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Lisa-Jo is the best-selling author of Never Unfriended and Surprised by Motherhood. Her newest book, The Middle Matters: Why That (Extra)Ordinary Life Looks Really Good on You invites us to get a good look at our middles and gives us permission to embrace them.

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  1. Mother of 3 babes- Just had one of these days, weeks, years! THANKS for the recognition πŸ™‚

  2. Amen sister!! What a great read for everyone today!!! Rock on Brave girls! Rock on!

  3. Lisa-Jo,
    I don’t know a single person who would read this and not say “Thank you, thank you” with heartfelt gratitude. We ALL long to acknowledged, recognized, appreciated, and loved. Thank you for being God’s mouthpiece today!
    Many blessings and a medal back to YOU for making this a safe and loving place to be,
    Bev xx

    • Thanks Bev! Funnily enough when the post popped up this morning for a second I forgot I’d written it and I was encouraged too πŸ™‚ We all need us a medal some days!

  4. I literally just cried through that whole thing…no one is really speaking those words into my heart in real time….so thank you….

  5. Once again, stay at home dads get nothing. Oh wait, they get to watch the stay at home moms, working moms, and working dads get their medals. I guess that’s kind of cool.

    • George,
      I think you deserve a medal. Don’t short change yourself, you were probably included in there somewhere.

      Have a good day,


    • George, to You a Medal for taking your children lives into your hands. For nurturing them, helping them with homework, cooking and cleaning and bringing up those babies to know that not only do they have a heavenly father that loves them, but an earthly one as well. Kudos to you for being there for your children!

    • George,

      You get a medal and ALL the appreciation that goes with it!

      In your response I could feel the same pain and neglect that women speak about regularly, and on a human level and a Godly level…that is NOT cool!

      Your role in your child(ren)’s world is purposeful and you ARE making a difference so please don’t seek approval from anyone else, just know that God is pleased with your dedication to family.

      All the best…BE encouraged!

    • Thank you George for making the sacrifice to stay at home with your children. I hope you know you are appreciated.

    • George,
      I think stay-at-home dads rock! My sons have been blessed by a friend who’s sons go to school with mine. He hosts them after school, cooks amazing food, gives them rides and blesses our family in many ways. His kids are growing up to be fine young men. Your kids are bessed by your care!

    • Hey George,
      Isn’t the (in)courage community all kinds of awesome? We serve as a home for the hearts of women, but here you are and here are our friends giving you kudos. We love it!

      We did a little looking around and found several websites/groups just for dads that may be uplifting places for you:
      – SAHDs Facebook group:
      – One Christian Dad blog:
      – A big list of faithbased sites for dads:

      Hope that’s a good start to help you to find a great community where you can affirm each other and the good, hard work you’re all doing in raising your kids. And hand out the {virtual} medals, of course πŸ™‚

    • George,

      These medals are for stay-at-home dads too. They have it somewhat rougher than the moms. Everyone expects moms to stay home, but men are supposed to be the bread earners. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring for you little ones. God sees your daily struggles and gives you a great big Hallelujah! Your kids will be ever blessed to have a dad home to teach them!

      Blessings πŸ™‚

  6. Lisa-Jo,
    Today’s lesson was great. I was a single Mom and worked hard to provide for my kids. The days when I was so tired, I worked till 6, then picked up my kids, made dinner supervised homework, baths, stories, prayers, and then bed.
    I am now a grandmother in waiting. I can’t wait to spoil my new grandbaby when he is born in February.

  7. Thank you. I would like to also give a medal to you. For your encouraging words and reminding us all that each and everyone of us is special and important.

  8. Thank-you Lisa Jo,

    I would also like to give you a medal for your inspiration, apart from all else that you do.
    It’s amazing when you think of all the daily tasks that keep things running.
    I learned the other day at parent group that ties in with this: Be kind to yourself by saying good things to yourself. Personally I found this to be hard, but by doing so it helps boost confidence, and leaves you feeling more positive.

    Have a good day everyone,


  9. Thank you for your post. You made my heart (and face) smile☺. May God continue to bless you as you encourage others.

  10. Thank you– from a former single mom to a grandma of 12- a 4 year b cancer survivor- that cant “do too much housework anymore” — you brought a smile to my heart and a tear in my eye that somewhere- someone actually might care. God bless YOU– You deserve the medal.

  11. As an almost empty nester, I want to spread this post to all my little mama friends far and wide. Your words are generous grace-filled seeds of hope and I give you the million ditto thumbs up! LOVE!

  12. Ugly cry. Mascara running, red-nosed, heaving chest ugly cry. Thank you… I’m gonna take that medal and stand like an Olympian…running the race of three teenagers and a tween and a kindergartner and homeschool and co op and ministry and being a supportive wife and a messy house and all the piles of laundry and so much failure and trying again…I needed somebody to acknowledge that it matters. I’m gonna wear that medal proudly then I’m gonna pass this on to some other Mamas who I’m sure will ugly cry too because they need it too. Seriously… I love you Lisa-Jo.

  13. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you again, a million times over for this! I so needed these words today, as a mom of three little boys, 5 and under, with an hour commute to work each way. I am crying at work right now as I am reading this, and I want to read it over and over again so I don’t ever forget it. I hope someone gives you a medal today too, Lisa Jo

    • Leigh! I wish your medal was made of milk and cookies today. Because even moms (especially moms) need to be reminded how significant they are and how their work is appreciated. You are a wonder!

  14. Thank you, I so need this reminder! No one is saying thank you over here for the homework help, the calls to the school on their behalf, the patient ear during the late night tantrum…sigh. It will bear fruit one day.

  15. Thank you Lisa-Jo, needed that more than I can say. Age 70 this Nov., step-mom to 3 grown children (hard stuff); grandmother to 9 yr old boy who has been with us (along with his mom) since birth….he is a wonderful precious blessing to our lives….helping his mom bring him up in the Lord….an overworked husband….caring for 2 elderly sick pets…..trying to keep home & hearth while battling something I’ve been suffering for several years. But through it all, every day as I sometimes struggle just to get out of bed and do it all over again…..there is hope…..and His Name is Jesus! Thank You Lord Jesus for Your amazing grace and strength…..for Your grace IS sufficient and Your strength is made perfect in weakness. Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy Name!!!

  16. The power of your virtual medals, Lisa-Jo, is demonstrated by the heartfelt gratitude of all these comments. Too many people are feeling under-appreciated! You’ve inspired me to watch for medal-worthy actions, then share words of commendation and encouragement. Lord, help me be mindful of the selfless, thoughtful, and generous folks around me–family members, friends, and strangers alike.

  17. I just have to say thank you! Baby is teething and the big kids have dance exams coming up so more rehearsals to sit through than usual and I just felt so tired this morning and then I read this! Thank you for putting the courage back into me today!

    P.S. I brought myself a chocolate medal

  18. Thanks Lisa-Jo. Sometimes we find it hard to accept a thank you for something that is supposed to come so naturally (LOL) to us, something we are supposed to enjoy and find delight in doing and being (a momma), but we still need to hear a thank you and realize the great job and big job we are doing. My dad started thanking me for being a good wife and daughter and for making dinners for the family and such about five years before he died. At first I was a little surprised. He wasn’t thanking me for something I had done for him. Finally one night during our phone calls I asked him why he was thanking me. He said, “Theresa I grew up working hard on the farm and doing things for the family and I don’t remember ever hearing a thank you. And one day I got to thinking that few people hear a thank you for doing what everyone thinks they should do. And yet we all want to be noticed and appreciated.” Boy was he right.

  19. This is so sweet! I was reading through, amen-ing and planning to share it with the young mamas in my life, then I got to the grandma shout-out and just about burst into tears! Thanks for my medal!

  20. I.m a sahgm raising my teen grandkids since birth. What r those yrs called empty nesters. Well i.m being blessed everyday just to consistently tell them God loves them. Us gramms do get once in a while a God Bless which makes our day. But its not about us but Jesus first n wat he gave us. N still gives. He came to serve n if were to b like Him then we serve. Thanks so much Lisa. But some gramms are older n tired n need help but go on by His Grace. I.m 60 n get tired but i move on towards the prize. Someday i hope 2 write a book. To share the journey an also how we have a child who went to be with God. So i move i give i Love cuz He Loved me n Loves me thru it all.blessings have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Thank you so much. I stand in the kitchen right now and read and tears run over my face. I am so hurt and the children too. So it is so good to read these words. And I now God sees everything every single thing I do. And he is here in the midst of this hard time.

  22. Love this. I needed to read this. I’m full of gratitude for your words, not just for me but for all the people out there who are living the messy thing called life. So, thank you.

  23. Judy, you are a LEGEND. What a champion, raising your grandkids and pushing on.
    I am a mum of 3, part time university student ( finally decided to “get qualified” after I had three kids, what was I thinking?!) and my youngest is special needs (2 y.o).
    Thanks Lisa Jo for your encouragement.

  24. And thank you to the mom who writes, in the car pool line or while waiting for the bus in all kinds of weather, so she can give an encouraging words to those who need lifting-up as much as she.

    You are amazing Lisa-jo. Love you girl!

  25. Lisa-Jo,

    Medals all around to stay at home moms and dads. Anyone raising children deserves a medal! I never had children, but have found myself “raising” my aging parent. Talk about tough. Hard to become the parent to your own parent. God handed me the job and I did my best to see him through all his trials. I even had to quit my job to be more available for him! Thanks for making us feel appreciated!

    Blessings πŸ™‚

  26. Thumbs up and golden medals for all of us who have been enduring terrible PMS pains each month since a long time. We could never use the pains as excuses, could not take sick leaves or days off even if they were really unbearable at times. Works still had to be done, we could not stay in bed, food had to be cooked, houses to be cleaned and so on… Medals to us for being so brave all the way through!!

  27. I am back to working full time helping moms with breastfeeding at an overseas location with the military. I see the hard times they all have and boy do I want to wrap these sweet things and their babies up in my arms and love them through this journey. I am so thankful for friends who supported me when I struggled with my little and pray each day that I am a place for these moms to find comfort and understanding during the early days of feeding babies, lack of sleep an generally wondering what in the world they got into to! I know these mommies are doing God’s work and in my current job I can’t profess these ideals but I do pray for each and everyone of them each and every day.

  28. I had tears running down my face half way through reading this. Encouragement like this is priceless! Thank you for these precious truth-filled words!

  29. Just came across this and many tears came!! I’ve been struggling with feeling like I’ve messed up so bad in parenting and I know His grace is sufficient for me, for my strength is made perfect in weakness! I also love the comment about saying nice things to yourself, Penny! Thanks to all the “parents” out there in whatever place you find yourselves! God is with us and for us and He delights in us always and forever!!

  30. Lisa-Jo, I just hope you know how incredibly much you bless us all by your heartfelt, loving, humbling posts! You spill out the Love of Jesus by your vulnerable writing and it really, really encourages me and makes me love Jesus more. You are a warrior for God’s kingdom – may you always know that!