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Melissa Michaels is the NY Times Bestselling author of Love The Home You Have and The Inspired Room book. Her blog, The Inspired Room, was voted Better Homes & Gardens Readers' Favorite decorating blog in 2014 and 2015. Melissa is a church planter's wife and a mom to three human kids and...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Yes amen! We must never forget the reason we even get to celebrate.

    All by His grace and all because of His love! All the glitter in this world can never compare… 🙂

  2. Melissa,
    Oh how I love the “guilty” look on your one pup’s face…the eyes say it all…busted!! Several of our ornaments have gone the “way of the dogs” over the years. Some mistaken as treats for dogs – like the paper wreath with colored macaroni noodles as ornaments on it (preschool craft). Others as inviting chew toys like the pine cone squirrel lol. But, you are so right to point out that it’s because of the continual unraveling that we NEED saving…we NEED a Savior. Whether the carnage is below the Christmas tree or in the world and relationships around us…we need saving. A home simply decorated and an expectant heart are the best preparations we can make this Advent season. Your post brought wisdom and out loud chuckles…
    Advent blessings,
    Bev xx

  3. We used to have a cute bird nest tucked in the tree with a mother bird and three little baby birds. Every time we left the house and came back, our cat would have knocked it out of the tree and scattered all the birds across the living room floor. We no longer put that nest with birds in the Christmas tree!

    Seems like almost every day I find myself reminding someone who is experience some serious unraveling in their life circumstances this same message you wrote about today. Only God is our true hope who can rescue us, and they are not just beautiful words, but a beautiful unfailing truth!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. OH! The guilty eyes of that puppy — caught in the act!
    Thank you for sharing that you keep your decorating simple.
    The pictures were perfectly elegant, and I’m inspired to do less and enjoy it more.

  5. A defining moment for me. Christmas is always a mixed bag of emotions because my dad was diagnosed with cancer one Christmas Day and died the next year the morning of New Year’s Eve. (Mom always chuckled that Daddy “took care of business ” so she wouldn’t have to file taxes on him for the next year!) We were blessed in that last year, because we really weren’t sure how long he would live after his diagnosis, and I was pregnant with my youngest daughter.
    My mom and I both are ornament collectors, and our trees are full of memories. She has no furry critters to disturb hers, but I live in a household full of human and animal children. Three cats and one confused Shih Tzu/poodle mix who sometimes thinks he’s a cat! My poor tree skirt, made so lovingly by my mother in law, is constantly rumpled from the games of tag. So far no tree climbers–we have an artificial tree due to allergies and an aversion to bugs that hitch a ride. But the evergreen reminds me of the life we have because of Christ’s sacrifice–both in leaving his heavenly realm to live in human form and his sacrifice on the cross. And no matter what other ornaments are hung, there is one that is very special and hangs on the innermost branches as a reminder of that sacrifice. Several years ago I found a replica of the spikes used to nail Jesus to that cross. Not just a little thing, either–it is a heavy metal and almost overwhelming to think of how it was used.
    Thank you for sharing your pictures , both the perfect and not so perfect. (Awwww! Busted!) May you and yours have a blessed Christmas season.

  6. Melissa, and it is only in the unraveling where we find our whole. His Name is Jesus and was born on Christmas Day! Enjoyed this post with the doggies! I am a subscriber of yours and love following your new home and at the present, the KITCHEN!!! xo

  7. See, this is why we have a Chihuahua. He can’t reach the ornaments. He does pee all over the tree skirt, though.

    Wonderful post, and not just because those pup pics are hilarious. Thanks for the reminder of what’s important to focus on this season.

  8. I get it, unraveling, I’ve felt that way. It does take grace to mend. My poodles and Yorkie, have always loved Christmas. My one baby Cozy, who’s in heaven, hated for me to undecorate.

  9. I soooo needed this. I absolutely love Christmas and I too try not to overdo it with decorating and events. However, this year my husband is just not in the Christmas spirit whatsoever, so we don’t even have a tree. In the past, he has always helped buy the gifts and even wrap them, but this year he has no interest. It’s difficult to understand why. We’ve had tough years in the past that included financial issues, addiction, the death of his brother, and my battle with breast cancer. But this year was a good year! Also, I come from a family where Christmas was special and celebrated in small and grand ways. Needless to say, I’m dying inside!

    I am trying to make it as enjoyable for him as possible without forcing too much on him (making a baked treat and just leaving it on the counter for him to enjoy without saying a word to him, connecting with family on get-together times so he doesn’t have to, etc.).

    This read was a great reminder that although Christmas doesn’t look the same for us this year, I can still celebrate it in my heart and prepare for the coming Christ-child. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Ashlee,

      I’m so sorry for the challenges your family has faced. That must weigh on him. I pray you had a wonderful Christmas and a special time with your husband, too.

  10. Melissa,

    Often times the holidays can be tough with death, illnesses, etc. If we would just stop-stop doing Christmas the world’s way and remember it is Christ’s birthday. The day He left the splendor of Heaven to come to this broken world. We need to receive the real gift of Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes. I am reminded of a song by Matthew West “The Day After Christmas”. It talks about the light of the world still being here.

    “Day After Christmas”
    Here comes the letdown Christmas is over
    Here comes the meltdown, there goes the cheer
    But before we have a breakdown, let us remember
    The light of the world is still here
    Happy day after Christmas
    And merry rest of the year
    Even when Christmas is over
    The light of the world is still here
    The light of the world
    Come January I’m ready for summer
    The Super Bowl’s over and I’ll settle for spring
    Sometimes we all need a change in the weather
    But it won’t change the reason we sing
    Happy day after Christmas
    And merry rest of the year
    Even when Christmas is over
    The light of the world is still here
    The light of the world
    The light of the world
    The light of the world
    So take down the stockings, take back the sweaters
    Take down the lights and the star and the tree
    But don’t let this world take your joy after Christmas
    Take joy to the world and just sing
    Happy day after Christmas
    And merry rest of the year
    Even when Christmas is over
    The light of the world is still here
    The light of the world [x7]

    Have a blessed Christmas everyone! 🙂

  11. It seems as things unravel I lean on Jesus more. Thanks for your post. And animals, you have to love them despite their antics. LOL

  12. Thank you for such inspiration and encouragement. Although this Christmas is tough as I am receiving Radiotherapy for Cancer every day and all seems to be unravelling, I have Hope. God’s grace and mercy are sufficient for each new day. I will rejoice and celebrate the birth of Jesus, My Lord and Saviour. Amen x