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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. How I love incourage and this chance to pray for one another! Truly a blessing.. I want to request prayers for a complex internal, spiritual battle I am waging….prayers for peace, guidance, clarity, and light. And I offer prayers in advance for everyone else who will post their intentions here! Blessings, peace and love to all!

    • Standing with you in prayer, and asking God to pour out His Peace, that passes understanding, to walk with you through this journey. May His strength be yours to combat whatever is battling you, and may you find courage in Him to walk in His Light. You are not alone!

      • Thank you so much Marina for these prayres, I really apprciate them and know they are already helping! I pray for you in all of your needs!

    • My Heavenly Father. You know Barbara’s struggle. Give her wisdom courage and peace as she grows closer to You and as she lives each day.

    • Lord I pray that you would fill her with peace and understanding. May the presence of your holy Spirit be evident. Provide her with wisdom.

    • In Jesus name I just lit up my sister Barbara to you lord and I know victory is hers because you already made a way for it.Thank you God.

    • Dear Lord,
      I pray for Barbra that you would give her wisdom with this battle. Thank you that you have gone before her, knowing what it is like to struggle. Please give her the peace she needs to make the best decisions she can, knowing Your love for her is never-ending!

      • Father, I lift Layla to You, and ask that she will be strong in her faith. Satan would seek to destroy us Father, but You are far more powerful. Give her victory, clarity and peace… in Jesus name…

    • Father, I pray that Satan will not have the victory in Barbara’s life, and that as she waits for Your clarity that you will help her to stand strong in her faith and give her peace… thank You for promises of victory… in Jesus name…

      • Thank you to everyone for all these prayers, they mean so much to me!! I am praying for all of you, too!!

    • Praying for you Barbara <3
      Please pray for my marriage and for my homeschool as I work with my 3 to make their year great! I want them to have good memories and excel academically. Pray for wisdom as I explore new curriculums. And lastly asking for prayers for my health <3. God Bless You! :). Thank you so much for praying!

  2. My son is missing since 24 Oct 2016 from Mira Road Mumbai India17 years first year engineering student loves football and music TATTOO ON LEFT ARM height 5.7″
    I have seen the picture of the dead body only after 48 days they did not permit me to see the face or the body even before cremation. and it does not resemble my son, there are no tattoo marks on his left arm, no birth mark on his buttock and the dead body’s height is shorter than that of my son’s height. son is 5.7″ Please pray for his safe return and that God will overrule all the evil tricks AND DELAY OF SEARCHING of those involved. It is 104 days since the day he went missing.The people have played evil tricks with us and my son Christopher khumlo and say that the tattoo marks and birthmarks are washed away by the chemicals. ( in other words they know the body does not belong to my son then where is he?

    • Olga,
      What a horrible ordeal. May God work mightily on your behalf giving you strength and the answers you need.
      In His Name,

    • Olga, praying that your son will be returned to you whole and unharmed. May God comfort you in this horrible time of waiting.

    • Praying for you to find peace and comfort during this very difficult time. Prayers that God has kept Christopher safe. Prayers that he can be returned home soon and for you to find answers.

    • Praying for your son that he may be found and reunited with you. Also praying for you that God will comfort you and give you His strength and peace.

    • Father, I can’t begin to know the anguish of Olga’s mother heart – but you know ALL. You know the situation, you’re aware of the circumstance and you alone know where Christopher is. Father break down the barriers – continue to go before the search and bring Christopher home – and grant this mother’s heart peace and comfort and surround her with your love.

    • Prayed for you and your son. May You know the comfort of our heavenly Father and walk in the awareness of His presence and go in His strength through theses difficult hours, days and months.

    • Father, Be close to Olga right now, this minute and in the days ahead as she seeks answers and the safe return of her son, Christopher. Wrap her in Your loving arms and give her peace knowing that You are both powerful enough to find her son and comforting enough to bring her peace… Thank You Father… in Jesus name…

    • Olga, praying for you, for comfort, peace and renewed strength for your mother heart. Praying for your son, so young and full of life, that he is safe and will come back home to his family.

    • Father, I pray for Olga, that you would draw this case to the attention of someone in authority who can help her & you would give that person the strength & authority, in Your Name, to find her son & give her the answers she needs. I pray for Olga, Lord Jesus that You would give her peace in the waiting, Your peace, that passes all understanding, in Jesus name.

    • I can’t imagine the the tremendous pain this has caused. Dear God protect the soul of son Christopher. May he be safe, may his soul be at ease. Give his mother strength to continue and allow her to sleep peacefully at night to build her courage in the days ahead.

    • Jeremiah 17 : 14, states “Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed;…”
      Dear Lord, I ask that you allow complete healing to run through Anastasia’s body from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. Thank you Lord for blessing Anastasia, in Jesus name! Amen

    • I pray for complete healing for Anastasia. She will grow healthier and stronger each day with the Lord’s help and our prayer!
      I also pray for Olga and that with the Lord’s help and all of our prayers her son will be returned to her!

      Please pray for me to grow into the person I need to be for my son who I have not seen in about 18 months. Please help us grow in our relationship. Please pray for my husband and his work. That he will find a way to continue to be an integral part of their group and he can be heard. Please pray for another son and daughter in law who are beginning a family life with a new house and hopefully a blessing on the way. For my third son to complete college and find work in his area. Please also pray for me that I can grow a part time job into full time employment or at the end of the internship find full employment. I ask this all in Jesus name!

      • Father, I pray that You will be with Lynette right now, bringing comfort to her heart as she is separated from her son… bring them together, and heal the wounds that are present. Be with this family, Father… let her husband reflect You in his work… meet the needs of her son and his wife as they settle into a new home… be with her other son that he will have wisdom and endurance to finish his schooling, and guide Lynette as she seeks Your will for her life… Thank you, Father…

    • Anastasia, you and I seem to have the same physical problems and I will pray for your healing and ask that you pray for mine. We both come to the Father and ask for healing in Jesus’ name.

    • Father, I pray for healing for Anastasia… her knee and her head and nose were created by You, and we rest in Your promises as our Great Physician… be close to her, help her to rest in You… in Jesus name…

  3. I ask for prayer for my family. I am having an extremely hard time parenting my teenaged girls. I believe I am entering a season of change professionally, I need clarity and courage to pursue God’s plan for my life.
    Thank you

    • Lord I pray for wisdom for Angela as she parents are daughters. I pray for peace and strength. I pray for other women to come along side of her to nurture and to provide wisdom and support. Lord I pray for this period of transition. I pray that you would strengthen her identity in you lord as she goes through this professional change. I pray lord she would find herself in a position that utilizes her strengths.

    • Father, Be with Angela as she guides and raises her teenage daughters… may she have wisdom and strength, may she be Your reflection to them through her own life… give her clarity in her work as well… Thank You for knowing all, and for Your promises of answers to our prayers… in Jesus name…

  4. Olga, my heart goes out to you. May legions of angels strike down the evil that is holding your son. I ask in Jesus’s name that he find his way home to you. May God keep you and your family safe
    Father, I ask for an answer to a desire held in my heart, With all of us gathered here Father may my ears hear ,my eyes see and my heart to know. I ask for this prayer today. Amen

  5. Please pray for healing of my cervical spine and other health conditions too numerous to list. At last count, I have seven doctors. I live with the pain of having arthritis in my neck. Pain is so severe that I have been having headaches. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Lord God, please heal your daughter of this pain. Take her to the people who can help her and encourage her. Thank You for your peace and comfort that you promise in Your presence alone. In Your Mighty Name, Jesus!

    • Anne,
      I am lifting you up in prayer right now. Chronic pain is so very hard. All the things you list combined must be very painful and difficult. May God bring His healing touch to you and give you relief. May He comfort you with His presence and surround you with His arms of love. May you find a doctor(s) that can truly help you. Know that you are loved and cared for by women (including me) here. I’m sure your pain leaves you feeling isolated. Know you are not alone. I will keep praying for relief of your symptoms.
      Blessings dear sister,
      Bev xo

    • Father, be with Anne… grant her healing, and assure her of Your presence as she struggles with so much pain… help her to rest in You, and claim the perfect peace You promise to us… in Jesus name…

  6. My husband and I struggled with infertility for the past 23 months. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant. We are praising God for this miracle. Please pray for a healthy full term pregnancy. I am currently spotting. We are waiting on blood work to be drawn again on Tuesday. My heart aches and desires to tell this baby of how we experienced God’s love and grace.

    • Father walk with this couple and please protect this child within. I ask that you will sustain this pregnancy, that it would be Your will for the life to continue full term and that you would give their medical team wisdom to intercede with progesterone, or checking for other hormonal imbalances that have caused problems in the past. I pray that Kirstin will feel Your Peace until time of delivery and that Your love will surround her. May she and her husband be truly as one during this season, growing in love for You and each other.

    • Father, Be with Kirstin, her husband and this new little life growing inside her. Keep the child you’ve created safe through the pregnancy. Thank you for leading them through this struggle with infertility. Help Kirstin, even as she carries this baby inside of her, to already be sharing of God’s love and grace… in Jesus name…

    • Father, I pray for this couple and for the little child in mothers womb, please surround them with your peace and love and heal any medical issues present. Please bless this little family of three and allow them to grow in number in the future.

  7. Please pray for my upcoming trip to China. I will be working in a mission school teaching English as a second language. Asking for right opportunities not be missed to share the Gospel of our Lord.

    • Jayne,
      Praying for you that God would open doors for you to share the Good News with those who are hungry to hear the Gospel. Praying for a hedge of safety to be around you as you travel and teach.
      Bev xx

    • Father, Thank You for Jayne’s desire and commitment to serve You in China… guide throughout this journey, and may her life and her words lead others to You… in Jesus name…

  8. I could use prayer for my very strained relationship with my daughter. She has not spoken to me in over 6 months. I know she is hurting because she is 28 and all her friends are married and having children and she is not in a relationship. Prayers for God to turn her heart of stone into a heart of flesh and renew her mind. Patience for me as I know she is taking all her pain out on me right now. Thank you,

    • Praying dear Momma! May she truly know how much our Abba adores her and that she finds her peace and contentment in Him alone.

    • Bev,
      My prayers are with you and your daughter and that God melts her heart and mends your relationship with her.
      Please continue to keep me in your prayers. Lord help me remember my darling husband with less grief, and a more calming remembrance of him. It’s been 3 months since he went to be with the Lord and every time I think of him I burst into tears. Help me to continue to get closer to God. Thank you.

      • Father, Be with Mary… be a comfort to her hurting soul… may her grief be a time of healing for her as she walks this journey of loss. May she be kind to herself knowing that You will continue to wipe the tears from her eyes, no matter how long they last… in Jesus name…

      • Mary,
        I think, perhaps, you are expecting way too much of yourself too soon. It’s only been 3 months since you lost the love of your life…grief, and its different stages, are going to take some time. I don’t believe God gave us emotions and tears to not use them. I believe they serve a very important cathartic purpose. There are no medals for going through this stoically – allow yourself to feel what your are feeling. When Jesus met up with his friends who were grieving over Lazarus, he’s didn’t tell them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and move on…no, He wept. He allowed Himself to be human and feel intense pain and grief. I am and have been praying for you. I can’t even begin to know exactly what you are feeling, but Jesus is El Roi – the God who sees. He sees you and knows your pain and is there to catch every tear that falls…and those tears are all okay. Blessings sweet sister. Please be good to yourself and be easy on yourself. Sending big warms ((hugs)) and a shoulder to cry on.
        Love and blessings,
        Bev xoxo

    • Father, be with Bev in this moment and bring peace and patience to her heart… be with her daughter that she will turn her heart from the influences of Satan to know that You have a perfect plan for her… in Jesus name…

    • Bev,

      Praying daily for your daughter. Prayers that God will change and soften her heart. May she realize what a good mom you have been.

      Change Bev’s daughter’s heart. Soften it so she will speak with her mom. Help her to realize that you may want her single for a while. Bring friends into her life. If it is your will please send a good mate for her. Someone she can love and that will love her in return. Bring her back into the fold of your love!

  9. I am a mom of 3 teens; 17 yo girl ( who is off to another state in the fall), 14 yo girl freshman in public high school, 13 yo boy 8th home schooled. I have loved parenting at every age, but I am requesting extra prayer coverage at these stages. Please pray we parent with absolute grace & love, not emotion. Pray specifically that I do not take things personally and react out of hurt. Above all, I want them to see Jesus through me. ❤ thank you.

    • Father, I pray for Lori and her family. I ask that Your Spirit of Peace be poured out over her home and family right now. I ask that You will intercede and draw each inhabitant into a deeper love, that selfishness and distractions would be set aside so they can fully walk in Your Love. I pray for all the changes and stress on this momma, preparing to send one out of the home and still parent the others in Truth and Love. May she find energy to teach well, to love well, to celebrate well, to see You at work in her own life as she depends on You. May she rest well in You, finding You as the source of all she needs. Give her wisdom and peace, and let Lori see You at work all around her and her children. Protect them and watch over them, but also grow them in faith. In Jesus’ name… amen

    • Father, Thank you for blessing Lori with the privilege of being a mom. Lead her, comfort her, strengthen her for the tasks she faces… may her children see You in her reflection to them and love for them… in Jesus name…

    • I can relate, Lori, as my 3rd child is about to turn 13 and then I will also have 3 teens. I pray for you to have extra grace to see their hearts and nurture them even when they are acting out or being hurtful. May you continue to be refreshed by the love of Jesus so that you have so much love to give them. May God protect and preserve the hearts of our teens and be so real to them.. that the voices of the world will not pull them away from their true love.
      Please pray for my eldest daughter who is really acting out. She needs to be freed from shame and self hatred so she can really receive the love of her Father.

  10. Please pray for Michael and I. It’s a long distance relationship. Pray the God finds a way for us to be together forever. Pray that we communicate more often and most of all see each other more often.
    In gratitude … Amen

    • Lord I pray that there would be a way for Michael and Liliana to be together forever. I pray for more communication with each other that is life giving. Bring life and understanding to their conversations. I pray for more opportunities to see each other.

    • Father, I pray for Liliana and her boyfriend… may they know Your will at this time for their relationship, and may rest patiently in this time when they are apart… in Jesus name

  11. In the past few months I have been fighting the toughest battle of my life against anxiety, panic, and depression. I get no relief going to sleep or waking up to a new day. Every day is tainted; if it’s a “good day” the other shoe *always* drops. And yes, I expect it to. I feel like I’m always zoned out, in a fog, distant when I’m present, and the symptoms that overrun my body when I try to go anywhere or do anything — even to my own parents’ house! — about does me in for the entire day. The truth? I have only been to church a handful of times in 4 months because of this. I don’t even know if that means this is a demonic attack, or what to even do about it. I have such a hard time being still and waiting on the Lord because I feel like a prisoner in my own mind and body, and when it flares I just want nothing more than to crawl out of my own skin. It affects everything. The symptoms I experience make me feel insane. My temper gets ugly during these tough moments. I’m at a loss and don’t know how to pray. I don’t know what to ask God for since I can’t tell what I actually need the most. For an anxiety sufferer it’s always hard to say what’s real and what’s not, sometimes.

    On top of all that I actually have developed plantar fasciitis over the past year, which is tough because I am a Zumba instructor. After a $600 bill at the podiatrist, no relief. It just gets worse.

    Thank you so much for praying.

    • Lord, I pray in Jesus’ name, that you will bind the enemy and cast Him far away from Amber. I pray that You will meet her, right where she is, and let her feel Your arms of love holding her. I pray You would give her courage to invite You to be with her, and that she will be able to sense Your nearness. I ask that you will heal her emotional and physical pain by healing her spiritual separation from you, restore her mobility, her desire to be in fellowship, her energy, so she will spend time with her family and friends. Draw her to a loving church where she can experience fellowship with You and with others, worship you freely, and grow in You spiritually. I pray You will heal her feet and allow her to work well. I ask all of this in Your name.

    • Lord I pray for peace and a shift in perspective. I pray that Amber would feel your love washing over her as the trials of each day comes. I pray Lord that she would start to expect your love and mercy more than the other shoe to drop. I pray Lord that your holy Spirit would flood her Lord and transform her from the inside out. May her mind be renewed. Lord I also pray that Satan would be cast away from her in Jesus name.

      I pray she would find time to spend with you in worship. Draw her close to you. May your presence in her life be undeniable. I pray for the weight to be lifted and your name be praised.

      I have found peace in singing/listening to the flollowing songs:

      Nothing is Wasted -Elevation Band
      It is Well -Bethel Music

      My husband is a Chiropractor who specializes in extremities. He treats many people with plantar fasciitis. Many times the root of the problem is structural. If you look into it, make sure the Chiropractor in your area has had training in Extremities.

      • Thank you Kirstin! I do have a chiropractor, but I don’t know if he specializes in extremities. They do offer physical therapy there, and I’ve had SI joint issues since my 5 year old was 18 months or so. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the plantar issues are related! Thank you for the suggestion. I also deal with a lot of neck pain and tension so it couldn’t hurt to get looked at. Thanks again!

    • Father, I pray for Amber as she struggles with this anxiety, panic and depression. Father, if it’s Satan at work causing this, I ask, in Jesus name that You will have the victory… help her to find a doctor who will listen and help her with answers. And bring comfort to her heart… may she rest in Your promise of perfect peace…

    • Amber,
      As one who has struggled with chronic anxiety and depression, I just have to ask if you’ve sought professional medical help because anxiety and depression are mental illnesses and are treatable. Some depression and anxiety are situational, but mine – I needed to be treated professionally with medicine and counseling. I am here to say that there IS hope. I could not even read my Bible or go to church in the depressed and anxious state, but once on the medicine, I was able to read my Bible, hear messages in church, and be able to digest them an apply them to my life – yet another layering of God’s peace over my illnesses. Please seek help. Anxiety and Depression are not caused by not praying enough or having enough faith. I will be praying for you for the right doctor, and wisdom in the decisions you make.

      I too, have experienced plantar fasciitis. The things that helped me the most were the cortisone shots, sleeping in the brace that kept my foot flexed at a 90 degree angle, rolling my foot over a hard nubbed ball and rest.

      I will keep you in my prayers…
      Bev xoxo

    • Amber,

      Father please help Amber today. Give her relief from anxiety, panic, and depression. Help her to listen to Christian music/preachers at home and pray for the devil to leave her. Shower her with your healing touch. Also help her with plantar fasciitis. May she find relief for that so she can continue with Zumba. Please God hear this plea from a friend. Guide her in the path you want for her life.


  12. We need everyone praying that we can get. God moved us to Florida in September – no doubt about it, but our house we left has still not sold. Please pray God will sell it quickly, very quickly. Making two house payments (our rent here is like another house payment) is very hard. We know He has work for us to do here, and we are serving and ready to serve Him in other ways. We just need that house sold, so we can make it financially. Thank you!

    • Lord, be with Michelle and her husband as they sell their home “there” and live in Florida. I pray for Your will to be done, bringing a buyer for their house, helping them to see You at work in this situation. I pray You will pour out Your Goodness and help them during this difficult season. May You be glorified in this!! Amen.

    • Father, Be with Michelle and her husband as they struggle with two house payments and wait for the sale of their other home… meet their needs and bring the right person quickly who is willing to buy… thank You for their willingness to serve You… in Jesus name…

  13. Please pray for understanding of disappointment. Life is complex and I sometimes feel like I am drowning. I don’t see my purpose in this life.
    Thank you!

    • Father I pray for Elizabeth right now. I humbly ask that she will feel Your presence right now. I ask that she will be able to breathe in “more of You, Jesus,” and exhale “less of me,” feeling Your Spirit releasing her from the feelings of disappointment and discouragement. Father, save her. I pray You will give her new eyes, allowing her to see You at work all around her. May she delight in all You have done to protect her, and may she trust Your will for her life because of Your great perfect Love for her. Lord, teach her to forgive, as You have forgiven us, and may she be released from any emotions that are burdening her. Restore her fully in You, bringing her the Joy of her Salvation. May she sense Your nearness and Love for her, even now. In Jesus’ name… amen.

    • Father. You created Marina and You have a perfect plan for her life… may she rest in that assurance, may she be comforted by Your presence, may she find peace in You… in Jesus name…

    • I pray for God to restore your friendships & for God to direct you to new Christian friendships , Amen.

    • Father, may M find peace in You, might this be a time in her life where she can draw closer to You… bring good friends into her life… in Jesus name…

  14. Prayers for peace & health for family members, thanksgiving for my son’s birthday & for God’s guidance in my future husband to find me; passing grad school.

    • Father God, please be with Kamilah, our sister, in the midst of these concerns and praises. Give her peace and a sense of your presence as she waits for your perfect plan to unfold. In the precious and mighty name of Jesus.

    • Lord, I pray for Kamilah to see You at work in her life. I pray for her future husband, that You will intercede in His life and develop him into a strong spiritual leader, preparing him to be the husband she will need him to be, in your perfect timing. We trust You to bring them together at just the right time, when it will not be a distraction to her studies and will allow her to see him as a dedicated man of God, set apart tonserve You in marriage. I pray for her studies to go well, that she will draw from Your Strength and Wisdom as you walk with her through this season. I pray that You will make her to be the best You created her to be, as she studies and fulfills her educational requirements. I pray she will feel complete in You as she delights in You. Father, give her Joy and Peace, as she walks in this season. I pray she will delight in You and feel herself falling in love more with You, knowing You and your characters so she will, in time, recognize these God-qualities in her future husband. May he also be drawn deeper to You, to grow in the same way. We love You Lord! In the name of Jesus we pray…amen.

    • Father, Thank You for families and thank you for birthdays! Be with Kamilah as she raises her son and goes to school… give her strength and endurance… guide the right person into her life to be her husband… help her to rest patiently in You for Your leading… Thank you for the promise of answered prayers… in Jesus name…

  15. Please pray for my daughters to find meaningful employment and for Godly men of respect to enter their lives. They are recent college graduates. And, for myself, a widow, to be open to what God would have me do. And I pray for complete healing for Anastasia. Lord restore her to perfect health so she may better serve you and others

    • Lord, I think you for giving Mary Ann’s daughter’s mother who cares for them and their future. I pray for their future husbands and I pray that they will continue to grow in your love and wisdom as the journey this life. I pray for Mary Ann to hear clearly where You would have her serve.
      May she have a richness and depth in her walk with You like never before. I pray comfort in those times when grief shows up-that she would know she is held by you.
      Blessings on you, dear Mary Ann, and your beautiful heart!

      • I apologize for the typos. My phone autocorrected and I missed part of the errors! It should have read I thank you for giving Mary Ann’s daughters a mother who cares for them and their future.

    • Father, be with Mary Ann’s daughters… may the next steps on their life journey be clear to them… thank You that they have a Godly mom praying for them… lead Mary Ann also… make Your presence and Your leading and Your love clear to her… in Jesus name…

  16. Please Pray that God’s will will be done in my life, and that I can rest in knowing He will equip me to walk through whatever situation He brings to us (my husband and I). Pray for safe travels to a job interview in another state this week, and for His will in the outcome of that interview, and contentment in his current job if the door is closed.

    • Lord I pray for Marina and her husband. I pray your will be done in their lives and their current situation. I pray you establish their steps and guide them as you alone know how. I pray for favour in the job interview and for journey mercies to and from the interview. In Jesus name.
      I read this passage thus morning Marina and I’d share it with you. God bless.

      “To humans belong the plans of the heart, but from the Lord comes the proper answer of the tongue. All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord . Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. The Lord works out everything to its proper end – even the wicked for a day of disaster. The Lord detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: they will not go unpunished. Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for; through the fear of the Lord evil is avoided. When the Lord takes pleasure in anyone’s way, he causes their enemies to make peace with them. Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice. In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”

      • God, I pray for your peace and the assurance You provide to rest upon Marina. May the job interview go well – where You are glorified. May your will be done in the choice of applicants and may Marina feel peace no matter the decision. Would You please grant her contentment and a new sense of purpose and joy in whichever place she finds herself. Please guide her and equip her for the things You have for her to do in this chapter. If she does move, Lord, would You please go ahead now and prepare her way to be crossed with others who love You and will welcome them and do life with them!

    • Father, Be with Marina and her husband as they seek Your will. Give her husband safety as he travels, wisdom in the interview and for both of them a trust in You for the outcome… in Jesus name…

  17. Please pray for my Sister who is going through chemotherapy in India for metastatic breast cancer in the liver and bones, far from home and family but not far from God and this wonderful community of praying women. I have also undergone surgery and chemotherapy for Stage 3 ovarian cancer and do struggle with fears of recurrence. I’ll be 40 in a few weeks. I’m grateful that God has spared my life and my sister’s and pray that God will keep us.



    • Lord I pray for peace for her sister in India. I pray Lord that the people over her care would be like family to her. I pray they would pray with her, talk with her, joke with her and pour out love to her. I pray Lord for peace for Susannah. I pray Lord that her cancer would stay in remission.

    • Lord I lift Susannah and her sister to you. We thank you for the healing Susanna has already experienced, and we lift her sister fervently to you Lord. We place her in your healing hands and we ask, Lord, that your presence would be tangible for both of them. We pray this medicine would be effective in killing the cancer for the glory of your name, O Lord!

    • Father, Be close to these dear women, Susannah and her sister. Thank you for the promise that You are the Great physician and thank you for Susannah’s healing… keep the cancer from any return. And be especially close to her sister… give the doctors wisdom, give her strength and peace and healing… in Jesus name…

  18. I have been praying in the Spirit this week and each time have been overwhelmed and sobbing. I don’t even know who or what I am praying for that is moving so deeply, but truly want to be used by God. I teach teens at a private school and some of the young ladies desperately need to be filled by Jesus and are searching instead for a filled heart by male attention. A common occurrence in teen girls, but I long for them to know Him and want Him to use me to help them be filled without getting hurt or compromising. They are beautiful and insecure and I want to protect them.

    • Lord I pray that Tammy would be used by you. I pray that she would be filled by your spirit and know how to be a light to these girls. I thank you for putting these girls on her heart. I pray along with her for these girls. I pray they would first and foremost find their identity in you. May they know they are deeply loved by you, care for them and want what’s best for them. I pray that their hearts would be protected and filled with wisdom from your Holy Spirit.

    • Lord I pray that you use Tammy. Thank you for the burden you have put in her heart for these young girls and I pray that she will be a beacon and a role model, that they’ll see you in her and their lives will be influenced for good in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Father, Thank you for Tammy’s tender spirit and concern for her student. May these students see in Tammy a reflection of You… may they not be swayed by Satan’s efforts to lead them into sin… may the be drawn to You, to loving You, and to a desire to seek Your will… in Jesus name…

  19. I would like prayer for my unborn daughter Evelyn. That she is healthy and grows up to love God. And prayers for me to not be fearful as her birth approaches (first time parent) and prayers that I will be the mother she deserves. Prayers for her father that he will be the father she deserves.

    • Lord I pray for Evelyn, I rejoice in her life Lord. I pray she would know and love you. May her life be a reflection of your love. I pray Lord for a healthy pregnancy. I pray for peace for Lynsie as her due date approaches. I pray peace over the delivery room, may your presence be known there. I pray for wisdom for her parents may you strengthen their relationship during this time. Bring other parents along side of them to support, encourage and nurture.

    • Heavenly Father, I lift Lynsie up to you and her unborn child. Lord, you see Evelyn in the womb. You are forming her exactly how you want her to be. And you see every stage of her life before she enters. And as she comes from the darkness of the womb to the brightness of this world, so let her at an early age step out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of your dear son. Dispell any fear that Lynsie may have concerning her birth, knowing and trusting that everything you do is perfect. Let her enjoy this time of closeness with her child, for this closeness is one she shares with no other. Create a peaceful, loving bond between them even now. And bless both her and her husband as they walk before you and let you guide them in their parenting. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Father, I thank You for the new life You have chosen to bless Lyndon and her husband with. Keep her safe as she grows. Give Linsie strength for Evelyn’s arrival. And may these parents have wisdom and love in abundance to raise Evelyn and guide her to a personal relationship with You… thank You for the gift of life… in Jesus name…

  20. Please pray for my father-in-law; he has been in the hospital for over a week. During this time, his condition was elevated to catastrophic, & we almost lost him. He is finally awake & talking. I’m asking for prayers of complete healing & recovery. Thanks.

    • Father, I pray for Erin’s father-in-law. Thank You for the healing that has happened to date… may he continue to be surrounded by good doctors and especially by Your presence and healing… be close to this family during these stress-filled days and nights… in Jesus name…

  21. My prayer request is tiny in comparison to what others are asking or may need. This is a struggle of mine, to ask for prayer-even in the small stuff. Regardless, I think I need to ask anyway. Next week I travel to Peru to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday, my brother’s 40th, and a family member’s baptism…it’s a short trip, but I’m leaving my family at home for a week. So prayers for my family and I as we are apart, and prayer for health for both of us. My son has been sick and now I seem to be picking up a bug. I am trying to ignore being or feeling sick and I don’t want to give in to it. I would love to be able to travel and enjoy this trip in good health. So that is what I would like prayer for. Thanks…

    • Maria, there is no prayer too small or too insignificant for God. I will be praying for your trip and the health and safety of your family. Keep them health and safety Lord and let this be a trip with unexpected blessings for all. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Father, Thank You that, in Your eyes, no request is too small to bring to You! So be with Maria as she travels for wonderful family times… keep her from getting sick, heal her son, give safety in her travels and to her family while she is away from them… in Jesus name…

  22. I am deeply sorry for those of you who are struggling. I pray that the Lord grants you peace, comfort, and healing through difficult, and painful times.

    Blessings to you all,


    • Father, Bless Penny for her tender heart… be close to her and use her life for Your purposes and Your glory… in Jesus name…

  23. I am in Lima Peru with my daughter .She is struggling with a failed marriage after marrying a Peruvian man and having 2 children I live in the US
    She does not have Jesus and it is hard for me to see her struggles.Please pray for peace and acceptance of a loving Savior

    • Father, Bring Terri’s daughter to You… may she come to know You as her Lord and Savior… may Terri be Your reflection that her daughter will see Your love and desire a personal relationship with You… be close to Terri – be her strength and peace… in Jesus name…

    • Father, Thank You for Michelle’s reminder that we all must daily pray for spiritual renewal and self-disciple. May Mille feel Your presence in her life today… in Jesus name…

  24. Please pray for emotional healing for my husband and for God to restore our marriage. And for him and my two sons to return to God.

    • Dear God, I am standing with Susan in praying for emotional healing for her husband and the restoration of their marriage. I also pray that you meet Susan’s husband and her two sons where they are and draw them
      closer to you. Amen!

    • Father, I pray for the restoration of Susan’s marriage… that Satan will not have the victory he desires of broken relationships… I join with Susan in prayer for her husband’s emotional healing… may they be one in You… in Jesus name…

  25. I ask for prayer for my son, Jared who is to have a court hearing this Tuesday regarding a car accident on which he was the driver and hit a pedestrian that claimed his life. My son is a taxi driver and was on his job when this happened. It was a rainy, overcast day, there was no alcohol or drugs or speed or cellphone involved. There were no witnesses, yet the police want to say it was negligence. I would just ask that the Lord have his will with no bias on either side. We need the strength to go through this. I need prayer for my emotions in all of this. As the day approaches I find myself unable to function and think properly. Also pray for the family who lost their son. They are grieving.

    • I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, and for what your son is going through as well. I will pray for all of you as well as for he family of the young man who died. God bless you all.

    • Father, I pray for Mary and her son Jared… give Mary a peace that comes from trusting You and leaning on Your assurances… I pray for Your will to be done, may the judge hear the facts in a compassionate way. And I join with Mary in her prayers for the other family, bring comfort to them in their grief… in Jesus name…

    • Mary,

      I cant’ imagine how hard this must be for all of you that are involve. My thoughts are with you all, and pray you have peace, strength, comfort, and the Lord’s guidance for your son.


  26. I love the idea of the 2-3 small groups! I would appreciate prayer for us to sell our house. We listed it last year and pulled it off the market after 6 months. We will be listing again at the end of this month. Please pray that we can sell our house and that the right house becomes available for us. We are out of space in our house. We also are not sure if we should list with a realtor or on our own. Thank you so much for the prayers!

    • Maralee –
      I am sending prayers that your house sells quickly and that you find the perfect place to call home.

    • Father, I pray that Maralee’s house will be sold quickly when they list it… praying that already You are preparing the right buyer. May Marilee and her family have peace in making this decision and wisdom… make Your plans clear to them… in Jesus name…

  27. I turned my life upside down for an incredibly complicated relationship. I quit my job and sold my home, but he isn’t coming through on his promises. I’ve really struggled to bring this to God, but I am trying to find my way. Please pray that God will open a door for me whether it is in the relationship or a way out.

    • Father, Be with Elizabeth… fill her heart with Your peace and Your wisdom… lead her to make the right decision and give this relationship to You… in Jesus name…

  28. Please pray for my peace and strength to leave my concerns and problems at The Altar and not take them back. Where I should make my new residence. Discernment and peace with this decision .

    • Father, For all of us, but especially for JC I ask that You will help us to lay our burdens at Yoyr feet and trust You for the right answers, in Your time… bring peace to JC’s heart… in Jesus name…

  29. Thank you for your encouraging email! Please pray for my boyfriend, who is a wounded warrior, as he heals physically, and emotionally, and is attempting to help other wounded warriors.

    • Father, Thank you for Maria’s boyfriend and his willingness to serve our country and protect our freedom. Be with him now, we pray for healing – physically and emotionally. Be with all our wounded warriors, may they find relationships with You to heal their wounded spirits… in Jesus name…

  30. Please lift my son Nicholas in prayer. He has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for several years with many wholehearted attempts at sobriety for short periods. He suffers from severe anxiety and feels he is a “loser” because of his history. He is a kindhearted, loving and beautiful young man who has lost his way. I truly know the one thing missing in a successful recovery is Jesus. My heart breaks as a mother and I’m in constant fear for him. The disease of addiction comes with much judgment from many as it isn’t seen in the same light as a physical disease. This makes it hard to ask for prayer from those who don’t know what a wonderful man Nick truly is when sober. I pray my Father to relieve him of this demon and give him and our family true God given guidance to sincere and healing help. Give us the strength to rise above the anxiety and fear that comes with a child living with addiction. God Bless you for your prayers. Thank you. Maureen

    • Dear Maureen and Nick,
      I will pray for both of you. In my own language.
      I wish you all the best.

    • I am lifting your family up in prayers. I pray he feels God’s tug and follows. Addiction is a horrible thing. God bless you.

    • Praying for you Maureen, and Nicholas. It’s a real struggle, I know. I pray for strength for you and healing and peace for your son.

    • Father, I pray for Nick… may Satan not have the victory and may he find healing from the addiction that his destroying his life… may he find a relationship with You as His Savior. Be with Maureen… surround her with Your love and peace, quiet her troubled spirit and tender heart. May we all see addiction as the disease it is, and may we reach out loving hands to lift those who are struggling with addiction out of this ‘miry clay’ and in the road to full recovery… in Jesus name…

  31. Please pray for me. I feel lost and unsure of what God wants me to do. My anxiety is through the roof and I want the calmness only he can give me. This is the worst I have ever felt and need prayers.

    • Father, I pray for Layla… may she know the perfect peace You promise to those who trust in You… surround her with Your love, calm her troubled spirit, bring her rest… in Jesus name…

  32. Oh Lord – I pray for Maureen, her family and her son Nicholas. It is so hard to watch our children struggle and know that you are so neccessary in their lives, but they can’t see it. I know that you are present in their lives and understand their struggle. Please release the demon of addiction from Nicholas. Make it so strong that he cannot deny it and have a fire to follow and know you with all his heart.

  33. Dear Lord, restore my family’s faith, inspire my boyfriend to discover you, provide security for me, and contain my fears so I may live in peace. I ask this through Jesus Christ from whim all Good things come. Amen.

    • Father, Be with An, her family and her boyfriend… may they find the peace and healing You promise to Your children… in Jesus name…

  34. Please pray that my disability appeals comes quickly and favorably. As I’m about to have my house foreclosed on. All my disabilities are nothing cimpared to the thought of having to give up in what I have worked so hard for. Also I’m praying for reunification from my daughters.

    • Father, I lift Monet to you, and her request that her disability appeals are speedy and successful. Meet her needs in the meantime through tests of Your leading. Restore the relationships of Money and her daughters… be close to this family and bring peace to Monet’s heart… in Jesus name

  35. It’s a beautiful thing to pray for others. I would like to request you help me pray that I may wait on the Lord’s perfect timing and that I may be led by His hand. God bless you all!

    • Father, May we all learn the lesson for which Lana is asking prayer…may she be led by You, may she trust in You, may she rest in Your perfect peace… in Jesus name

  36. God needs to heal my son’s drug and belief issues that are ruining his life. For 2 yrs I’ve prayed and waited for God while everything else has been tried. I feel like God leaves you to deal with your own messes.

    • Father, Be especially close to V today and help her to feel Your presence. May she trust You, and give this burden of her son’s addiction and lack of belief to You… Father, meet these needs… bring the right people into her life to help her and support her through these difficult days… may she know she is precious to You… in Jesus name…

  37. Thank you so much for this! I too have been a member of a group of 3 for 6 years until recently when I moved 650 miles away! I have been adrift and missing my sisters fiercely! I have gotten only sparse responses to my emails from them, one is hurt that I moved. She finally said she had never handled rejection well and and was struggling with that and the other has a young family and has always been very busy with home schooling and church and seems to have written me off? We were very close and prayed with and for one another continually the last few years, I am feeling very blue as they both assured me they would be there for me and we would always stay in touch. After reading this today, I am going to pray and try to get them to have study once a week via internet, I had not thought about it! Please pray that they will respond positively! Thank you

    • Father, I pray for Linda, and her need for Christian friends. Be with her as she reaches out to suggest time over the internet – may her friends be receptive to restoring this friendship. And be Linda’s friend today, may she feel Your presence. Lead her to new friends… not to replace her old friends but so that she will have closer daily connections… in Jesus name

  38. I am on a mission. A mission from God, I believe, to create community. I was given a word 3 years ago that has pressed hard against me and as I stepped out then, it seemed possible, exciting and having boundless opportunities. But now, for a myriad of reasons, it seems to be falling apart. Connections are loose at best and my heart grieves that folks just aren’t committed. I know that we are made to ‘do’ life together. I know that God has called us all to fellowship and koinonia. I know that in community we can thrive and grow. That is the foundation I stand on. My heart is grieves the loss not only of our time together, but these relationships. I want to reason out that it is a “season” for some, temporary to some degree, but my heart is not convinced. My prayer continues to be “fill their hearts with desire, Lord and please tell me when to stop my pursuit of them”. I would ask you to pray in agreement that they will hear God and that I have ears to hear, eyes to see and heart that is sensitive to His continued promptings and leading in all things.

    • Father, I afffirm Linda’s fervent prayers and desire to raise up community and fellowship with others. May she be attuned to Your leading, and may she continue to seek Your will for her life… in Jesus name…

  39. Please join me in thanking God for healing my dad and melting away any and all cancer cells and tumors in his body.

    Also join me in thanking God for guiding my son to succeed in his program in college.

    And lastly I am thanking
    God that our new home is a blessing for my family and that the home we sold is a blessing for the family who now lives in it.

    Thank you!

    • Father, Thank You for awesome answers to Kimberly’s prayers! We join with her in gratitude for healing, for guidance and for blessings… in Jesus name…

  40. I pray for all those struggling with raising children, no matter how old they be. My son is 25 and struggling mightily with depression, loneliness, anger, demons, etc. this has been going on for about 10 years and I am losing heart and belief that anything will ever get better. Please pray for him and for me – that I have the continued strength and belief in the Lord to help him.

    • Father, I lift Christine and her requests to You today… Be with her son, snatch his heart back from Satan’s desire to destroy him, may he find healing… Be with Christine, wrap Your arms of peace around her, bring comfort to her weary heart, and may she rest in You. Raise up those who live near to her son to give him the help and support he needs… thank You for hearing our prayers… in Jesus name…

    • Father, I lift up Margie to You and ask that, even as we pray, You are raising up an accountability partner for her…may this be a good connection for her. Help her to trust Your Holy Spirit’s presence in her life, and trust in You to lead her and keep her in her daily walk… in Jesus name…

  41. January 14,2017 my only sister passed away! Was not expected! I hurt! I hurt so deep I can’t explain! I am not doing well with it at all! Sleep very little! Cry a lot! I was in shock when shevdied and failed her grown twin girls! The time they needed me the most, I couldn’t make myself go to Sister’s house! I was/am such a mess! I have lost our oldest brother, both parents, my best friend of nearly 50 years and now my only sister! We were so close! Hurts so deep!

    • Father, Right now in this moment, wrap Your arms of comfort and peace around Dea… help her to feel Your presence and know that You are there to dry every tear that she sheds. Be close to her when she feels so alone. As time goes on, may she be able to reach out to her sister’s daughters, and be a comfort to them… help her to be kind to herself and allow herself as much time as she needs to grieve the many losses in her life… in Jesus name…

  42. Oh Dea, I’m so sorry . I don t know what to say to help you except that I will pray for you and for your dear sister.

  43. Ladies of Incourage. I absolutely love this website and have enjoyed reading a new devotional each morning to start my day. I ask for prayer for me as I embark on a season of grieving in my life. Not because I have lost someone to death, but because of years lost in my childhood and youth. I am 28 years old and have just recently begun on a journey for healing deep seated wounds from my past that I was not even aware were there. My family life was not a good one to say the least, and growing up I dealt with divorce, abuse, abandonment, and neglect from every parent involved in my life. Furthermore I was never allowed to grieve this and always silenced in the midst of my pain. I am realizing at 28 that there was a lot lost for me and it is painful. I also struggle with insecurity, as I tend to allow myself to be defined by the kind of family I came from. I am praying for redemption. That God would restore the years lost and make beauty from ashes. (Joel 2:25-7, Isaiah 63:1-3)

    Thank you for your prayers!


    • Melissa, praying for you as you embark on a season of grieving. I too realized in my late 20s some serious impact from my past that I had hidden deep in my heart and mind. These were affecting my marriage without us even knowing it. I say this to encourage you and to acknowledge the courage that you have already, which I did not have. Take heart and know this is a huge step and God has already given you strength, just grab ahold of it and move forward. Praying for you!

    • Father, I pray for Melissa, that You will bring healing and comfort to her troubled heart. Father, may she be able to grieve the pain and losses in her path with You by her side, and may she be able to move forward on a journey of wholeness and fulfillment with a Heavenly Father who loves her so much… thank You Father… in Jesus name…

  44. Dear Melissa,
    I am so sorry to hear about your pain and I am praying for you in the midst of it! I actually had a great childhood growing up, but I actually relate to the feeling you shared about realizing late in your twenties that you’ve missed out on much….for totally different reasons I too am feeling in my late twenties that there is much I have missed out on and much that I still need to adjust to/process. But your situation sounds especially painful as it comes from deep family troubles…I lift you up to God and pray that He will bring total healing and as you say bring good out of it all, beauty from ashes. He surely can and will!
    You are in my prayers and heart!

    • Father, Be with Barbara as she grieves things she may have missed out on in earlier years. Help her then, to walk forward with confidence, trusting in Your leading, Your presence and Your peace… in Jesus name…

  45. Please pray for our son-in-law to get a job, and I must ask quickly as well. He is father to our four grandchildren, oldest is nine and the youngest is five months. He desperately needs a job to support his family. We are retired and live away from them and not in a position to be of much assistance. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Father, I lift up Becky and her family to You today. Meet the need of her son-in-law to find a job so he can support his family… and raise up others around him who might be able to offer support while he is looking… meet the needs of this family… give Becky peace as she is so far away… help her to rest in You… in Jesus name…

  46. Heavenly Father, Please hear my prayers and cover My Family in Your Blood, protect them, give them guidance and wisdom. Kenn, Chris, and Sherrice, help them and myself take the correct path and cast away the wrong people, places and things in our way. Thank You Heavenly Father for all our Blessings, Good and Bad, for waking us up today, with enough food for our bodies, Thank You for my Job and so much more. In Your Name I Pray, Thank You.

    • Father, I join with Valerie in prayer… that these for whom she prays will feel Your presence today and in the days to come. Continue to meet their needs…. help them to trust in Your promises and rest in Your peace… surround them with Your love.. in Jesus name…

  47. Father, Thank You for the privilege of prayer… for being able to come to You with our praises as well as our burdens… for Your promise of Your presence and Your love… in Jesus name…

    • Leanne,
      Thank you for your positive outlook and reminding us of the privilege to be able to go to the Father with all our cares and worries. Admitting my request is hard but please pray for the cancer patients in my family. I no longer know what to pray. Deep depression has been a very real challenge. Really don’t know how to encourage when I myself am depressed.
      Thank you, Lord, for the people we need at the time we need them. Blessings.

  48. I have been struggling for the last few days and fear keeps trying to take me and my sensitive spirit over. I don’t like to fret my problems because I always feel mine are not as rough to bare than many who are truly struggling . But my health and my ability to do my work that I love so much and which is the main source of our income due my husband being out of work for the past 12 weeks. I got some kind of injury to my hand and the pain and swelling is not resolving with the attention that I am giving to it. I have my own business as a massage therapist and if I don’t work I don’t make money. My health (just as I tell my clients)is my wealth. I ask you today, as I read though my emails and saw the prayer request, to please pray for my issue with my hand to resolve and heal.
    Thank you for being present in my life as I try to stay sting and positive that everything will be fine.

    • Dear Gina, I am a Physiotherapist and I can relate to your anxiety over the injury to your hand. I pray that our Saviour Jesus Christ the miracle worker, who healed the lame, the blind, the deaf and raised the dead will touch your hand today. May he take all pain and swelling away so you can return to your job. Dont forget Gina that he is our provider, I pray he will meet you at the point of your needs in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.

    • Gina,

      Praying God will send healing to your hands.


      Heal Gina’s hands. Relieve her of the pain and swelling. She wants and needs to work. I ask in Jesus name. Also please give her husband a good job to help with the income. Send him where you want him to work. Help this family with their fears & anxieties. May Gina realize no prayer request is to small. You care about everyone!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Gina, I pray that the Holy Spirit heal any issues in your hand and that you will be able to rest today in His name. He is our provider, our shelter, and He will take care of you.

  49. Please pray that my son gets a job offer at his 3rd interview. Christine I pray that God will give you strength to support your son in his struggles with depression. I pray that God will give his doctors the knowledge to help him. I pray that he will overcome. Amen

    • Hey Carolanne! I pray that your son gets a job offer at his interview if it is the Lords will. I pray that he be blessed with peace and all anxiety and fear leave his heart and mind. Thank you Jesus for watching over Carolannes son to get a job he loves. Thank you for hearing and answering all our prayers. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ Name. Amen
      Sending love and hugs xoxo

  50. I continue to feel stuck in the waiting…..I feel fully convicted that I was meant to have a husband and kids, however I find myself still single at almost 41. I don’t think I’m keeping myself from ministry or holding back in serving the church ….. just continuing to be certain there is more and not knowing how to get there. Where am I to find my husband? Will he come with children (admittedly not my first choice, but no longer a deal breaker), or will we have children together? Prayers for peace (and community) in the wait would be appreciated.

    • Hey Jenni, I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ full you with all peace during the waiting and always. Lord Jesus I pray that in Your perfect timing you bless Jenni with a godly and loving husband and children. Lord Jesus may jenni be filled with Your peace and rest in Your arms. You are always good and I thank You for not withholding any good thing from Jenni. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

      “Cast your cares on the LORD
      and he will sustain you;
      he will never let
      the righteous be shaken.”
      – ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭55:22‬ ‭NIV‬‬

      “Wait patiently for the LORD.
      Be brave and courageous.
      Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14 NIV

      Sending love and lots of hugs! Xoxo ❤❤

    • Jenni:
      A couple of prayers you might want to use.

      Lord, I want to find joy in the life you have got me in. Give me the strength to follow and obey. In Jesus name, Amen

      God help me be faithful with the life you have given me. Amen

      • Jenni, have hope in God. He can and will do amazing things in your life. I was in the same situation as you – in my early 40’s, waiting and wanting to be married. Then 3 years later, God brought my husband and me together in a way only He can do. My husband lives in the US, I lived in Canada, and we met in Mexico on a week long mission trip. We are now celebrating our 15th anniversary this year. I am still amazed and thankful that God sent a wonderful, caring husband into my life. I pray that God will indeed give you the desire of your heart.

        • Amen, God can show his favor when we are trying to make life happen. Pray for His favor and it will last :)♥️

  51. Dear In Courage friends,

    Please pray for Chris Hughes and his family. He had esophageal cancer and it healed, but metastasized to liver cancer. He had to quit his own business to take chemo. His daughter lives with him some and with her grandmother some. His mom lost her husband years ago to cancer and another son (48 or so) to heart attack. She is caring for her sister who is living with her. Should he die this would devastate the mother. She is in her late 70’s I believe.

    Thanks everyone. I will pray for you all!
    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth,
      Praying for Chris and his family. Praying for him that he would be victorious in his battle through You Lord. Praying for those taking care of him and for his sweet mother who has seen more sorrow than a mother should have to experience. Just bless and comfort their whole family and bless Beth for being the prayer warrior she is.
      In Christ’s name,
      Bev xx

  52. I am praying for peace, joy and love in Jesus for each situation. Praying for healing of health, relationships and spiritual lives. Also that God brings together those who are apart. For restoration of relationships and that return to their parents. God please help each hurt that is mentioned here. Please be with Christine. Give her faith, love and hope in YOU. Heal her son. Help him want YOU and to turn his heart to YOU. Give her much wisdom as a mother.
    I would like to ask for prayer for my marriage, for my husband’s spiritual battle that he would turn his heart to God, for mine and my daughter’s health issues, for healing for my adopted son’s trauma from the past and most of all that God will give me strength, wisdom and patience to be the mom and wife HE wants me to be to lead my family to Him. My biggest dream in life is to have a family sold out for God, and may it begin with me. Its not easy to be a sweet patient Christian when your husband isn’t faithful and your health isnt good but God makes all things possible. So please pray I love totally for God and raise my children for Him and lead my husband back to Him and to restoration with the church. Thank you.

  53. Thank you for sharing in my needs through prayer. My daughter is fighting a legal situation where many lies have been told and they have threatened to imprison her if she did not take a plea deal, she is not guilty and is going back to court pleading such. Please pray the truth will come out and God will intervene and bring resolution. This is causing her great stress and illness from it. I am trusting God is at work and calming her fears as she works through this.
    Also for my vision issues. I have glaucoma and a surgery has left a small tear in my eye surface, which if it does not heal will require further surgery. I am trying to believe that the great I AM has this under control and will heal it. Your prayers joined with mine and others will be appreciated.
    and lastly this week I am not in the semi with my dear hubby. I usually ride with him each week, but appointments and needs here are keeping me home. I pray for his safety and that of the other drivers and families of them. It is hard to be living with a spouse or parent who is working to provide the needs and wants of the world and to pay the bills, but is not able to be home. Even when I am on the road it can be difficult as the weekends are very short and very busy. Thanks.
    I praise God for you all and lift up you and your needs. I give thanks for this day, for technology, for cell phones and all the rest that allows us to connect like this. Praise be to God, our ever faithful Father.

  54. I’d like to pray for people today that as Valentine’s Day approaches His love will fill our hearts. And that we will find the rest He meant to give the weary.

  55. Gina, I pray that the Holy Spirit heal any issues in your hand and that you will be able to rest today in His name. He is our provider, our shelter, and He will take care of you.

  56. I need prayer as well. I am struggling in dealing with a particular student in my class and his parents. He is consistently disrespectful and struggles in many subject areas. He has anger issues and lacks coping strategies in order to deal with his anger and academic struggles. Please pray that his family respond positively to our attempts to help rather than focusing on denial, accusation, and disbelief. Please pray that they trust us, so this young boy (9 years old) can live a fuller life.

    Thank you so very much.

  57. Hello All!

    I have always been encouraged by these posts and have never actually wrote down a prayer request, but I feel that God really wants me to share with you tonight. Recently I have been blessed with a full time position in children’s ministry at a church. This is my 1st ministry position in my degree. It has been 2 months and it is going very well! But I am lonely…i am single(which I am ok with right now) and I moved to a town where I do not know anyone. Please pray that I can make some significant connections with people my age. Pray that I can lead these kids and their families with God as my guide. Pray that I will be bold and confident to do what God puts on my heart for this ministry.

    Thank you all! I am praying for all of you!

    • Dear Sami, Congratulations on your new job! What a special job it is to minister to children!
      Praying that you will meet others through your work who are like-minded and will encourage you and that you will bond with.

  58. I think I did this wrong, left a word of encouragement and now praying for person before me.
    Would so appreciate prayers for an answer to chronic pain that doesn’t seem to have an answer. I am a recent widow and still grieving and the debilitating pain in my knees which have been replaced! is baffling, blood tests and bone scan don’t show abnormality but have had to go back to using walker to move at all.

  59. prayers please that God will provide the finances I need to get a knee replacement. have insurance but not fully covered. thank you

  60. Father, thank you for Jean Lindsay…please help her as only You can Lord by providing for her health needs. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    Please pray for my umbilical hernia repair surgery this Thursday, 2/9, 1:00 p.m. PST. I know God has already gone before me in this but as His word says where 2 or 3 are gathered there He is…

    All God’s blessings to each of you…

    Thank you for your prayers

  61. Please pray for me:
    My heart is breaking for 2 children who call me Nana. I opened my home to their mother and them Nov 17 so only just met them. There are lots of issues including DFS involvement, mental instability of the mother, but the latest incident was being cornered, kicked and the mom threatening to kill me. I had no choice but to file the next morning for a restraining order and have them removed from my home.
    This is my husbands daughter and 2 granddaughters, aged 3 & 7.
    This has of course pulled the family completely apart.
    Please pray. I am scared, know I did the right thing, but heart is breaking.
    Only Jesus can defend me. . . . . Tears

    • Heavenly Father,
      I pray that you bring peace and healing to Crystal and her family. God- I am speechless in finding the right words, but I lift up Crystal and her family to You in faith, for I know that You fully know her situation and what she needs. I know and trust that You will protect and provide.

      God, thank You for knowing what we need. For interpreting our sighs when we can’t find the words when we pray. You are the Healer of the broken. I pray for healing for Crystal.

      Thank you, Father.

  62. I would appreciate prayers for healing as I am recovering from two surgeries to remove a brain tumor. The tumor is gone, but anxiety and memory loss have taken its place. Please pray for improved memory and no more anxiety.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    • Praying for protection and a speedy recovery for you, Kimberly! That the Lord would replace your anxiety with peace.

  63. Please pray for work. It is so stressful as a nurse, and has given me such anxiety. Please pray for healing. For starting a family, we have been trying for over a year and a half. I’m almost 30, and never thought I’d be dealing with infertility. And for a friend I can really trust and connnect in the Lord. Thank you!

    • Praying for peace to overcome you Gabe and for you to let go of all worry. For worry is not healthy and remember to Let go and let God. You will have a family trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Thank him and be patient. Habakkuk 2:2-3 Write the vision down, make it plan on tablets so the the Harold will run with it, though it may tarry, it will surly come.

  64. Praying for you Kimberly that God will help your memory come back and your brain will fully recover from your surgeries. I had terrible headaches for awhile and lost some of my memory and felt foggy a lot. Gods grace and coconut oil has helped me heal. Praying for your healing to come.

    I’d like to ask for a prayer request for my daughter Raynell. She needs healing and guidance to build up her confidence and self esteem to go out and start a new path and find a safe healthy long lasting opportunity that will guide her to a new life. I pray God comes in her heart and shows her his light and some good Christian young man that has a future comes into her life that will get her away from everything that has brought her down. I pray for healthy friends for her and Gods healing to get my daughter back. Thank you Jesus for loving her and loving us. Amen.

  65. Prayers that God will provide close friends for me in the area where I live. I have lived here for 15 years and do not have a close friend, someone I can share my heart with. All my close friends (life-long friends) live more than 1000 miles away. May God grant me courage to reach out to other people who may be searching for a friend too. In His name, Amen.

    • Rita: Where do you live? I would also pray for this for myself. Asking the Lord to bring both of us new friends to share our thoughts and dreams and hearts with. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


      Mary in Charlotte, NC

      • Thank you Mary for your prayers and concerns. This has been a struggle for me for many years. I have acquaintances but no heart-to-heart friends. I needed one this week as it was an emotionally draining week for me. Your comments came at just the right time to bring me encouragement. Thank you Father that Mary sent me a note of encouragement just when I needed one. Father, bless us each with heart-to-heart friends. Amen.

        Rita in California

  66. Lord please take care of Rita. Open doors for her that she may find good friends in whom she can confide and with whom she can build a sincere relationship. Protect her from any evil influence and may your Holy Spirit guide her. In Jesus’ name I pray.

    Please pray for me. I am going through a really tough situation with my daughter’s father. We have never been married as he was studying and working abroad. He was supposed to come back definitely last year for us to get married. I learnt in November that he got married over there with someone who never knew that he had a child and someone waiting for him. She has filed a divorce when she learned about the situation. Now he is blaming me for all this situation and does not want to come back. No one knows about this situation as I dont have the courage to talk about it. And above all I want to protect my daughter of six years from all this painful situation. She has health issues. Please pray for us. That i may take proper decisions. That God may guide me and heal us. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Father, i lift Gem and her daughter up to you in prayer. Father, i ask you to cover them with your love, provision, and protection. Lead, guide and direct Gem in her steps. Let her feel your presence and your love. In Jesus’s name…AMEN

  67. PLEASE pray…I feel I’m in a spiritual attack from the enemy. Changes with my job, struggling financially and now a disconnect with a close friend. I’m heartbroken.

    • Father, I lift up your daughter shan before You and I ask that You surround her with Your love. Your Word says that no weapon formed against her would prosper! She belongs to You and nothing is able to touch her life without Your permission. Give her perfect peace as she keeps her mind on You. Please let her know that she is never alone. You are the Mender of the breach, Jehovah Jireh… You are MORE THAN ENOUGH! And so I ask that You would supply her needs for (restored) friendship and finances, in the Name of Jesus! Amen. Thank You, good good Father:).

  68. Please pray for my 19 year old son who is not serving the Lord, but living as a prodigal. Please also pray that the Lord would show me the next steps to take in pursuing the next steps on my career. I feel so stuck. Also, I need the courage and guidance to purchase my first home. May God bless you as you pray!

    • Dear Father,
      your word says wherever two or more are gathered in your name, you hear us. I’m lifting my sister Denyse up in prayer now. She needs guidance from you regarding her career. We know you are our provider, but Father, wewant to feel like were making a didifference in the workplace. Also Father, you know how the enemy goes after our children. Please protect our boys from the enemy’s attacks. Remind them to whom they belong. We know you love our son’s more than we do. Thank you for your love and mercy and grace. In Yashua’s name we pray, AMEN.

  69. Thank you for sharing. I write a blog called ” A Gathering Place’ annelisablog.wordpress.com and I do very much value the notion that technology enables us to connect and encourage one another across the globe .

  70. I need prayer for my father. He has been in the hospital for 3 weeks now and the ICU for one. No one can figure out what is going on. He seems to get better and then slides back down. It is so hard to see him this way and so frustrating that they do not know what is causing his symptoms. His name is Joe and he is only 73.

    Thank you!!!!!

  71. Please pray for guidance in parenting, healing in my body, and strength in my marriage. God bless you!!

  72. Please pray for healing of my body, I have Sickle cell, strength to make it through the days, and hope that things will get better in all my relationships.

  73. Lord, I lift up all these prayer requests to you. I pray Lord that you will hear our cries and prayers. May your will be done. Lord, we know that you are the most powerful and high. You are full of grace and mercy for us all. We don’t deserve anything but you love us so much Lord that you forgive us each and everyday of our short comings. Thank you Lord for loving us.

    I ask for prayers for my husband who is a non believer. I see growth and change within him slowly over the 20+ years together. Please pray that my husband would be saved one day and be a believer and the spiritual leader our family needs. I know things happen in “His time”, but after 20+ years it gets discouraging at times. I ask that the Lord would continue to give me strength, perseverance, support and love. Please help me to be the Mother, wife, daughter, aunt, friend that he wants me to be. Holy Spirit please change my heart to be more like God. To love unconditionally, forgive easily, encourage and teach our children what God wants us to do and to be. I ask that the Lord would help our family to have a happy, peaceful and fun home with a lot of wonderful memories. I ask that the Lord would continue to surround our family with Christ centered friends, neighbors, etc. I ask for this in Jesus’s name… Amen

  74. After three years in Haiti’s children’s social service office we long to move forward in our adoption and bring our son home. Some people move on through the step we continue to wait to complete in less than 6 weeks but our case continues to drag on after 21months. While our son is in a good Christian place he’s growing up without us. Praying for any bondage to be released. For the Lord’s angels to fight the dark forces working against our case moving forward. Praying for our son, now 6 years old, to be full of hope and God’s love. For us all to wait well-praising the Lord and brining honor to Him in the wait.

    • Lord I pray for Kris and her family and their adopted son in Haiti. Lord, please pave the way and remove any encumbrances and see Kris’s willingness to receive him into her family. Thank you for the care he has received so far. In Jesus name, Amen.

  75. I thank you so much for your words and beautiful prayers. My hand is still swollen but I entrusted the knowledge of a doctor to help me along. Now on antibiotics I will pray that they help to heal me with out putting too much stress on the rest of my body. I always try to heal with natural remedies and prayer but I know that medication is sometimes needed. Again your words have meant so much! As I read through your prayer requests I am moved to pray harder and stronger for the pain and suffering we all endure daily. My heart fills with the power of the lord to help us all on this amazing but challenging journey. I feel so connected to you and your pains. I reach out to those who are suffering with illnesses, sadness, loneliness and loss. I am humbled as I read through your prayers and realize more today than ever how we are all in this together. I do pray for us to receive an understanding of our path and why these difficulties are sometime so overwhelming. I also pray for the balance of the glory of this life to shine over us to give of the strength to move on and get stronger. We are given this beautiful world and life with some wonderful highs and what seem to be many lows. Please help us to be present with every moment we are given and that our lives are a special gift from GOD. In his name I pray.

  76. I seem to be doing life alone without any life partner and I can’t see any change in this. I pray that God helps with this now and to the end of my days. I am finding it hard and not enjoyable.

  77. Lord, I pray that you would be with Louise. Love her, comfort her and be her guide. If it is your will, bring a life partner into her life. Thank you that you know the desires of her heart.

    I need prayer for my husband. He is addicted to going on personal ads on Craigslist and talking to women. Although I affirm him all the time, it isn’t enough and he is drawn to strangers to affirm him and compliment him. I just recently found an ad that he created on Craigslist where he tells women that he is separated. He is a Christian but for some reason this is an addiction for him. He finds it exciting and irresistible.
    When I discovered all this, I thought about leaving but he begged me to stay. He started counseling with our pastor and has put an app on his phone so that I and the pastor can see all the websites he visits. He started a marriage online devotional series and it really putting forth the effort but I am really scared that it won’t last long and he will give in to temptation again. his addiction is something i don’t understand, as I could never do that to someone I love and have no desire to. It is confusing and frustrating and I am really angry about it. We need prayer for our marriage. We have 4 girls.

  78. I don’t know exactly what to ask for as far as prayers go, but I can tell you what’s been heaviest on my heart:

    For about a year now, maybe a year and a half, I’ve really been longing for my husband–my future-husband, God’s (hopefully) first choice for the man I am to spend the rest of my life with. I know very little about him other than what God has revealed to me (that this man is very much like David, the son of Jesse), but I know that we have been slowly coming closer to each other as time passes. I know somewhere inside of me that God will follow through on His promise and that He will bring this man and I together soon, God’s soon and my soon are different things most of the time, and I find it a little more difficult each day to hold to my own request/promise to not date anyone until this man who I have not met yet. The battle between my flesh and my desire to keep to my promise to my Lord is a rough one, fought subtly with powerful fights that crop up when I least expect them.
    In addition to that, my heart is longing for the family that God has revealed to me; the children that I will have and love with my future-husband, and that makes my wanting for him all the more difficult.
    I have a strong feeling that this is the year that I will meet this man with the knowledge of who he is to me, but I know that it is a few months off yet, and that I am in a testing/trial season right now. It feels like the home stretch, but like the final base is so far away and there are people trying to stop me as I run towards it.
    I know that there are so many good things in store this year, but at the moment, there’s this vague hopelessness and doubt that keeps rearing it’s head and whispering pain and sadness into my mind and heart.

    • Lord I pray for Kathryn – I know all what she feels from being in the same position. Lord, I pray you will sustain her in her waiting and that you will prepare her. Dear Jesus, I pray that the waiting will be very soon be over and that all glory will be given to you, in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Im praying for you. Trust in HIS timing. My first hubby was very bad but my second is very good. I’m praying your first is your last 🙂 He will send him to you when He knows you are ready for him. Do not despair and do not lose faith. Keep working on yourself and doing what you love and God will send him to you.
      I stopped now to pray for you. I know hes coming so keep trusting. You can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’ll be way worth the wait, I promise 🙂

      Blessings! Diane

  79. I ask for prayer as I search my heart for God and His longing and voice. I ask for prayer as I look for my way back to the place I know I belong.

  80. I have an uncommon assailant of a sexual nature in the spirit. Father in the name of Jesus deliver me. Give me supernatural deliverance from the motive behind it and make me whole again. Father let Your will be done on earth in my life as it is in Heaven. Amen.

  81. Im on a continuous struggle with a digestion disorder and I believe God has plans to heal it but Im really feeling low so I’m asking for prayers for a healing but for me to know what God is trying to show me. Also for my mental health because I know that plays a factor in all illnesses. The mind and body are completely connected so I’m asking that God connect hem in a positive way.

    Thank you.

  82. I am in desperate need of income. Been working part time and love it but it doesn’t pay the bills and other jobs jjusy haven’t come through. Need faith that God will provide….I am a single mom of 2 .

  83. Please pray for my daughter is has had a bleeding condition for over 4 years. She had to get blood and iron fusions ever month. Also pray for our son David who had back surgery over a year ago and is still in a wheelchair.
    I would appreciate prayer for my back. I’ve have had several surgeries and am still in pain.
    Bless you.

    • Anne, I pray for your daughter and for her bleeding condition that If only she could touch the hem of His garment she would be healed. This must be such a debilitating condition and I pray that by His stripes she will be healed. Father God I pray for David’s Back Surgery, may all he went through during surgery begin to work for his benefit and your Glory for total healing because we ask it in your precious name. I pray for Anne’s continued back pain that after several surgeries you will take away the pain and complete that which has been started. For Anne and her Family restore the years the Locusts have taken. May Gods grace and mercy be sufficient for each day.

  84. For the past eight weeks I have undergone External and Internal Radiotherapy for Vaginal Cancer. The treatment has been grueling and coping with the side effects has been tough and difficult. Although my final external treatment was 01/02/17 the accumulative effects are still being felt and I am very weak and tired. Please pray the cancer will be gone completely and for my recovery and health to be strengthened daily.

    • Julie I will pray for you, adding you to my prayers as I fast and pray. Praise God the treatments are done! My pastor preached a sermon this time last year and one of the statements he made was this: “my joy is not dependent on what has happened to me, but what Christ is doing in me and through me”. I can’t imagine being in your situation, I am so sorry for all you are experiencing, however, I pray you can find small joys and miracles each new day, I pray you will be able to find and lift up praise in the smallest things to our faithful, wonderful Father in heaven. God bless you with a measure of faith and endurance to be light to those that might be going the same thing but without Him.

  85. Please pray for discernment, love, and forgivness in my family. We have many hurts in our current generation, we need to see how we can love those that are bent on offending everyone and refuse (literally) to take any responsibility for their actions, lying, using scripture to justify their behavior, and the inability to love, truly love. I grieve in my spirit for these family members knowing they don’t know how to be “free” because the Word is not alive to them and so they continue to use it as a manipulative tool. It is so very sad and now it is costing them the relationship of their children and grandchildren.

      • Thank you Paula and prayers for you and your son as well! Our Pastor, Clint Sprague, was once a drug addict, very lonely, and violent young man, and I believe his mom had to do the same. He is a walking miracle of the saving grace of Jesus. I don’t know if it would help but here is our church web address where you can access his some of his most recent messages. http://lifemission.church/messages/the-jesus-way/

  86. I am struggling with my 18 year olds drug addiction. I put him in detox then rehab but within a few weeks he was back to using and stealing. I had to have him leave the house because he wont stop the drugs. I am of course worried about him and it has set off my major depression and general anxiety disorders big time. I have been visiting my best friend for nearly 2 weeks but have to head back to Delaware. I would have today but there is a big ice storm in progress. I hope it clears by tomorrow as I work on Tuesday and have 2 dr appointments. Please pray that my son will get ckean and my anxiety will pass.