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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. Dawn,
    As I read your story and the luxury treatment your husband received…inwardly something said, “Hey, that’s not fair.” As my husband would say,” Fair is where you go to get cotton candy.” LOL. What a poignant reminder that this life is not fair…it’s merit and performance based. It’s based more on what you look like on the outside than what your heart looks like on the inside. So thankful I serve a God who doesn’t “rank” me on a giant list somewhere. When I accepted Christ as my Savior, I was immediately veiled in His blood through which God sees me as pure and perfect and NOTHING will alter that view of me. That’s a love that’s hard to get my head around sometimes. To use your analogy, so thankful I’m flying on God Airlines where all seats are first class…loved this post!
    Have a blessed Advent season, Dawn,

    • Morning, Bev! I shouldn’t want what’s fair because I might not like it too much, but I’m going to have to use “Fair is where you go to get cotton candy,” on my kids. 🙂 I’m afraid I didn’t handle the disparity in our treatment too well at first. It wasn’t my best wife moment.

    • Dawn and Bev,
      I ” stumbled across” this post via a Facebook “Remember This Day” Reminder from a Blog of yours from 6 years ago today on “Having a Bad Day,” which I am. Well, the link to the article was broken. So I wound up on your website and your blog from today. It was a God-send. God is so faithful and sovereign and gracious! Satan has been fulfilling his role with me as the Accuser of the Brethren. But Romans 8:33-34 declares Jesus is my great Defense Attorney. And He has proven Himself as the Comforter of my soul as He always does! Praise be to God!

  2. Thanks for these reflections of merit. I think that we, as North Americans, are accustomed to “first-class” treatment, and have come to expect it. It’s good to be reminded that God sees the whole world as “first class.” Trusting for grace to align my vision with His.

    • Michele, we are totally accustomed to it! I’ve caught myself standing in front of a public sink waiting for the water to run when I needed to turn that knob myself. Yes, He treats us as first class!

  3. Even as Christians sadly I see discrepancy in how we treat each other and yet when Jesus told us to love one another He left no qualification, no condition. He loved us all gave His very life for us all no qualification, no condition.Now if only we would stop and live the way He did…as the song says ” what a wonderful world this would be !”

  4. Dawn,

    Life is not fair. That was my motto for years. People judge on looks, talent, etc. God judges on grace. We just have to accept His unconditional love, believe in Him-His birth, death and resurrection. I want to fly on God airlines-no standby just welcome home Good and faithful servant.

    ‘We could never earn His love or favor; none deserve it, but He grants it still.’ I have often wondered how and why God would love someone like me. I mess up all the time and don’t always act Christ like. Yet He loves me still no matter what! I just need to confess my sins, ask for forgiveness and start afresh.

    Blessings 🙂

  5. Dawn,

    A profound truth you’ve shared here. The first few years of my Christian walk had me trying to check all the boxes to earn His love. Praise Him for revelation! I pray through this post someone comes to KNOW & RECEIVE the gift of agape love.

  6. Maybe God knew your husband needed it more than you that day, that’s the way I try to look at things. Perspective is important. Jesus perceived things in the Word. I was raised in Atlanta, and now I live to the south of it near Jackson.

    • Rebecca, yes I’m sure he did need it more. My attitude just needed a major adjustment. It certainly wasn’t his fault that he got preferential treatment! 😉 It sounds like you understand that the Atlanta airport is always an adventure!

  7. Jesus has a way of causing us all to look at things through His perspective and not the world’s when He said the first shall be last and the last shall be first…

  8. Hi what a great post, today I learned I did not receive a scholarship which was and most are awarded on academic merit to do a Masters in peace and conflict studies. My job was made full time I am currently part time and I chose not to apply for my job as it is hard enough working 3/4 time with 3 kids. So I was looking outside the box at doing this masters feeling like maybe I was called to do it by God, now I not so sure, do I continue and apply to do the course full time? Is this where God wants me to go to learn skills to help people or is it purely what I want? I don’t know, but your post reminded me of Gods love for me not because of merits awarded by the world but because of his son’s sacrifice. I am still not sure what to do but I know He is right there with me.

  9. I can totally relate to the first few minutes of annoyance you felt, I don’t know if I would have been so gracious so quickly, without milking it for my benefit e.g a spa day just for myself, haha. I love the lessons you learned through it, and how true and what a great reminder that, God is no respecter of persons, and He can choose to bless absolutely anybody.

    • I must have been slow that day because I didn’t think to milk it. 😉 We ended up sitting side-by-side on our three remaining flights. What a blessing!

  10. I’m so glad that we serve an amazing God who doesn’t look at any of us differently. So often, I find myself doubting myself, but quickly God reminds that “he is no respecter of persons.” He loves all of us equally. How amazing!