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Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several books, including Growing Slow. She and her husband live on the family farm, raising crops, pigs, and two humans. She’s a fan of dark chocolate, emojis, eighties music, bright lipstick, and Netflix binges. She wants to live life in such a way...

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  1. So lovely…keep shining for Him! I will use your words and shared wisdom to encourage my loved ones to likewise shine !

  2. My prayer is that where ever I am and where ever I go I will lift up Jesus so the world can see Jesus In Me!

  3. Thank you. I needed to hear this. I have been writing some short stories. One I wrote yesterday was how God showed himself to me through the sunlight shining off a building and I was concerned about sharing it. I was writing about loneliness and how God is the only one we need. I felt compelled to write it and hopefully share it. I wanted to tell people how God ministered to me that day. I didn’t want it to seem weird or bragging.

  4. Amazing. I just experienced this on Friday. I wanted to share what I learned in my quiet time on Friday morning with my fellow teachers where I work. I was so afraid of looking like I was bragging or promoting myself. I struggled with this exact concept. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • I think it’s common to so many of us, especially when we know the great value of humility. I hope you were able to let your beautiful light shine brightly this week, Adrienne.

  5. Jennifer,

    Last week I let my little light shine. I know a little (very little) sign language. I have singed to music for my church. Last week while visiting my dad at the assisted living the Seniors Center Singers were there to entertain the residents. The director knows that I can do Amazing Grace and they always end with that song (I’ve done it for them before). They asked me to come up and do it for them again. It thrilled the singers and residents alike. Each week I visit my dad I always say hi to the other residents and give them a smile and hug. I know their days can be long.

    I don’t want to hide my talents and be found lazy-rather I want to hear “Well done thou good and faithful servant”.

    Blessings 🙂

  6. Girl.
    Thank you. Thank you for being obedient to share this.
    After purposely putting myself “on the shelf” for a time of rest & healing, I have begun to feel the stirring of the Holy Spirit to share the gifts He has given me. But I am afraid. I’m reading your “Love Idol” book, and it is reaching the depths of my soul that needed fixing.
    But this…especially this quote from Marianne Williams…this is what it is!!!
    So thank you for “turning the light on”.

  7. Jennifer,
    Your post ties in with one that Holley Gerth wrote about how the enemy doesn’t necessarily attack us where our weaknesses are, no, he goes after the jugular – where our strengths are and seeks to make us feel inadequate in the areas where we really shine or excel.

    The same goes for letting our light shine. The enemy loves to tell us that we are being braggarts and pompous if we shine for God. I think the key, at least for me, is letting people know just where my light and giftedness comes from. I want my life to be a giant arrow that not only shines its light, but points right toward the One who makes it possible – God!! Great light-filled post…may every day be show and tell 🙂
    Bev xx

  8. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for shedding light on this verse today! LIGHT is my word of the year, and one of my mantras is this verse. My “hiding” looks very similar to yours: I put words on paper that flow from God through my pen, then I conceal them with a cover of fear…fear of boasting or appearing self-righteous, and fear of being misunderstood by the world. My fears are torn apart by the truth, particularly Galatians 6:14 (for some reason NLT is meeting my heart today): “As for me, may I never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of that cross, my interest in this world has been crucified, and the world’s interest in me has also died.” Boom! Both fears nullified by the truth. In awe of Him this morning. Happy Sunday! Shine on.

  9. I love the twist of hiding, not because we’re inadequate, but because we’re powerful. What will people think or say? But, when I shine, I give other people permission to shine too.

  10. I’ve been debating and praying about whether I should submit a guest post to another Christian blog I follow. Between this and another post by Alia Joy I read the other day I feel like God’s giving me a green light on this. Thank you.

  11. Thank you so much for this. I have just got a big promotion and all of my colleagues are unhappy about it. They think I am inadequate. I have been spending my past week to gain back their favor by playing it very small. Lord, help me live for you and shine for your glory, no matter what… Amen

  12. My Pinterest board is loaded with verses and pictures, and a lot of peaceful calming themes. I did it for fun but found it a refreshing way to encourage women, so I started blogging. The Pinterest board lets you connect to 4 blogs. I can’t hide my words anymore, I never wanted to, Jesus never wanted me to. The devil went for the jugular, he went after my heart, but that was a mistake because Jesus was in it! He’s all i have to brag acout and the only reason I can shine! Thank you Jesus! Let you light shine us this Sunday.

  13. Amen!
    Thank you Jennifer. I have been hiding behind the excuse of a broken modem last week after I declared I’d be brave and let others know about my project. Your writing is such a timely follow up…with modem now fixed, I must not hide.

  14. Wow! So encouraging. I hate bragging about myself and what I am doing, so I tend to downplay what I am doing, even when asked, and then turn the conversation to the other person. I need to quit hiding my talents/light.

    • I truly believe when we let our lights shine, we can do so without bragging or being boastful. I hope that you were able to let your light shine brightly this week, Theresa.

  15. Thank you Jennifer!! I think God is doing some big things through the power of words, and your’s are encouraging so many. I’ve been reading The Happiness Dare, as well as many of your blog posts and I appreciate every word you share. THIS post really hits home for me. I have been working on a book for over two years that only a select few knew of, but now it’s in the hands of my publisher and it’s time to “let it shine”. Thank you for the reminder to BE BOLD.