennifer, reading this reminded me of all the tears of frustration and exhaustion I spilled too. Thank you for writing about God’s faithfulness in HIs ‘enoughness’. He has certainly been faithufl to me too. It’s all too easy for me to just keep truckin’ and not remember to look in wonder and gratitude at what He has already done in my journey. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Hi fellow sisters in Christ,

    While reading your messages of LOVE 4 The LORD & the utmost care for your fellow sisters in Christ, I was just struck by awe. When I read your messages, of the TRUST & LOVE that you feel for Our Loving ABBA Father, you all captured my heart!

    I was mostly entranced at the fact that u all had some hard & sorrowful times, but u still have this intense LOVE for our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for posting such wise Words!

    • I couldn’t agree more, Mary! It is so encouraging to hear these real stories and know how faithful He is through it all for each of us! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!