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Sharing Jesus via the arts is Melanie's forte. She is a playwright, blogger, and directs a Christian Theatre team.

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  1. I love this.things have been changing in my life and me and my famity have been stuck and misarble I guess I need to have faith.a couple days ago I was saying to my self I need to regroup and get it together.thank you for. This story

    • Thank you, Melanie! When this popped up in my email, I just knew I had to read it. I will be starting my third week at a new job after leaving my previous job of 12 1/2 years. I had been praying about it for some time, and God opened a new door; I knew I had to follow. Even when I had the slightest doubt about leaving my old job, I knew I had to trust His plan for me. I’m loving this new job, and I don’t dread going to work anymore. There are still some changes that are going on through this transition, but I don’t fear them. I know this is where I’m supposed to be, and it’s also a positive change for my family.

  2. Thank you for this encouragement. I recently lost my husband very unexpectantly. We had so many plans for the future. Now I’m having to plan my future without him. God is sustaining me through His Word, His promises, & His people. That still does not keep the flood of tears away frim this season of grieving & hard change. I’m leaning hard on Prov. 3: 5&6.

    • Oh Diane – I’m so sorry for your loss dear. I know these are unfamiliar places for you dear – death brings so many places of hurt that it’s hard to articulate how we feel – but know that God will bring new joy into your life in his season. Prayers to you sweet girl!

    • Diane….I share yr pain….I lost my husband unexpectedly as well five years ago….. my life verse is Prov.3:5,6…..cling to those scriptures that minister to you and allow the best husband of all , Jesus to comfort, protect ,provide and love you beyond your wildest imagination…..

    • Diane,

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray that the Lord will comfort you during this painful time.

      Take care,

    • Diane, I’m also sorry for your painful loss, and will send up a prayer on your behalf. May you feel the comfort and strength of God as he becomes your husband for this season. This puts my small problems into perspective, and causes me to be more thankful in my own unknown times of transition. God bless you, sister.

    • Diane,

      So sorry sweet one! May God bring comfort & healing to your soul! I pray peace will abound!! Praying for you now sweet sister~~ May God bring about some joy and gladness in the midst of this sorrow.

      Blessings 🙂

  3. Melanie,
    This is beautiful…so many words of Truth jump out, but the ones that really hit me were, “Change brings us closer to God.” And, “Mourning is only for a season.” Often in change, something is being stripped away and we are forced to see that God is constant. He never falls away. He is always there and ready to uphold us with His righteous right hand. He is good all the time and will love us through the changes. Also, so thankful, that God promises to walk with us THROUGH the valley. He won’t leave us stuck there. Mourning will only last for a season and though weeping endures through the night, joy will come in the morning. So thankful for a God who sees us through what we are going through here and now and promises us a future. This is truly lovely, Melanie.

  4. Both children in college and a lot of people look of sadness to us – we keep ourselves v e r y busy!
    I attend the rosary, teach religion and once a week date with husband –

  5. Thanks for the reminder that our God is the Lord of our tomorrows. He has us in the palm of His hands.
    I’ve recently been told that my work contract with an organisation would not be renewed. I’m trusting God for new openings and opportunities. He knows what’s best and goes ahead to make my crooked places straight.

  6. Melanie,
    This brought tears. This brought hope, this brought trust. “…every life transformation that brings pain, God is allowing something new to be born”. I am in the process of some huge changes right now. And the pain is just as big. I’m stepping out on water, focusing on Jesus as much as I can.
    Thank you for helping me.

  7. This is perfect for the season of transition our family is currently in. We are relocating due to some family circumstances. It’s been difficult riddled with many disabilities, tension, worry, tears. Like a devastating cancer against us month by month. We’ve prayed and prayed again. Still we wait to find a new place. Lost both my parents in four months time. It’s not been easy, but today God is still the God of our transitions too. So Amen sister, we do have Him. He is all we need.

  8. Thank you so much for this spiritual encouragement.
    I’ve had so much change in two years from heartbreak , death, moving … its overwhelming.
    Yet when I read this it puts it in Godly terms.
    Bless you for reminding me this is God’s plan and to trust it

  9. This is the second time I have heard this message in the past weeks, God knows I need repetition. I am a single mom and at a crossroads too; my boys are moving out (college and a job), I am selling my home and celebrating a milestone birthday. All good things, but a bit scary to not have a “next step” plan laid out…until I remember I don’t have to. God has a plan for me. Thanks for the reminder <3

  10. Moving forward at 35 years old, still a single woman, with my parents growing older day after day, and seemingly faster than before. With a challenging job, threatening to terminate anytime soon. Living in a very poor country where opportunities and choices are so thin. Lord, I am so scared of my tomorrow and my future. Where do I go? To whom do I turn to? Bring hope into my heart and changes from your hands into my life

    • Zoe,

      Please know that you are in my prayers for some peacefulness during this difficult time.

      Blesing to you,


    • Zoe,

      Praying for you in this uncertain time! Turn your eyes upon Jesus and let Him take your burdens. I understand aging parents all to well and will pray God keeps them healthy!! May God bring about His peace & strength as you endure these trials. Lean on this Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future”. Oh Sweet Zoe I pray you feel God holding you tenderly in your hands!

      Blessings 🙂

  11. Through this post God helped me season that I have been fighting the slow, ugly-beautiful, season change. Both literally emotionally, I have been trying to take the ever-present, always coming, beautiful season of fall and turn it into what I think it should be instead of accepting it as it is coming, morning and releasing my expectations of what I thought it was going to be and walking in was it is. This has manifested itself through some changes that my oldest is continuing to adjust to in school (4th grade) and unexpected changes at work. I thought I could handle the change. I thought I was prepared for it but I am slowly realizing I am not as prepared as I thought I was. Moreover, I have taken my thoughts and expectations and tried to mold what I thought should be into something that I wanted and when it wouldn’t work I wanted to push back and retreat. But I am realizing that retreating is not going to stop the change. Retreating is not going to make me happy, bring me peace or joy. But only when I release my expectations, see ny circumstances for what they are, accept and walk in the change, will I experience the joy and peace my soul longs for. Please pray that I will continue to release my expectations, see the circumstances for what they are, accept them and walk in the change that is ever so present; but do so in the fun fall boots with a warm cup of tea!!

    • Oh Jenn dear … I so remember retreating and resisting … pushing it back. Prayers for you to let go and let GOD have his way to enrich you, grow you and show you just how big of GOD HE IS!!! Blessings to you dear!

  12. This could not have smacked me in the face right after a revelation concerning this very thing! Earlier this week the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the Root to my Indecisiveness is from the Instability of my childhood upbringing! EVERYTHING CLICKED IN SECONDS!!!! My life changed earlier this week. I realized in that moment that God wanted another layer removed to go deeper in me. I realized that HIS love is UNFAILING. See I’ve been taking it upon myself to plan a wedding for myself to a man that has not yet proposed (we know we’re courting for a purpose to be married) but even in that God had to reveal to me my own heart and it wasn’t pretty. So this has truly blessed my soul! It was the healing agent God sent this morning to seal the wound from childhood and birth a new beginning. Needless to say I know where my faith truly lies now! Thank you!

    • Bless your heart Erica! Praise GOD for breakthroughs and that sweet balm that fills in the cracks and holes in our heart! May HE continue to enlighten you to His perfect plan for your life! GOD bless sweet one!

  13. This was so appropriate a reading for me today. I’m wrestling with moving my 88 year old mother in with my husband and myself
    Not for health reasons but for financial reasons. I feel so torn, because wants to live where she is and be independent and many years ago, I had promised she could. But time changed that and I find circumstances forcing a change that may or may not be the right thing for all of us. If this change is God ordained, shouldn’t I feel peace?

    • Dear sweet Manju … I am so sorry for all the changes that are bringing unrest to you and your mother. There have been many times that I have felt the pangs of change that I did not want to accept – I did not have peace in any of these places to be honest … especially when my father died unexpectedly. I kept going back to the scripture in Ecclesiastes 1 – “For everything there is a season.” It was in these places that felt wrong that I had to let my faith kick in and say … “Okay God … you have me here for a reason. I can’t see it now, but help me endure through it till you bring me to a better place in my life.” I pray that even though you feel unrest that you will channel that restlessness to a place where your faith in GOD will sustain you. Prayers for you dear during this season.

    • Manju, so sorry you are in this difficult place and feeling so unsure. Ask God to give you his peace in your soul, even if you still feel some unrest in your emotions. It’s so difficult to discern the difference sometimes when we don’t “feel” the peace clearly, but sometimes we just have to trust and keep moving forward to where he’s leading us. Sending up a prayer on your behalf for his peace and clarity for your situation, as well as for that same peace to come to your mother in her times of uncertainty and change. God bless you.

    • Manju,

      Such a hard decision to make. I know you promised her she could live alone forever, but times and circumstances change. I will pray for you and your family. May God give you a sense of peace no matter the outcome! Dealing with aging parents is soo hard! I will pray for a discerning heart to know God’s will in this situation!

      Blessings sweet one! 🙂

  14. Beautiful timing for your beautiful words, Melanie. My 21 year old son just moved out 3 days ago. I’d tell you how my mama heart feels about that, but you already know. Thank you for this encouragement today, friend. <3 xoxo

  15. Thank-you Marion for reminding us that throughout life there will be change. None of us know what lies ahead but with faith & trust we can move forward. I’m dealing with this, and know I have to leave it in the Lord’s hands. Even if things aren’t what I thought they would be.

    Prayers for everyone to find peace in their time of change,


  16. Wonderful post. I’ve journeyed down a similar path. I have one child left at home and have experienced the pain of transition as children leave home to chart their own course. And…I’ve come to love this new season of life and the new opportunities it brings. God is good in EVERY season! Thanks!

  17. Thank you for this. I’m going thru a horrible change with my adult child. The last few years have been hell on earth. There have been physical altercations, I’ve been called some of the most horrible names ever, nothing I’ve done has been the right thing, my faith is drained. I’ve cried out to God for strength and guidance. After each altercation I cry to God asking ‘where is the good’. I’m drowning in debt thinking I was helping but they always want more (I have no more). It is the bleak winter season of my life. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    • Oh Lori … I am so sorry dear for this discouraging season in your life. It is so hard to find good when everything around us is so bad. GOD is our only help my dear one … HE sees exactly where you are at Lori. He has not abandoned you nor has HE forgotten you. Take courage sweet one … nothing stays the same … everything changes … and even this bleak season you find yourself in right now will one day pass – choose to believe that dear – refuse to believe anything else. HE IS FAITHFUL!! Prayers for you sweet girl!

  18. So many good things here. I remember my children leaving home for the last time as they entered their adult lives. Depression and tears were my constant companions. But joy, it does cometh! It’s called grandchildren.

    God made the circle of life and though it has its pains it brings new passions with each rotation.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. I’m back to a point of answered prayer, something that was truly missed out on, healing and love have to walk hand in hand over what was once pain and fear. I seek His perfect will and this time in His ways and timing. I love what you said about your son, every goodnight kiss to his wife will be a blessing from you love for him.

  20. Thanks for your wonderful post, Melanie! We all need to hear words of encouragement and prayer support from our spiritual family when we go through loss and change. I lost my father this past summer. I am also having to surrender my youngest son over to the Lord who struggles with drug/alcohol addictions and untreated bi-polar illness and is homeless.

    • Oh dear Maureen … I am so sorry for the loss of your father … that is a grief that goes beyond words and explanations. Prayers for you and your son’s needs sweet one. May GOD meet you in the place of a healing balm and redemption that only He can do. GOD bless you! Choose to endure this in faith sweet one!

  21. Thank you for your words and the wisdom that comes from going through the hard places. It has encouraged me to not forget God’s faithfulness, no matter what. I will have to move from an apartment I have rented for the past 21 years as the building has been sold and the new owner wants everyone to relocate within the next 7 months to “refurbish”, which is really a way of getting everyone out to raise the rents. At this point things are unknown especially as the rental market where I live is so incredibly expensive and I will be retiring within the next 2 years, if not before. I know God is not surprised by this, so thank you again for your encouragement in my season of change.

    • Oh Helen … you are so right … God is not surprised by any of these details in your life dear one. Prayers for this unknown place for your living arrangements … this is a major need in your life and GOD promises to provide all your needs. I have a feeling that GOD will use this situation for your good and he will pour out favor for you! Blessings to you sweet one!

  22. Our life has been a constant flux of change for really the past three years. I’m not at a point yet where I’d say I would go back and do it all over again, but I am at a point where I see where God has been in all of this. He has taught my husband and I that no matter what this world may throw at us, He will never change. He will always be there. He will always provide for us. We will always be okay. That part of our faith has come as close to being unshakable as it ever has. And we may not have learned that if we hadn’t gone through so much change that was out of our control. I’m grateful to God. I’m not necessarily ready to go through another change, but I am grateful.

  23. We have faced so many changes as a family in the past year, that I sometimes feel I am living in a parallel universe but I know and trust that the Lord’s purpose for our lives will be revealed in time….thanks for this encouraging piece…

    • Oh bless your heart Yvonne … I get it. I too found myself asking if this was really my life? It was a weird place and just couldn’t get a grip on a new normal. Yes GOD always comes back around to finish what HE started. HE doesn’t move the places in our life without teaching us what those places are about. When we lean into HIM … HE is faithful to complete and redeem those places that feel different in our lives and souls! Blessings for you and your redemptive future on the way dear one!

  24. I am 62 and recently divorced after 26 years of marriage. He wanted someone else. I went from my dream house to a small apartment. My only child is off to college. Returement plans are on a indefinite hold for I am alone paying (and borrowing) for my daughter’s college education. My boss of 38 years retired. I pray my future holds more.

  25. I am 62 and recently divorced after 26 years of marriage. He wanted someone else. I went from my dream house to a small apartment. My only child is off to college. Retirement plans are on an indefinite hold for I am alone paying (and borrowing) for my daughter’s college education. My boss of 38 years retired. I pray my future holds more.

    • Oh Kathy, I am so sorry about your divorce and the changes that have been forced upon you sweet one. GOD sees the struggle in your spirit and the pain that is simmering in your soul my dear – HE will redeem this pain … HE wastes nothing … HE will restore you to a new place that will bring beauty and joy to you again. And HE will ever be your restorer and redeemer, provider, protector … I promise girl … nothing stays the same – even the places that hurt so bad. GOOD is on the way for you! Press on in faithfulness and protect the places of your heart to keep them tender and teachable for HIS glory! I will be lifting you up in prayer sweet one!

  26. Thank you, Melanie, for these gentle and powerful reminders of hope. I am ashamed to be in a time of separation, in a little town in Lappland far from family. I KNOW God wants me here, and He so graciously upholds me with kindness at almost every turn. But the challenges of the future seem more immense than ever. The reminder that faith in God is my future spills fresh hope into my anxious heart.

    • Sweet Karen … Praise GOD for places of hope! Yes dear one … this place (Lappland) that you find yourself in is for a season and for a reason. Beauty will sprout from this place and GOD will move in you and upon to do a new thing for HIS Glory! Do no fear this is permanent because soon enough – GOD will move in your life in a major way. Do not fear the future – your future is good my dear. Prayers for you as HE leads you to new places on your journey of faith! LOOK UP!! HE SEES!

  27. Too much to go into here to even describe briefly, but major life changes 3 years ago (one literally overnight) and another this year that has broken (shattered) my heart, in and out of seasons of depression… much loneliness…..I will be 70 next month (another decade?) I love the Lord Jesus so much and fear that I am not as trusting as I should be at this later stage of my life. I covet your prayers please.

    • Oh Donna … I am so sorry for this dark season of your life sweet one. I will definitely lift you up in my prayers. If there is one thing I have learned in my 52 years is … nothing stays the same … the good things and yes the bad things. This place of uncertainty and loneliness too will pass. God will redeem back the broken places in your life and spirit that have threatened to defeat you. Purpose in your heart daily that you know GOD is working to restore you to a better place than you were before. HE never leaves anything undone my dear – and this place where you find yourself undone – HE will complete for HIS Glory and your good! Take heart … blessing is coming sweet DONNA!!! PRESS ON!!

      • Thank you so very much dear Melanie! Your very loving and compassionate words encouraged me! I am going to print it out and keep it in my bible to read again and again. As you have lifted me, I pray the Lord bless and lift you into the loving presence of our Lord always! I also pray the blessing of Luke 6:38 over you… you have given, may it be given to you pressed down, shaken together and running over!!!

  28. Thank-you, Melanie, for these timely words! I also am in a continued season of change, and couldn’t believe the encouragement your words have been today. I’ve had your post open all weekend because I needed to re-read this again on this Monday morning. I hope to share a link to this page in the blog post I’m writing this week about “not pushing on closed doors”, as this is what God is teaching me in this season.

    We have been through a lot of transition for the past many years, starting with my normally “happy-go-lucky” husband going through a long period of unemployment and probably mild depression about eight years ago. Just when he has thankfully gotten back on his feet and we’ve been on our way to recovering from that difficult time, a couple of years ago I was told I was no longer needed at my teacher’s aide job of ten years. It’s been a difficult journey for me for these past couple of years as I learn to trust and follow God’s leading for this next season through several small jobs, each good in their own way, but also ending after a few months. I just finished a very pleasant seasonal job at a local farm and am looking for new direction for my life.

    I’m tired (and often feel frightened) of the changes and unknown, but also excited for what God’s leading me into. I have been able to start a blog during this time which has brought some new fulfillment, but need to pursue some outside work for now to help support our family. Reading all of these comments has helped me again to trust and put my small problems into perspective.

    Thanks again for hearing the Holy Spirit on this one. It has obviously been a blessing and encouragement to many.

    • Oh sweet Ann … my heart connected to you immediately dear! I can related to the husband and job thing so well. It’s tough watching your man go through places of life that are changing his identity as the provider and protector of the family. My husband too sold out of business after 30 years and illness struck – we lived on savings for 3 years while raising 3 boys all in high school and college at the same time. Oh my – he felt so useless after having been so successful for years. I’ve honestly felt like we were in a dark tunnel for over 10 years. BUT – take heart dear … nothing stays the same … even the places that feel inadequate, lonely, insufficient. GOD always comes back around to redeem the places in our life that have burdened us. I will pray for your job situation and I know GOD is going to lead you to a sweet place that you will be able to rest from all your burdens dear! PRESS ON!!!!!!

  29. Wow….. So timely. My husband is retiring next week after 43 years on the same job. My oldest daughter, her husband and my grand babies are moving 800 miles away next month. My youngest is expecting again with their 2nd baby. My parents are elderly and requiring more of my time. I’m 6 years younger than my hubs so I’m probably going to only work a couple days a month on my nursing job. So MANY changes. It’s overwhelming. And on top of all that….our country and the mess we’re in. My fear level has been through the roof. Thank you so much for this. I read it with tears because it spoke to me right where I am right now. Thanks for the reminders that God is not wringing his hands, but is in perfect control.

    • Oh Susan you are in a season of change dear! It is so hard when we feel life moving on and its hard to keep up. BUT … God is so faithful and HE will be with you in all aspects of change – even in this mess we find ourselves in as a country! In time … God will give you a new normal with all the changes … and you will find sweet places where HIS hand is leading and guiding you! Blessings to you dear one!

  30. Melanie,
    Thank you for why God allows change. I have learned you have to be real, in order for healing to begin. My husband cheated on me after 16 years of marriage. I was so hurt to the core of my heart. I went to work one morning and the Lord led me to go home. I took my lunch break, went home, openeopened the front door and he had left the apartment key, a letter to me, and the bank card. He was gone! I always said I would be marry until death. I took my wedding bows seriously, and still do. Long story short, I was forced into a divorce. Because I don’t believe in divorce! I grieved and mourned as though my husband had actually died physically. I was heartbroken, and depression eas taking place in my life, until I heard the eord of God. Forgiveness is powerful! It has been 4 years since he’s left. My daughter is the reason I read your encouraging post. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Through the teaching of my Bishop series, “Release the Offense! ” I will always love my husband. By God’s covenant he’s still my husband. Trusting Jesus will transform the shade of our faith. I have been transformed! It’s a new season. God bless you!

    • Oh bless your heart sweet Kay! I am so sorry for the pain you have endured. We live in a fallen world that just doesn’t make sense or take any thought and care of our hearts. I love the scripture Isaiah 66:9 – “Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the Lord: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.” He brings new places of life where desolation has been. Keep trusting HIM!! HE is so faithful! Prayers for you as GOD opens your eyes to HIS redeeming process in your life – in the coming days dear.

    • Kay,

      Praying for you sweet sister! May God heal your heart and soul and bring a peace to you!! I pray this verse will comfort you:
      Isaiah 61:1-3
      The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
      because the Lord has anointed me
      to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion—
      to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes,
      the oil of joy instead of mourning,
      and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.
      They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord
      for the display of his splendor.

      Praying for peace and comfort from God to surround you and your family!

      Blessings 🙂

  31. Melanie,

    I have gone through some changes in my life recently. I readily connect with the women here who are dealing with aging parents. My aging dad moved into an assisted living in 2014. He had major medical/dementia issues requiring my attention. It got to the point I had to quit my job. It hasn’t been easy, but God had plans for me. He wanted to show me a miracle and heal my dad back to “his normal”. I have recently accepted a part-time job. Things are looking up for me now. I understand now why God had me go through some of this. He wanted me to trust Him more and show me more of Himself!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Oh sweet Beth! You have been gifted with encouragement! Thank you for generously speaking love and hope to the dear hearts on this thread! God will bless you for that! I am thankful that God is giving you light in the past’s unknown places. He is so faithful and good to give us revelation after a season of drought! Stay the course my friend! Good is coming for you! Bless you sweet lady!

  32. Thank you Melanie, for these timely words! I am also going through a season of change and is very bless from the encouragement your words have. I looked forward to reading on a daily basic. I have been through a lot of transition for many years, I am a single mom, my husband walked out on us 29 year ago, I was both mom and dad. My sons are going through some difficult times, both of them are out of jobs, and now all the bills are on me, my finance is very small, so it hard to meet ends, dealing with mom who is not doing well for herself. this can be so much, but I am trusting in God, Please pray for me and my boys, that they will have peace in the mist of this.


    • Oh Dale – my heart hurts for you. I will most definitely pray for your boys dear – I so understand the place in the mother’s heart that wrestles with watching our children struggle. Keep trusting God! This season will not last forever – all things change – and Our faithful God will redeem and restore all your barren places sweet one! Press on!

  33. Thank you so much Melanie, you will be rewarded for the hearts you are able to touch, I will keep pressing, thanks for praying for us, I will also do the same for you.