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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Robin,
    First, I am really curious about the Craving Connection book…you know I love y’all’s writing and would love to add this to my library!! Second, call me silly, but I see God winking at me all the time. I really don’t think anything is coincidence. One day I was sitting at my kitchen table writing my blog and it was bringing up some feelings of missing the simplicity of my growing up years in Pittsburgh and of course that makes me miss my dad who passed away 5 years ago. I have a bird feeder right outside my kitchen window and just then a beautiful bright yellow finch lighted on the feeder then along came a black capped chickadee. Well, if these two weren’t the perfect picture of Pittsburgh black and gold, I don’t know what was?? It brought a warm smile to my face as I felt the tears run down my cheeks. God-winks…they’re everywhere…we just need to keep our eyes focused on looking for them. Loved this!!
    Bev xx

    • Ooooo, I LOVE your example, Bev! I can almost see it, too. Beautiful reminder in this instance just how much you’re loved and KNOWN.

      I was hoping the link would be live to share the Craving Connection website! It’s *that* close, my friend, and I can tell you from experience, you’re going to LOVE it xoxoxox.

    • Sarah,

      Ha! You got us! We’re close close close, I promise! It will be worth the wait, and DO stay tuned for more news :).

      You’re such an encouragement to me. Thank you.

  2. I often receive “God-Winks” (a phenomenon named by SQuire Rushnell, who has authored a number of books regarding the topic), and try to pay attention to them. I keep a running list of these “God-Winks” lest I forget God’s attention to even the small details of our lives. My two favorites occurred fairly recently. I got an idea for a project for which I needed a small piece of screening, and another project that required a small piece of plastic strapping. Lo and behold, a piece of screening larger than I needed appeared by mailbox, and the same thing with the piece of plastic sometime later. Now mind you, the mailbox is down a long, steep driveway next to a heavily traveled country road, and I only retrieve the mail once or twice a week. So pay attention, and I think we will see that God often provides even the most random things for his beloved children !

    • Jean,

      Great minds? 🙂

      The example you shared makes me happy. SO personal, and undeniable timing. So glad you took time to share, and to let us know about a resource regarding this very thing.

  3. I would also love to have a copy of this book “Craving Connection”!! Thanks so much for all your encouragement and kind, supportive, uplifting words and stories. God bless you in all ways!

  4. Thank you for your lovely visual display of God’s ability to get our attention through details. He knows our hearts and I personally think he takes pleasure providing us with these vignettes of pure unadulterated love only He can provide. We seek it continuously, craving it out of a desperation to feel connected to something that would make sense of this life. Some people feel it through music, others through nature and the list goes on. I am very thankful for these God winks. They keep me going on unsteady days when on my own I would loose focus.
    I need to keep a better list because sometimes I forget how much He loves me…

    • That’s not a bad idea, Julie…keeping a list we can access for those days we NEED reminding. I know there are too many times I forget how well God knows and loves me. Great idea!

  5. Oh, I love those moments! I know they happen regularly but I forget too quickly and get caught up again in the busyness of life. I should start keeping a list!

  6. Robin, I love when God “winks” I love even more when I can recognize it. Thank you for sharing this story and encouraging us to look for places where He is encouraging Us.

  7. Dear Robin,
    A reminder to be aware of God-winks Thank you! Full on life and busyness can blind my eyes from seeing sometimes.
    The book, Craving Connection, where, how, when is it available? So interested!!! God bless you.

    • Well, rumor has it, more information is coming SOON. Keep your eyes peeled because you’ll be able to learn more about it in the days to come…. 😉

  8. So often we glance over our shoulders, sensing real or imagined condemnation from God.
    I love the way your words invite me to look far and wide for evidence to prove what God says Himself about His crazy love for us: He sings over us with joy! I’m hearing the melody as I read your post today!

  9. Well isn’t this just the most fun! LOVE your heart so much Robin and those photos are a delight. Such a joy to get to live life and God winks alongside you, friend.

  10. He is everywhere, in everything, and small miracles happening everyday. If we stay true, remain calm, and learn to listen, our cravings only increase. Writing a book on how wicked events can be totally worthy when God is in charge! Love you all -Godspeed! Lyn❤

  11. My eyes started to open to God’s winks or kisses on my cheek when I read Ann’s book and started counting all the ways He loves me… it opened up my eyes to see how I walked so blindly … how I unknowingly trampled on the seeming ordinary things that actually were truly extraordinary winks from God. I love the hymn… this is my Fathers’ world… and He speaks to me everywhere! I love your story… how your heart and eyes are open to see and receive these gifts from Abba ❤️

    • Sometimes I call them God-kisses, too, Ro :). I decided for the sake of simplicity, I’d only refer to it one way. God kisses and winks and hugs, oh my! <3

  12. You have made me more aware of these times with this post. I’ll be on the lookout for the God winks and pray I’ll recognize them when I see them! Great post friend!!

    • Something tells me that you’ll see them all around you now. That makes me smile :). THANK YOU for sharing my post with a FB share, too. So grateful when people share those words prayed and poured over… xoxo

  13. My God winks are butterflies, usually pairs, that will play around me and follow me to the mailbox or just be outside the window. The first time they came was when I was in tears sitting on the porch many years ago. They were angels then and they are angels now.

    • I have a friend who sees God in butterflies, too :). They’re a link to her best friend who was taken by cancer when she was far too young…. I think of my friend, and her friend when I see those butterflies. They’re grace-filled creatures :).

  14. What a beautiful post! I wish I were going to tell of my own personal “God winks” that have happened in my life. Oh how i need one (or twenty) right now. Especially now. I’m in the midst of a very difficult time of my life with some serious decisions that need to be made. I’ve been praying and crying out to God to please “just show me somehow that I am doing the right thing” or “show me a different path”. Yet I’m feeling like He is so far away and either I’m completely missing his “wink” or there aren’t any. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!! How can I be so far off the mark? Any suggestions for seeing those “God winks”? Could there really be none or am I just not able to see/hear/feel them? Where am i going wrong? I so desperately need hear something from Him.

    • Oh, Laura…I feel the weight of your waiting. It can be frustrating or confusing or even hurtful when you can’t sense God in your circumstances. I’m not qualified in a professional sense to offer suggestions, but I can offer you what I’d offer a friend sitting in my kitchen right now. Seek God first, not the answer to your question(s); I do NOT mean to oversimplify your obviously serious choices, but I’ve found that it’s an easy thing to say those words, but saying them isn’t the same thing as DOING them. The will of God is for us to love, obey, forgive, follow (Him), and share Christ. When I’m faced with decisions, and especially when I’m clueless how to proceed, I’ve begun asking myself, “What does following God look like in this situation?” “How can I love in this circumstance” “Is there offense I need to forgive?” etc.

      I’m praying for you, Laura. Specifically that God would graciously send you a Godwink in the days to come, and that you would recognize it, celebrate it, and be amazed by God. Please keep me posted.

      • Robin, thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment today. Your words touched my heart and I want you to know I needed to hear every word!
        Thank you for the prayers. Always needed. 🙂
        I’m thinking maybe this was my Godwink!!??
        I will keep you posted for sure.
        Thank you, Robin.

    • Laura,

      Praying for you now sweet sister. May God shower you with His love. I pray you sense His peace in your soul! May He give you a discerning heart to know His will for you life right now!

      Blessings 🙂

  15. Robina, your God Wink moment put a big smile from my heart to my face! It also reminded me of mine…way back in Aug, I was have this big doubt moment about my project. Book was in press…and I got scared of the reality of the next steps. Owerwhelmed at the same time with doing up a website by myself although I’m not techno saavy…I whinged to God as I walked home from dropping off my daughter at school. I got distracted by the pretty flowers along the way and took a picture. Didn’t think twice about it and kept on whinging. When I got home, I took the picture out to look at and my God wink moment….the flower was in the shape of a little bunny. My project’s name is tooth bunny!! Totally in awe. I knew what I had to do….

  16. As soon as I began reading I knew this was an answer to a prayer I prayed this very morning. A God-wink just for me.
    Thank you Robin, I can’t wait to get my own copy of Craving Connection and see how God continues to speak to me…

  17. When is this book coming out ? I need to read this !!! I love the quote you wrote about Eric Liddell… there are a few things in my life … three to be exact that I can say I feel God winking at me when I do them… or as Eric would say…
    When I dance…I can feel His pleasure… When I create… (write, make cards, scrapbooks, bake, sew, paint, create with wood or clay or whatever… ) I feel His pleasure… and When I call or write or invite a friend over that I know needs encouragement… and I can feel their joy …. then I can also feel His pleasure. When I do that which I was created to do… I always feel His presence and His energy flowing through me. I needed to hear this today… as I am embarking on a rather large creative endeavor…. and I needed to read and hear and drink this in. And I need to read this book.

  18. Robin,

    Love your writing and have missed you for a while now. I recently had a “God Wink”. My aging dad is getting “back to his normal”. He would tell me “you don’t have to come visit me all the time”. Ok. I decided to look for a job. On Friday 10/7 a friend called and told me of a good part-time job in town working for a family business. I immediately got my paperwork ready. Sunday night I told my pastor’s wife that I was apply to work there & she just happens to know the owners, personally and professionally. She called them Monday morning and told them I was coming in. I got there and mentioned her name. I was asked to fill out an application and given an interview right on the spot. The next day the owner called to ask a few questions. God’s timing is “perfect”. That Thursday they called and offered me the job over the phone. I start Monday 10/24. That had to be God’s doing. The job is only three blocks from where my dad is in the assisted living. I can check on him after work.

    Blessings 🙂

  19. I was blessed by a God confirmation in 1994 to move from Jacksonville, FL to Hendersonville, NC with a neon light rainbow billboard so I was really chuckling during your opening paragraphs. God did grace me with a very clear sign when I asked to see a rainbow on a terribly black, pouring down rainy afternoon. As I rounded the curve on I95 – lo and behold there was a billboard sign with a lit-up neon rainbow telling me to move. And it was the thing we did for our marriage and our family. So yes – signs of confirmation can be flashing neon lights or rainbows in the windshield. HUGS and Blessings!

  20. Such a beautiful testament to God’s wink at us that day! I needed to read this today as I sit missing his “wink” at me. I know that he sees me, hears me, and knows the deep desires of my heart, because he made me. Thank you for the reminder, encouragement, and the beautiful memory of the day we sat at your table and you read me (and Tracey) the story of your past 15 years. I truly felt as if you had eyes to see into my soul and you were reading my heart in this current season. How sweet of God to wink at me and even hug me to let me know that he has some purpose in this season and some reason for where he is leading. Thank you for helping me to get my eyes off of my circumstance and back onto the size of my God! Cannot wait to get a copy of that book! Love you!!!

    • Friend, it was pure joy that you (and Tracey) were by my side literally, emotionally, spiritually. You have sharpened me in ways known and unknown, and I’m eager to see where the Lord takes us. I believe that “such a time is this…” and I’m ready to know the THIS of us!! xoxo LOVE you!

  21. I love God-winks! I thought my friend Paula and I invented the word! Ha!
    We would see our Pastor preach on the same verses Sunday as we had studied earlier in the week, with our women’s bible study group time and time again. (We co-facilitated it together.)
    I personally have one story that had multiple God-winks in it! I planned a trip out of state with my daughter and 2 grand kids, and oh my, did God have fun?
    To this day I know God ‘messed’ with my computer while reserving a rental car. I got a rate so low on the rental car that even the lady behind the counter asked “How did you get these rates? I’ve never seen them this low.” I just smiled! 😉 And during this same trip, I saw something that has shocked me to this day! My favorite word is “Believe” and I have it on several plaques, several kinds of stationery, etc. all over my house. While on the freeway driving my ‘lowest rate’ rental car, a bright red sports car comes out of nowhere and pulls in front of us. I looked at the license and it had one word on it “Believe”! I thought I was seeing things but my daughter and grandchildren saw it too. I took a quick photo of it as it exited the freeway, and it was gone just as quickly as it appeared. These are only a few of the God-winks in this story… I probably need to write a book. 😉
    I think God loves to bless us with God-winks and I never get tired of them!!
    Thanks for this today Robin! I loved it!